2ND CHANCE COMING HOME Author William Isadore Shines
ISBN-10 1478783966
Release 2017-03-18
Pages 238
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Timothy Lawson is a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who returns home with high expectations for a new lease on life. His physical wounds have healed, but coming from the jungles of Vietnam to the crime and drugs on the streets of his bustling city make for a difficult transition. Remnants of the war remain in Tim's head, his dreams, and his emotions, and he experiences disappointment, tragedy, and trouble with the law. However, a smart young lawyer and a benevolent judge provide this young man a path to redemption-and a second chance.

Coming Home

Coming Home Author Tori Bailey
ISBN-10 0692572740
Release 2015-11-06
Pages 278
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Anne Harris and Maggie Cosby will fight to save the legacy of Mac Harris and his business, Mac's Flying Service. Anne Harris realizes her years of resenting her father squandered the opportunity to know him, saving his business could be her last chance to know him. Maggie must return to the place that holds several unanswered questions.

Second Chance a Western Adventure

Second Chance a Western Adventure Author R. Hess
ISBN-10 9781493152131
Release 2014-02
Pages 746
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Second Chance a Western Adventure has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Second Chance a Western Adventure also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Second Chance a Western Adventure book for free.

Ellis Baxter s Second Chance

Ellis Baxter s Second Chance Author Ebi Schaeffer
ISBN-10 9783738039627
Release 2015-09-12
Pages 108
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English edition of ELLIS BAXTERS ZWEITE CHANCE by Ebi Schaeffer. The novel ELLIS BAXTER'S SECOND CHANCE is the sequel to ELLIS BAXTER'S DIARY and is set three years after the events that were told at ELLIS BAXTER'S DIARY. Ellis and Natalie, now almost 17, do care selflessly of Natalie's little sister, and everything else is going well in their lives. Until one day the mother of Natalie and Nadja gets seriously ill. Now the busy father must get through with the three children alone and breaks soon at the seemingly impossible task. He takes refuge more and more in the work and the children are left to themselves more and more. Soon also Natalie is overwhelmed with caring for her little sister Nadja. Ellis will be happy to help her, but can he do it? Can he bring back Natalie's father again the closeness to his daughters, without forgetting himself, because he slowly begins to feel alone again? As Natalie then even gets into a clique trying drugs, Ellis has almost no more advice ... From the author of ELLIS BAXTER'S DIARY another gripping drama quite in the usual exciting style.

One More Second Chance

One More Second Chance Author Jana Richards
ISBN-10 9781628307061
Release 2015-02-06
Pages 328
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Dr. Alex Campbell has an agenda—finish his contract to provide medical services in Maine, pay off his medical school debt, and head back to his real life in San Diego. But when he meets Julia, all his carefully laid plans are put in jeopardy. Julia Stewart, Lobster Cove’s high school principal, swears she’ll never let another man drag her away from the home she loves. Her aging parents need her, and the Cove is where she wants to raise her daughter. When her mother’s illness brings her and the big city doctor closer together, panic sets in. Her marriage taught her men don’t stay. Can she put aside the heartaches of the past and trust Alex enough to accept the love he’s offering? Or will her fear of abandonment mean she’ll send him away forever?

Second Chance

Second Chance Author Trenia D. Coleman
ISBN-10 9781462804993
Release 2009-05-16
Pages 304
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Trenia Hill Coleman is an author from Northern Virginia. “In The Shadows” is Trenia’s fourth novel. Trenia lived in Dubberly, Louisiana and attended Ringgold High School in Ringgold, Louisiana before joining the military. Trenia attended Grambling State University, and is a graduate of Central Texas College in Killeen, Texas, and Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama. She is currently serving in the United States Army and lives with her husband and children.

One Night Second Chance

One Night  Second Chance Author Robyn Grady
ISBN-10 9781460327371
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 192
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It was a mind-blowing night of passion between complete strangers. Or so it seems… Then publishing mogul Wynn Hunter discovers that the ravishing temptress who'd shared his bed was none other than his childhood nemesis, Grace Munroe. No wonder he didn't recognize her—the scrawny, pigtailed brat has blossomed into a dazzling beauty. Disastrous romances have made them both wary of entanglements. So when Wynn lures Grace to Australia for a family wedding, they're determined to keep things light. But when life-threatening chaos erupts in Wynn's family, can these childhood adversaries find the courage to fall in love?

The Sheriff s Second Chance

The Sheriff s Second Chance Author Michelle Celmer
ISBN-10 9781460324110
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 224
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USA TODAY bestselling author Michelle Celmer takes us to Paradise, Colorado, where you can go home again… It's bad enough when Caitlyn Cavanaugh crawls back to Paradise with her tail between her legs after her life in the big city goes bust. But to run right into her ex, Deputy Sheriff Nathan Jeffries—and still be attracted to the man—is too much! True, she'd left him to pursue her dream after high school, but he'd wasted no time—well, maybe a month—before marrying her best friend and having a child. Now that Caitie's back, it's Nate's job to rescue this damsel in distress from a series of minor mishaps. Sure, the single dad's strategy is keep up a cold, professional facade with the irritating beauty…but tell that to his heart!

Second Chances

Second Chances Author Kristi Rose
Release 2014-12-30
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Second Chances has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Second Chances also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Second Chances book for free.

Second Chance Ranch

Second Chance Ranch Author D. Kelly Yannucci
ISBN-10 9781329103733
Release 2015-04-29
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How do you leave the house you worked to restore, move to a small ranch and change that house into a home? You fall in love with a gentle and handsome cop! For Kaaren and her 3 daughters everything blows up on Thanksgiving, not that she liked holidays before but this was beyond her worst nightmares! She follows her handsome cop and they push and struggle to build a life together and rebuild a rundown ranch. Kaaren extends the ranch to include a restaurant and more animals while she completes a series of mystery books. Their family grows, life is wonderful and she finally believes she has it all until...

A Second Chance for Christmas

A Second Chance for Christmas Author Nashin Sadeer
ISBN-10 9781783060245
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 320
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Nathan is a single father with a son named Stefan. He was married to a woman named Emily, but she unfortunately died when Stefan was three years old. Torn apart by grief, Nathan was full of remorse, shut himself away and became a work alcoholic. Emily was everything for Nathan, and his life has still not got better. He has been living his life in sadness, and not realising that he was hurting the most precious thing to him: Stefan. But this Christmas things are about to change. A young woman, Kate, has come into Nathan's life and he has fallen in love with her. She’s the first woman he’s dated since Emily’s death. Kate has an important mission that she has to achieve before Christmas. However, she is hiding something from Nathan, and he doesn’t realise who Kate actually is until she reveals her true identity on Christmas Day…

Their Second Chance Love

Their Second Chance Love Author Kat Brookes
ISBN-10 9781488018305
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 224
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A Lone Star Reunion Hope Dillan thought she'd left the town of Braxton behind her—right along with the man she abandoned. But when her father falls ill, Hope anxiously flies home and finds former love Logan Cooper right where she left him. Being around Logan again feels like old times. The spark between them remains, but so does the secret that forced Hope to end things—one she knows will always keep them apart. When her father's condition worsens, Hope feels the weight of everything she might lose. But how can she come clean to Logan without closing the door on their happily-ever-after again?

CATHY S Second Chance

CATHY S Second Chance Author Cathy Conley
ISBN-10 9781466960800
Release 2013-01-03
Pages 294
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Are you stressed out and looking for something? You probably are in this everyday life. You have the book you need in your hands now. Want to see how to get from one point in you life to a much better place and be Happy? It can be done and I can show you how I did it while thinking there was no where to go but further down. I felt like I was drowning in my own pity party tears, but eventually got tired of not getting what I had been promised in this life and that is happiness. You can find happiness too if you start looking in the right place.

Second Chance Mom

Second Chance Mom Author Mary Kate Holder
ISBN-10 1459203437
Release 2011-02-21
Pages 224
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After his sister's death, Jared Campbell had to get married to keep her adopted children together. Quiet Annie Dawson was a fast favorite of the kids and seemed the perfect choice for an Australian farm wife. Until Jared discovered Annie's shocking secret: the youngest boy was her son. As a teenager, Annie had given up her baby, hoping he would have a better life. Now she had a second chance to be his mother. But when Annie's past was revealed, Jared's own experience with abandonment made it hard for him to accept what Annie had done. Could his wounded heart find healing within his new family?

A Second Chance

A Second Chance Author MC Conner
ISBN-10 9781483634784
Release 2013-05-06
Pages 156
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A Second Chance is about a girl who got a second chance at life and love. She lost her dad, was left with a mean stepmother. But Brandy was lucky and had a best friend, Jenny, who helped her begin a new life with her Uncle and his family. She has some exciting events along the way into her new life. She meets a new best friend, Becky, who helps her excel and opens up into an even more beautiful person, starting in a new school with a speech handicap. Lives by the beach, and almost drowns with the help of a couple of idiots, but is saved by a handsome lifeguard named Martin who falls in love with Brandy. But they have more than their share of ups and downs. One when they go to different colleges and an ex-girlfriend comes into play. Then Martin's father does his best to break them up. But in the end they manage to get through all the hard times and obstacles that were set before them.

My Second Chance

My Second Chance Author Rev. Levoid J. Harts Jr.
ISBN-10 9781465394408
Release 2011-12-08
Pages 95
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Like a butterfly being stuck inside a cocoon, Me Second Chance is a true story about a spiritual being stuck inside the cocoon of live. Trapped inside the walls of self destruction with little hope of ever being set free. His childhood seem very promising with the gifts and talents that he has been blessed with but as adulthood approaches wrong turns and poor decisions are made and the consequences of those decisions soon follows. The hopes and dreams seems destroyed. There is still a purpose in life but finding it appears to be out of reach. He discovers a power far greater than himself but he can't seem to tap into that power. After decades of devastation and struggles he finally taps into that source and the beautiful butterfly is released. Join me in this journey of being knock down but not out. Getting up and ready to fly around and touch the lives of others.

Second Chance Christmas

Second Chance Christmas Author Pamela Tracy
ISBN-10 9781460388846
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 218
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A Holiday for Healing As December dawns in the Superstition Mountains, Cooper Smith is resigned to spending another Christmas alone. With his dad gone, his mom ailing and his younger brother in trouble, Cooper's only wish for the holidays is to keep his father's outfitting store going. But when his former high school sweetheart, Elise Hubrecht, unexpectedly returns to her family's ranch, Cooper puts one more item on his to-do list. If he can get Elise to face the tragedy that made her leave Apache Creek, he may get the chance of a lifetime: a second chance at lasting love.