A Single Man s Guide to Easy Meals

A Single Man s Guide to Easy Meals Author George F. Simon
ISBN-10 9781420875560
Release 2005-11
Pages 128
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A guide to cooking for guys, featuring recipes for chicken, beef, things that go with beer, and other dishes, and includes a shopping list for each recipe.

The Single Man s Guide to Cooking With Beer

The Single Man s Guide to Cooking With Beer Author Streeter F. Mcclure
ISBN-10 1607477580
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 80
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For years, beer connoisseur Streeter McClure’s culinary repertoire, like many single men, consisted of boxed dinners and ramen noodles. After one particularly long night of debauchery, he opened the fridge and was faced with an onion, a tomato, a leftover cheeseburger, and two cans of beer. Frustrated and starving, he did what any guy in his situation would do: threw all of the ingredients together in a pan with the intention of feeding himself and his equally ravenous friends. To his total surprise, it was delicious! This realization, along with his love for beer and desire to impress the ladies, led him to create a cookbook that single men everywhere can incorporate into their everyday cooking. The Single Man’s Guide to Cooking with Beer includes such recipes as Spring Break Beer Fish, Brew Stew, No Date Saturday Night Beef Stroganoff, Beer Battered Onion Rings, and Man Slaw. Full of deliciously inventive recipes, The Single Man’s Guide to Cooking with Beer is an essential item for single men to impress on any occasion, from Super Bowl parties, to roommate dinners, to cooking for a date.

The Single Man s Guide to Cooking With Wine

The Single Man s Guide to Cooking With Wine Author Streeter F. Mcclure
ISBN-10 1607477637
Release 2010-09-07
Pages 80
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For years, Streeter McClure's culinary repertoire, like many single men, consisted of boxed dinners and ramen noodles. After accidentally discovering that beer enhanced the flavor of his meal, he decided to create a collection of beer-infused recipes. The result, "The Single Man's Guide to Cooking with Beer, "enhanced the cooking skills of bachelors everywhere. Following an overwhelmingly positive response to his culinary endeavors, he set out to conquer another cooking ingredient--wine. He studied its interactions with an array of food, gathered tips from wine enthusiasts, and slaved in the kitchen to build fun meals for budding bachelor chefs. Full of inventive, savory recipes, "The Single Man's Guide to Cooking with Wine "is an essential item for single men to impress on any occasion, from Super Bowl parties, to roommate dinners, to cooking for a date.


ISBN-10 9781628384291
Release 2014-02-20
Pages 114
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Some men are single by choice; others end up single through little to no choice of their own. Many of these divorced men and widowers find themselves overwhelmed by the multitude of new tasks at hand, from doing laundry to raising children on their own. Jeff Bruner lost his wife of 25 years suddenly to cancer, and soon found himself spending most of the day paying bills or hours wandering around the grocery store, not even knowing what he needed. Through trial and error, he learned how to perform the many tasks that his wife had done for years, and he has written this extremely helpful guide for "freshly single" men that covers everything from cooking to cleaning to combing cat fur. The Freshly Single Man's Guide to Household Survival might become the new Bible for the millions of suddenly single Sams in our society.

The Single Man s Guide to Cooking

The Single Man s Guide to Cooking Author Rick Hyatt
ISBN-10 1413738966
Release 2005-04
Pages 188
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"As Rick's doctor, I was aware of his warped humor. However, after reviewing The Single Man's Guide to Cooking, I am listing it as mandatory reading for my physiology class. It's easy, funny reading - not your ordinary cookbook. I can now feed myself! And Rick is doing much better. Thank you." -Wally Walker, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Single Guy Cookbook

The Single Guy Cookbook Author Avi Shemtov
ISBN-10 9781624141249
Release 2015-07-28
Pages 192
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There comes a time in every man's life where he has to step away from the microwave. With the help of Avi's man-centric recipes, techniques and commentary, you'll build confidence in the kitchen—and you'll have some pretty amazing meals to show for it. Recipes are geared toward goals like cooking the perfect burger, using leftovers to make a gourmet meal that'll wow your family, impressing a date, saving money, feeding the guys on game day, and most importantly, just flat out making an easy, hardy meal you can sit down and enjoy alone. Recipes include Sizzling Skillet Steak with Twice Baked Potato, Kickass Fish Tacos and Mind-Blowing Meatballs with Ziti. With The Single Guy Cookbook, you'll make delicious and awe-inspiring dishes that you'll be proud to place in front of any person who enters your man cave.

Eating in

Eating in Author Rich Lippman
ISBN-10 0944042007
Release 1988
Pages 143
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Official single man's cookbook.

Short Order Dad

Short Order Dad Author Robert Rosenthal
ISBN-10 9781634509817
Release 2016-05-24
Pages 272
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There is a new kind of dad, and he’s doing far more domestic duty than at any time in history, including cooking. Although it’s written with a sense of humor, this book is a serious resource for dads and anyone else interested in upping their game to make great tasting food at home, even if they have never used a chef’s knife or a roasting pan before. Author Robert Rosenthal teaches basic techniques and presents a playbook of simple recipes that achieve the most taste with the fewest ingredients and the least effort.™ The dishes are sophisticated enough for entertaining, yet family table tested as well. Short Order Dad covers all the essentials, from shopping ingredients and cooking tools to appetizers, soups and salads, snacks, entrees, sauces and dressings, sides, desserts, cocktails and more, to make anyone a successful chef. Good cooking doesn’t have to be complicated to be great. In fact, it’s just the opposite. So whether you’re clueless in the kitchen, pan-fry phobic, or already a skilled cook, Short Order Dad is here to help turn your kitchen into a place to play. Skyhorse Publishing, along with our Good Books and Arcade imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of cookbooks, including books on juicing, grilling, baking, frying, home brewing and winemaking, slow cookers, and cast iron cooking. We’ve been successful with books on gluten-free cooking, vegetarian and vegan cooking, paleo, raw foods, and more. Our list includes French cooking, Swedish cooking, Austrian and German cooking, Cajun cooking, as well as books on jerky, canning and preserving, peanut butter, meatballs, oil and vinegar, bone broth, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Cooking For Guys

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Cooking  For Guys Author Tod Dimmick
ISBN-10 9781440696282
Release 2004-10-05
Pages 352
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Whether it's nachos or crock-pot kielbasa, a party, something quick for the kid's lunch, a romantic date night, or dinner-for-one, this guy-friendly cookbook features over 230 real-food recipes for everything from vegetables, pasta, and desserts, to leftovers, appetizers, and grilling. Instead of relying on shortcuts, canned food, or unhealthy processed ingredients, it pares down complex cooking instructions; explains basic cooking terms; figures in prep time and cook time; and allots larger portion sizes. Notes high salt or high cholesterol recipes ;Includes more than 230 recipes; Provides special tips, advice, and recipe construction for beginners, plus bigger portion sizes for hungry men.

The Lazy Bachelor s Cookbook

The Lazy Bachelor s Cookbook Author Patrick J. Burke
ISBN-10 0971153108
Release 2002
Pages 160
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You Know Someone Who Needs This Book.- How to retire a millionaire solely through food choices- Thriving on nothing but snacks- The economics of being single- Shopping (almost like having Mom right there)- Salsa is a Vegetable!And more. This is the book that will help you survive long enough to get married.

A Man A Can A Plan

A Man  A Can  A Plan Author David Joachim
ISBN-10 9781623360788
Release 2002-06-17
Pages 46
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A Man, a Can, a Plan, inspired by an article in the most popular mens magazine, Men's Health, is a cookbook that presents 50 simple, inexpensive recipes featuring ingredients guys have right in their cupboards--canned food. Great and healthy food can be had for a low price and minimum effort, and A Man, a Can, a Plan lays it all out, in pictorial, easy-to-follow steps, for the culinary-challenged. It features special sections on cooking for her and cooking for the morning after for dudes with a lady on their minds. Author David Joachim received the 1999 James Beard Award for Steven Raichlen's Healthy Latin Cooking, so he knows his stuff and makes it accessible to beginners and experienced guys as well. Get your can openers ready to rumble!

I ll Get by

I ll Get by Author Harry Marlin
ISBN-10 9781426994968
Release 2011-09
Pages 980
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Author Harry Marlin met everything in life head on. This collection of his writing explores a lifetime's experiences—growing up in tiny Blanket, Texas, during the Great Depression; flying combat missions over Germany during World War II; and managing life's perplexities. Called the "Will Rogers of Central Texas," Marlin wrote a weekly column for theBrownwood Bulletinfor eleven years.I'll Get Bypresents the first volume of compilations of his best stories taking a humorous look at a plethora of topics. "The Barbecue Smokes, but the Customers Can't" explores the ins and outs of the Texas tradition of barbecuing. In "Where Summer's Lovely Roses Still Bloom," Marlin reminisces about the dreadful summers spent picking cotton. "The Place They Didn't Catch Clyde Barrow" describes how the news of Bonnie and Clyde running rampant in 1934 took the edge off of an otherwise depressing existence. Colorful and witty,I'll Get Byprovides insights into life in rural Texas during the Great Depression and shows that humor can provide relief in many challenging situations.

Bravo The Stylish Man s Guide to Italian Cooking

Bravo  The Stylish Man s Guide to Italian Cooking Author Paolo Liberti
ISBN-10 9781477178126
Release 2008-04-08
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Bravo The Stylish Man s Guide to Italian Cooking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bravo The Stylish Man s Guide to Italian Cooking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bravo The Stylish Man s Guide to Italian Cooking book for free.

No More Mac and Cheese

No More Mac and Cheese Author William C. Marks
ISBN-10 0962845302
Release 1990
Pages 56
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Written in humorous rhyme, these very basic recipes are for those who have no time or interest in cooking. If you regularly prepare meals, this book is not for you. If you pick up burritos or chinese food on most nights, this is a quick, tasty and amusing alternative. A quick, easy and humorous guide to cooking for bachelors/ettes who are clueless in the kitchen. A cookbook for bachelors written in rhyme; rap while you're roasting! No time to cook? Hot date coming over? Have some simple fun in the kitchen!

CaLDRON Magazine January 2014

CaLDRON Magazine  January 2014 Author Chef at Large
Release 2014-01-20
Pages 100
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Reviews, Recipes, Interviews, Columns, Travel, Wine & Spirits, Food photos and loads more, spread across 100 pages.

Higher Hopes a Black Man s Guide to College

Higher Hopes  a Black Man s Guide to College Author R.D. Smith
ISBN-10 9780615675091
Release 2012-08-17
Pages 292
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For many, college is their first chance at life without a guide or instruction manual. There is great room to succeed-as well as fail. How can you approach your college career with the right tools, insights, and tips to succeed? In Higher Hopes, the author meticulously covers every aspect of your college journey from academics to relationships to studying abroad to dealing with race and class issues. Far from telling you to just do your homework and obey the rules, Higher Hopes outlines the hidden lessons and sometimes painful learnings that can make college not only an accomplishment but a triumph.

The White Anglo Saxon Protestant Bachelor s Survival Guide and Cookbook

The White Anglo Saxon Protestant Bachelor s Survival Guide and Cookbook Author Jeff Clothier
ISBN-10 9780595324477
Release 2004-10
Pages 116
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The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Bachelor's Survival Guide and Cookbook is the hilarious story of one man's attempt to grow up in America's Heartland-with recipes!!! Author, chef and WASPB himself, Jeff Clothier serves up a warm-hearted tribute to family, friends, females and food as an example to uncertain young men everywhere-and to the patient people who love them. Learn: The two ESSENTIAL kitchen appliances for the single guy besides a bottle opener. The telltale signs that your date may work out, but your relationship won't. The difference between FICA and a ficus. Laugh: At a herd of jock roaming the dorms in pink underwear. At an Iowa boy's attempts to be "cool." At the bonehead mistakes you probably made yourself-or will. Listen: To every morsel of Free Advice in this book because It Could Happen To You!!! The WASPB Survival Guide and Cookbook will leave you laughing and thinking about the young man you know, the young man you are, or the young man you once were.