Chasing Perfection

Chasing Perfection Author Leah Alvord
ISBN-10 9781463420574
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 312
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Perfection. An unattainable goal for all of humanity. And yet, something the human race will always strive towards. Even if it means sacrificing the freedom of its perfect inhabitants. Miranda Kirkpatrick was a beautiful genius with the perfect life. For eighteen years, she was just an average teenager with no great plans for the future. But when those eighteen years are up, she'll realize how much she was missing. The Safety Facility is a place dedicated to preserving those who are just like Miranda: perfect. After eighteen years on the outside, Miranda is sent back to the place where she was born in order to continue the Facility's mission to create more perfect beings. Now, she must find a way to cope with having all of her decisions stolen from her and her very freedom stripped away. With the help of new friends and her hot new mate, Caden, Miranda will soon learn that even perfection comes with a price.

Chasing Perfection

Chasing Perfection Author Andy Glockner
ISBN-10 9780306824036
Release 2016-03-08
Pages 288
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Chasing Perfection goes behind the scenes of the multi-million dollar, high-stakes world of basketball player development, research and analysis, and the often secretive, cutting-edge methods that NBA franchises use to turn less-expensive, supporting players into vital parts of championship teams. NBA superstars push as close to perfection as we're likely to see, but they are few and far between. The farther you get from the league's top echelon of talent, the more it's up to the players—and their teams—to develop and utilize their strengths while diminishing and masking their weaknesses as much as possible. There are no perfect basketball players, but there are plenty of perfected ones, who start with a basis of skill and physical ability and then are refined further and further in order to move closer and closer to their absolute potential. In Chasing Perfection, national sportswriter Andy Glockner reveals that, though the concept of player improvement is as old as basketball itself, the current era of Big Data analytics in the NBA is transforming that process more quickly and aggressively than anything we have seen before. Players are learning more and more about themselves through video and data visualization, seeing how things like diet and sleep can impact their performance, and learning how having healthy joints and role-specific workout plans are lengthening and improving their careers. Teams are internalizing the same lessons, as well as figuring out how to better implement optimal on-court strategies, how to refine their approaches to player acquisition and how to gauge the varying values and success rates of different, crucial team-building strategies. It's an absolutely fascinating time to be a fan, as the marriage of basketball and technology is bringing two of our most popular and competitive worlds together in compelling fashion. Using the 2014–15 NBA season as a prism to explore this mesh of sport and science, Glockner offers detailed perspective from NBA players, coaches, team management, and media, offering a comprehensive insider's view of how analytics are shaping the basketball we watch, and how those who are lagging behind in the technology race already are feeling the competitive hit.

Chasing Perfection

Chasing Perfection Author Bob Ladouceur
ISBN-10 9781633192973
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 240
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A coaching legend shares techniques, philosophies, and team-building exercises applicable beyond the playing field In 1979, when Bob Ladouceur took over the head football coaching job at De La Salle high school, the program had never once had a winning season. By the time he stepped down in 2013 and after posting an unprecedented 399–25–3 record, De La Salle was regarded as one of the great dynasties in the history of high school football. In When the Game Stands Tall: Coaches' Playbook, Ladouceur shares, for the first time, the coaching philosophies he employed at De La Salle. Far more than a book on the Xs and Os of football, this resource focuses on how Ladouceur created a culture based on accountability, work ethic, humility, and commitment that made his teams greater than the sum of their parts. This book not only include details on the nuances of the game and the techniques that made the Spartans the most celebrated high school football team in history, it also has chapters on creating what Ladouceur calls an "authentic team experience," which include lessons as valuable in a board room as in a locker room.

The Pursuit of Perfect How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Start Living a Richer Happier Life

The Pursuit of Perfect  How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Start Living a Richer  Happier Life Author Tal Ben-Shahar
ISBN-10 0071608834
Release 2009-04-03
Pages 272
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DO YOU WANT YOUR LIFE TO BE PERFECT? We're all laboring under our own and society's expectations to be perfect in every way-to look younger, to make more money, to be happy all the time. But according to Tal Ben-Shahar, the New York Times bestselling author of Happier, the pursuit of perfect may actually be the number-one internal obstacle to finding happiness. OR DO YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY? Applying cutting-edge research in the field of positive psychology-the scientific principles taught in his wildly popular course at Harvard University-Ben-Shahar takes us off the impossible pursuit of perfection and directs us to the way to happiness, richness, and true fulfillment. He shows us the freedom derived from not trying to do it all right all the time and the real lessons that failure and painful emotions can teach us. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE PERFECTLY HAPPY! In The Pursuit of Perfect, Tal Ben-Shahar offers an optimal way of thinking about failure and success--and the very way we live. He provides exercises for self reflection, meditations, and “Time-Ins” to help you rediscover what you really want out of life. Praise for Tal Ben-Shahar's Happier: “This fine book shimmers with a rare brand of good sense that is embedded in scientific knowledge about how to increase happiness. It is easy to see how this is the backbone of the most popular course at Harvard today.” -Martin E. P. Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness

Chasing Perfection

Chasing Perfection Author Jeremy J. Banks
ISBN-10 1606729802
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 316
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This is the story of Peter Valentine, told from his own mouth and in his own unique and cynical point of view. He lived in Saint Louis, Missouri, with his parents, and upon the eve of his twelfth birthday, his mother, Sylvia, decided that it was time for the family to return to their place of origin, Prominence River, a small town in the American South. Follow Peter as he comes of age and goes on an odyssey of betrayal, sexual perversion, guilt, rage, alienation, and long-buried family secrets.

Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence

Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence Author Topher Morrison
ISBN-10 1424321719
Release 2006
Pages 263
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Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Stop Chasing Perfection and Settle for Excellence book for free.

Chasing Adonis

Chasing Adonis Author Tim Bergling
ISBN-10 9781136573835
Release 2013-04-03
Pages 296
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What is it about some men that makes them an object of our deepest desires? And how far are we willing to go in pursuit of those desires? Chasing Adonis: Gay Men & the Pursuit of Perfection delves into one of the most central mysteries of gay life: What is it gay men find attractive in other men, and why? How much is nature, how much is nurture . . . or maybe just clever marketing? This unique book examines steroid use, body image disorders, gym culture, Internet hook-ups, obsession, stalking, porn, erotic Web sites, strip clubs … and everything else that makes gay men act “a little bit nutty” when they meet someone who drives them “crazy!” Frank, sexy, and controversial, it uses a light touch to examine a serious subject: how gay society objectifies the male body. Tim Bergling, author of Sissyphobia: Gay Men and Effeminate Behavior and Reeling in the Years: Gay Men’s Perspectives on Age and Ageism, surveys gay men about their individual concepts of beauty and desire and about the almost unattainable “Adonis” standard many of them set for themselves. Teenagers, senior citizens, and the guys “stuck in the middle” discuss the idea of perfection, how much it changes or evolves over time, and whether the exterior “package” outweighs what’s inside. From the author: It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful the ’d-word’’(desire) can be, how it can take control of our lives and shut everything out, sometimes for just a few moments, sometimes for days or weeks at a time, depending on how badly we’re smitten. Ask just about anybody, and they can likely pull up a story from their past—or their present—when they’ve done something incredibly stupid or ill-advised, or maybe just something completely out of character, in pursuit of their heart’s desire. Chasing Adonis examines: obsession and rejection self-esteem issues the allure of youth preferences in body shapes, types, and sizes “designer genes” vs. first impressions assessing body parts narcissism or comfort level-why men chase after guys who look like them AIDS and HIV gay porn adult book stores and the Internet the Calvin Klein ad campaign featuring “Marky” Mark Wahlberg the Abercrombie & Fitch ads “Tom of Finland” gay icons weight training and fitness clubs steroids and plastic surgery “circuit parties” body dysmorphia and much more! Chasing Adonis: Gay Men and the Pursuit of Perfection is an entertaining and enlightening read for gay men of all ages.

80 20 Sales and Marketing

80 20 Sales and Marketing Author Perry Marshall
ISBN-10 9781613082362
Release 2013-07-22
Pages 240
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Guided by famed marketing consultant and best-selling author Perry Marshall, sales and marketing professionals save 80 percent of their time and money by zeroing in on the right 20 percent of their market — then apply 80/202 and 80/203 to gain 10X, even 100X the success. With a powerful 80/20 software tool (online, included with the book), sellers and marketers uncover how to slash time-wasters; advertise to hyper-responsive buyers and avoid tire-kickers; gain coveted positions on search engines; differentiate themselves from competitors and gain esteem in their marketplace. With the included tools they’ll see exactly how much money they’re leaving on the table, and how to put it back in their pockets. Sellers will identify untapped markets, high-profit opportunities and incremental improvements, gaining time and greater profit potential. Supported by online tools from Marshall, including The 80/20 Power Curve, a tool that helps you see invisible money, and a Marketing DNA Test, a personal assessment that zeroes in on one’s natural selling assets, this timeless guide promises to change the game for seasoned and novice marketers and sellers.


ISBN-10 9781466968431
Release 2013-01-24
Pages 294
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Raising a child is challenging for many parents, especially for a new, immigrant family. For those parents, they not only have to face the challenges of integrating themselves into a new environment, but they also need to handle the conflicts coming from two cultural backgrounds. Like many Chinese Americans, the authors inherited the traditional Chinese culture. Yet they also opened their minds and embraced their new culture. Through the collisions of these two cultures, they developed a unique parenting strategy: a combination of the best of both worlds to educate their children. This approach offered them a cutting edge in developing their children to be among the most competitive. As they raised their children, they • held parties to build their children’s social groups; • used teamwork to create a harmonious family, strengthening the family bonds; • helped their children excel in academic competitions; • taught their children how to be rigorous and strive for perfection; • inspired their children to explore innovative strategies to overcome obstacles; • developed their children’s creativity, leadership, and initiative; • encouraged their children to be involved in the community; and • gave their children freedom to develop their individual personalities and discover their full potentials. The authors believe that their story will be beneficial to other parents and also provide a new perspective of Chinese American families for mainstream Americans.

Evocative Coaching

Evocative Coaching Author Bob Tschannen-Moran
ISBN-10 0470630922
Release 2010-06-18
Pages 368
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There?s a lot of conversation about how to make schools better. Unfortunately, the nature of those conversations often makes things worse. Evocative Coaching: Transforming Schools One Conversation at a Time maps out a way to change that. By taking a teacher-centered, no-fault, strengths-based approach to performance improvement, the Evocative Coaching model generates the motivation and movement that enables teachers and schools to achieve desired outcomes and enhance quality of life. Viewed as a dynamic dance, the model is choreographed in four steps ? Story, Empathy, Inquiry, Design ? which are each laid out in its own chapter with powerful illustrative materials and end-of-chapter discussion questions to prompt further reflection. Bringing together the best research and wisdom in educational leadership and professional coaching, authors Bob and Megan Tschannen-Moran have developed a simple yet profound way of facilitating new conversations in schools through Story Listening, Expressing Empathy, Appreciative Inquiry, and Design Thinking. It?s an iterative process that moves beyond old ways of thinking, doing, and being. It?s an inspirational process that reinvigorates the passion for making schools better, one conversation at a time. This happens when coaches: give teachers our full, undivided attention; accept and meet teachers where they are right now, without making them wrong; ask and trust teachers to take charge of their own learning and growth; make sure teachers are talking more than we are; enable teachers to appreciate the positive value of their own experiences; harness the strengths teachers have to meet challenges and overcome obstacles; reframe difficulties and challenges as opportunities to learn and grow; invite teachers to discover possibilities and find answers for themselves; dialogue with teachers regarding their higher purpose for teaching; uncover teachers? natural impulse to engage with colleagues and students; assist teachers to draw up a personal blueprint for professional mastery; support teachers in brainstorming and trying new ways of doing things; maintain an upbeat, energetic, and positive attitude at all times; collaborate with teachers to design and conduct appropriate learning experiments; enable teachers to build supportive environments and teams; use humor to lighten the load; and inspire and challenge teachers to go beyond what they would do alone. Each chapter provides a research-based theory to support the strategies presented, and includes specific suggestions and anecdotes. The Evocative Coaching model makes coaching enjoyable by getting people to focus on what they do best, and it invites larger, more integral conversations so that people talk about their work in the context of other things they care about. Resting on strong, evidence-based practices, the Evocative Coaching model offers educators the help they need to meet the challenges of increased accountability and expectations. This model can also be used effectively by coaches and leaders in other organizational contexts. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: What Is Evocative Coaching? Chapter 2: Coaching Presence Loop I: The No-Fault Turn Chapter 3: Story Listening Chapter 4: Expressing Empathy Loop II: The Strengths-Building Turn Chapter 5: Appreciative Inquiry Chapter 6: Design Thinking Chapter 7: Aligning Environments Chapter 8: Coaching Conversations Chapter 9: The Reflective Coach To learn more about Evocative Coaching and to sign up for the Evocative Coach Training Program, visit

Getting Off the Merry Go Round of Compulsive Behaviors

Getting Off the Merry Go Round of Compulsive Behaviors Author Carlos Perez
ISBN-10 1587411180
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 296
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Getting Off The Merry-Go-Round Of Compulsive BehaviorsThe Merry-go-round can consist of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, overeating, overspending, dead-end relationships, obsessive sex, driven work, or any number of compulsive behaviors can range from merely bothersome to life threatening. Regardless of the compulsive patterns all such behavior can deflect your energy and rob you of genuine happiness. Getting Off The Merry-Go-Round Of Compulsive Behaviors provides clear, simple advice for ridding yourself of compulsive behaviors. Psychiatrist-author Carla Perez shares her own personal experience with compulsive behaviors as well as with numerous patients she has helped eliminate their compulsive behaviors...".a new approach...achievable solutions and supportive advice."Patricia HoltSan Francisco Chronicle..".highly pragmatic self-help volume. This easily readable book makes an excellent adjunct to insight-oriented psychotherapy."Kathleen B. Unger, M.D.Northern California Psychiatric Physician"Perez is at her best in translating complex material into reader-friendly terms. Please reward yourself by reading this book."John BradshawAuthor, Bradshaw On: The FamilyAbout The AuthorCarla Perez, M.D. has practiced psychiatry since 1971. She went into radio in 1980 and is now a regular consultant on radio and television appearing on "Oprah," "Donahue," "Today," and "Good Morning America. Mother of four, she lives and practices in San Francisco.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Author Mark Stewart
ISBN-10 0761318003
Release 2000
Pages 48
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The author of Home Run Heroes provides an illustrated biography of this famous starting forward for the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers.

More Like Her

More Like Her Author Liza Palmer
ISBN-10 9781848946002
Release 2012-01-19
Pages 384
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'I'm not the girl men choose. I'm the girl who's charming and funny and then drives home alone wondering what she did wrong. I'm the girl who meets someone half-way decent and then fills in the gaps in his character with my own imagination, only to be shocked when he's not the man I thought he was. I'm the girl who hides who she really is...' Frannie has spent her life disguising who she really is for fear of falling short of other people's expectations. And when she meets her new boss, Frannie can't help but wish she was just a bit more like her. Because Emma has it all: the job, the lifestyle, the happy marriage... even the perfect dog. But everything is not as it seems. And Frannie's about to find out - in the hardest way possible - that chasing perfection isn't necessarily the route to the happy life that she's always imagined it to be.

The Problem with Perfect

The Problem with Perfect Author Bo Parrish
ISBN-10 9781490863641
Release 2015-05-06
Pages 122
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Why do we struggle with perfection when we know it’s not possible? The standard is beyond unreasonable, yet our actions suggest otherwise. The problem with perfection is that it paralyzes potential. We were created for a purpose that is inevitably imperfect. This book introduces readers to “The Path to Purpose,” a six-step process for discovering true meaning in life. The book is a step-by-step guide for finding purpose in the face of imperfection. Written for procrastinators, perfectionists, and people who are generally unsatisfied with the trajectory of life, this book gives readers: –A personal account of the results of chasing perfection. –Practical insight on shifting focus away from perfection to purpose. –Actionable steps for finding the courage to pursue passion and purpose. Life is too short for perfect, but absolutely essential for purpose!

Push Jump Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes

Push  Jump  Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes Author Joseph Kenn
ISBN-10 9781105572456
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Push Jump Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Push Jump Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Push Jump Punch A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes book for free.

Runnin Rebel

Runnin  Rebel Author Jerry Tarkanian
ISBN-10 1596700181
Release 2005-01
Pages 235
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Runnin' Rebel tells the full story behind Tarkanian's many battles with the NCAA, often brought on by his criticism of the organization's blatant hypocrisy; his penchant for giving players he recruited a second chance, and his willingness to forgive player indiscretions when he thought it was justified. While the NCAA looked the other way at other big-name coaches and programs, Tarkanian firmly believes they overly scrutinized him as a punishment for his words about them. Despite all that, his players loved him (including the 42 who were drafted by NBA teams), the fans faithfully cheered him, and some of his achievements in college basketball may never be matches. He offers an entertaining "tell-all" about his spectacular career.

The Heiress of Winterwood

The Heiress of Winterwood Author Sarah E. Ladd
ISBN-10 9781401688387
Release 2013-04-08
Pages 320
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Darbury, England, 1814 Amelia Barrett gave her word. Keeping it could cost her everything. Amelia Barrett, heiress to an estate nestled in the English moors, defies family expectations and promises to raise her dying friend’s baby. She’ll risk everything to keep her word—even to the point of proposing to the child’s father—a sea captain she’s never met. When the child vanishes with little more than an ominous ransom note hinting at her whereabouts, Amelia and Graham are driven to test the boundaries of their love for this little one. Amelia’s detailed plans would normally see her through any trial, but now, desperate and shaken, she’s forced to examine her soul and face her one weakness: pride. Graham’s strength and self-control have served him well and earned him much respect, but chasing perfection has kept him a prisoner of his own discipline. And away from the family he has sworn to love and protect. Both must learn to have faith and relinquish control so they can embrace the future ahead of them. “My kind of book! [It] grabbed my attention from the first lines and I eagerly returned to its pages.” —Julie Klassen, Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author “If you are a fan of Jane Austen and Jane Eyre, you will love Sarah E. Ladd's debut.” —