Besties Sleepovers and Drama Queens

Besties  Sleepovers  and Drama Queens Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 9781491418598
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 32
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"Provides tween-girl-specific information about friendships in a question-answer format"--

Tangles Growth Spurts and Being You

Tangles  Growth Spurts  and Being You Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 9781491418604
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 32
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"Provides tween-girl-specific information about growing up in a question-answer format"--

Siblings Curfews and How to Deal

Siblings  Curfews  and How to Deal Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 9781491418581
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 32
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"Provides tween-girl-specific information about family life in a question-answer format"--

Do I Have To

Do I Have To Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 1404800301
Release 2002-08
Pages 32
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Uses an advice-column format to define responsibility as a character value and demonstrates how it can be used in daily situations.

Peculiar Pre Teens

Peculiar Pre Teens Author Prasham Mehta
ISBN-10 9781482875201
Release 2016-07-01
Pages 148
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Ever been treated like a child but asked to behave like an adult? Ever thought of the opposite gender as a species of lunatic apes but then fallen for one? Ever been forced to follow the rules but wanted desperately to try the rebel way? Volumes have been spoken about teens and children, but what about the ones in between them? Sandwiched between two entirely different time frames of life, here we stand, the pre-teens. This book is about the peculiar pre-teens and their sweet–sour experiences of middle school, the days when life feels like a slap from a hurricane and, at the same time, a kiss from a flower so soft. ‘This book—Peculiar Pre-Teens—by Prasham Mehta provides an understanding of the thinking and feeling patterns as well as the priorities of the pre-teens and how they manifest their response to such situations’ (Mrs Beena Handa).

The Adventures of Uncle Lubin

The Adventures of Uncle Lubin Author W. Heath Robinson
ISBN-10 9780486498218
Release 2013-02
Pages 114
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Uncle Lubin attempts to rescue his nephew, who has been abducted by the horrid Bag-bird.

The Other Side of the Story

The Other Side of the Story Author Nancy Jean Loewen
ISBN-10 9781479580750
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 120
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That's NOT the way it was! say five characters from some of the worlds most beloved fairy tales. In reality, Cinderella wasn't the sweetest belle of the ball. She was an annoying chatterbox. Jack was a petty thief. And Little Red Riding Hood? Spoiled rotten! Its all about point of view. Pull up a chair, and get the full scoop straight from the mouths of the wicked stepmother, the giant, the prince, Baby Bear, and the wolf. Get the Other Side of the Story!

Me Time

Me Time Author Aubre Andrus
ISBN-10 9781515768210
Release 2017
Pages 48
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When was the last time you took a moment just for yourself - to sit outside and read a magazine or relax in a bubble bath? Amidst your busy schedule, it's important to make time for YOU. If you're feeling worn down and in need of some time to yourself, the projects in this book can help. Beat stress and find balance by creating a time budget. Craft a vision board to help you achieve your goals. Center yourself by taking a few minutes to write in a gratitude journal. Carve out some "me time" and discover a calmer, less stressed you.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 9781623702182
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 112
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"Provides girl-specific information about family life, friends, growing up, and school in a question-answer format"--

The Sleepover

The Sleepover Author Jen Malone
ISBN-10 9781481452601
Release 2017-05-16
Pages 256
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Three besties must piece together what happened after an epic sleepover becomes more than just karaoke and sundaes in this “fun…unlikely” M!X novel “in the manner of the movie The Hangover” (Booklist). Meghan, Paige, and Anna-Marie are super excited for the Best. Night. Ever. The sleepover they’re planning is going to be nothing short of EPIC. Not even the last-minute addition of Anna-Marie’s socially awkward, soon-to-be stepsister Veronica can dampen their spirits. But nothing prepares them for the scene that greets them when they awaken the next morning: the basement is a disaster, Meghan’s left eyebrow has been shaved off and she is somehow in possession of the Class Bad Boy’s signature hoodie, and there’s a slew of baby chicks in the bathtub! Worst of all, Anna-Marie is missing! Trouble is, none of them can remember anything beyond the hypnotism trick performed by the two-bit magician Veronica arranged in an effort to impress the other girls. Now, as the clock is ticking and the clues continue to get weirder, the remaining girls must figure out exactly what happened the night before. Can they find Anna-Marie and pull off the ultimate save-face before parent pick-up time?

The Unexpected Everything

The Unexpected Everything Author Morgan Matson
ISBN-10 9781481404549
Release 2016-05-03
Pages 528
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When a scandal surrounding her father upsets all her carefully laid plans for her future, Andie must learn to accept a new relationship with her father and to embrace a little chaos in her life.

A Friendly Arrangement

A Friendly Arrangement Author Christine Warner
ISBN-10 9781633754331
Release 2015-10-26
Pages 296
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What happens when your plus one becomes “the one”? Holly Haggerty and Roth Esterly are two besties with everything in common—they’re neighbors, career-driven, and commitment-phobes. Tired of always being set up on dates by well-meaning friends and family, they take matters into their own hands: they will be the other’s plus one—a little friendly arrangement between friends. Easy...until a steamy night where they cross the line. But that’s okay, they’ll add an addendum—one that includes a little action between the sheets...on top of the sheets...and without the sheets. But there are rules. Dating and sex are exclusive until one of them decides to terminate the agreement. No slumber parties. And if either party becomes emotionally involved they will break things off with no hard feelings. When unexpected news changes their plans and turns their fun arrangement into something more serious, Holly and Roth must come to terms with what’s more important—what they thought they wanted, or what they really need.

Freshman Year Other Unnatural Disasters

Freshman Year   Other Unnatural Disasters Author Meredith Zeitlin
ISBN-10 9781101560501
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 288
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Laugh-out-loud funny high school drama - perfect for fans of Lauren Myracle and Meg Cabot Let's say you're fourteen and live in New York City. You'd think your life would be like a glamorous TV show, right? And yet . . . You don't have a checking account, much less a personal Black American Express card. You've never been to a club, and the only couture in your closet is a Halloween costume your mom made from an old laundry bag. In other words? You're Kelsey Finkelstein - fourteen and frustrated. Every time she tries to live up to her awesome potential, her plans are foiled. Kelsey wants to rebrand herself for high school to make the kind of mark she knows is her destiny. But just because Kelsey has a plan for greatness . . . it doesn't mean the rest of the world is in on it. Kelsey's hilarious commentary and sardonic narration of her freshman year will have readers laughing out loud - while being thankful that they're not in her shoes, of course.

Another Other Side of the Story

Another Other Side of the Story Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 9781479557394
Release 2014
Pages 120
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"Introduces the concept of point of view through retellings of five classic fairy tales - 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Snow White,' 'Rapunzel,' 'Sleeping Beauty,' and 'The Frog Prince' - by the stories' supporting characters"

Scooby Doo a Subtraction Mystery

Scooby Doo  a Subtraction Mystery Author Mark Weakland
ISBN-10 9781491415405
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 24
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"The popular Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang teach kids all about subtraction"--

Anything to Have You

Anything to Have You Author Paige Harbison
ISBN-10 9781460325438
Release 2014-02-01
Pages 304
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Nothing should come between best friends, not even boys. ESPECIALLY not boys. Natalie and Brooke have had each other's backs forever. Natalie is the quiet one, college bound and happy to stay home and watch old movies. Brooke is the movie—the life of every party, the girl everyone wants to be. Then it happens—one crazy night that Natalie can't remember and Brooke's boyfriend, Aiden, can't forget. Suddenly there's a question mark in Natalie and Brooke's friendship that tests everything they thought they knew about each other and has both girls discovering what true friendship really means.

Dork Diaries 5

Dork Diaries 5 Author Rachel Renée Russell
ISBN-10 9781442449626
Release 2012-10-02
Pages 336
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Nikki Maxwell authors an advice column for the school newspaper in this fifth book of the New York Times bestselling Dork Diaries series. Nikki Maxwell develops a sudden interest in student journalism that may or may not (okay, definitely does) have to do with the fact that mean girl Mackenzie has started writing a gossip column. And there just might be some juicy info involving Nikki’s crush, Brandon, that Nikki doesn’t want Mackenzie reporting to the world. So Nikki joins the school newspaper staff—and ends up as an advice columnist! It’s fun at first, answering other kids’ letters. But when Miss Know-It-All’s inbox is suddenly overflowing with pleas for guidance, Nikki feels in need of some help herself. Fortunately she has BFFs Chloe and Zoey on her side—and at her keyboard!