Christ Alone The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior

Christ Alone   The Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior Author Stephen Wellum
ISBN-10 9780310515753
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 352
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Historians and theologians alike have long recognized that at the heart of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation were five declarations (or “solas”) that distinguished the movement from other expressions of the Christian faith. Five hundred years later, we live in a different time with fresh challenges to our faith. Yet these rallying cries of the Reformation continue to speak to us, addressing a wide range of contemporary issues. The Five Solas series will help you understand the historical and biblical context of the five solas and how to live out the relevance of Reformation theology today. In Christ Alone, Stephen Wellum considers Christ’s singular uniqueness and significance biblically, historically, and today, in our pluralistic and postmodern age. He examines the historical roots of the doctrine, especially in the Reformation era, and then shows how the uniqueness of Christ has come under specific attack today. Then, he walks us through the storyline of Scripture, from Christ’s unique identity and work as prophet, priest, and king, to the application of his work to believers and our covenantal union with him to show that apart from Christ there is no salvation. Wellum shows that we must recover a robust biblical and theological doctrine of Christ’s person and work in the face of today’s challenges and explains why a fresh appraisal of the Reformation understanding of Christ alone is needed today.

Der Ursprung des Christentums Vollst ndige Ausgabe Band 1 bis 4

Der Ursprung des Christentums  Vollst  ndige Ausgabe  Band 1 bis 4 Author Karl Kautsky
ISBN-10 9788026841548
Release 2015-07-13
Pages 180
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Dieses eBook: "Der Ursprung des Christentums (Vollständige Ausgabe: Band 1 bis 4)" ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen. Karl Kautsky (1854-1938) war ein deutsch-tschechischer Philosoph und sozialdemokratischer Politiker. Kautskys Studienfächer Philosophie, Geschichte und Volkswirtschaftslehre waren bereits im Hinblick auf seine politischen Interessen hin ausgewählt worden. Unter anderem deshalb gelang es ihm bereits während seiner Studienzeit, unter dem Psydonym „Symmachos“ verfassten Artikeln zu einem der einflussreichsten Journalisten der sozialdemokratischen Presse zu werden. 1881 lernte er bei einer Reise nach London Karl Marx und Friedrich Engels kennen. 1883 gründete er die Zeitschrift Die Neue Zeit, deren Herausgeber und leitender Redakteur er bis 1917 blieb. Er schrieb politische und historische Studien und wurde zu einer Autorität auf dem Gebiet der Marx’schen Theorie. Inhalt: Die Persönlichkeit Jesu Die heidnischen Quellen Die christlichen Quellen Der Kampf um das Jesusbild Die Gesellschaft der römischen Kaiserzeit Die Sklavenwirtschaft Das Staatswesen Denken und Empfinden der römischen Kaiserzeit Das Judentum Israel Das Judentum seit dem Exil Die Anfänge des Christentums Die urchristliche Gemeinde Die christliche Messiasidee Judenchristen und Heidenchristen Die Passionsgeschichte Christi Die Entwicklung der Gemeindeorganisation Christentum und Sozialdemokratie

The Gagging of God

The Gagging of God Author D. A. Carson
ISBN-10 9780310830689
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 640
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The Gold Medallion Award-winning book that presents a persuasive case for Christ as the only way to God.Is Jesus the only way to God? This clear, critically-acclaimed, scholarly response to that question affirms the deep need for the Gospel’s exclusive message in today’s increasingly pluralistic global community. The Gagging of God offers an in-depth look at the big picture, shows how the many ramifications of pluralism are all parts of a whole, and then provides a systematic Christian response.

Vital Christology Issues

Vital Christology Issues Author Roy Zuck
ISBN-10 9781597526838
Release 2006-09-05
Pages 198
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Vital . . . pertaining to life; essential; of critical importance. Christology . . . the study of the person and work of Jesus Christ. Issues . . . a point or matter, the decision of which is of special or public importance. A dictionary can define the terms, but tackling the tough texts and difficult issues of church leadership requires skillful study and balanced reflection upon the whole of Scripture. Vital Christology Issues draws upon the insights and study of numerous evangelical scholars and writers to address crucial issues in Christology. Some of the chapters included are: The Ministry of Christ in His Life on Earth by John F. Walvoord The Temptation of Christ by S. Lewis Johnson Jr. The Savior's Sufferings in Life by Robert P. Lightner Christian readers, church leaders, and pastors will appreciate the helpful guidance of Vital Christology Issues.

Buddha und Christus heute

Buddha und Christus heute Author Thích-Nhất-Hạnh
ISBN-10 3442215234
Release 1999
Pages 221
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Buddha und Christus heute has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Buddha und Christus heute also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Buddha und Christus heute book for free.

The Hindu Connection

The Hindu Connection Author Victor A. R. Raj
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105016298379
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 240
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Explores philosophical and popular Hinduism and views of great Hindu minds in order to help Christians understand the fundamentals of Hinduism.

Luther witness to Jesus Christ

Luther  witness to Jesus Christ Author Marc Lienhard
ISBN-10 UOM:39015004966191
Release 1982
Pages 412
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Luther witness to Jesus Christ has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Luther witness to Jesus Christ also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Luther witness to Jesus Christ book for free.

Incarnation and Resurrection

Incarnation and Resurrection Author Paul D. Molnar
ISBN-10 9780802809988
Release 2007-06-15
Pages 418
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For too long contemporary theology has downplayed the importance of holding together the incarnation and the resurrection when thinking theologically. Paul Molnar here surveys the place of these key doctrines in the thought of several influential theologians: Karl Barth, Karl Rahner, Thomas F. Torrance, John Macquarrie, Gordon Kaufman, Sallie McFague, Roger Haight, John Hick, and Wolfhart Pannenberg. Molnar demonstrates that whenever the starting point for interpreting the resurrection is not Jesus himself, the incarnate Son of the Father, then Christology and Soteriology are undermined because they are not properly rooted in a plausible doctrine of the Trinity. Fair, comprehensive, and balanced, Molnar's analysis, following Torrance and Barth, highlights the details of contemporary theology of the resurrection linked to the incarnation and maintains the necessity of the incarnation in its intrinsic unity with the resurrection as the beginning, rather than the end, of Christology.

A Trinitarian Theology of Religions

A Trinitarian Theology of Religions Author Gerald R. McDermott
ISBN-10 9780199930883
Release 2014-04-17
Pages 352
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Named by the International Bulletin of Missionary Studies as an Outstanding Book of 2014 for Mission Studies Over the last four decades, evangelical scholars have shown growing interest in Christian debates over other religions, seeking answers to essential questions: How are we to think about and relate to other religions, be open to the Spirit, and at the same time remain evangelical and orthodox? Gerald R. McDermott and Harold A. Netland offer critiques of a variety of theologians and religious studies scholars, including evangelicals, but also challenge evangelicals to move beyond parochial positions. This volume is both a manifesto and a research program, critically evaluating the last forty years of Christian treatments of religious others and proposing a comprehensive direction for the future. It addresses issues relating to the religions in both systematic theology and missiology, taking up long-debated questions such as contextualization, salvation, revelation, the relationship between culture and religion, conversion, social action, and ecumenism. It concludes with responses from four leading thinkers of African, Asian, and European backgrounds: Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Vinoth Ramachandra, Lamin Sanneh, and Christine Schirrmacher.


Nachfolge Author Dietrich Bonhoeffer
ISBN-10 9783765573927
Release 2016-11-18
Pages 320
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"Billige Gnade ist der Todfeind unserer Kirche. Unser Kampf heute geht um die teure Gnade." Für Dietrich Bonhoeffer gibt es keinen lebendigen Glauben ohne Gehorsam. Seit seinem Studienaufenthalt in New York, wo er eine Hinwendung zu einem persönlichen Christusglauben erlebte, sind seine Theologie und Spiritualität geprägt von der Sehnsucht, die Anweisungen der Bergpredigt wörtlich zu nehmen. Die Nachfolge, wie sie die Bergpredigt fordert, zur Mitte und zum Motor seiner Theologie und seines Lebens geworden. Wichtigstes Dokument dieses Strebens ist sein Buch "Nachfolge", eine Auslegung der Bergpredigt, die damals wie heute inspiriert, Jesus zu folgen. Die Einführung von Peter Zimmerling erläutert die Hintergründe des 1937 erstmals erschienenen Buches und zeigt, dass Bonhoeffer Leiter eines Predigerseminars der Bekennenden Kirche wurde, weil ihm damit ein Experimentierfeld zur praktischen Umsetzung seiner Gedanken zur Nachfolge zur Verfügung stand.

Jesus von Nazareth

Jesus von Nazareth Author Benedikt XVI. (Papst)
ISBN-10 3451067196
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 176
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Jesus von Nazareth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Jesus von Nazareth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Jesus von Nazareth book for free.

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed

Can Christians Be Demon Possessed Author Joseph R. Ponds Jr
ISBN-10 9781597815635
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 88
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Can Christians Be Demon Possessed has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Can Christians Be Demon Possessed also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Can Christians Be Demon Possessed book for free.

The Christian Understanding of History

The Christian Understanding of History Author Eric Charles Rust
ISBN-10 0227171195
Release 2002
Pages 306
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In a scientific age we are becoming historically conscious and realising how many of our contemporary problems cannot be solved without an understanding of their historical perspective. The author explains here how the conception of world-history is routed in Christianity and how biblical examination can help to explain our history.

Warum Gott

Warum Gott Author Timothy Keller
ISBN-10 9783765570377
Release 2011-08-18
Pages 336
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Warum Gott? Ist es heute noch vernünftig zu glauben? Ist der Glaube nicht irrelevant, ohne Antworten auf die drängenden Fragen der Zeit? Hat die Wissenschaft nicht den Glauben an Gott längst widerlegt? Mächtige Fragen an den Allmächtigen! Tim Keller findet Antworten, die nicht nur den Zweifler nachdenklich werden lassen. Und er nennt gute Gründe für den Glauben.


Justification Author Carl E. Braaten
ISBN-10 UOM:39015017923783
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 191
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In Part I, Braaten assesses Luther's view of justification and its subsequent interpretation by orthodoxy, by Calvin, by Ritschl and Harnack, by Tillich, and by Barth. In Part II, the discussion turns to ecumenical dialogues on justification and the relation of the doctrine to evangelization, to the distinction between law and gospel, to pastoral care, and to the church's involvement in secular issues. Always lucid, often challenging, this book will stimulate thought and discussion beyond confessional lines.

Das Thomas Evangelium

Das Thomas Evangelium Author Reinhard Nordsieck
ISBN-10 3788718676
Release 2004-01
Pages 401
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Der vorliegende Kommentar des 1945 in Nag Hammadi entdeckten Thomas-Evangeliums besteht aus einer Einleitung, Kriterien für die Erforschung des historischen Jesus sowie einer ausführlichen Kommentierung aller 114 Logien des Thomas-Evangeliums. Er tritt der Behauptung einer gnostischen Herkunft der Logien entgegen und widerspricht auch der Abhängigkeit des Thomas-Evangeliums von den Synoptikern oder auch dem Johannes-Evangelium. Das Thomas-Evangelium enthält vielmehr gegenüber den Synoptikern und dem Johannes-Evangelium selbstständige Traditionen und gehört in den Raum eines frühen Judenchristentums.

Uniqueness of jesus

Uniqueness of jesus Author Bright Bill
ISBN-10 091895603X
Release 1983
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Uniqueness of jesus has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Uniqueness of jesus also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Uniqueness of jesus book for free.