Eliminate Stress from Your Life Forever

Eliminate Stress from Your Life Forever Author William Atkinson
ISBN-10 0814472338
Release 2004
Pages 171
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Most people assume they must live with stress. Here, readers learn how to prevent it in the first place. Based on 20 years' research, the book combines physical, spiritual and psychological elements-ranging from meditation and Chinese exercises to the latest medical research-into an easy 100-day program. In minutes a day, readers fight stress triggers, build resistance and eliminate stress once and for all.

Set Up a Simple Highway Safety Program and Save

Set Up a Simple Highway Safety Program and Save   Author
ISBN-10 IND:30000050013253
Release 1997
Pages 15
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Set Up a Simple Highway Safety Program and Save has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Set Up a Simple Highway Safety Program and Save also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Set Up a Simple Highway Safety Program and Save book for free.

A Simple Program A Contemporary Translation of the Book Alcoholics Anonymous

A Simple Program  A Contemporary Translation of the Book Alcoholics Anonymous Author "J"
Release 2016-03-06
Pages 162
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The first and only modernization of the "bible" of Alcoholics Anonymous, A Simple Program provides an accessible, gender-equal translation for today's readers while maintaining the book's complete core text, which serves as the basis of all 12-step programs.

The 7 Day Allergy Makeover

The 7 Day Allergy Makeover Author Susanne Bennett
ISBN-10 9781101635285
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 288
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A top allergy specialist provides a simple holistic program that helps a broad range of allergy sufferers heal themselves naturally. THE 7 DAY ALLERGY MAKEOVER is written for people who want to take an active role in their own healing. The book lays out action-oriented, step-by-step instructions on uncovering the root cause of allergies, and makes simple but specific changes that can stop allergy symptoms from recurring. What began as a mother’s desperation to save her son has led to a comprehensive program that helps a broad range of allergy sufferers heal themselves naturally. As an allergy specialist, Dr. Susanne Bennett sees roughly 100 patients a week, from children to movie stars. They come to her after exhausting every resource: doctors, medicines, creams, shots, you name it. They suffer from hives, sneezing, headaches, asthma, muscle aches, swelling and digestive problems, and more. THE 7 DAY ALLERGY MAKEOVER, based on 23 years of Dr. Bennett’s clinical experience, is an easy-to-implement and transformational plan for eliminating allergies from your life forever. Each chapter in THE 7 DAY ALLERGY MAKEOVER focuses on a different aspect of health and environment for a person suffering from allergies--nutrition, air quality, living environment, water, body hygiene, and emotional and mental stresses.

Wealth Watchers

Wealth Watchers Author Alice Wood
ISBN-10 1439175713
Release 2009-12-29
Pages 304
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Through her journey from having it all to dealing with financial setbacks, Wood provides tools to help you organize your finances and understand which spending patterns are knocking you off-track. Ten years ago, Alice Wood was living a normal life, balancing her career, family, and finances with confidence. She knew instinctively how to handle money, until a brain injury sustained on a commercial airplane changed her life. After the injury, Alice encountered many new challenges; for the first time in her life she was overweight and in serious debt. Weight Watchers® allowed Alice to lose the weight and keep it off. Inspired by Weight Watchers'® daily discipline of journaling and the principle of group accountability, she decided to create a new and radically simple program to reclaim her financial stability. She called it Wealth Watchers. This simple program enabled her to meet her own financial goals and soon was helping thousands of others to do the same. Today, the Wealth Watchers program is an important part of the rapidly growing movement for financial literacy and empowerment sponsored by school, state, and federal government programs; corporations such as McDonald's and Visa; and several large financial institutions.

Secrets of the Lean Plate Club

Secrets of the Lean Plate Club Author Sally Squires
ISBN-10 9781429909105
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 352
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Sally Squires M.S., writes The Washington Post's nationally syndicated Lean Plate Club column, and has put her nutritionally sound principles into a new book that no dieter should be without. As all the recent studies have shown, you can lose about the same amount of weight on any of the most popular diets out there. The problem is keeping it off. Here, in what can be called an encyclopedia of nutrition, you will learn how to pick the best diet tailored to your own personal needs and then you'll learn how to incorporate the tools offered by Sally to make any diet work better for you. The Lean Plate Club philosophy is unique—it focuses on how to add food. Yes, that's right—adding new food, habits, skills, and activity to your life will all help you to achieve a healthy weight. It's this kind of ‘non-diet' approach that has helped millions of Lean Plate Club members from across the country shed pounds and keep them off without special foods, weight loss medications, or weight loss surgery. Secrets of the Lean Plate Club features tips and techniques to help you: *Rediscover the joy of eating well *Avoid nutritional mischief and exercise boredom *Recover from "slips" so that they don't become slides into failure *Learn from "successful losers" with strategies, suggestions, and inspiration for healthy habits, grocery shopping and recipes. With her eight-week customized, personal weight loss program, Sally offers the strategies for making weight loss results stick! Secrets of the Lean Plate Club is the first and only step you'll need to keep the weight off and learn how to live a leaner life.

Gluten Free Hassle Free Second Edition

Gluten Free  Hassle Free  Second Edition Author Marlisa Brown, MS, RD, CDE
ISBN-10 9781617051968
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 314
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Fully Revised and Updated A Simple, Easy-to-follow Guide to Going Gluten Free Packed with delicious recipes, meal plans, shopping and safe food lists, international dining out cards, tips for creating your own gluten-free meals and much more, Gluten-Free, Hassle Free provides the practical solutions, strategies, and shortcuts you need to eat your way back to health. Over 140 simple to prepare mouthwatering recipes, with nutritional and allergen information Proven strategies to modify your favorite foods to make them gluten free What you need to know about the newest FDA food labeling laws - and how to find the hidden gluten in your food The truth about gluten-free diets and weight loss Fun and fabulous gluten-free entertaining Nutritious meals and tasty treats and snacks for gluten-free kids, plus how to be safe at school, parties, and special occasions without missing the fun

Program Verification Using Ada

Program Verification Using Ada Author McGettrick
ISBN-10 0521285313
Release 1982-07-29
Pages 345
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Program Verification Using Ada has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Program Verification Using Ada also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Program Verification Using Ada book for free.

A Simple Program

A Simple Program Author "J"
ISBN-10 0786881364
Release 1996-08-08
Pages 192
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The first and only modernization of the "bible" of Alcoholics Anonymous, A Simple Program provides an accessible, gender-equal translation for today's readers while maintaining the book's complete core text, which serves as the basis of all 12-step programs.

30 Days to a Happy Employee

30 Days to a Happy Employee Author Dottie Gandy
ISBN-10 0743219104
Release 2001-08-07
Pages 208
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It's not more money, bigger offices, better benefits, or flextime. Recent surveys reveal that the number one reason employees quit their jobs is that they don't feel valued on a human level. Growing employment opportunities and the lure of Internet companies have brought this prob- lem to near crisis level. Now, Dottie Gandy, a former regional director with the Franklin Covey Company, provides a simple, principle-based solution that will work to solve the problem in any business. In this clear, straight-foward book, she gives us a step-by-step plan that managers can implement immediately and which yields compelling results, including: A strong sense of loyalty and commitment among employees A new corporate culture built on a foundation of trust and designed to weather storms A renewed sense of mission that can have a substantial impact on the bottom line

Gluten Free Hassle Free

Gluten Free  Hassle Free Author Marlisa Brown MS, RD, CDE, CD
ISBN-10 1932603794
Release 2009-11-23
Pages 366
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Learning how to live gluten-free can seem so difficult and overwhelming- especially with all the mixed information out there. Gluten-Free, Hassle-Free shows you how easy and delicious it can be to go gluten-free! This down to earth, clear and friendly guide offers a wealth of simple and practical solutions, strategies, and shortcuts. It provides an easy-to-follow, three-step process for living a gluten-free life and eating your way back to health. In This Book You Will Find: Over 100 Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes Three Terrific Meal Plans Dining Out Cards in Fourteen Languages...and Much More ;Foreword; Introduction; Acknowledgments; Part I Making the Change: 1 Is Your Diet Putting Your Health at Risk?; 2 Learning the Basics (But Not the Needless Details) of Living Gluten-Free; 3 Discovering What You Can and Can't Eat; 4 Planning and Cooking Simple Gluten-Free Meals; 5 Quick and Easy Substitutions; 6 Reading and Translating Labels; 7 Handling Your Feelings-and Knowing You're Not Alone; Part II Making Gluten-Free Living Simple:8 Finding the Hidden Gluten in Food; 9 Eating a Balanced Gluten-Free Diet; 10 Using Gluten-Free Alternatives; 11 Cooking Gluten-Free Dishes with Flair; 12 Dining Out without Gluten; Part III Making Your Life Healthy, Happy, and Uncomplicated: 13 Making It Easy for Family and Friends; 14 Making It Easy for Yourself; 15 Learning More about Gluten and Your Health; Index;"Delicious recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans and knowledgeable nutrition advice." -Richard Simmons "Brown, a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and chef, has assembled a comprehensive, three-part look at living with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Part 1, "Making the Change," helps ease the transition into a gluten-free diet, providing the basics, quick-and-easy substitutions, tips on interpreting food labels, and advice on handling the emotional aspect of a lifestyle change. Part 2, "Making Gluten-Free Living Simple," covers finding hidden gluten in food, gluten-free cooking, and dining out. Part 3, "Making Your Life Healthy, Happy, and Uncomplicated," advises readers on how to explain easily gluten intolerance or celiac disease to family friends and offers simple coping strategies. In addition, this section includes valuable lists of web sites with restaurants that offer gluten-free menus, companies that sell gluten-free products online, and organizations that specialize in providing information about gluten intolerance and celiac disease. Also included are meal cards written in several languages that can be helpful when traveling or dining out and a good variety of gluten-free recipes.Verdict This is an essential read for anyone who has been recently diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease."-Lisa Felix, Mishawaka-Penn-Harris P.L., Mishawaka, IN, Library Journal, January 2010 As a dietitian and Chef, Marlisa brings it all together in this delightful guide to better gluten-free living. Written in easy-to-understand language that is especially helpful for the newly diagnosed.-Carol Fenster, author of 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes Without a doubt Gluten-Free, Hassle Free is a winner! And the Gluten-Free Meal Cards are just priceless-written in languages from Arabic to Vietnamese-you will once again enjoy ethnic cuisine.-Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN, Spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association ...you will savor the clear, succinct advice and tasty nutritious recipes. If health and culinary delights are your goals, this book delivers a bounty of solid information and a treasure trove of tested recipes.-Judith A. Gilbride, PhD, RD, FADA, Professor and Chair, Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health, New York University and Former President, The American Dietetic Association. Marlisa's book makes it easier to enjoy gluten-free living".-Mary Schluckebier, Executive Director, Celiac Sprue Association "...a book for those new to celiac disease and gluten intolerance, but it goes far beyond 'what to eat'. ...a book that is designed to provide peace of mind and know-how to those newly diagnosed. This simple, helpful practical guide has more than 100 recipes..."- Linda Hughes, Gluten Intolerance Group Quarterly, Volume 33, Fall 2010

Gorgeous for Good

Gorgeous for Good Author Sophie Uliano
ISBN-10 9781401947712
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 424
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Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and see someone you barely recognize? Do you delete nearly every selfie you take because . . . well . . . you’re not glowing as you should be these days? Have you tried and failed to change something about your physical appearance? Do you sometimes feel as if you are fighting a losing battle in your quest to look more radiant? If you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, then join the club! Clean beauty guru and New York Times best-selling author, Sophie Uliano offers a solution to a never-ending beauty dilemma: how can you look rested and radiant without hours of painful and expensive surgery? How can your skin glow throughout your life, without using harmful chemicals or spending more than you can afford in the dermatologist’s office? In her new book, Gorgeous for Good, Sophie puts forth a revolutionary, holistic program that covers everything from nutrition to self-care to spiritual connection. She reveals which beauty options work the best, and provides well-researched, myth-busting information about commercial and natural beauty products. In her fun, girl-next-door voice, Sophie brings all of this together in an innovative 30-day Gorgeous for Good program, offering readers tools for a body-and-soul beauty regimen that will help them stay gorgeous – not for six months or a year – but for good! Gorgeous for Good also features:Simple guidelines for buying the best skin care productsEasy beauty treatments you can make at home – for a fraction of the cost!Healthy, delicious recipes to kick start the new youDifferent forms of exercise to get spiritually connected Gorgeous for Good doesn’t just look at the outside – it takes you inside – where true beauty begins.

Logic Program Synthesis and Transformation

Logic Program Synthesis and Transformation Author John Gallagher
ISBN-10 3540627189
Release 1997-03-12
Pages 324
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This book constitutes the strictly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the Sixth International Workshop on Logic Program Synthesis and Transformation, LOPSTR'96, held on board a ship sailing from Stockholm to Helsinki, in August 1996. The 17 revised full papers were carefully selected from a total of initially 27 submissions. The topics covered range over the areas of synthesis of programs from specifications, verification, transformation, specialization, and analysis of programs, and the use of program schemata in program development.


Meditation Author Eknath Easwaran
ISBN-10 0915132664
Release 1991
Pages 251
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Meditation outlines a unique approach to tapping inner resources by training concentration on inspirational passages. Eknath Easwaran’s practical Eight Point Program offers specific, systematic tools to sharpen concentration, deal effectively with stress, release deep reserves of energy, and transform anger and other destructive emotions. This book offers tested techniques for strengthening our ability to meditate. It is a complete guide to a program of meditation that fits naturally into your life, even complementing an active religious practice.

A Simple Tool for Restructuring C Programs

A Simple Tool for Restructuring C Programs Author Thomas Allan Powell
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822036000305
Release 1993
Pages 172
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A Simple Tool for Restructuring C Programs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Simple Tool for Restructuring C Programs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Simple Tool for Restructuring C Programs book for free.

The Practice of Health Program Evaluation

The Practice of Health Program Evaluation Author David Grembowski
ISBN-10 0761918477
Release 2001-04-13
Pages 323
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As more and more money is spent developing programs and services to solve health problems, how can one know if a specific health program works or what it would take to improve it? Aimed at addressing this issue, The Practice of Health Program Evaluation provides readers with the methods to evaluate health programs and the expertise to navigate the political terrain so as to work more effectively with decision makers and other groups. To convey these principles, Grembowski uses the metaphor of evaluation being a three-act play with a variety of actors and interest groups, each having a role that involves entering and exiting the "stage" at different points in the evaluation process.

Winning Design

Winning Design Author James Jeffrey Trobaugh
ISBN-10 9781484221051
Release 2017-06-10
Pages 263
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Design that works! It's what you need if you're building and competing with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics. You'll find uses for the new light sensors and gyro sensors in navigation, helping you to follow lines and make turns more consistently. Approach collision detection with greater confidence through EV3's ultrasonic sensor. Learn new designs for power attachments. Winning Design! is about building with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 for fun, for education, but especially for competition. Author James Trobaugh is an experienced coach and leader in the FIRST LEGO League. In this book, he shares his hard-won knowledge about design principles and techniques that contribute toward success in robotics competitions. Winning Design! unlocks the secrets of reliable design using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. You’ll learn proven design patterns that you can employ for common tasks such as turning, pushing, and pulling. You’ll reduce and compensate for variation in performance from battery charge levels and motor calibration differences. You’ll produce designs that won’t frustrate you by not working, but that will delight you with their reliable performance in the heat of competition. Good design is about more than just the hardware. Software counts for a lot, and Winning Design! has you covered. You’ll find chapters on program design and organization with tips on effective coding and documentation practices. You’ll learn about master programs and the needed flexibility they provide. There’s even a section on presenting your robot and software designs to the judges. Winning Design! is the book you need if you're involved in competitions such as FIRST LEGO League events. Whether coach, parent, or student, you’ll find much in this book to make your design and competition experience fun and memorable, and educational. Don't be without this book if you're leading a team of young people as they build skills toward a future in technology. What You Will Learn Build winning robots on a foundation of good chassis design Reduce variability in robot mechanical movements Design modular attachments for quick change during competition Solve navigation problems such as steering, squaring up, and collision detection Manage software using master programs and other techniques Power your robot attachments via motors and pneumatics Who This Book Is For Students, parents, teachers, and coaches involved in LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robot design and programming.