Blood Knots

Blood Knots Author Luke Jennings
ISBN-10 9781620872956
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 240
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Blood Knots is a brilliant and dramatic memoir of an angler’s life. It places Jennings in the front rank of natural history writers. As a child in the 1960s, he was fascinated by the rivers and lakes around his home. Beneath their surfaces waited alien and mysterious worlds. With library books as his guide, he applied himself to the task of learning to fish. His progress was slow, and for years, he caught nothing. But then a series of teachers presented themselves, including an inspirational young intelligence officer, from whom he learned stealth, deception, and the art of dry-fly fishing. So began an enlightening but often dark-shadowed journey of discovery. It would lead to bright streams and wild country, but would end with his mentor’s capture, torture, and execution by the IRA. Blood Knots is about angling, about great fish caught and lost, but it is also about friendship, honor, and coming of age. As an adult, Jennings has sought out lost and secretive waterways, probing waters at dead of night in search of giant pike. The quest, as always, is for more than the living quarry. For only by searching far beneath the surface, he suggests in this most moving and thought-provoking of memoirs, can you connect with your own deep history. Jennings offers here a striking, elegiac narrative for lovers of unique memoirs and the finest fly-fishing literature.

The Blood Knot by Athol Fugard

The Blood Knot  by Athol Fugard Author
ISBN-10 1868301923
Release 1992
Pages 25
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The Blood Knot by Athol Fugard has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Blood Knot by Athol Fugard also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Blood Knot by Athol Fugard book for free.

Blood Knot

Blood Knot Author Pete Fromm
ISBN-10 1558217444
Release 1998
Pages 132
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In ten stories people reveal their true character and personal relationships through their attitudes toward fishing and the wilderness

Practical Fishing Knots

Practical Fishing Knots Author Geoffrey Budworth
ISBN-10 9781626367746
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 160
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Are you or someone you know an avid fisherman? Have you been looking for a one-stop guide for all your fishing knot needs? Then look no further. Practical Fishing Knots illustrates how to tie more than seventy-five knots for use in all forms of fishing, including: angler’s loop, basic snell, crawford knot, palomar knot, and many, many more! Written by an international knotting expert and including easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrations and instructions, this is an easy, accessible, and essential reference for any fisherman.

Geoff Wilson s Fishing Knots and Rigs

Geoff Wilson s Fishing Knots and Rigs Author Geoff Wilson
ISBN-10 1865131849
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 64
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Book & DVD. Geoff has been tying and testing fishing knots for over forty years and his knowledge in this field is second to none. This Special Edition of his world-wide best selling book comes in an instructional / interactive book / DVD format featuring Geoff tying his own preferred knots and rigs. Running over 144 minutes, the DVD covers how to tie knots in clear and precise detail. As we all know, the best way to learn how to tie a knot is to actually see it done! This book will be an instant best seller and is attractively presented in a hard cover edition, ideal as a gift for the discerning angler wanting to expand their fishing knowledge.

Sportsman s Library

Sportsman s Library Author Stephen Bodio
ISBN-10 9780762794034
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 272
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100 Essential, Engaging, Offbeat, and Occasionally Odd Fishing and Hunting Books for the Adventurous Reader

Field Guide to Fishing Knots

Field Guide to Fishing Knots Author Darren Brown
ISBN-10 1932098038
Release 2003
Pages 90
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Field Guide to Fishing Knots has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Field Guide to Fishing Knots also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Field Guide to Fishing Knots book for free.

Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots Author Lefty Kreh
ISBN-10 0811734072
Release 2007
Pages 122
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Precise illustrations demonstrate each step. DVD features Lefty Kreh tying 30 of his favorite knots and reinforcing techniques in the text.

Blood Knot

Blood Knot Author Craig Foley
ISBN-10 0440203740
Release 1989
Pages 183
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When he learns that the two men he hung for killing a mine speculator were really innocent, Zach Tree battles lynch mobs, greedy miners, and corrupt officials to find the real murderer

The Outdoor Knots Book

The Outdoor Knots Book Author Clyde Soles
ISBN-10 0898869625
Release 2004
Pages 157
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A guide to the ropes and knots used in the outdoors by hikers, campers, paddlers, and climbers. *Guidelines for selecting the best rope and the best knot for the activity at hand *Knot-tying directions clearly illustrated with photos *New entry in the Mountaineers Outdoor Basics series It's fair to say that climber Clyde Soles is obsessed with ropes and knots and their absolute performance--since he regularly entrusts his life to ropes on sheer rock faces. His unique book explainshow to select and use ropes, cordage, and webbing for the outdoors. Invaluable information is provided on rope handling techniques (how to avoid dreaded tangles) and the best methods for rope care and maintenance. Step-by-step directions for tying over 40 knots are clearly illustrated with photographs. Other useful features include a glossary and a knot comparison chart activity. This is the definitive text on ropes and knots for anyone who plays in the outdoors!

Geoff Wilson s Waterproof Book of Knots

Geoff Wilson s Waterproof Book of Knots Author Geoff Wilson
ISBN-10 0958714304
Release 2006-08-01
Pages 36
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All the basic knots required for fresh and salt water fishing in a pocket size, 6 x 4 inch waterproof booklet.

The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots

The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots Author Joseph B. Healy
ISBN-10 9781510721227
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 200
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Anyone who has spent time on the water knows that fishing success comes down to effective connections—the angler must first ensure that the knot connections throughout the fishing line are sound and appropriate for the task at hand. A failed knot—picture a wind knot tarpon leader made a huge silver king pulls hit a fly or a seven-pound bass pulls free because of a poorly tied attachment to your crankbait—will bring your otherwise happy day to a screeching halt and leave you muttering about what might have been. In The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots, learn the knots of success, and why the connections are recommended by the country's top anglers. Some of the knots featured here include: Blood knot Perfection loop Improved clinch Double surgeon's Albright knot Whether you’ve spent a lifetime fishing the waters of the world, or this is your first season casting a line, The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots will be sure to help you get your biggest catch yet.

The Knot Book

The Knot Book Author Geoffrey Budworth
ISBN-10 9780716023159
Release 2012-02-02
Pages 160
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Learn how to apply the right knot in any situation - secure and strong enough for the job. Such skill can be essential to the safety and enjoyment of leisure pursuits, such as climbing, sailing and fishing. In rescue, life can depend on it. Here Geoffrey Budworth has selected over 100 of the best knots from his lifetime's experience of knots.

Practical Knots and Ropework

Practical Knots and Ropework Author Percy W. Blandford
ISBN-10 9780486148656
Release 2012-06-11
Pages 416
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Focusing on modern styles — many tailored to new synthetic ropes — this book untangles the secrets behind basic, joining, constricting, climber's, and many other knots. Over 290 illustrations.

Kaltbl tig

Kaltbl  tig Author Truman Capote
ISBN-10 9783036992341
Release 2013-06-26
Pages 544
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Im November 1959 wird in Holcomb, Kansas, die vierköpfige Familie Clutter brutal ermordet. Wenige Wochen später werden die Täter Dick Hickock und Perry Smith auf der Flucht geschnappt. Truman Capote erfährt aus der New York Times von dem Verbrechen und beschließt, am Tatort zu recherchieren. Er spricht mit Bekannten und Freunden der Familie, mit der Polizei. Schließlich erhält er Gelegenheit, mit den beiden Mördern zu reden. Mit der Zeit gelingt es ihm, so viel Nähe zu ihnen herzustellen, dass sie ihm präzise Innenansichten ihrer Seele erlauben. Fast sechs Jahre nach ihrer Tat begleitet er sie bis an den Galgen. Capotes herausragende Rekonstruktion eines Mordes wurde eine Sensation und begründete ein neues literarisches Genre: die "non-fiction novel", den Tatsachenroman. In einer atemberaubenden Sprache erzählt er, wie aus Menschen Mörder werden. Mit Kaltblütig landete Capote einen internationalen Bestseller.

Geoff Wilson s Instructional Video of Fishing Knots Rigs

Geoff Wilson s Instructional Video of Fishing Knots   Rigs Author Geoff Wilson
ISBN-10 1571881158
Release 1999-11-01
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Twenty-one famous knots are clearly shown tied in this 75-minute video. Knots include Bimini twist (mono), loop to loop, blood knot, double six fold blood knot, double grinner, attaching fly line to leader, paternoster rig, blood bight loop, tagless dropper loop, rigging an running float, improved Albright knot & nail knot, spider hitch, plait, attaching mono to thick leader, Dacron leader splice, Dacron loop splice, and more.


Schiffsmeldungen Author Annie Proulx
ISBN-10 9783641015213
Release 2009-01-26
Pages 416
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Eine unvergessliche, tragikomische Geschichte, erzählt von der mehrfach preisgekrönten Autorin Annie Proulx, in deren herb-poetischer Sprache jene fremde Gegend zum Sehnsuchtsland wird. „Schiffsmeldungen“ fürs Lokalblatt soll Quoyle jetzt schreiben. Quoyle, der ewige Versager und Pechvogel, den es aus dem Staat New York auf die Felseninsel Neufundland im Osten Kanadas verschlagen hat. Quoyle, der immer schon panische Angst vor dem Wasser hatte. Und doch findet er hier in dieser kargen Landschaft, wo seine Vorfahren siedelten, so etwas wie Glück und für sich und seine beiden Töchter so etwas wie ein Zuhause ... Der Roman, der Annie Proulx berühmt machte!