Bikenomics Author Elly Blue
ISBN-10 9781621069430
Release 2014-11-29
Pages 192
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Bikenomics provides a surprising and compelling new perspective on the way we get around and on how we spend our money, as families and as a society. The book starts with a look at Americans' real transportation costs, and moves on to examine the current civic costs of our transportation system. Blue tells the stories of people, businesses, organizations, and cities who are investing in two-wheeled transportation. The multifaceted North American bicycle movement is revealed, with its contradictions, challenges, successes, and visions.


ISBN-10 8566317130
Release 2016-09-01
Pages 224
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Este livro não se limita a convidar o leitor a refletir sobre como nos deslocamos e gastamos nosso dinheiro. A proposta é mais ampla- oferecer uma perspectiva concreta de estilo de vida. A cicloativista norte-americana Elly Blue revela um mundo de possibilidades – como fazer uma viagem sem carro, ou até mesmo uma mudança sem usar caminhões – e alternativas para economizar os 20% geralmente gastos com o carro, se divertir, sair do sedentarismo, obter saúde e disposição, e, de quebra, ainda colaborar para um mundo melhor. Bikenomics é uma tentativa de provar que o ato de pedalar é mais do que capaz de fazer do mundo um lugar melhor – é uma providência urgente e necessária, sob o ponto de vista sociocultural e, sobretudo, econômico. Com apresentação de Zé Lobo, diretor da Transporte Ativo, que contextualiza a pertinência dos dados do livro no atual momento, e comentários de Daniel Guth, consultor da área de mobilidade urbana, que fornece informações paralelas às de Blue sobre a bicicleta no Brasil, esta edição mostra que o movimento ciclístico por aqui também é real e cada vez mais ativo.

Bike Boom

Bike Boom Author Carlton Reid
ISBN-10 9781610918176
Release 2017-06-15
Pages 296
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Bicycling advocates envision a future in which bikes are a widespread daily form of transportation. While many global cities are seeing the number of bike commuters increase, this future is still far away; at times, urban cycling seems to be fighting for its very survival. Will we ever witness a true "bike boom” in cities? What can we learn from past successes and failures to make cycling safer, easier, and more accessible? Use of bicycles in America and Britain fell off a cliff in the 1950s and 1960s thanks to the rapid rise in car ownership. Urban planners and politicians predicted that cycling would wither to nothing, and they did their level best to bring about this extinction by catering to only motorists. But in the 1970s, something strange happened—bicycling bounced back, first in America and then in Britain. In Bike Boom, journalist Carlton Reid uses history to shine a spotlight on the present and demonstrates how bicycling has the potential to grow even further, if the right measures are put in place by the politicians and planners of today and tomorrow. He explores the benefits and challenges of cycling, the roles of infrastructure and advocacy, and what we can learn from cities that have successfully supported and encouraged bike booms, including London; Davis, California; Montreal; Stevenage; Amsterdam; New York; and Copenhagen. Given that today's global bicycling "boom” has its roots in the early 1970s, Reid draws lessons from that period. At that time, the Dutch were investing in bike infrastructure and advocacy— the US and the UK had the choice to follow the Dutch example, but didn't. Reid sets out to discover what we can learn from the history of bike "booms” in this entertaining and thought-provoking book.

Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation

Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation Author Aaron Golub
ISBN-10 9781317362326
Release 2016-07-15
Pages 294
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As bicycle commuting grows in the United States, the profile of the white, middle-class cyclist has emerged. This stereotype evolves just as investments in cycling play an increasingly important role in neighborhood transformations. However, despite stereotypes, the cycling public is actually quite diverse, with the greatest share falling into the lowest income categories. Bicycle Justice and Urban Transformation demonstrates that for those with privilege, bicycling can be liberatory, a lifestyle choice, whereas for those surviving at the margins, cycling is not a choice, but an often oppressive necessity. Ignoring these "invisible" cyclists skews bicycle improvements towards those with choices. This book argues that it is vital to contextualize bicycling within a broader social justice framework if investments are to serve all street users equitably. "Bicycle justice" is an inclusionary social movement based on furthering material equity and the recognition that qualitative differences matter. This book illustrates equitable bicycle advocacy, policy and planning. In synthesizing the projects of critical cultural studies, transportation justice and planning, the book reveals the relevance of social justice to public and community-driven investments in cycling. This book will interest professionals, advocates, academics and students in the fields of transportation planning, urban planning, community development, urban geography, sociology and policy.

Good Trouble

Good Trouble Author Joe Biel
ISBN-10 9781621062158
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 256
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In 1996, everything about Joe Biel’s life seemed like a mistake. He was 18, he lived in Cleveland, he got drunk every day, and he had mystery health problems and weird social tics. All his friends’ lives were as bad or worse. To escape a nihilistic, apocalyptic worldview and to bring reading and documentation into a communal punk scene, he started assembling zines and bringing them in milk crates to underground punk shows. Eventually this became Microcosm Publishing. But Biel’s head for math was stronger than his ability to relate to people, and it wasn’t until he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome that it all began to fall into place. This is the story of how, over 20 years, one person turned a litany of continuing mistakes and seeming wrong turns into a happy, fulfilled life and a thriving publishing business that defies all odds.

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance Author Mark Zimmerman
ISBN-10 9780760357620
Release 2016-12-15
Pages 256
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Popular motorcycle journalist and author Mark Zimmerman brings a comfortable, conversational tone to his easy-to-understand explanations of how motorcycles work and how to maintain them and fix them when they don't. This practical tutorial covers all brands and styles of bikes, making it a perfect companion to the owner's service manual whether you need to use the step-by-step instructions for basic maintenance techniques to wrench on your bike yourself or just want to learn enough to become an informed customer at your local motorcycle service department. This book includes more than 500 color photos and a thorough index to make it an especially user-friendly reference for home motorcycle mechanics of all skill levels.

Everyday Bicycling

Everyday Bicycling Author Elly Blue
ISBN-10 9781621069379
Release 2015-07-20
Pages 160
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Everyday Bicycling is your guide to everything you need to know to get started riding a bicycle for transportation. Elly Blue introduces you to the basics, including street smarts, bike shopping, dressing professionally, carrying everything from groceries to furniture, riding with children, and riding in all weather. With its positive, practical approach, this book is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of getting around by bike. The new edition also includes information on bicycling with pets, using bike share, and cycling when you have a physical disability.

Bike Battles

Bike Battles Author James Longhurst
ISBN-10 9780295805993
Release 2015-06-08
Pages 306
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Americans have been riding bikes for more than a century now. So why are most American cities still so ill-prepared to handle cyclists? James Longhurst, a historian and avid cyclist, tackles that question by tracing the contentious debates between American bike riders, motorists, and pedestrians over the shared road. Bike Battles explores the different ways that Americans have thought about the bicycle through popular songs, merit badge pamphlets, advertising, films, newspapers and sitcoms. Those associations shaped the actions of government and the courts when they intervened in bike policy through lawsuits, traffic control, road building, taxation, rationing, import tariffs, safety education and bike lanes from the 1870s to the 1970s. Today, cycling in American urban centers remains a challenge as city planners, political pundits, and residents continue to argue over bike lanes, bike-share programs, law enforcement, sustainability, and public safety. Combining fascinating new research from a wide range of sources with a true passion for the topic, Longhurst shows us that these battles are nothing new; in fact they�re simply a continuation of the original battle over who is - and isn�t - welcome on our roads. Watch the trailer:

Holy Spokes

Holy Spokes Author Everett, Laura E.
ISBN-10 9780802873736
Release 2017
Pages 192
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After Laura Everett's car died on the highway one rainy night, she made the utterly practical decision to start riding her bicycle to work through the streets of Boston. Seven years later, she's never looked back. Holy Spokes tells the story of Everett's unlikely conversion to urban cycling. As she pedaled her way into a new way of life, Everett discovered that her year-round bicycle commuting wasn't just benefiting her body, her wallet, and her environment. It was enriching her soul. Ride along with Everett through Holy Spokes as she explores the history of cycling, makes friends with a diverse and joyful community of fellow cyclists, gets up close and personal with the city she loves--and begins to develop a deep, robust, and distinctly urban spirituality.

Dog Boy

Dog Boy Author Eva Hornung
ISBN-10 9783518754207
Release 2011-11-16
Pages 332
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Moskau: Ein vierjähriger Junge erwacht in einer kalten leeren Wohnung. Er wartet auf den Onkel, doch der kommt nicht nach Hause. Auch seine Mutter nicht, deren Ermahnungen er im Ohr hat. Der Junge hat Angst vor dem Onkel, der ihm verboten hat, sein Zimmer zu verlassen. Doch er ist hungrig, faßt Mut und verläßt die Wohnung. Der Junge, Romochka, ist allein. Es schneit, die Menschen beachten ihn nicht, nur ein Hund nähert sich ihm, aggressiv, dann neugierig. Romochka folgt dem Hund, und der Hund – die Hündin – gestattet ihm zu folgen. Hin zu ihrer Höhle in einem verlassenen Gebäude. Zu seiner neuen Familie. Romochkas Leben als Hund beginnt. „Dog Boy befasst sich intensiv mit der Frage, was das Menschsein ausmacht, wie wir zu Menschen werden und wie wir es schaffen, an unserer Menschlichkeit, wenn wir sie einmal besitzen, festzuhalten.“ Donna Leon


Gironimo Author Tim Moore
ISBN-10 3936973970
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 378
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Gironimo has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gironimo also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gironimo book for free.

Our Bodies Our Bikes

Our Bodies  Our Bikes Author Elly Blue
ISBN-10 9781621062776
Release 2015-10-19
Pages 192
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Our Bodies, Our Bikes is a resource and companion for women who ride bicycles. Through personal stories, how-to guidelines, and factual information, contributors explore the intersection of cycling and women's health, from bike fit to clothing, from periods to childbirth, from media representation to gender presentation and reproductive rights. Our diverse contributors demystify and elucidate women's issues in cycling in a practical, friendly, and down to earth manner.

Das Rennen

Das Rennen Author Tim Krabbé
ISBN-10 3150201527
Release 2008
Pages 167
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Autobiografisch verslag van een 137 kilometer lange bergwielerwedstrijd in Zuid-Frankrijk.


Cycletherapy Author Elly Blue
ISBN-10 9781621063605
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 128
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Cycletherapy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cycletherapy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cycletherapy book for free.

Bicycle Diaries

Bicycle Diaries Author David Byrne
ISBN-10 3596185688
Release 2016-07-28
Pages 368
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Bicycle Diaries has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bicycle Diaries also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bicycle Diaries book for free.

Immer montags beste Freunde

Immer montags beste Freunde Author Laura Schroff
ISBN-10 9783641166601
Release 2015-10-05
Pages 304
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Eine Frau, die alles hat. Ein Junge, dem alles fehlt. Eine untrennbare Freundschaft. Laura ist eine erfolgreiche Verkaufsleiterin, die an einem normalen Montag durch die Straßen von New York hetzt. Sie hat keine Zeit, achtet kaum auf ihre Mitmenschen – auch nicht auf den kleinen Jungen, der sie um Kleingeld anbettelt. Sie ist schon an der nächsten Straßenecke, als sie plötzlich stehen bleibt – und umkehrt. Sie kauft dem hungrigen Maurice etwas zu essen und erfährt von seinem Leben. Von dem Tag an treffen sich Maurice und Laura jede Woche über Jahre hinweg, immer montags. Dies ist die Geschichte ihrer einzigartigen Freundschaft – die bis heute anhält.

Die Zukunft

Die Zukunft Author Al Gore
ISBN-10 9783641129224
Release 2014-05-12
Pages 624
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Al Gore, der ehemalige Vizepräsident der USA, Friedensnobelpreisträger und Bestsellerautor, wagt in seinem neuen Buch einen Blick in die Zukunft. Er identifiziert diejenigen Kräfte, die unser Leben in den kommenden Jahrzehnten am stärksten verändern werden, und zeichnet so ein beeindruckend detailliertes Bild der Welt von morgen. Denn, so Gore, nur wem es gelingt, die Chancen und Risiken der Zukunft zu erkennen, kann sie auch gestalten. Wir leben in einer Zeit umwälzender Veränderungen. Aus der Vielzahl der Kräfte, die unsere Welt formen, greift Al Gore diejenigen heraus, die unsere Zukunft am radikalsten prägen werden: Neben der weiter zunehmenden Globalisierung der Wirtschaft sind das die Verschiebung der geopolitischen Machtverhältnisse, eine fehlgeleitete, allein auf Wachstum ausgerichtete Wirtschaftspolitik, der nicht nachhaltige Umgang mit unserer Umwelt und unseren Ressourcen sowie die Revolutionen in der digitalen Kommunikation, in der Biotechnik, den Neurowissenschaften und der Gentechnik. Inwiefern wir diese Entwicklungen gewinnbringend nutzen können und ab wann sie für uns zum Risiko werden, das debattiert Gore in seinem neuen, umfassenden Bestseller über unsere Zukunft.