A Brother s Honor

A Brother s Honor Author Brenda Jackson
ISBN-10 9781460313152
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 400
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The Granger brothers left behind their family's Virginia estate—and the bad memories it holds—years ago. But their dying grandfather's request brings them home: to a failing business, a legacy of secrets and a deathbed promise to make things right. As the eldest brother, attorney Jace Granger is determined to take responsibility for Granger Aeronautics, his family's failing business. But the years of mismanagement seem impossible to untangle. As CEO, he hires a consultant to turn the company around. Smart, sexy Shana Bradford is the right person for the job—and the right woman to turn Jace's world upside down. But the passion between them is jeopardized when old secrets begin to emerge. A woman from Jace's past suddenly reappears. And an explosive discovery changes everything Jace thinks he knows about his mother—and his father, who was convicted of her murder. Jace Granger tried to leave his family history behind once before. But this time he needs to face the past…or risk losing his future. Three brothers. One legacy. A lifetime of secrets.

A Brother s Honor

A Brother s Honor Author Jo Ann Ferguson
ISBN-10 9781504008839
Release 2015-03-17
Pages 312
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When Dominic St. Clair, a French privateer, captures an American ship, he has the American officers transferred to his ship, offering them the respect of one officer for another. He even asks if they need to bring anything from their ship with them. The American captain says no, but then Dominic discovers Abigail Fitzgerald, the captain’s daughter, has been left behind on the ship he now is overseeing. Abigail barely knows her father, for she has lived ashore with her aunt her whole life. She looked forward to getting to know him on this voyage. She cannot believe that he would leave her behind with the enemy. But he did. So begins the battle between Abigail and Dominic, but they must become allies when they barely survive the ship being blown up by her father’s men. They reach the shore of England, where both are considered enemies. There they find both unexpected allies and an unexpected love. Even so, betrayal stalks them as lies long told draw them into a web of treachery and bring Dominic a heritage he never imagined would be his, for he is the heir of a duke killed during the Terror. Not that he will be able to claim his legacy unless he can escape their enemies and save Abigail for a horrible fate. Their two hearts must be as powerful as thunder and dare to grasp love in the midst of hatred.

Bannon Brothers Honor

Bannon Brothers  Honor Author Janet Dailey
ISBN-10 9781420131987
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 352
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Never Let You Down Rugged. Tall. Built to last. Linc Bannon has it all--and he's there every time Kenzie needs him. Their mission is to serve their country stateside, Linc in high-level intelligence, Kenzie training combat dogs. Independent and sexy, Kenzie is definitely one of a kind--and the only one he wants. But if you ask her, she doesn't need a hero in her life. Until two of her friends, thousands of miles apart, are suddenly struck down. One, a soldier, is dead; the other, a civilian, is barely alive. Linc goes into action and uncovers a lethal web connecting the tragic events. A killer is at large, unhinged and with unfinished business. Now Kenzie has no choice but to join forces with the one man who can get past her defenses. . . Praise for Janet Dailey and Bannon Brothers: Trust "Dailey launches her Bannon Brothers trilogy with this fast-paced, compelling romantic mystery." --Library Journal "Romance and suspense blend seamlessly into the tightly crafted plot." --Romantic Times

Brothers of Honor

Brothers of Honor Author Dale Euga
ISBN-10 0979520711
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 270
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Brothers of Honor has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Brothers of Honor also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Brothers of Honor book for free.


Siblings Author C. Dallett Hemphill
ISBN-10 9780199831708
Release 2011-08-11
Pages 328
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Brothers and sisters are so much a part of our lives that we can overlook their importance. Even scholars of the family tend to forget siblings, focusing instead on marriage and parent-child relations. Based on a wealth of family papers, period images, and popular literature, this is the first book devoted to the broad history of sibling relations, spanning the long period of transition from early to modern America. Illuminating the evolution of the modern family system, Siblings shows how brothers and sisters have helped each other in the face of the dramatic political, economic, and cultural changes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The book reveals that, in colonial America, sibling relations offered an egalitarian space to soften the challenges of the larger patriarchal family and society, while after the Revolution, in antebellum America, sibling relations provided order and authority in a more democratic nation. Moreover, Hemphill explains that siblings serve as the bridge between generations. Brothers and sisters grow up in a shared family culture influenced by their parents, but they are different from their parents in being part of the next generation. Responding to new economic and political conditions, they form and influence their own families, but their continuing relationships with brothers and sisters serve as a link to the past. Siblings thus experience and promote the new, but share the comforting context of the old. Indeed, in all races, siblings function as humanity's shock-absorbers, as well as valued kin and keepers of memory. This wide-ranging book offers a new understanding of the relationship between families and history in an evolving world. It is also a timely reminder of the role our siblings play in our own lives.

The Honor of My Brothers

The Honor of My Brothers Author William Henn
ISBN-10 0824518039
Release 2000-01
Pages 168
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A brief history of the relations between the Pope and the Bishops.

The Two Brothers

The Two Brothers Author Honor De Balzac
ISBN-10 0559858698
Release 2008-12
Pages 388
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This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.

Bannon Brothers

Bannon Brothers Author Janet Dailey
ISBN-10 1594136378
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 591
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When two of her friends, thousands of miles apart, are struck down, Kenzie turns to Link Bannon, a high-level intelligence officer, for help in finding the truth--a dangerous mission that puts them in the path of an unhinged killer.

No Honor Between Brothers

No Honor Between Brothers Author Deborah Tadema
ISBN-10 1630661848
Release 2015-09-30
Pages 296
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Everyone has at least one weakness. Mitch Wilder's is women. He has always been fussed over, coddled and protected by them. As a teenager he was the star football quarterback, always surrounded by girls, as he used his good looks and popularity to his advantage. By thirty-nine years of age, he hasn't slowed down. Mitch still sneaks from bedroom to bedroom. When his father dies in 1967 Mitch's world starts to fray at the seams. His father's will states that Mitch has inherited the shipping company, which Mitch has been running for eight years, ever since his father retired. But up until then the company had remained in his father's name. While the inheritance isn't a surprise, the stipulation that Mitch must hire his stepbrother, Tom Fleming, is. On top of this, Tom will own half the company within five years. If this doesn't happen the company will be sold and the proceeds will go to charity. Mitch sees no choice but to hire his brother. Other than the fact that Mitch hates Tom, he has also discovered that Tom had an affair with the woman Mitch loves, Claire Lester. He comes up with a plan: to convince Claire to marry him and to keep her away from Tom.

Ring of Honor Briscoe Brothers

Ring of Honor   Briscoe Brothers Author Source Wikia
ISBN-10 1234862654
Release 2011-11-05
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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 72. Chapters: Aries & Strong vs. Briscoe Brothers feud, Briscoe Brothers vs. Kings of Wrestling feud, Briscoe Brothers vs. The American Wolves feud, Briscoe Brothers vs. The Rottweilers feud, Homicide vs. Briscoe Brothers feud, Jay Briscoe, Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe feud, Jim Cornette, Mark Briscoe, ROH World Tag Team Championship - Briscoe Brothers, Samoa Joe vs. Briscoe Brothers feud, Second City Saints vs. Briscoe Brothers rivalry, Styles & Red vs. Briscoe Brothers rivalry, Fight of the Century, Generation Now, 8th Anniversary Show, Death before Dishonor, Do or Die, Final Battle 2003, From the Ashes, Generation Next, Glory by Honor II, Second Anniversary Show, SoCal Showdown, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, The Battle Lines are Drawn, The Big Bang, The Conclusion, The Epic Encounter, 8th Anniversary Show, SoCal Showdown, The Big Bang, From the Ashes, SoCal Showdown, Generation Now, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, 8th Anniversary Show, Crowning a Champion, Death before Dishonor, Do or Die, Final Battle 2003, From the Ashes, Generation Next, Glory by Honor II, Honor Invades Boston, Night of Appreciation, Night of the Butcher, Round Robin Challenge, Scramble Madness, Second Anniversary Show, SoCal Showdown, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, The Battle Lines are Drawn, The Big Bang, The Conclusion, The Epic Encounter, The Era of Honor Begins, Crowning a Champion, Night of Appreciation, Round Robin Challenge, Scramble Madness, The Era of Honor Begins, 8th Anniversary Show, All-Star Extravaganza 2, From the Ashes, Midnight Express Reunion, The Big Bang, Wrath of the Racket, 8th Anniversary Show, Crowning a Champion, Death before Dishonor, Do or Die, Final Battle 2003, From the Ashes, Generation Next, Glory by Honor II, Honor Invades Boston, Night of Appreciation, Round Robin Challenge, Scramble Madness, Second Anniversary Show, SoCal Sh...

Brothers Stand Firm

Brothers  Stand Firm Author Steve Bateman
ISBN-10 9781630877392
Release 2014-11-12
Pages 204
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There are pivotal moments in history when the trajectory of marriages, families, businesses, movements, and nations could go one way or another, producing very different outcomes. This is such a moment for the church in America. The need of our generation is the same as every other: a disciplined army of credible men who know, practice, and invest seven things in the next generation. This book is designed to help men get started in this most important adventure of their lives.

Bannon Brothers Triumph

Bannon Brothers  Triumph Author Janet Dailey
ISBN-10 9781420134094
Release 2014-01-28
Pages 352
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The Bannon brothers are a breed apart, ready to face any challenge. Deke Bannon, federal criminal investigator, risks his life just about every damn day--but that doesn't mean he'll let Kelly Johns do the same. The gorgeous news anchor doesn't care that her life is in peril for knowing too much and trying to find out more. To protect Kelly, Deke will have to keep her close--no matter how hard she fights him. Good luck with that. Kelly's every instinct tells her she's stumbled across the story of her career. But there's a catch. Without Deke, she can't infiltrate the dark underworld operating beyond the reach of the law. With him, she's in a whole other kind of danger. On the case, Deke Bannon is a force of nature--unpredictable, unstoppable, and always one step ahead of her. Except when he takes her in his arms--and the world stands still for both of them. . . "Dailey launches her Bannon Brothers trilogy with this fast-paced, compelling romantic mystery."--Library Journal on Bannon Brothers: Trust

Legacy of Honor

Legacy of Honor Author Alvin Townley
ISBN-10 1429996560
Release 2009-03-03
Pages 320
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Over the past century, America's Eagle Scouts have earned a reputation for service, virtue, and leadership that is recognized throughout the world. But few people realize the full extent to which Eagle Scouts have made a mark on American history. They have served as astronauts, soldiers, politicians, and businessmen, but they have also been the fathers, brothers, Scoutmasters, coaches, and other role models who have played an integral part in American life. Alvin Townley set out across the country to hear the stories of these Eagle Scouts. He spoke with individuals from every region, of every age and every background, some of whom have risen to fame as public figures while others have left a lasting impact outside of the spotlight. The Eagle Scouts who share their experiences include Bill Gates, Sr., Bill Bradley, J. W. Marriott, Jr., Ross Perot, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Lugar, Michael Dukakis, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, coach Chan Gailey, and Capt. Jim Lovell of Apollo 13. The book also explores the virtues of a Tuskegee Airman, a Vietnam War POW, a September 11 NYPD hero, a crew of Hurricane Katrina relief workers, and a host of others from every walk of life. During his journey, Alvin discovered stories of character, courage, and inspiration that belong not only to Eagle Scouts but to all Americans. These stories form the heart of Legacy of Honor and offer us a chance to appreciate the profound impact that Eagle Scouts have had on American history and the lasting role they will play in our country's future.

Ring of Honor Homicide

Ring of Honor   Homicide Author Source: Wikia
ISBN-10 1234742594
Release 2012-05
Pages 50
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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 49. Chapters: Briscoe Brothers vs. The Rottweilers feud, Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide feud, Colt Cabana vs. Homicide feud, FIP Heavyweight Championship - Homicide, Homicide students, Homicide vs. Briscoe Brothers feud, Homicide vs. Carnage Crew feud, Homicide vs. CM Punk feud, Homicide vs. Steve Corino feud, Julius Smokes, Natural Born Sinners, Road of Homicide, ROH vs. CZW feud, Samoa Joe vs. Homicide feud, Generation Now, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, All-Star Extravaganza 2, Hell Freezes Over, Dragon Gate Invasion, Unscripted II, Hell Freezes Over, All-Star Extravaganza 2, Best of American Super Juniors Tournament, Crowning a Champion, Death before Dishonor, Do or Die, Dragon Gate Invasion, Expect the Unexpected, Final Battle 2003, Generation Next, Honor Invades Boston, Joe vs. Punk II, Midnight Express Reunion, Night of the Butcher, Round Robin Challenge, Scramble Madness, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, The Battle Lines are Drawn, The Conclusion, The Epic Encounter, The Era of Honor Begins, Wrath of the Racket, Wrestlerave 2003, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, Crowning a Champion, Honor Invades Boston, Night of the Butcher, The Era of Honor Begins, Fight of the Century, Scramble Madness, The Conclusion, The Epic Encounter, Time to Man Up, All-Star Extravaganza 2, Best of American Super Juniors Tournament, Do or Die, Generation Next, Glory by Honor II, Midnight Express Reunion, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit, The Battle Lines are Drawn, The Epic Encounter, Wrath of the Racket, Crowning a Champion, Honor Invades Boston, Round Robin Challenge, The Era of Honor Begins, Hell Freezes Over, Generation Now, Time to Man Up, Do or Die, Expect the Unexpected, Generation Next, Midnight Express Reunion, Scramble Madness, Survival of the Fittest, Testing the Limit. Excerpt: Generation Now was a professional wrestling event promoted by Ring of H...

The Brothers

The Brothers Author Masha Gessen
ISBN-10 9780698148703
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 272
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An important story for our era: How the American Dream went wrong for two immigrants, and the nightmare that resulted. On April 15, 2013, two homemade bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston marathon, killing three people and wounding more than 264 others. In the ensuing manhunt, Tamerlan Tsarnaev died, and his younger brother, Dzhokhar, was captured and ultimately charged on thirty federal counts. Yet long after the bombings and the terror they sowed, after all the testimony and debate, what we still haven’t learned is why. Why did the American Dream go so wrong for two immigrants? How did such a nightmare come to pass? Acclaimed Russian-American journalist Masha Gessen is uniquely endowed with the background, access, and talents to tell the full story. An immigrant herself, who came to the Boston area with her family as a teenager, she returned to the former Soviet Union in her early twenties and covered firsthand the transformations that were wracking her homeland and its neighboring regions. It is there that the history of the Tsarnaev brothers truly begins, as descendants of ethnic Chechens deported to Central Asia in the Stalin era. Gessen follows the family in their futile attempts to make a life for themselves in one war-torn locale after another and then, as new émigrés, in the looking-glass, utterly disorienting world of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Most crucially, she reconstructs the struggle between assimilation and alienation that ensued for each of the brothers, incubating a deadly sense of mission. And she traces how such a split in identity can fuel the metamorphosis into a new breed of homegrown terrorist, with feet on American soil but sense of self elsewhere. From the Hardcover edition.

Pyzaono Brothers

Pyzaono Brothers Author Joan P. Lloyd
ISBN-10 9781420879742
Release 2005-12-01
Pages 484
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Feeling alienated from his privileged world and uncomfortable with the "pop" counterculture of the 1960s, a troubled young man, Ron Williams, decides to enlist for the war in Vietnam. But upon arrival in the war-torn country, Williams is randomly assigned to a covert reconnaissance squad attached to S2 (Army intelligence), where he discovers deeply disturbing facts about the war. Was it true that Harry Truman had been kept unaware of the pro-American sentiments of Ho Chi Minh, just as he'd been kept unaware of the atomic bomb? Was this what led Truman (under considerable political pressure from the French) to allow Vietnam to revert back to French rule instead of to Ho Chi Minh? Was it also true that Ho Chi Minh would have broken all ties to communism if only the United States had promised to sponsor him? Was it true that Vietnam's top generals the ones that defeated the Japanese, the French, and now the U.S. had been trained by the OSS, forerunner of the CIA? Was it true that an entire decade of war and the loss of over 50,000 American lives was due to a simple misunderstanding? While his covert S2 duties are extremely hazardous, they do not exempt Williams from further risking his life with regular Army troops in some of the most spectacular battles of the Vietnam War. As he gains more and more access to Army intelligence, another disturbing pattern emerges: the Viet Cong in his province are never caught off guard. They always know when and where the Army will attack and are always ready to counterattack. He soon begins to suspect the unthinkable: there is an American traitor among his commanding officers and that traitor wants him dead. Williams now faces three choices: solve the mystery that will most likely get him killed, die in combat, or be sent home in disgrace. Worse yet, he realizes that all three losing propositions are set against the backdrop of a war that should never have been.

Chronik eines angek ndigten Todes

Chronik eines angek  ndigten Todes Author Gabriel García Márquez
ISBN-10 9783462306743
Release 2012-12-10
Pages 128
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In einem Dorf an der kolumbianischen Karibikküste feiert Bayardo San Roman seine Hochzeit. Ein prunkvolles Fest wird gefeiert, und dass die Braut den Bräutigam nicht liebt, scheint ein unwesentliches Detail, denn „Liebe erlernt sich“. Doch auf das Fest folgt der Skandal. Angela Vicario, die schöne Braut, wird noch in der Nacht von ihrem Ehemann ins Elternhaus zurückgebracht; sie war nicht mehr unberührt. Angela offenbart den Namen des angeblichen Täters, und mit Fleischermessern bewaffnet ziehen ihre Zwillingsbrüder los, um die Tat zu sühnen, das heißt, den Verführer zu töten. Das ganze Dorf erfährt von ihrer bitteren Pflicht. Jeder weiß, dass hier Vorurteile eine sinnlose Tat auslösen, doch niemand schreitet ein. Jahre später befragt der Ich-Erzähler alle Zeugen und rekonstruiert den Ablauf des tragischen Geschehens, die wenigen Stunden von der Ankündigung bis zur Ausführung des grausamen Verbrechens.