Bears Awesome at Everything

Bears  Awesome at Everything Author Christa Roberts
ISBN-10 9781101996157
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 96
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The bears from Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears aren't your average wild animals. Discover what makes them so special in this "scientific" report on bears! Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are here to set the record straight about bears. Humans may think bears are slobby, smelly, and lack social graces, but that's not true! Here, the bears of We Bare Bears share what's great about bears in their own bizarre, yet heartfelt way--complete with jazzed-up graphics and fun (mostly fabricated) facts. This "educational" guide is one fans won't want to miss!

We Bare Bears Mad Libs

We Bare Bears Mad Libs Author Hannah S. Campbell
ISBN-10 9780451533036
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 48
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A Mad Libs based on the hit Cartoon Network television show, popular with fans of all ages! We Bare Bears Mad Libs includes 21 original stories starring Grizz, Panda, Ice, and the rest of the stars of this laugh-out-loud funny animated television series.

We Bare Bears We Go Everywhere Handbook

We Bare Bears  We Go Everywhere Handbook Author Molly Reisner
ISBN-10 9781101996140
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 112
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Get to know Grizz, Panda, Ice Bear and the rest of Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears crew! The We Go Everywhere Handbook is jammed with games, activities, puzzles, doodles, writing prompts, and more! It's the perfect book for We Bare Bears fans of all ages.

Bears of Bath

Bears of Bath Author Paul Birkeland-Green
ISBN-10 1500544361
Release 2014-07-17
Pages 206
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'A fragment of window glass catches the sun and emits rays of light in all directions. This is no ordinary piece of glass; it is a piece of glass as old as time. It was formed in a moment when worlds collide. From the deep reaches of space a celestial rock strikes desert sand and the fusion creates a unique object. Collected and revered for it's beauty, it begins a journey across countries and cultures. From that time to this its special qualities effect everything that receive its rays. Now it resides, in a sleepy corner of an ordinary street, in an ordinary city it works its magic for all that fall under its spell. Comfortable Place, Bath, England is now its home. Everything that bathes in its light is affected by very unusual ways!' This is a tale of friendship, a tale of a magical place and those who protect it. It is a tale of ancient secrets and one teddy bear's quest for the 'Vessel of Light.' It is a tale of a forgotten Victorian Charity Shop and the teddy bears that live there. In enchanted 'Comfortable Place', down by the river in the city of Bath, something ancient and evil is about to steal the world of Biscuit and his friends. Suitable for ages: 11+.

The Berenstain Bears Big Book of Science and Nature

The Berenstain Bears  Big Book of Science and Nature Author Stan Berenstain
ISBN-10 9780486498348
Release 2013-01
Pages 192
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Introduces the seasons, weather, animals, plants, the earth, machines, matter, energy, and related topics.

Man I Hate Cursive

Man  I Hate Cursive Author Jim Benton
ISBN-10 9781449484132
Release 2016-10-18
Pages 96
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Jim Benton's first cartoon collection was nominated for an Eisner. This new volume collects more of Jim's most popular strips from Reddit, shining a light on talking animals, relationships, fart jokes, and death. From whimsical to cutting, from gross to poignant, Benton's grasp of the form is on full and hilarious display.

5 000 Awesome Facts about Everything

5 000 Awesome Facts  about Everything  Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 9781426310492
Release 2012
Pages 224
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Provides five thousand facts about everything from spies and survival to music and coral reefs.

Shooting Bears

Shooting Bears Author John Pezzenti, Jr.
ISBN-10 0789310422
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 192
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Here is the ultimate adventure story, told by an expert and documented with more than 140-full color photographs, of one explorer's quest to come face to face with the great bears of North America-Polar, Brown, and Black. While numerous books in the subject of bears exist, none has approached their subjects with such drama, adventure, and extraordinary showmanship as John Pezzenti, one of the foremost wildlife photographers working today. Confronting his subjects as close as is humanly possible and still surviving, Pezzenti needs no special effects: He creates uniquely intimate portraits if these giant beasts and pulls the viewer himself into the middle of his photographic event-immersing the reader in all the action and the thrill of proximity. The result of this amazing twenty-five year passion is a collection of the most compelling and powerful photographers ever taken of bears in the wild. Not just a photographic portfolio, however, Shooting Bears is accompanied by a riveting text that could stand alone, and that immediately engages in the ultimate wildlife adventure, by introducing the reader into the intimate life of bears in their natural settings. Descriptions of the challenges Pezzenti faced in his quest for the supreme photograph-including being mauled, stalked for five miles by a rogue bear, and coming nose-to-nose with a grimacing black bear in the dead of night-are all included. Many other equally enthralling stories detail his "up close and personal" adventures-all in the service of getting the supreme photograph.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story Author Jan & Mike Berenstain
ISBN-10 9780310423515
Release 2012-01-24
Pages 32
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The Bear cubs are candy-crazy this Easter! But Missus Ursula and some Sunday school students tell the cubs about Jesus’s resurrection and show them that salvation is much sweeter than candy! Includes a sheet of colorful stickers!

5 000 Awesome Facts 3 about Everything

5 000 Awesome Facts 3  about Everything  Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 9781426324529
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 224
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"More fun than a barrel of monkeys and more interesting than reality TV-- thisabrain candy-filled book is an explosion of information about sensational topicsakids love- royalty, gravity, bioluminescence, sloths, wildfires, bubblegum, cars,abreakfast, aliens, you name it! It's a fantastic, fact-filled edition with all-new infoaon hundreds of topics, and the same great design that captures kids' attention and keeps them yearning for more."

Super Happy Party Bears Gnawing Around

Super Happy Party Bears  Gnawing Around Author Marcie Colleen
ISBN-10 9781250106742
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 144
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The first book in a funny chapter book series filled with full color illustrations and adorable animals! To the Super Happy Party Bears, everything is a good thing. Their entire attitude can be summed up in one word: YAY! They love doughnuts, dancing, and above all else—a good party. Not so for the rest of the animals living in the Grumpy Woods. They find the bears terribly annoying. When a few beavers come to town, the Grumpy Woods are even grumpier than usual. These beavers are drying up their river with their dam . . . the beavers are ruining everything! They must leave—it is decreed! But the Super Happy Party Bears just love the beavers! As the Grumpy Woods scheme to unwelcome them, the Super Happy Party Bears throw them a housewarming party that will prove dancing can always save the day. Read all the Super Happy Party Bears adventures: Super Happy Party Bears: Knock Knock on Wood Super Happy Party Bears: Staying a Hive Super Happy Party Bears: Going Nuts Super Happy Party Bears: Bat to the Bone Super Happy Party Bears: The Jitterbug Super Happy Party Bears: Tiny Prancer Super Happy Party Bears: Cruising for a Snoozing An Imprint Book Praise for Super Happy Party Bears: Knock Knock on Wood: "The pure delight of the story will easily draw youngsters in and probably turn a few grumpy frowns upside down." ?The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (BCCB)

The Super Awesome Coloring Book

The Super Awesome Coloring Book Author Mark Cesarik
ISBN-10 0692525793
Release 2015-09-11
Pages 104
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Designed by popular NYC illustrator Mark Cesarik, The Super Awesome Coloring Book features 50 super-awesome, original coloring pages. Adult coloring enthusiasts will find this book both super and awesome. Here's why: polar bears, penguins, astronauts, fighter pilots, bulldogs, fishing lures, butterflies, modern chairs, other super stuff, other awesome things. You get to color ALL of the above and more! The designs are intricate and challenging, yet really relaxing, too. Perfect for relieving stress and exploring your creativity! Designs are printed on one side of the page only so you don't have to worry about bleed-through when using markers. This super and awesome book is also perfect for other media, like colored pencils and even crayons. Edited by best-selling coloring book artist Jenean Morrison.

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears Author Carmela LaVigna Coyle
ISBN-10 9781589796942
Release 2012-05-16
Pages 32
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Follow along as two ragtag, everyday super heroes don capes to play in the mud, save their stuffed animals from certain peril, conquer the vegetables at dinner, and overcome darkness at night. Are super heroes always brave and daring? We’re brave and bold and kind and caring. After five successful books in the “Princesses” series, Carmela LaVigna Coyle now turns her attention to an all new childhood fantasy in this wonderful new story about imagination and play. Every little boy and girl has a super hero somewhere inside just waiting to come out. Tie on your cape (blankies recommended) and join the adventure. P.S. Do super heroes have teddy bears? Why, yes, they do! Check out the trailer on YouTube

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream

The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Dream Author Stan Berenstain
ISBN-10 9780449812594
Release 2012-07-25
Pages 32
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Come for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time Book® from Stan and Jan Berenstain. Brother and Sister have started having bad dreams. Now it’s up to Mama and Papa to help them understand that even though bad dreams can be scary, they aren’t real. This beloved story is a perfect way to allay any child’s worries about bedtime and nightmares.

Penguin Pandemonium The Wild Beast Awesome Animals

Penguin Pandemonium   The Wild Beast  Awesome Animals Author Jeanne Willis
ISBN-10 9780007498116
Release 2013-03-28
Pages 192
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The third of the award-winning Penguin Pandemonium books. Part of the Awesome Animals series – the funniest fiction, starring the wildest wildlife, from prize-winning authors.

Oh No We re Gonna Die

Oh No  We re Gonna Die Author Bob Bell
ISBN-10 9781594332609
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 216
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Oh No! We’re Gonna Die is a compilation of short stories about close calls in Alaska involving the author and his friends and family. These stories are written in a humorous fashion, but still convey the apprehension, excitement and relief involved in life-threatening adventures. It shows how a relatively small mistake can become a major problem in the remote Alaska bush. It takes the reader on adventures throughout the state with a unique cast of characters who never seem to lack in questionable judgment or bad luck. You will encounter airplane crashes, bears of every size and shape, extreme weather, vicious fish, malfunctioning boats and a host of other challenges. These stories will give you an insight into how rugged, and how fun, life on the last frontier can be for some people. The theme of the book is that Alaska has lots of tools to kill you with, and she used most of them on the author and his friends. They survived, mostly by luck, certainly not by wit. Keep in mind as you read this book that these are true stories involving real people, many of whom are still around and in good health. I hope you enjoy sharing our adventures.

Edge of Morning

Edge of Morning Author Jacqueline Keeler
ISBN-10 9781937226725
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 168
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In support of tribal efforts to protect the Bears Ears, Native writers bear testimony to the fragile and essential nature of this sacred landscape in America’s remote red rock country. Through poem and essay, these often-ignored voices explore the ways many native people derive tradition, sustenance, and cultural history from the Bears Ears.