Ariel Author José Enrique Rodó
ISBN-10 9780292787735
Release 2010-07-05
Pages 156
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First published in 1900 Uruguay, Ariel is Latin America's most famous essay on esthetic and philosophical sensibility, as well as its most discussed treatise on hemispheric relations. Though Rodó protested the interpretation, his allegorical conflict between Ariel, the lover of beauty and truth, and Caliban, the evil spirit of materialism and positivism, has come to be regarded as a metaphor for the conflicts and cultural differences between Latin America and the United States. Generations of statesmen, intellectuals, and literary figures have been formed by this book, either in championing its teachings or in reacting against them. This edition of Ariel, prepared especially with teachers and students in mind, contains a reader's guide to names, places, and important movements, as well as notes and a comprehensive annotated English/Spanish bibliography.


Ariel Author Steven R. Boyett
ISBN-10 9781497612228
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 448
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“Part post-apocalypse, part road-trip, part sword-and-sorcery . . . One of my favorite adventure novels of all time.” —Cory Doctorow At four-thirty one Saturday afternoon the laws of physics as we know them underwent a change. Electronic devices, cars, industries stopped. The lights went out. Any technology more complicated than a lever or pulley simply wouldn't work. A new set of rules took its place—laws that could only be called magic. Ninety-nine percent of humanity has simply vanished. Cities lie abandoned. Supernatural creatures wander the silenced achievements of a halted civilization. Pete Garey has survived the Change and its ensuing chaos. He wanders the southeastern United States, scavenging, lying low. Learning. One day he makes an unexpected friend: a smartassed unicorn with serious attitude. Pete names her Ariel and teaches her how to talk, how to read, and how to survive in a world in which a unicorn horn has become a highly prized commodity. When they learn that there is a price quite literally on Ariel's head, the two unlikely companions set out from Atlanta to Manhattan to confront the sorcerer who wants her horn. And so begins a haunting, epic, and surprisingly funny journey through the remnants of a halted civilization in a desolated world.

Ariel The Restored Edition

Ariel  The Restored Edition Author Sylvia Plath
ISBN-10 9780571264186
Release 2010-11-25
Pages 224
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Upon the publication of her posthumous volume of poetry Ariel in 1965, Sylvia Plath became a household name. Readers may be surprised to learn that the draft of Ariel left behind by Plath when she died in 1963 is different from the volume of poetry eventually published to worldwide acclaim. This facsimile edition restores, for the first time, the selection and arrangement of the poems Sylvia Plath left at the point of her death. In addition to the facsimile pages of Sylvia Plath's manuscript, this edition also includes in facsimile the complete working drafts of the title poem 'Ariel' in order to offer a sense of Plath's creative process, as well as notes the author made for the BBC about some of the manuscript's poems, including 'Daddy' and 'Lady Lazarus' In her insightful foreword to this volume, Frieda Hughes, Sylvia Plath's daughter, explains the reasons for the differences between the previously published edition of Ariel as edited by her father, Ted Hughes, and her mother's original version published here. With this publication, Sylvia Plath's legacy and vision will be reevaluated in the light of her original working draft.


Ariel Author Sylvia Plath
ISBN-10 9780571259465
Release 2010-06-17
Pages 96
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The poems in Sylvia Plath's Ariel, including many of her best-known such as 'Lady Lazarus', 'Daddy', 'Edge' and 'Paralytic', were all written between the publication in 1960 of Plath's first book, The Colossus, and her death in 1963. 'If the poems are despairing, vengeful and destructive, they are at the same time tender, open to things, and also unusually clever, sardonic, hardminded . . . They are works of great artistic purity and, despite all the nihilism, great generosity . . . the book is a major literary event.' A. Alvarez in the Observer This beautifully designed edition forms part of a series with five other cherished poets, including Wendy Cope, Don Paterson, Philip Larkin, Simon Armitage and Alice Oswald.


Ariel Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951002482983H
Release 1896
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Ariel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ariel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ariel book for free.


Ariel Author Grace Tiffany
ISBN-10 9780060753276
Release 2005-09-01
Pages 232
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A retelling of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" from the point of view of Ariel, the mischievous air spirit.


Ariel Author André Maurois
ISBN-10 9781434478528
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 348
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A biography of famous English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, husband of Mary Shelley.


Ariel Author Lawrence Block
ISBN-10 9781453209172
Release 2010-12-28
Pages 281
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There is something scary about Roberta Jardell’s Charleston home—and it’s not just the presence of a ghost Every night the apparition of a woman with a baby visits Roberta Jardell in her room. And her adopted daughter, Ariel, leaves her cold. Now that she has given birth to a son she feels even more alienated from the girl. Is her imagination getting the best of her, or does the strange child know more than she lets on? Suspenseful and filled with vivid characters, Ariel is a spine-tingling read with twists, turns, and dreams that have the potential to become a terrifying reality. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Lawrence Block, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from his personal collection, and a new afterword written by the author.

Science Discovers God

Science Discovers God Author Ariel A. Roth
ISBN-10 9780812704488
Release 2008
Pages 251
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Does God exist? Did a Master Designer create our universe, or did life spontaneously evolve? Can science retain objectivity in the search for truth while allowing for the possibility that God exists? Does it make any difference? Ariel A. Roth, scientist and Christian believer, examines key issues related to the God question: * the intricate organization of matter in the universe * the precision of the forces of physics * the complexity of the eye and the brain * the elaborate genetic code * the disparity between the fossil record and the vast amount of time necessary for evolution Faced with so much evidence that seems to require a God in order to explain what we find in nature, why does the scientific community remain silent about God? Hypotheses and speculations that attempt to fit data into a predetermined conclusion abound. What overriding influence prevents scientists from following the data of nature wherever it may lead?


Ariel Author Derek Johns
ISBN-10 9780571331659
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 304
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Jan Morris is one of the great British writers of the post-war era. Soldier, journalist, writer about places (rather than 'travel writer'), elegist of the British Empire, novelist, she has fashioned a distinctive prose style that is elegant, fastidious, supple, and sometimes gloriously gaudy. For many readers she is best known for her candid memoir Conundrum, which described the gender reassignment operation she underwent in 1972. But as Ariel demonstrates, this is just one of the many remarkable facts about her life. As James Morris she was the journalist who brought back the story of the conquest of Everest in 1953 and who discovered incontrovertible evidence of British involvement in the Suez Crisis of 1956. She has been described by Rebecca West as the finest prose stylist of her time, and her essays span the entire urban world. Her many books include a classic on Venice, a 1,600 page history of the British Empire, and a homage to what is perhaps her favourite city, Trieste. Her writings on Wales represent the most thorough literary investigation of that mysterious land. Derek Johns was Jan Morris's literary agent for twenty years. Ariel is not a conventional biography, but rather an appreciation of the work and life of someone who besides being a delightful writer is known to many people as a generous, affectionate, witty and irreverent friend. It is published to coincide with her 90th birthday.

Ariel The Birthday Surprise

Ariel  The Birthday Surprise Author Disney Book Group
ISBN-10 9781423141709
Release 2011-03-30
Pages 96
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Ariel's sister Aquata is having a birthday celebration. It's going to be a fun-filled day, complete with a special concert, and Ariel is excited about visiting her family. If only Prince Eric could go under the sea, too. At the party, Aquata wishes that Ariel could stay with them forever. At that very moment, a rare solar eclipse hits, and the wish comes true! Will Ariel ever be able to break the spell and return to Eric—and her life as a human?

Songs of Ariel

Songs of Ariel Author Ariel W.
ISBN-10 9781412053716
Release 2005
Pages 189
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(CONTINUED from AUTHOR BIO)To Lestat My writing of the book seems that of memory. But my writing of the book is LOVE ; because Love dwells in Memory Lestat. And because Love dwells in Memory, my writing of the book is the same as I LOVE YOU. So I Love You. With Love, and thereof Memory, With Memory, and thereof Love, Red-breasted Tongueless Bird Tearing the Sky throatily, Ariel Wolfe * * * * * There has been a lot about Love. And this book may tell 'about' the same. However, it is different because it was originally written for the sake of a melancholy Genius who constantly is to be replenished with a nightly dose of novel passion, and because it is written by a passionate Asian woman whose mind is always seething with fleeting thoughts and imagination and whose heart is full of passion, pity and love. Apparently it is a love story in a form of verse extracted from over 1,200 letters between an Asian poetess and an American musician (or a Vampire and a Vampire-Lover; or simply two Pain-kissers) that have never met in person but through music and internet, and pain - And both egos are alike in that they hated the world from the bottom of the guts, although they emulated each other in demonstrating how much they loved the world - yet at once they always wanted to create something more than the world. It is not about pinky rosy weakling Love. It is much of blood from naked soul. It is a voice unique, something else than human that has been sleeping in the human. And it is not for people. Pain is how these two souls were connected at first and Passion comes in place. To quote her: "Without pain, neither pleasure nor happiness can be. Even beauty, without suffering, cannot be true beauty enduring. Sheer happiness, with passion castrated, is simply incomplete. Therefore, it is about pleasure, happiness, beauty and passion embracing pain within." -Editor M. Channdler- * * * * * Introduction October 3, 2004, I release the heavy fardel long-loaded upon my soul into the lighted world, from my own secret terrain, that darkly shadowed nook of my heart, encysting a seed of ever-implacable fire, hotly transfused into the pith of my bone, marked by a rebellious sensation of constant burning. Amongst all those humanities, ghosts and specters, aged and ageless, formed and formless, somewhere distant by a half round of the planet, there existed an eclipsed ego of a Genius, J. Lestat S., a soul kindred to mine who managed, Oh blind God, to crash into my soul this life again on that narrow path of fate, with all the labyrinthine, slow snaky trails that seem interminable, heavily packed with the despairingly huge, pitiably blind multitude of crowd aimlessly revolving among. Oh, blind God, You there over stared at us, that, Ah, look of fate, of permanent pity and apathy, of indelible mark of lugubrious memory, and of implacable hunger and of unspeakable grief ever unfathomed so far and forever. Amidst an irreparable fever, Besieged by a thickened air of exile, And in the spinning axis of time, Ariel Wolfe from the counterpoint shore-end of the Haven of origin * * * * * To the Reader: With Tears, Liquors & Roses Ah, Lord, I cannot speak, for I am a child. [Jeremiah 1:6] We were two isolated continents parted by the gaping gulf of grieved water whose rumpled page margins were not to be met together, nor whose benign surface to cut short to bump together, or whose hospitable current to dwindle to one slim graceful confluence to crash together. Such is the same as the wor

Ariel Zed and the Secret of Life

Ariel  Zed and the Secret of Life Author Anna Fienberg
ISBN-10 9781743432365
Release 2000-05-01
Pages 192
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Ariel had never met anyone who had returned from the Island. Still, her mother said it was a beautiful place, with shiny sand and ancient caves. There was some kind of school there, too, where characters went to learn their proper roles in life. But Concetta had always been a little vague... Deliberately, Ariel thought. Suspiciously. Ariel and Zed are both a bit weird. They're misfits, reluctant to be thrown together for the holidays. But when they reach the mysterious Island, they soon face dangerous adventures, strange new friends and surprising discoveries about themselves and each other - not to mention the secret of life. Winner of the Alan Marshall Award, 1993 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards. 'A rich and intricate story, full of humour, imaginative energy and good sense.' - Cathryn Crowe, The Courier-Mail 'A deliciously clever trickle of humour running through sparkling prose.' - Karen Jameyson, The Horn Book

Ariel Paranormal Romance Werewolves Shifters

Ariel  Paranormal Romance  Werewolves  Shifters Author Donna McDonald
ISBN-10 9781939988249
Release 2015-02-16
Pages 260
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Despite her sharp scientific mind and her degree in bio-molecular genetics, Dr. Ariel Jones hasn’t figured out how her life changed so much in a single day. Before she can blink and ask about what is going on, she’s being shot with a billion nanos and some very potent wolf blood. Now she can suddenly turn into a giant white wolf with the bloodlust of a starving animal. And she’s an alpha wolf…or so she is told by the even larger, very male, black wolf who was used to create her. Hallucination? She wishes. Whether human or wolf, Reed talks in her head and tells her how to handle things…or rather how to kill them…starting with the men who hold them all captive. Too bad he can’t tell her how to put her life back like it was. Admittedly, there are perks to being a werewolf, such as meeting sexy werewolf guys like Matthew Gray Wolf. It’s not like the science labs were overrun with sexy men in white coats. She also doesn’t mind learning about a side of herself she never knew existed. It's great changing into a real wolf whenever she wants, but being a living experiment wasn’t part of the scientific career she’d planned for herself. Neither was falling for the local werewolf alpha, but what else is a newbie werewolf caught in her burning time going to do?


Ariel Author Leslie R Morris
ISBN-10 9781317951988
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 148
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Supplement traditional interlibrary loan programs with this speedy document delivery system! Since its introduction in 1991, the Ariel system has transformed the interlibrary loan of documents. Compared to standard interlibrary loan, Ariel is often simpler, faster, and cheaper, and it allows many users at a time to have access to requested documents. Though Ariel has enjoyed a rapidly increasing user base, Ariel: Internet Transmission Software for Document Delivery is the first book dedicated to Ariel and the experiences of libraries using it. Ariel: Internet Transmission Software for Document Delivery provides practical details on this innovative technology, including clear discussions of how the system works. The software manages the process of scanning requested documents, transmitting them between libraries and document suppliers over high-speed Internet connections, and logging their receipt. Ariel discusses the pros and cons of various delivery options, including Web-based delivery, email, and delivery of laser-printed hard copy by hand, mail, or courier service. This comprehensive volume covers all aspects of adopting and using Ariel, including: training library staff and overcoming their resistance patron needs and response choosing scanners and other equipment setting up consortia to share Ariel files copyright issues international use of Ariel enhancing the system to suit your needs Like its Shakespearean namesake, the Ariel system darts through the air to rapidly fetch what someone needs. Ariel: Internet Transmission Software for Document Delivery gives you the solid data you need to get the most out of Ariel.

Spiritual Heritage

Spiritual Heritage Author Ariel
ISBN-10 9781452570150
Release 2013-03
Pages 46
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Your spiritual heritage is your freedom. Discovering who you are and why you are here will enable you to become the divine spiritual being that you are. It will allow you to connect with your higher self and become a perfect channel for love and light. There are many of us who want to know the truth and who dream of changing the reality around them with love and compassion, teaching, healing, and guiding all those who desire the light and love that brings self-realization and freedom. The light is the truth, and love is the unconditional essence given to us by our creator and connecting us all as one. The intention is to plant a seed of love and light that you can then nurture into realization and find your own unique way of expressing and experiencing the creator within. Through your spiritual heritage, you can begin to remember who and what you are.


Angels Author Ariel Books
ISBN-10 0740738712
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 80
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Angels are everywhere-if you just slow down long enough to let them in. This Little Book offers quotations on the ethereal beings that provide comfort, protection, and love.