Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Author Tonino Guerra
ISBN-10 1550710303
Release 1999
Pages 143
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Tonino Guerra is best known for his work in film with directors that include Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, the Taviani Brothers, and Andrey Tarkovsky. In this collection of poetry, Italian screenwriter and poet Tonion Guerra captures the harshness and the magic of a culture and language which have disappeared. The original poems, written in the dialect of the montanari, the mountaineers of the Apennine mountains of Romagna, reflect the mixture of sardonic humour and whimsy for which Guerra is known in his work in film.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Author Lesley Adkins
ISBN-10 1856278336
Release 1996
Pages 127
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In this book, the authors give carefully researched evidence of lost civilisations - lonely pillars, deserted buildings, the facade of what must have been an impressive building. The text is complemented with beautiful, evocative photographs

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Author Evan Johnstone
ISBN-10 0646413910
Release 2001
Pages 260
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Abandoned Places has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Abandoned Places also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Abandoned Places book for free.

Abandoned places

Abandoned places Author Henk van Rensbergen
ISBN-10 9789401416092
Release 2013-11-20
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Een fotografische kijk op vergankelijkheid. Verlaten plaatsen: de ruïnes van de moderne wereld.Abandoned Places 2 is de opvolger van het succesvolle eerste deel Abandoned Places. Henk van Rensbergen (Brussel, 1968) is Gezagvoerder op een Boeing 767. Terwijl zijn collega's aan het zwembad uitrusten, trekt hij op expeditie. Vandaag is hij wereldwijd bekend als fotograaf en 'urban explorer'. In verre steden zoekt hij naar verlaten ziekenhuizen, overgroeide industriële complexen, of door insijpelend water verteerde stadspaleizen: de ruïnes van de moderne wereld. Gewapend met statief en camera legt hij de vergane glorie en geheimen vast van deze abandoned places. Voor zijn tweede boek en bijhorende fototentoonstelling, bleef hij niet enkel in België, maar reisde hij ook naar New Jersey en Detroit, Noord-Frankrijk en voormalig Oost-Duitsland.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Author Tarl Hoch
ISBN-10 1614502064
Release 2014-12-05
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Abandoned Places has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Abandoned Places also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Abandoned Places book for free.

Urban Exploration Photography

Urban Exploration Photography Author Todd Sipes
ISBN-10 9780133816945
Release 2013-12-17
Pages 60
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In Urban Exploration Photography: A Guide to Shooting Abandoned Places, photographer Todd Sipes offers a great introduction to "UrbEx" shooting, with its focus on photographing abandoned man-made structures. Sipes begins with a focused discussion on preparation for this unique genre of photography, including what to bring, both photography-related and other (such as clothes and accessories). Then he dives into the "How to Shoot" chapter, which discusses how composition plays a role in UrbEx photos; the three major shooting styles in UrbEx photography; general guidelines for camera settings and gear; why you should bracket your shots; and how to approach shooting in the dark (including light painting, using flashes and gels, and using an intervalometer). Following that is the "What to Shoot" chapter, where Sipes discusses organic and synthetic elements present in the UrbEx environment (such as overgrowth, graffiti, paint, and machinery), as well as qualities of light to look for when shooting abandoned structures.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Author Kieron Connolly
ISBN-10 1782743944
Release 2016-08
Pages 224
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Children s schoolbooks left open in a classroom, trees entangled in a rusting Ferris wheel, hulks of ships high and dry, miles from any water seeing images like these we re bound to wonder: what happened here? Ranging from the urban aquarium of a flooded shopping mall to majestic shipwrecks, from aircraft graveyards to forgotten railway stations, from leper colonies to radiation zones, Abandoned Places explores 65 fascinating lost worlds from all around the globe. Arranged thematically from industrial to military sites, from ghosts towns to recreational sites, the book explains through extended captions the story of how each place came to be abandoned natural or chemical disaster, war, economic collapse, changing attitudes and tastes. Often it s because the world has moved on and these places are no longer of use or interest in the march of progress. Throughout, though, emerges a picture not of what has been lost, but of what remains. Left to the elements but also ignored by humanity, the photographs of these ghost towns, crumbling structures and vessels illuminate worlds for us that we thought were lost. Through these, we gain a glimpse into the past. With more than 150 outstanding color photographs exploring hauntingly beautiful places over one or two spreads, Abandoned Places is an excellent pictorial examination of worlds that we ve left behind."

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places Author Richard Happer
ISBN-10 0008136599
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 264
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Ghost towns, empty streets, crumbling ruins and lost empires this book reveals these and other deserted places. Many places featured were once populated and now sit unoccupied, modern day ruins, sitting in decay. Stories, facts and photographs of 60 beautiful and eerie abandoned places from throughout the world. Time has stopped and nature is taking resident in these places mainly due to natural disasters, war or economic reasons. Places include: Severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags Jazzland has been abandoned since. Several of the rides still stand, a testimony to the resilience of New Orleans. Shicheng in China has been under water for 53 years since the Xin'an River Hydro Plant flooded the area. The city was founded 1,300 years ago. Chernobyl was totally abandoned after the nearby nuclear disaster in 1986. Due to radiation, it has been left untouched ever since the incident and will be for many thousands of years into the future. Nature now rules the city in what resembles an apocalyptic movie. Poveglia is an island in the Venetian Lagoon which under the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte became a dumping ground for plague victims and later an asylum for the mentally ill. Plymouth was the capital of the island of Montserrat. The town was overwhelmed by volcanic eruptions starting in 1995 and was abandoned. St Kilda a remote Scottish Island may have been permanently inhabited for at least two millennia, the population probably never exceeding 180. The entire population was evacuated in 1930."

Urbexery Abandoned Places Timeless

Urbexery Abandoned Places   Timeless Author Markus Gebauer
ISBN-10 3000552839
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 152
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Urbexery Abandoned Places Timeless has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Urbexery Abandoned Places Timeless also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Urbexery Abandoned Places Timeless book for free.

Dynamic Landscapes of Abandoned Places

Dynamic Landscapes of Abandoned Places Author Jerome Sturm
ISBN-10 OCLC:845034398
Release 2013
Pages 54
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In my written thesis I will describe the technological limitations landscape photographers have faced, look at the historical and contemporary influences on my work, examine the sources of my attraction to photographing abandoned places, explain the process of how my work is created, and evaluate the success of the photographs in the exhibition. My work enables others to find the treasures we have abandoned, and it raises the question, "Can these places be reclaimed?" The exhibition serves to document the spaces of the people who lived and worked in the scenes photographed, and it also raises the issue of the value we place on communities as they are abandoned. The highly stylized reality in the photographs are created by blending multiple-exposures, electronically painting in vibrant colors, and mimicking historical photographic methods of presentation. The painterly quality in the matte prints creates a disconnection between contemporary glossy images and the content of my photographs. The work resembles the style of hand-coloring popular in the early 20th century. The light boxes in the exhibition are created using a multiple-layer process, emulating hand-colored lantern slides. A black-and-white layer is combined with a colored layer to create a new illuminated image. The layers allow the viewers to move through the photograph as they explore the content. By using matte prints and light boxes, the work repackages the mundane into something new and different. It also shifts the sense of time in the photographs because the present is revealed using an obsolete method. The photographs explore the remnants of others and reshape the reality of what I see in my personal interpretation.

Ghosts of North Dakota

Ghosts of North Dakota Author Troy Larson
ISBN-10 0989096939
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 110
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Ghosts of North Dakota, Volume 3 is a 110 page, hardbound, full-color coffee table book featuring some of the best photos from the Ghosts of North Dakota project- photos of ghost towns, near-ghost towns, and abandoned places across the state of North Dakota, plus comments from the photographers, historical tidbits, and more. Places in this book include Antler, Marmarth, Arena, Sanish, Haymarsh, and Bathgate. Volume 3 also includes a 19 page special section on the abandoned Fortuna Air Force Station, and a map which includes most of the places featured in Volumes 1 through 3.

Abandoned Places and Spaces

Abandoned Places and Spaces Author You Crayon Do It Company
ISBN-10 1515050890
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 34
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Ready your coloring pencils, markers, or crayons then relax your worries by descending into a fascinating world of aged elegance. Inside, you will find 32 etches containing abandoned homes, vehicles, prisons, factories, as well as a roller coaster, plus so much more.What some may observe as unpleasant or sordid, the unique perceive as unconventional beauty. From automobiles to buildings, these man-made items await their evolutionary depreciation. Through the years, nature has already started the meticulous process of reclaiming the materials it had once lent the human race for his provisional designs. Some items have compiled a blend of colors from the rust palette while others have been dominated by shades of overgrowth. However, each scene holds a place in our history and has a story that it is - literally - dying to tell one last time.

Vacant America

Vacant America Author Tracy Amos
ISBN-10 9781493188024
Release 2014-03-26
Pages 42
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Mysterious, slightly fearsome, empty and abandoned places...real structures that have fallen into disrepair and decay...long since abandoned. These pictures tell their own stories of these structures as they once were.

Weird U S

Weird U S Author Mark Moran
ISBN-10 1402766882
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 349
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Compiles stories of paranormal activities, urban legends, and other strange anomalies around the United States, including ghost sightings, roadside attractions, and abandoned buildings.

DuMont Bildband Stillgelegt

DuMont Bildband Stillgelegt Author Thomas Kemnitz
ISBN-10 9783616470177
Release 2016-06-16
Pages 224
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Ungenutzte Werkhallen und Förderschächte, verfallene Heilanstalten, Kultur- und Sportstätten, vor sich hin rottende Kriegsdenkmäler, Bunker, und Kasernen – Orte im Dornröschenschlaf. STILLGELEGT bannt 100 dieser Orte in Deutschland und Europa in eindrucksvolle Bilder und erzählt ihre Geschichte(n). Die Fotografien von Thomas Kemnitz, Robert Conrad und Michael Täger dokumentieren ohne falsche Sentimentalität das Schicksal von Orten und Gebäuden, die aus unterschiedlichen Gründen verlassen und dem Verfall preisgegeben wurden – weil sich politische Konstellationen verändert haben, bestimmte Industriezweige aufgegeben wurden, Orte ihre Bedeutung verloren haben. Sie erzählen vom Aufbruch und Unternehmergeist des ausgehenden 19. Jahrhunderts, vom Glauben an Technologie und Fortschritt, von den beiden Weltkriegen, der Teilung Deutschlands und den Veränderungen durch den Fall des Eisernen Vorhangs. Die 100 Orte werden nicht chronologisch, sondern nach ihrer ursprünglichen Nutzung, auf fünf Kapitel verteilt, vorgestellt – für den Betrachter ein Gewinn, kann er doch auch Parallelen zwischen verwandten Objekten ausmachen oder Entwicklungen innerhalb einer Bauaufgabe nachvollziehen. Am Ende der Kapitel werden in kurzen, informativen Texten die wichtigsten Fragen zu den Objekten beantwortet: Wann und von wem wurden sie gebaut? Für welche Nutzung? Wieso wurden sie verlassen? Wie ist der Zustand heute? Die E-Book Ausgabe basiert auf: 1. Auflage 2015

Dwelling Identity and the Maya

Dwelling  Identity  and the Maya Author Scott R. Hutson
ISBN-10 9780759119222
Release 2009-11-16
Pages 246
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Dwelling, Identity, and the Maya offers a new perspective on the ancient Maya that emphasizes the importance of dwelling as a social practice. Contrary to contemporary notions of the self as individual and independent, the identities of the ancient Maya grew from their everyday relations and interactions with other people, the houses and temples they built, and the objects they created, exchanged, cherished, and left behind. Using excavations of ancient Chunchucmil as a case study, it investigates how Maya personhood was structured and transformed in and beyond the domestic sphere and examines the role of the past in the production of contemporary Maya identity.


Remnants Author Alicen D. Lundberg
ISBN-10 OCLC:952328663
Release 2016
Pages 96
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"In this memoir, I explore how memories of my childhood home influence how I create and define home and family in the present. The first collection is comprised of vignettes that shift in a memory-informed, unchronological order across twenty-four years and seven places where I lived. These snapshots of my past life are written in the present tense to demonstrate the narrative act of reinhabiting my past experiences. The second collection is a series of lyric essays considering my family within our home during a series of moments from one morning to the next"--Abstract.