A to Z of Crochet

A to Z of Crochet Author Sue Gardner
ISBN-10 156477998X
Release 2010-05
Pages 160
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Presents step-by-step instructions and photographs covering the techniques of crocheting.

A to Z of Crochet

A to Z of Crochet Author Country Bumpkin Publications
ISBN-10 1564778568
Release 2008
Pages 160
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Whether you're a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you'll ever need! Easy-to-read text and full-color photos walk you step-by- step from basic through advanced methods Over 1,000 close-up photographs feature real hands holding real yarn and needles--there's no easier way to learn Fix mistakes, shape garments, and find the answers to almost any crochet question

The A to Z of You and Me

The A to Z of You and Me Author James Hannah
ISBN-10 9781473508941
Release 2015-03-12
Pages 320
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AN OBSERVER 'NEW FACE OF FICTION 2015' AN AMAZON RISING STAR 2015 'Genuinely one of the best books I've read ever read' LISA JEWELL 'Spare, poignant and with a quirky charm all of its own, it reminds us how kind people can be.' RACHEL JOYCE 'Absolutely bloody heartrending. Hannah's eccentric style is never mawkish and often wonderfully funny' - THE TIMES 'Hannah writes with emotional acuity. Warm, wry, thoughtful and devastating in places, this is a life-enhancing missive from death's door' - THE SUNDAY TIMES A striking literary debut of love and mortality perfect for fans of quirky, heart-wrenching fiction like Nathan Filer, David Nicholls and Rachel Joyce. Ivo has all kinds of everyday joy in his life – he’s young, he's in love, he has friends who promise to stand by him if life ever goes wrong.Then one day, life does go wrong. He makes a mistake, and it’s big and unforgiveable. Now time is running out and his life is falling apart. But he’s going to put it together again. His own way. This is a story about how far love must stretch to gather a life in pieces. And how strong friendship never dies.

The Ultimate A to Z Companion to 1 001 Needlecraft Terms

The Ultimate A to Z Companion to 1 001 Needlecraft Terms Author Marie Clayton
ISBN-10 9780312377779
Release 2007-12-10
Pages 192
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Features over one thousand alphabetical entries related to the art of needlecraft, including terms, names of tools and materials, and different types of stitches, some of which are illustrated with step-by-step diagrams.


Knooking Author Veronika Hug
ISBN-10 3841063152
Release 2014-02
Pages 47
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Knooking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Knooking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Knooking book for free.

Das gro e H kelmuster Buch

Das gro  e H  kelmuster Buch Author Sarah Hazell
ISBN-10 3772467946
Release 2014-08-11
Pages 190
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Das gro e H kelmuster Buch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das gro e H kelmuster Buch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das gro e H kelmuster Buch book for free.

All about Crochet

All about Crochet Author Jean Leinhauser
ISBN-10 9781604685299
Release 2009-08-18
Pages 128
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Not sure how to work into a chain space or between stitches? Wondering what is meant by a working row? Confused about how to decrease in half double crochet? This ultimate visual guide will answer those questions and more. Find information easily with the book's A to Z format Learn from two of the most knowledgeable and experienced authors in the industry Slip this small book into your bag to accompany a take-along project

Crochet Starter Guide How To Crotchet

Crochet Starter Guide  How To Crotchet Author Ariel Horowitz
ISBN-10 9781628844580
Release 2013-08-29
Pages 38
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The "Simple Crocheting Techniques for the Beginner" is really what this book is about. If you've never done it before or have only thought about doing it, you've got the right guide. Everything is kept very basic so that anyone can do it. Something as simple as how to hold the crocheting needle is taught. You'll discover how this tool can do wonders and learn which different types and sizes are best for making which specific things. Of course the material for the yawn is covered and which type is best for crocheting what. As you proceed along, not only will you be amazed at how much can be done by crocheting, you'll see how even a beginner can create some awesome stuff. It's just a matter of learning the right techniques and eventually mastering them. There's nothing like a hand-made blanket that you created with your own hands by crocheting. Being a beginner is not a problem. This book will teach you how and get you on your way to making some pretty neat stuff. You might get pretty good at it and your friends and family night even pay you to crochet something for them. You never know.

A to Z of Dreams and Their Meanings

A to Z of Dreams and Their Meanings Author Gordon Cotter
ISBN-10 9781462864669
Release 2011-05-05
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Synopsis of myself. Gordon Cotter...Male DOB 11: 05: 1934 in Birmingham England. In September 1939, I, and thousands of children, was evacuated from inner cities, to rural Britain, this was to escape the onset of heavy bombing by German Luftwaffe planes. As war had been declared on Germany. I was sent to a small community in Northern Scotland. There was no communication in those days. Only things we heard was from the Radio. It was put on twice a day. The local community was made up of farmers, and some of the wives went to the local Landowner as maids and cleaning staff. I was 5 years old, and it took time for me to be accepted. I went to the local schoolhouse three times a week for lessons. The rest of the time I was expected to help around the farmyard. I began to notice that a lot of women often came to the house and was taken into the parlour, sometimes I would sneak into here and watch, and listen to the women talking. After a while I got braver and just sat in a corner whilst the women were there. It began to come to me that these women were telling my Grandma about their dreams. When they were finished they gave my granda some eggs, or butter. Now I understand it was payment. As time went on I began to understand more of what granda was saying to these women. I became interested in it. I still did not know what it was about. Years past, and when I was about eleven or twelve. The was came to an end. I had settled into life in Scotland and quite enjoyed the life. It was then that I was told about me being an Evacuee, and I could return to my original home if I wanted to. I did not remember any of it so I said that I wanted to stay. (Years Later I regretted this action) I had become very close to my grandmother during this time, and she and I often talked about the dreams and she said that I, did seem to have the gift????? I had by this time began to understand just what she meant by the various talks with these women. I was eventually allowed to sit in on the talks, and sometimes I was asked for my opinion. In later life, my granda became poorly, and she showed me a lot of her private books that she had written down her musings on all of the subjects within dreams. I was asked to take over from her for the readings. When she died, I was asked if I wanted anything of hers. I asked for the books that she had written down her thoughts on the subject. I moved back to Birmingham, and the books lay in my attic for years. In 1972 I came across them and again began to get an interest in the interpretation of dreams. I got out grandma's books and decided to bring them up to date. It has taken my since then to complete them.

The Almanac of Crocheting

The Almanac of Crocheting Author Dorothy Wilks
ISBN-10 1523207590
Release 2016-01-02
Pages 410
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Includes Free Bonus Book: Learn How to Knit Basic Knitting Techniques and Stitches for Beginners The Almanac of CrochetingThe Almanac of Crocheting is the complete comprehensive A to Z guide on crochet. It will take you from a Beginners level all the way up to advance. And countless projects for the novice to all the way up to Expert. Basic Crochet Stitches and Techniques, starts you out from the very beginning and guides you through the basic stitches and skills you need to learn to start to crochet. With clear instructions and instructional images you're be crocheting in no time. If you have never picked up a hook or yarn this book is for you, or if you need a refresher on basic stitches and techniques you will find this book a valuable resource. She even guides you through reading patterns and shares a basic Granny Square and dishcloth pattern for you to practice. The Resource section of this book also has links to instructional videos and website to help you grow in your skills. Don't miss out on this beginning crochet book! How to Crochet Corner 2 Corner and Ripple Afghans, Dorothy Wilks shares with you the basic stitches and techniques you need to learn these popular patterns. Corner 2 Corner has fast become a favorite technique, and the ripple or wave pattern has stood the test of time and remains one of the most treasured techniques for crochet enthusiasts. Even beginners can use this book to learn basic crochet skills and create beautiful afghans and throws. Dorothy's friendly style, precise instructions, and clear images make How to Crochet Corner 2 Corner and Ripple Afghans a book you will refer to again and again. Don't miss out and add this great resource to your collection today! In this book Dorothy introduces you to the basics of the Filet technique, the stitches used and how to crochet them, how to read a graph pattern, and how to crochet your very first Filet project. With her easy to understand instruction and clear images you will learn how to Filet crochet in no time. She explains how the different stitches come together in a pattern. These include: * Open Mesh Stitch * Solid Mesh Stitch * Lacet Stitch * Rectangles * Big Squares Dorothy also includes her own original easy Filet patterns for you to practice your newly learned skills. She also includes a size chart for afghans so that you can create your own Filet afghan in sizes ranging from receiving blankets to king size beds. She also explains the math and how to figure out how many Filet motifs you will need for an afghan. Each stitch and step is fully explained and she also encourages you to create your own Filet charts. If you've always admired the delicate beauty of Filet crochet and you know how to crochet a chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet stitches, this book is your first step to learning how to not only crochet Filet stitches, but how to read a Filet chart. Don't miss out on this great resource and welcome addition to any crochet artist's library.

My Life on the Road

My Life on the Road Author Gloria Steinem
ISBN-10 9783641201319
Release 2016-07-11
Pages 384
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Sie ist klug, elegant und charmant. Eine Kämpferin mit Leidenschaft und Stil. Ein Vorbild für Frauen seit fünf Jahrzehnten. Hillary Clinton verehrt sie genauso wie die Schauspielerin Emma Watson. Lange vor Facebook-Chefin Sheryl Sandberg hat Gloria Steinem Frauen den Glauben an sich selbst gegeben. Sie hat provoziert, Mut gemacht und alte Rollenbilder über den Haufen geworfen. Auch heute noch, mit über achtzig Jahren, ist Gloria Steinem ein Star, der Frauen jeder Generation begeistert. In MY LIFE ON THE ROAD erzählt Steinem von einem rastlosen Leben, ausgefüllt mit Reisen und unvergesslichen Begegnungen. Schon als Kind, als Tochter eines durch die Lande tingelnden Antiquitätenhändlers aus Toledo, Ohio, war ihr eines klar geworden: Man braucht nicht unbedingt einen geografischen Anker im Leben, dafür aber ein klares Ziel vor Augen.

A to Z of STS Scientists

A to Z of STS Scientists Author Elizabeth H. Oakes
ISBN-10 9781438109251
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 385
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Profiles over 200 scientists from around the world who made important contributions to the interdisciplinary field of science, technology and society (STS), including Thomas P. Ackerman, Helen Caldicott, James Watt, and more.


Gossie Author Olivier Dunrea
ISBN-10 3833962437
Release 2003
Pages 32
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Gossie has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gossie also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gossie book for free.

Vanna s Afghans A to Z

Vanna s Afghans A to Z Author Vanna White
ISBN-10 0848714768
Release 1994
Pages 144
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Television personality Vanna White presents 52 of her favorite afghan designs. Vanna leads readers through the collection from A to Z in beautiful full-color photos. Designs cover everything from the traditional granny sqaure and designs for men to delicate heirlooms, baby designs, and designs for Christmas.

The A to Z of the Fashion Industry

The A to Z of the Fashion Industry Author Francesca Sterlacci
ISBN-10 9780810868830
Release 2009-09-28
Pages 416
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The history of clothing begins with the origin of man, and fashionable dress can be traced as far back as 25,000 years ago. Recent scientific explorations have uncovered graves in northern Russia with skeletons covered in beads made of mammoth ivory that once adorned clothing made of animal skin. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans each made major contributions to fashion's legacy from their textile innovations, unique clothing designs and their early use of accessories, cosmetics, and jewelry. During the Middle Ages, "fashion trends" emerged as trade and commerce thrived allowing the merchant class to afford to emulate the fashions worn by royals. However, it is widely believed that fashion didn't became an industry until the industrial and commercial revolution during the latter part of the 18th century. Since then, the industry has grown exponentially. Today, fashion is one of the biggest businesses in the world, with hundreds of billions of dollars in turnover and employing tens of millions of workers. It is both a profession, an industry, and in the eyes of many, an art. The A to Z of the Fashion Industry examines the origins and history of this billion-dollar industry. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced entries on designers, models, couture houses, significant articles of apparel and fabrics, trade unions, and the international trade organizations.

Single Crochet from A to Z Sampler Afghan

Single Crochet from A to Z Sampler Afghan Author Carol Alexander
ISBN-10 1596351845
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 30
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From Ambidextrous to Zig Zag, each block in this gorgeous afghan and matching pillow is made with a variation of the basic single crochet stitch. Made from Vanna's Choice worsted weight yarn.


Knitspeak Author Andrea Price
ISBN-10 9781453220788
Release 2011-09-13
Pages 224
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Knitting can be a challenging craft, but even more challenging than knitting itself is the cryptic language—a mix of abbreviations, numbers, jargon, punctuation marks, and other symbols—in which patterns are usually written. It’s no wonder so many beginners (and even some whose skills are quite advanced) are intimidated by the bewildering code—or that so many yarn-shop owners grow frustrated by the amount of time they must spend deciphering patterns for the uninitiated. Enter Knitspeak, a knitter’s dictionary that disentangles the mysteries of pattern language and translates it into plain English, helping knitters to easily transition from confused to confident. Andrea Berman Price’s essential guide—written in a friendly, reassuring tone and formatted for quick reference—begins with an overview of how knitting patterns are organized. It then offers a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all the abbreviations, words, phrases, and symbols typically encountered in patterns. Knitspeak’s many easy-to-understand drawings clarify basic and not-so-basic needle techniques, and a series of sidebars deals with issues ranging from keeping track of simultaneous shaping to substituting yarns and reading a yarn label. The book’s appendix is filled with valuable tips, charts, and worksheets.