Books to Die For

Books to Die For Author John Connolly
ISBN-10 9781476710365
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 560
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An anthology featuring the world's greatest mystery authors writing about theworld's greatest mystery novels.

To Die For

To Die For Author Christopher Pike
ISBN-10 9780545264341
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 408
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In "Slumber party," fire-related accidents at a ski weekend rekindle memories of a deadly slumber party; and in "Weekend," a vacation trip to a Mexican beach turns deadly by a mysterious plot for revenge.

A Body to Die For

A Body to Die For Author Kate White
ISBN-10 9780759528031
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 400
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One of the savviest single urbanites ever to take up sleuthing and still look great, Bailey Weggins made her smashing debut in Kate White's If Looks Could Kill, a dishy and delectable New York Times bestseller and the first "Reading with Ripa" Book Club selection. Now the Gloss magazine true crime writer returns in a story of high style and low murder that goes behind the salons and saunas of a ritzy country spa to uncover... A Body to Die For After her last adventure, Bailey Weggins is one tired reporter in need of R & R. So when an old family friend invites her for a free weekend at the Cedar Inn in rural Massachusetts, she jumps at the chance to leave Manhattan for some major pampering. At the elegant mid-nineteenth-century hideaway, with its Asian-inspired spa, Bailey is soon luxuriating to the hypnotic sound of water spilling over stones and the soothing scent of green-tea candles. Yet mayhem is mere steps away, as Bailey discovers when she literally stumbles across a corpse wrapped mummy-style in a treatment room. Suddenly, her time-out is transformed into a full-tilt murder investigation. Bailey hadn't expected to meet anyone other than socialites slathering their cellulite with shea butter, but now she's dealing with a list of suspects dirtier than a mud bath: a spurned lover, a shady husband, and a group of employees who seem to be hiding something. And against her better judgement, she can't seem to keep her own hands off the sexy homicide detective assigned to the case. Desparate to help her mother's friend, the owner of the spa, Bailey will find herself chasing clues across state lines just as another death sweeps her into the sights of a vicious killer. And this time, the body in the mud wrap could be her own.

To Die For

To Die For Author Joyce Maynard
ISBN-10 9780595269396
Release 2003-02-01
Pages 258
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Originally published: New York: Dutton, c1992.

Die Doppelg ngerin

Die Doppelg  ngerin Author Linda Howard
ISBN-10 9783732545001
Release 2018-03-27
Pages 456
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Blair hat ihr Leben fest im Griff: Sie ist jung, attraktiv und leitet seit Jahren erfolgreich ihr eigenes Fitnessstudio. Bis sie eines Abends auf dem Parkplatz hinter dem Studio Zeugin eines Mordes wird und die Ereignisse sich überschlagen. Das Opfer ist Nicole Goodwin, die Blair in Aussehen und Auftreten penetrant kopiert hat. War Blair etwa das eigentliche Ziel des Anschlags? Und ist der Täter immer noch hinter ihr her? Schnell wird klar: Blair schwebt in großer Gefahr. Gemeinsam mit Lieutenant Jefferson Wyatt Bloodsworth, einem unverschämt gut aussehenden Ex-Footballprofi und ehemaligen Liebhaber, macht sich Blair auf die Suche nach dem Täter. Doch das ist leichter gesagt als getan, denn Blair und Wyatt sind so unterschiedlich wie Tag und Nacht - aber manchmal ziehen sich Gegensätze eben einfach an ... Rasante Wortgefechte, jede Menge Spannung und heiße Erotik! Der erste Teil der Blair-Mallory-Reihe von Linda Howard jetzt als eBook bei beHEARTBEAT - Herzklopfen garantiert!

Ein Spiel zuviel

Ein Spiel zuviel Author P. D. James
ISBN-10 9783426404676
Release 2010-05-07
Pages 352
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Die junge ledige Mutter Sally Jupp hat eine Stelle als Hausangestellte im Herrenhaus von Martingale bei den Maxies bekommen. Pflichtbewußt erledigt Sally ihre Arbeit, doch hinter dieser Maske aus Tüchtigkeit und Ergebenheit versteckt sie ihre wahren Gefühle: Abneigung und Verachtung - was den meisten auf Martingale jedoch verborgen bleibt. Eines Morgens wird Sally ermordet aufgefunden. Ein komplizierter Fall für Kommissar Adam Dalgliesh von Scotland Yard, der den Täter im Familienkreis der Maxies vermutet, denn da brodelt es vor Haß und Eifersucht. Freunde des klassischen englischen Krimis kommen voll auf ihre Kosten: Spannung total und ein verblüffendes Ende! Ein Spiel zuviel von P. D. James: Spannung pur im eBook!

1001 Foods To Die For

1001 Foods To Die For Author Madison Books
ISBN-10 0740770438
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 960
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An essential list for food lovers, this culinary catalogue features luscious photographs and descriptions of must-eat foods from soup to nuts--from all over the world.

A Book to Die For

A Book to Die For Author William J. McRae
ISBN-10 1894667131
Release 2002
Pages 173
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Written specifically for the person asking, "How did we get our Bible?" this book explains how we got our Bible, addressing the subjects of revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, authority, canonization, textual criticism, translations, and errors-apparent or real. Rather than isolated independent topics, this book provides a chart that demonstrates the interrelationship between the topics and offers questions for further study and discussion with each chapter. WILLIAM J. McRAE is President Emeritus of Tyndale College & Seminary in Toronto, Canada. He is also the author of _The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts_, _Preparing for your Marriage_, and _Making a Good Thing Better_.

Beauty to Die for

Beauty to Die for Author Judi Vance
ISBN-10 9781583483985
Release 1999
Pages 324
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“Judi Vance has written one of the most important and informative consumer books on cosmetics today. It is a book I will use often as a reference and shopping guide.” – David Steinman – Author of Diet For A Poisoned Planet and co-author of The Safe Shoppers Bible “Concise and powerful!” – Rowan Hamilton – Cosmetic Scientist and Herbalist If you use any cosmetics you may be more at risk than you could imagine. Beauty to Die For is shocking, thought-provoking and rock solid in its research. This landmark book reveals the deathtraps in the cosmetics that we unwittingly use in our daily lives. It details the devastating toll that modern industry and government knowingly exact on the health of men, women, and children – and may sound the death knell for certain cosmetic industry practices. This book is a practical guide – an interactive tool – that teaches consumers how to shop safely and wisely. It translates the technical jargon into language that everyone can understand. It was written to help you identify the dangers in products you take for granted. Products you use everyday; products in which you put your faith and trust – yet these products threaten your very existence. This book not only illuminates the hazards, it provides sensible suggestions for creating a less toxic life. “Health isn’t a given, but it’s yours for the taking.” – Judi Vance –

Books to Die For

Books to Die For Author Richard Houston
ISBN-10 9781508055099
Release 2017-01-29
Pages 826
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Three Cozy Mysteries from a USA Today Best Selling Author A View to Die For Jake Martin is not your ordinary sleuth. He’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary dog. He’s trying to make the best of a divorce and mid-life crisis when he gets a call at two o’clock Sunday morning from his mother. His sister has been arrested for the murder of her fourth husband, and his father is near death. Thus begins an adventure that takes Jake and his golden retriever from their Colorado retreat to a backwater town in the Missouri Ozarks where they search for cold-blooded killers, a cache of gold coins buried by Jesse James, and the love of a beautiful nurse. A Book to Die For This time the story takes place in the foothills of Denver. Jake is accused of manslaughter and he has to prove the accident was really murder. Along the way he encounters a poaching ring and falls in love with a beautiful game warden. A Treasure to Die For There is a treasure high in the Colorado Rockies waiting for someone to find it. Jake Martin couldn’t care less. Since the death of his wife, all Jake wants is to be left alone in his mountain cabin where he and his dog, Fred, can get on with life. But when it becomes known that the location of the treasure is encrypted in a message left by a 19th century miner, people begin to die, and Jake’s good friend and neighbor becomes the number one suspect. The old miner used a copy of Tom Sawyer as a key to his coded message, and the real murderer wants that edition so bad, he’s willing to kill for it. Can the amateur sleuths decode the message and stop the murderer, or have Jake and Fred finally met their match?

To Die For

To Die For Author Sandra Byrd
ISBN-10 9781439183113
Release 2011-08-09
Pages 352
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While Meg Wyatt's favor in the court of Henry VIII rises and falls as her best friend's does, Meg's pledge of loyalty to Anne Boleyn may cause her lose her greatest love and her own life.

Almost to Die For

Almost to Die For Author Tate Hallaway
ISBN-10 9781101458822
Release 2010-08-03
Pages 256
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Twilight meets The Princess Diaries in the new series from the author of Honeymoon of the Dead On her sixteenth birthday, Anastasija Parker learns that her so-called deadbeat dad is actually a vampire king. And he wants Ana to assume her rightful position at his side, in spite of the fact that she has witch's blood running through her veins-from her mother's side. Too bad witches and vampires are mortal enemies. And now Ana's parents are at each other's throats over her future. It's up to Ana to make a choice, but deciding your eternal destiny is a pretty big deal for a girl who just wants to get through high school.

A Bloodhound to Die For

A Bloodhound to Die For Author Virginia Lanier
ISBN-10 0062030035
Release 2010-09-14
Pages 100
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Book description to come.

Ich war Dora Suarez

Ich war Dora Suarez Author Derek Raymond
ISBN-10 3927734241
Release 2000
Pages 277
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Ich war Dora Suarez has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ich war Dora Suarez also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ich war Dora Suarez book for free.

A Christmas To Die For

A Christmas To Die For Author Marta Perry
ISBN-10 9781426808869
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 224
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Book two of The Three Sisters Inn: Danger awaits the Hampton sisters in quiet Amish country. SHE WAS LUCKY TO BE ALIVE… …after the hit-and-run that nearly took her life. But history seemed to be repeating itself when Rachel Hampton spied a car speeding down the dark road. Tyler Dunn came to Rachel's family inn seeking justice for a decades?old crime. Rachel wanted to trust the attractive architect, but he was too secretive…until she uncovered a shocking link to her own past. Suddenly a holiday season amid the Plain People swarmed with hidden danger as Rachel found herself a killer's target.

Killer To Die For

Killer To Die For Author Jason Lord Case
ISBN-10 9780982561669
Release 2010-04-29
Pages 0
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Killer To Die For is a powerful and exotic tale of assassination, kidnapping and romance of the most dangerous kind. Gordon MacMaster takes a job to bring in a beautiful Argentinian assassin for the reward her latest victim's brother is offering.When Gordon disappears, Terry Kingston is called upon to investigate. Terry has done a couple of small jobs in the northeastern U.S. but has he escaped unnoticed?Their paths are beset by misconceptions, betrayals and murders. As the bodies pile up, the rewards increase and everyone wants their piece of the pie.

Inception and Philosophy

Inception and Philosophy Author Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
ISBN-10 9780812697339
Release 2011
Pages 319
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A dream team of philosophers enters the nightmarish world of InceptionYou have to go deeper. 'Inception' is more than just a nail-biting heist story, more than just one of the greatest movies of all time. The latest neuroscience and philosophy of mind tell us that shared dreams and the invasion of dreams may soon become reality. 'Inception and Philosophy: Ideas to Die For' takes you through the labyrinth, onto the infinite staircase, exploring the movie's hidden architecture, picking up its unexpected clues. How will 'Inception' change your thinking? You can't imagine. How will' Inception and Philosophy change your life? You simply have no idea.