Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist

Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist Author Caroline Shahbaz
ISBN-10 9781315295312
Release 2016-10-04
Pages 168
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As a result of recent media interest, the practice of BDSM has become more mainstream yet remains marginalized. Now more than ever, greater numbers of heterosexual and LGBTQ couples are starting to explore some form of BDSM. However, profound misunderstandings continue leading to unintentional physical and psychological harm. Drawing on current research and ethnographic narratives from the kink community, this book seeks to provide psychotherapists with an introductory understanding of the culture and practice of BDSM, and presents specific therapeutic concerns related to common misconceptions. This book strives to de-pathologize BDSM practices, while also providing concrete ways to distinguish abuse from consent, harmful codependency, and more. Packed with practical suggestions and rich case studies, this book belongs on the shelf of every therapist seeing BDSM and kink clients.


Sadomasochism Author Peggy J. Kleinplatz
ISBN-10 9781317765974
Release 2014-01-09
Pages 376
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A book that dispels the myths about those who prefer to go beyond “vanilla” sex Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures is a comprehensive exploration of the entire sexual subculture that lies on the cutting edge of society. The mental health professions and society have marginalized people who practice sadomasochism (SM).This interdisciplinary collection dispels myths surrounding SM, bringing together leading scholars from the fields of sexology, psychology, sociology, and medicine, alongside queer studies and sexual minority advocacy. Experts such as Thomas S. Weinberg, PhD, Susan Wright, MA, Margaret Nichols, PhD, Odd Reiersol, PhD, Svein Skeid, Rebecca F. Plante, PhD, Niklas Nordling, MPsych, and N. Kenneth Sandnabba, PhD, among other stellar authorities, reveal research findings, clinical data, and critical thinking about sexuality that lies beyond “vanilla.” To gain a broader understanding of human sexuality, the study of SM is crucial for what it reveals about us as sexual beings. The text discusses the results of research into practitioners’ behaviors and perspectives, the prevalence of SM behaviors in today’s culture, and stresses the need for greater tolerance and understanding. The realization of SM desires and their acceptance are explored in detail. This unflinching look at the world and the people of SM will guide scholars and lay people alike into a more sensitive, sex-friendly viewpoint of the people society calls “kinky.” Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures answers questions such as: What is the nature of SM relationships? What are the values and motives of SM participants? How do mental health professionals regard and treat SM practitioners? Should sadomasochism continue to be classified as a mental illness? What is the legal status of SM and what are the consequences of discrimination against SM practitioners? Does increasing visibility of SM imagery decrease stigma or create added problems? What can ordinary lovers learn from those we have marginalized about the farther reaches of human erotic potential? Sadomasochism: Powerful Pleasures is valuable, insightful reading for mental health professionals, students, sex educators, sex counselors, sex therapists, sex researchers, sexual health workers, sociologists, sexual minority groups, and anyone interested in learning more about the sexual pleasures that lie beyond the traditional.

Unequal By Design Counseling Power Dynamic Relationships

Unequal By Design  Counseling Power Dynamic Relationships Author Raven Kaldera
ISBN-10 9781312373631
Release 2014-07-21
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Power dynamic relationships – meaning deliberately negotiated unequal relationships – are often misunderstood by mental health professionals as inevitably abusive. This anthology of essays by kink-aware therapists explodes that myth, and gives solid, practical advice for effectively counseling couples in these alternative relationships. Edited by a psychiatrist and a professional educator on power dynamic relationships, this book should be a cultural-competency reference for any mental health professional, because you never know who might be sitting on your couch someday.

Broken Dolls

Broken Dolls Author Kitty Thomas
ISBN-10 1938639170
Release 2014-12-23
Pages 224
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Mina Calloway always finds herself in the hands of the wrong master: Gentle at first, then brutally sadistic and abusive. She no longer believes it's possible to find a man who will be gentle with her. After seeing a kink-friendly therapist for months, the doctor makes her an illicit offer she isn't yet smart enough to refuse: "Let me find you a good master." Brian Sloan is a borderline sociopath with a dark and brutal past. Only taking his sadistic urges out on the women at a submissive training house allows him to sleep through the night. When Brian sees Mina, she should be ripe for the picking, but her damage is too similar to his own. Can he fight past his demons to protect the one person he considers worth saving?

Die sexuellen Phantasien der Frauen

Die sexuellen Phantasien der Frauen Author Nancy Friday
ISBN-10 9783105619131
Release 2017-10-27
Pages 368
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Was Frauen nicht einmal ihren Männern anvertrauen, hier ist es zu lesen: keine schamhaften Beichten, sondern ehrliche Berichte und Bekenntnisse. Was im geheimen Garten ihrer sexuellen Phantasien wächst und blüht, ihre geheimsten Wünsche, ihre unendlich erfinderischen Traumvorstellungen, hier werden sie in allen Varianten ausgesprochen. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

Classic Sex Positions Reinvented

Classic Sex Positions Reinvented Author Moushumi Ghose
ISBN-10 9781631591624
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 256
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Reinvent the wheel (or the cowgirl, as the case may be) with this informative and practical guide to sex positions that starts with the classic favorites. Whether you've always loved missionary position or have a passion for doggy style, Classic Sex Positions Reinvented, will help you learn the techniques to master the classic positions and then switch them up in over 100 exciting and different ways. Sex therapist, Moushumi Ghose, helps you take your sex life from standard to sensational by spicing up old favorites and providing different, better, and more effective variations on each. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you're sure to find something satisfying within these pages (and the sheets).


Hannibal Author Thomas Harris
ISBN-10 9783641191818
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 544
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Hannibal Lecter ist zurück Clarice Starling steckt in einer Krise, seit sie eine Drogendealerin erschossen hat. Doch dann wird sie wieder auf Hannibal Lecter angesetzt, der vor sieben Jahren aus dem Hochsicherheitstrakt entflohen ist. Währenddessen träumt sein großer Gegenspieler Mason Verger von Rache und benutzt Clarice als menschlichen Köder, um an Hannibal Lecter heranzukommen.

The Lazy Crossdresser

The Lazy Crossdresser Author Charles Anders
ISBN-10 1890159379
Release 2002
Pages 177
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Learn how to dress like a girl without working like a dog! Charles Anders, a writer and crossdreser of many years experience shows here how to learn the skills and gain the confidence you need to crossdress as much-or as little-as ou want. Here are tips on make-up, embarassment-free shopping, making decisions about hair and body hair, and more! Hints, ideas and stories with illustrations to help you become th creature you've dreamed of being.

Sexual Outsiders

Sexual Outsiders Author David M. Ortmann
ISBN-10 9781442217355
Release 2013
Pages 173
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Sexual Outsiders looks at the challenges and experiences of those in the BDSM community and explores the erotic and psychological landscape of this often misunderstood culture, concepts of power, personal growth, overcoming challenges, and forming communities.

Therapeutic Perspectives on Working with Lesbian Gay and Bisexual Clients

Therapeutic Perspectives on Working with Lesbian  Gay  and Bisexual Clients Author Dominic Davies
ISBN-10 0335203337
Release 2000
Pages 187
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Following the success of Pink Therapy (1996 Open University Press) as a practical guide for therapists, counsellors and others in related professions working with lesbian, gay and bisexual clients in affirmative ways, this volume is the first to address how this can be approached from ten of the major therapeutic perspectives. Each approach is discussed with regard to its historical and theoretical relationship to these client groups and how the approach can be beneficial or negative. Guidelines for using the perspective supportively or practically are given, along with references for further study. The volume marks an important step in the dialogue between theoretical approaches and in the future development of, and debate about, these increasingly important fields in contemporary therapy.

Therapy and Beyond

Therapy and Beyond Author Martin Milton
ISBN-10 9780470797587
Release 2010-10-26
Pages 346
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Therapy and Beyond: Counselling Psychology Contributions to Therapeutic and Social Issues presents an overview of the origins, current practices, and potential future of the discipline of counselling psychology. Presents an up-to-date review of the knowledge base behind the discipline of counselling psychology that addresses the notion of human wellbeing and critiques the concept of ‘psychopathology’ Includes an assessment of the contributions that counselling psychology makes to understanding people as individuals, in their working lives, and in wider social domains Offers an overview of counselling psychology's contributions beyond the consulting room, including practices in the domain of spirituality, the arts and creative media, and the environmental movement Critiques contemporary challenges facing research as well as the role that research methods have in responding to questions about humanity and individual experience


Watchmen Author Alan Moore
ISBN-10 3866078161
Release 2009
Pages 468
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Watchmen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Watchmen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Watchmen book for free.

The Gospel of Kink

The Gospel of Kink Author Richard Wagner, Ph.D., ACS
ISBN-10 9781610983648
Release 2013
Pages 173
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The Gospel of Kink is a workshop in book form. Its innovative and interactive format presents the reader with numerous situations and dilemmas that arise as people embrace their kinkiness and integrate their eroticism into daily life. The Gospel of Kink is on the cutting edge of the sex-positive and kink-aware movements. This workbook helps the reader break free from the painful silence the dominant culture imposes on alt culture and those of us on the sexual fringe. The Gospel of Kink provides an opportunity to learn from people just like you. Its on-the-page workshop features a group of ten fictional characters who are your fellow participants. In addition, it includes a panel of actual seasoned kinky, BDSM, and alt culture practitioners who share their expertise and life experience with you. The Gospel of Kink engages you with numerous exercises and homework. As a workshop participant, you will complete A Personal Alt Relationship Inventory, discuss the Essentials of Effective Communication, identify Tools and Techniques for Navigating Alt Relationship Conflicts, and learn how to Keep Things Fresh and Interesting. The Gospel of Kink provides a safe and secure place for you to air your concerns without fear of being judged for how you live your life or with whom you choose to live it. You will learn within a framework of honesty, activity, alliance, support, and humor. The Gospel of Kink is a workbook designed primarily for the modern kinkster, but not exclusively. Family, friends, healing and helping professionals, teachers, students, indeed anyone who wishes to further understand and better communicate with those they know on the sexual fringe, will benefit from this book.

Chicago Pink Pages

Chicago Pink Pages Author
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112047721276
Release 2000
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Chicago Pink Pages has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chicago Pink Pages also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chicago Pink Pages book for free.

Venus im Pelz

Venus im Pelz Author Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
ISBN-10 9783730960431
Release 2014-09-17
Pages 171
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Severin, ein junger Mann, dem es an nichts fehlt, trifft in einem Kurbad die wunderschöne und zugleich reiche Witwe Wanda, die ihn an eine lebendige Venus-Statue erinnert. Er verliebt sich unsterblich - doch Wanda, ganz moderne Frau, ist skeptisch, wie lange die romantische Liebe hält. Sie schlägt stattdessen eine einjährige Probezeit vor. Das genügt Severin nicht. Seine Verlustangst ist so groß, dass er Wanda anbietet, ihr Sklave zu werden. Seine Venus im Pelz zögert zunächst, lässt sich schließlich aber darauf ein. Mit der Zeit findet Wanda Gefallen an dem Spiel mit Verlangen und Strafe. Je mehr sie sich zur Herrin aufschwingt, desto stärkere Liebe empfindet Severin - doch er vergisst dabei, dass wirkliche Liebe nur zwischen gleichwertigen Partnern möglich ist. "Venus im Pelz" ist eine Novelle des österreichischen Schriftstellers Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, die er 1870 verfasst hat. Sie liest sich, das werden Sie sehen, überraschend aktuell, fast wie ein früher Vorgänger von Shades of Grey. Sicher ein Grund, warum Roman Polanski die Umsetzung des gleichnamigen Theaterstücks mit Emmanuelle Seigner und Mathieu Amalric nun neu ins Kino bringt. Neu illustriert. Mit zahlreichen Anmerkungen: 74 umfangreiche Fußnoten erklären heute nur noch selten verwendete Begriffe oder Anspielungen, die zur damaligen Zeit jeder Leser verstand. Außerdem wurde es in neue deutsche Rechtschreibung übertragen. Das eBook ist von der serbischen Grafikern und Bühnenbildnerin Marija Stojkovic ( exklusiv für diese Ausgabe mit stimmungsvollen Aquarellen illustriert worden.

Sex f r Dummies

Sex f  r Dummies Author Sabine Walter
ISBN-10 9783527643226
Release 2012-02-13
Pages 360
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Ein erf?lltes Sexleben - das w?nscht sich wohl so ziemlich jeder. In diesem Buch erfahren die Leser endlich, was sie schon immer ?ber erogene Zonen von Frauen und M?nnern, Verh?tung, Orgasmus und Viagra wissen wollten. Sie erhalten unverbl?mt Antworten auf die Fragen, die sie nie zu stellen wagten. Dr. Ruth Westheimer gibt ihnen Sicherheit beim "ersten Mal", hilft Ihnen aber auch nach langen Ehejahren, wieder mehr Lust und Spa? ins Schlafzimmer (oder anderswo) einkehren zu lassen. Dabei macht sie keinen Bogen um "Rote-Ohren-Themen" wie Impotenz, Selbstbefriedigung, Gruppensex und gleichgeschlechtliche Liebe.

SM 101

SM 101 Author Jay Wiseman
ISBN-10 0963976389
Release 1996
Pages 391
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The highly regarded, comprehensive introduction ot consensual SM - bondage, giving and receiving pain, role-playing, negotiation, finding partners and more. Revised, updated and expanded, including a new chapter on 'SM Organisations', sections on knifeplay, lifestyle relationships, SM pregnancy and more, and illustrations of key points.