Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments Author CAIA Association
ISBN-10 9781119016380
Release 2016-09-27
Pages 1104
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In-depth Level II exam preparation direct from the CAIA Association CAIA Level II is the official study guide for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst professional examination, and an authoritative guide to working in the alternative investment sphere. Written by the makers of the exam, this book provides in-depth guidance through the entire exam agenda; the Level II strategies are the same as Level I, but this time you'll review them through the lens of risk management and portfolio optimisation. Topics include asset allocation and portfolio oversight, style analysis, risk management, alternative asset securitisation, secondary market creation, performance and style attribution and indexing and benchmarking, with clear organisation and a logical progression that allows you to customise your preparation focus. This new third edition has been updated to align with the latest exam, and to reflect the current practices in the field. The CAIA designation was developed to provide a standardized knowledge base in the midst of explosive capital inflow into alternative investments. This book provides a single-source repository of that essential information, tailored to those preparing for the Level II exam. Measure, monitor and manage funds from a risk management perspective Delve into advanced portfolio structures and optimisation strategies Master the nuances of private equity, real assets, commodities and hedge funds Gain expert insight into preparing thoroughly for the CAIA Level II exam The CAIA Charter programme is rigorous and comprehensive, and the designation is globally recognised as the highest standard in alternative investment education. Candidates seeking thorough preparation and detailed explanations of all aspects of alternative investment need look no further than CAIA Level II.


CAIA Level II Author Keith H. Black
ISBN-10 1118369750
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 684
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Success in the rapidly evolving area of alternative investments (AI) depends on a firm understanding of the concepts, tools, and practices associated with it, as well as an unwavering dedication to professionalism. Today, there is a program in place that addresses these essential needs. Sponsored by the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association®, the CAIA Charter is the only educational standard uniquely designed for individuals specializing in institutional quality alternative investments. Covering hedge funds, managed futures, real assets, private equity, commodities, structured products, risk management and portfolio management, and professional standards and ethics, the CAIA Charter demonstrates one's commitment to professionalism and command of AI's unique fundamentals, setting you and your firm apart from the competition. The CAIA program is comprised of a two-tier exam process (Level I and Level II) through which you may earn the CAIA Charter. The Level I exam assesses your understanding of various alternative classes and your knowledge of the tools and techniques used to evaluate the risk-return attributes of each one. The Level II exam assesses how you would apply the knowledge and analytics learned in Level I within a portfolio management context. Both levels incorporate segments on ethics and professional conduct, which are essential components of the CAIA program. Written under the direction of the CAIA Association, with insights from many practicing and eminent professionals in this field, CAIA Level II: Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments, Second Edition contains virtually all the material on alternative investments a potential Level II candidate would need to know as they prepare for the exam—a multifaceted assembly of questions and problem-solving tasks. Since the tools and terms introduced in Level I provide the basis for the second level of this program, the information found here will continue to focus on the issues associated with the alternative investment arena, but in greater depth and in the context of risk management and asset allocation. This comprehensive resource: Discusses advanced topics in alternative investments— from real assets to trend-following strategies and fund management techniques Focuses on the analysis and application of essential strategies involved in each alternative asset class Addresses the unique attributes associated with the alternative investment space Is supplemented by a study guide outlining learning objectives and key words, available at Since its inception in 2002, the CAIA program's diverse curriculum has benefited a wide array of individuals, from institutional investors, investment advisers, AI fund managers, and administrators to accountants, lawyers, and academics. So if you're serious about receiving the CAIA Charter, take the time to understand the insights offered here. Take your first steps toward attaining the CAIA Charter by picking up CAIA Level I: An Introduction to Core Topics in Alternative Investments, Second Edition.

CAIA Level I

CAIA Level I Author Mark J. P. Anson
ISBN-10 9781118250969
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 874
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"CAIA Association has developed two examinations that are used to certify Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts. The Level I curriculum builds a foundation in both traditional and alternative investment markets--for example, the range of statistics that are used to define investment performance as well as the many types of hedge fund strategies. The readings for the Level II exam focus on the same strategies, but change the context to one of risk management and portfolio optimization. Level I CAIA exam takers have to work through an outline of terms, be able to identify and describe aspects of financial markets, develop reasoning skills, and in some cases make computations necessary to solve business problems"--


CAIA Level II Author Melissa Donohue
ISBN-10 9780470685112
Release 2010-11-29
Pages 480
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CAIA Level II has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from CAIA Level II also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full CAIA Level II book for free.


Risikomanagement Author John Hull
ISBN-10 386894043X
Release 2011
Pages 616
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Risikomanagement has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Risikomanagement also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Risikomanagement book for free.

CAIA Level I

CAIA Level I Author CAIA Association
ISBN-10 0470557249
Release 2009-10-02
Pages 528
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Not to be used after March, 2012 Exams – CAIA Level I, 2nd Edition should be used to prepare for September 2012 Exam. The official study text for the Level I Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) exam The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation is the financial industry's first and only globally recognized program that prepares professionals to deal with the ever-growing field of alternative investments. The CAIA Level I: An Introduction to Core Topics in Alternative Investments contains all material on alternative investments that a potential Level I candidate would need to know as they prepare for the exam. The information found here will help you build a solid foundation in both traditional and alternative investment markets-for example, the range of statistics that are used to define investment performance as well as the many types of hedge fund strategies. It will also inform CAIA candidates on how to identify and describe aspects of financial markets, develop reasoning skills, and in some cases, make computations necessary to solve business problems. Contains "need to know" material for Level I candidates and for alternative investment specialists Addresses all of the unique attributes associated with the alternative investments space Organized with a study guide outline and learning objectives with key terms, available for free at Focuses on alternative investments and quantitative techniques used by investment professionals This book is a must-have resource for anyone contemplating taking the CAIA Level I exam.

CAIA Level II Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments

CAIA Level II  Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments Author CTI Reviews
ISBN-10 9781478457664
Release 2016-10-16
Pages 108
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Facts101 is your complete guide to CAIA Level II, Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

e Study Guide for CAIA Level II Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments by CAIA Association ISBN 9781118369753

e Study Guide for  CAIA Level II  Advanced Core Topics in Alternative Investments by CAIA Association  ISBN 9781118369753 Author Cram101 Textbook Reviews
ISBN-10 9781478432241
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 49
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Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

Post Modern Investment

Post Modern Investment Author Garry B. Crowder
ISBN-10 9781118483855
Release 2012-11-08
Pages 336
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Debunking outdated and inaccurate beliefs about investment management and reveals the new realities of the post-modern financial markets There have been a lot of big changes in the investment world over the past decade, and many long-cherished beliefs about the structures and performance of various investments no longer apply. Unfortunately the news seems not to have reached many thought leaders and investment professionals who persist in trying, and failing, to apply 20th-century thinking to 21st-century portfolio management. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the subject of alternative investments. Written by an all-star team of investment management experts, this book debunks common myths and misconceptions about most classes of alternative investments and offers valuable advice on how to develop investment management and asset allocation strategies consistent with the new realities of the ever-changing world of alternative investments. Covers most alternative asset classes, including private equity, real estate, managed futures, hedge funds, commodity indices, and more Debunks long-held assumptions about the structure and performance of various investment classes that continue to dominate the industry Explores the implications for investment managers of the proliferation of international marketable securities and global financial markets Provides an overview of both the micro and the macro aspects of each alternative investment class

Aktien f r Dummies

Aktien f  r Dummies Author Christine Bortenl?nger
ISBN-10 9783527680351
Release 2014-09-08
Pages 292
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Wollen Sie wissen, was mit Ihrem Geld gemacht wird? Dann sind Aktien f?r Sie die richtige Wahl, denn Sie haben es als Mitunternehmer in der Hand, wem Sie Ihr Geld anvertrauen. Doch was ist eigentlich das Grundprinzip von Aktien? Welche Vorteile haben sie gegen?ber anderen Anlageformen? Wie kommen Sie an Aktien und wie ordern Sie geschickt, um Chancen zu nutzenund Risiken ?berschaubar zu halten? Was beeinflusst Kurse und wie analysieren Sie Kursverl?ufe, um den richtigen Zeitpunkt f?r Kauf und Verkauf abzupassen? Wie k?nnen Sie mit ganz einfachen Mitteln, Ihre eigene Anlagestrategie entwickeln? Diese und viele weitere Fragen rund um Aktien, Kursverl?ufe und B?rsenpsychologie beantworten Ihnen die beiden Aktienexperten Dr. Christine Bortenl?nger und Ulrich Kirstein in diesem Buch, das f?r die Shortlist des deutschen Finanzbuchpreises nominiert wurde. Damit auch Sie schon bald von Kursen und Dividenden profitieren!

Erfolgreiche Geldanlage f r Dummies

Erfolgreiche Geldanlage f  r Dummies Author Judith Engst
ISBN-10 9783527685783
Release 2014-09-25
Pages 336
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Sie wollen Ihr Geld erfolgreich anlegen, wissen aber nicht wie? Die Wirtschafts- und Finanzjournalisten Judith Engst und Janne J?rg Kipp zeigen in diesem Buch nicht nur die vielen verschiedenen M?glichkeiten der Geldanlage auf, sondern stellen auch die richtigen Fragen und helfen Ihnen so, die f?r Sie geeignete Anlageformen auszuw?hlen: vom guten alten Sparkonto ?ber Aktienfonds, Riester- und R?rup-Rente hin zu Immobilien und Wertpapieren.

Gr nes Geld

Gr  nes Geld Author Max Deml
ISBN-10 3942561123
Release 2011
Pages 357
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Gr nes Geld has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gr nes Geld also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gr nes Geld book for free.

Die Bibel nach Biff

Die Bibel nach Biff Author Christopher Moore
ISBN-10 9783894809966
Release 2009-03-11
Pages 576
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Im Buch der Bücher fehlen einige Kapitel: Unter den wachsamen Augen von Engel Raziel soll Biff diese Lücke füllen und alles über die Kindheit und die turbulente Jugend von Jesus Christus berichten. Biff ist der einzige glaubwürdige Zeuge dieser Zeit, schließlich ist er in all den Jahren Jesus' bester Freund gewesen und stand ihm schon zur Seite, als dieser noch versuchte, vertrocknete Eidechsen zum Leben zu erwecken ...

Handbook of Test Development

Handbook of Test Development Author Suzanne Lane
ISBN-10 9781136242564
Release 2015-10-30
Pages 676
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The second edition of the Handbook of Test Development provides graduate students and professionals with an up-to-date, research-oriented guide to the latest developments in the field. Including thirty-two chapters by well-known scholars and practitioners, it is divided into five sections, covering the foundations of test development, content definition, item development, test design and form assembly, and the processes of test administration, documentation, and evaluation. Keenly aware of developments in the field since the publication of the first edition, including changes in technology, the evolution of psychometric theory, and the increased demands for effective tests via educational policy, the editors of this edition include new chapters on assessing noncognitive skills, measuring growth and learning progressions, automated item generation and test assembly, and computerized scoring of constructed responses. The volume also includes expanded coverage of performance testing, validity, fairness, and numerous other topics. Edited by Suzanne Lane, Mark R. Raymond, and Thomas M. Haladyna, The Handbook of Test Development, 2nd edition, is based on the revised Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, and is appropriate for graduate courses and seminars that deal with test development and usage, professional testing services and credentialing agencies, state and local boards of education, and academic libraries serving these groups.

Kleines Handbuch f r den Umgang mit Unwissen

Kleines Handbuch f  r den Umgang mit Unwissen Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb
ISBN-10 9783641119911
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 128
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Eine kurze Anleitung in der Kunst des klaren Denkens „Bewusste Unwissenheit erweitert die Erfahrungswelt, gesetzt den Fall, man weiß sie zu nutzen.“ Wie uns Denkfehler, falsche Kategorien und blinde Flecken immer wieder ein Schnippchen schlagen, damit beschäftigt sich der Professor für Risikoforschung und Bestsellerautor Nassim Nicholas Taleb. In diesem Handbuch entlarvt er die Begrenztheit unserer Statistikgläubigkeit genauso wie die Voreingenommenheiten unseres Denkens und zeigt, wie wir mit dem, was wir nicht wissen, gewinnbringend umgehen können. Denn: „Für den einen ist ein Irrtum bloß ein Irrtum, für den anderen ist er eine Information.“


Ego Author Frank Schirrmacher
ISBN-10 9783641105846
Release 2013-02-18
Pages 352
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Dieses Buch erzählt davon, wie nach dem Ende des Kalten Kriegs ein neuer Kalter Krieg im Herzen unserer Gesellschaft eröffnet wird. Es ist die Geschichte einer Manipulation: Vor sechzig Jahren wurde von Militärs und Ökonomen das theoretische Model eines Menschen entwickelt. Ein egoistisches Wesen, das nur auf das Erreichen seiner Ziele, auf seinen Vorteil und das Austricksen der anderen bedacht war: ein moderner Homo oeconomicus. Nach seiner Karriere im Kalten Krieg wurde er nicht ausgemustert, sondern eroberte den Alltag des 21. Jahrhunderts. Aktienmärkte werden heute durch ihn gesteuert, Menschen ebenso. Er will in die Köpfe der Menschen eindringen, um Waren und Politik zu verkaufen. Das Modell ist zur selbsterfüllenden Prophezeiung geworden. Der Mensch ist als Träger seiner Entscheidungen abgelöst, das große Spiel des Lebens läuft ohne uns. Frank Schirrmacher zeichnet in seinem bahnbrechenden neuen Buch die Spur eines monströsen Doppelgängers nach und macht klar, dass die Konsequenzen seines Spiels das Ende der Demokratie sein könnte, wie wir sie heute kennen.


Wahrnehmungspsychologie Author E. Bruce Goldstein
ISBN-10 3642550738
Release 2014-11-06
Pages 451
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Wahrnehmungspsychologie ist ein zentrales Prüfungsthema im Studiengang Psychologie – und Goldsteins Lehrbuchklassiker ist seit Jahren Marktführer. Die neue Auflage ist passgenau auf die Bachelor- und Master-Studiengänge zugeschnitten. Die Themenpalette dieses Lehrbuchs ist nicht nur prüfungsrelevant, sondern auch faszinierend – und für manchen Laien auch verständlich lesbar. In 16 Kapiteln beantwortet Goldstein die folgenden Fragen: Was ist Wahrnehmung? Was sind die neuronalen Mechanismen der Wahrnehmung? Inwieweit arbeitet das Gehirn ähnlich wie ein Computer? Wie wird das Netzhautbild verarbeitet? Wie nehmen wir Farbe wahr? Wie erkennen wir Objekte? Wie nehmen wir Tiefe und Größe von Objekten wahr? Wie erkennen wir Bewegung? Wie funktioniert unser Gehör? Wie nehmen wir Klänge und Lautstärken wahr? Wie erkennen und verstehen wir Sprache? Wie funktionieren unsere Sinne?