Co Active Coaching

Co Active Coaching Author Henry Kimsey-House
ISBN-10 9781857889062
Release 2011-08-05
Pages 206
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When Co-Active Coaching was first released in 1998, this pioneering work set the stage for what has become a cultural and business phenomenon and helped launch the profession of coaching. Published in more than ten languages now, this book has been used as the definitive resource in dozens of corporate, professional development and university-based coaching programs as well as by thousands of individuals looking to elevate their communication, relationship and coaching skills. This fully revised third edition of Co-Active Coaching has been updated to reflect the expanded vision of the newly up.

Co active Coaching

Co active Coaching Author Laura Whitworth
ISBN-10 0891061983
Release 2007
Pages 312
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Coaching is an integral part of people management in many organisations and this book, packed with techniques and examples, exercises, questionnaires and checklists plus a CD with sample audio coaching sessions, will help you put the co-active coaching model into practice.

Co Active Coaching

Co Active Coaching Author Phil Sandahl
ISBN-10 8172247931
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 266
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Co-Active Coaching offers a new model of practice for coaches as well as for those who want to integrate coaching into their consulting practice. It describes the principles, the components and the techniques of co-active coaching and examines the skills

Alana Fischer Personal Co Active Coach and Comedian

Alana Fischer  Personal Co Active Coach and Comedian Author Ronald Russell
ISBN-10 1367112494
Release 2016-10-05
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Biography of Alana Fischer, currently Vision Coach at Socratic Method Coach, previously Comedian at Self-Employed and Recruitment Specialist at Diversified Staffing Services Ltd.

The Relationship Between Co Active Coaching Techniques and Client Resistance in Mandatory Contexts at a Christian Healthcare Organization

The Relationship Between Co Active Coaching Techniques and Client Resistance in Mandatory Contexts at a Christian Healthcare Organization Author J. Matthew Brock
ISBN-10 1249902754
Release 2012-10
Pages 366
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Co Active Leadership

Co Active Leadership Author Karen Kimsey-House
ISBN-10 9781626564589
Release 2015-09-21
Pages 128
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A Multidimensional Approach to Leadership Top-down, one-dimensional leadership models are hopelessly outmoded in today's rapidly changing world, and they waste the leadership ability that is present throughout an organization. In this visionary book, Karen and Henry Kimsey-House provide a model that harnesses the possibility of many rather than relying on the power of one. Their revolutionary five-dimensional approach recognizes that leadership has to be fluid and flexible and that the roles leaders and followers play must shift to suit the situation. Co-Active Leadership invites all of us to share our expertise and allows collaborative solutions to emerge that would never have been possible otherwise.

The Happy Place

The Happy Place Author Nancy Milton
ISBN-10 9781469791722
Release 2012-03-22
Pages 202
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Pulling from Co-active Coaching principles and exercises, The Happy Place offers a blueprint for living a life connected to your true values. Through shared real life stories & experiences, you’ll embark on a journey of re-engaging with what’s important to you while going through a series of “a-ha!” and “I just got found out!” moments. Nancy opens the flood gates to taking charge of your life with her heart-felt, around-the-table writing style. An essential workbook for individuals looking for personal and professional growth. It’s worth the ride. You are worth it too! "The Happy Place is a powerful journey of self-discovery. Nancy's heartfelt and endearing vulnerability creates a safe, humorous and insightful guide to help uncover your life’s purpose and the tools to achieving your true potential. Life changing - a must read!" Tracy Vincze, Master Organizer Hoss Headwear “This book is a guided tour into discovering the who you were created to be. This is a must read for anyone who feels like they are on the hamster wheel of life, going and going and not getting anywhere. Through this book you will be awakened to things you never thought possible and to step into the happy place of living and experiencing life Lynette Cox Maryland, Virginia USA

Coaching Performing and Thinking

Coaching  Performing and Thinking Author Brian Groves
ISBN-10 9788867801008
Release 2014-04-03
Pages 147
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Coaching Performing and Thinking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Coaching Performing and Thinking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Coaching Performing and Thinking book for free.


Integration Author Ann Betz
ISBN-10 9781782798668
Release 2015-07-31
Pages 188
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We live in a world of both profound separation and deep longing for connection. Betz and Kimsey-House explore not only the historical and spiritual history of our disconnection and its cost to individual and societal well-being, but also provide a compelling, neuroscience-based argument for how to make the next “great turning” of human development: becoming more integrated human beings. They invite you to accompany them through a road map to integration by exploring in detail the Co-Active model, originally used by coaches, but with practical application to business, parents, teachers, and anyone with a desire to be more effective, connected, and whole. Richly illustrated with true stories of integration in action, as well as current research in neuroscience, this book provides a guide to reaching our full potential within ourselves, with each other, in groups and organizations and with society at large.

Challenging Coaching

Challenging Coaching Author John Blakey
ISBN-10 9781857889505
Release 2012-03-14
Pages 272
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A real-world, timely, and provocative book which provides a wakeup call to move beyond the limitations of traditional coaching

The Mindful Coach

The Mindful Coach Author Doug Silsbee
ISBN-10 9780470579619
Release 2010-01-21
Pages 288
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Praise for The Mindful Coach "Success in business is predicated on eliciting the best from people. The Mindful Coach clearly articulates the essentials of how to do this. As someone who believes deeply in the potential of all people, I found Silsbee's approach both practical and profound. This is a must-read for everyone concerned with people and learning."—Arthur M. Blank, philanthropist; cofounder, The Home Depot; and owner and CEO, Atlanta Falcons "The Mindful Coach is not just another coaching model. It is a frame of reference for anyone involved in developing people. This highly readable book should serve as a reference for anyone genuinely concerned about helping others. It has had a significant impact on the way I approach coaching and developing others."—James N. Bassett, M.E?d., employee development, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations "The Mindful Coach digs deeply, offering a lens and structure for understanding the intimate and necessary connection between relationships and human development. No other skill set, knowledge, or awareness is more important to educators, leaders, and managers than what is presented in this precious volume."—Robert C. Pianta, Ph.D., dean, Curry School of Education, University of ?Virginia "This revised edition provides the structure for presence, through which new solutions become available. This book itself is a practice in the art of 'becoming,' while providing a clear action framework for powerfully engaging others with their own development. Silsbee has provided a gift to leaders, teachers, and coaches!"—Connie Maltbie-Shulas, manager, V-22 Training Systems, Boeing "This book has broad appeal not only for coaches, but also for managers, executives, and consultants. Leaders of all kinds can benefit from Silsbee's clear and caring process for bringing out the best in people. This is a must-read book for anyone who wants to jump-start themselves and others on their journey to their potential."—Diana Whitney, Ph.D., author, The Power of Appreciative Inquiry "This is the guide for leaders committed to helping others learn. The seven roles will help any leader facilitate more meaningful development conversations. This new edition engaged me instantly, with immediate applications in key relationships."—Darelyn "DJ" Mitsch, MCC, president, The Pyramid Resource Group; former president, The International Coach Federation

Self Determination

Self Determination Author Michael L. Wehmeyer
ISBN-10 9781452293431
Release 2007-01-04
Pages 208
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This teacher-friendly guide presents research-proven instructional techniques that empower students with disabilities to become their own advocates and use effective choice-making, problem-solving, and goal-setting skills.

Meetings in Mokassins

Meetings in Mokassins Author Barbara Wittmann
ISBN-10 9783658012885
Release 2013-09-16
Pages 158
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Währungs- und Wirtschaftssysteme wackeln, althergebrachte Strukturen scheitern und selbst große, früher als „sicher“ geltende Unternehmen schließen oder entlassen scharenweise ihre Mitarbeiter. Wie geht es weiter? Wie meistern Manager die Herausforderungen unserer Zeit – personell und persönlich? Und welchen Beitrag muss jeder einzelne Mitarbeiter bringen, um gesund und leistungsstark zu sein und zum dauerhaften Erfolg seines Unternehmens beizutragen? In der archaischen Figur des Häuptlings und seines Stamms liegt eine Metapher, die moderne Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter auf sich übertragen können: Was macht einen Häuptling aus? Welche Riten durchläuft er, um zur echten Führungskraft heranzureifen? Welche Werte lebt er, um in Krisen nachhaltig Frieden zu stiften? Und wie entsteht ein harmonischer, kraftvoller Stamm, in dem jedes Mitglied genügend Raum für seine persönliche Vision und Seelenreife hat? Darum geht es in diesem Buch. ​

Coaching for High Performance

Coaching for High Performance Author Sarah Cook
ISBN-10 1849280037
Release 2009
Pages 127
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Coaching for High Performance emphasises that coaching is a tool which can be used at any time and in any place, via telephone, e-mail and face to face. Coaching is a forward-focused and goal-oriented tool to unlock potential. It can also help you resolve issues with colleagues, key stakeholders or even your boss. It encourages self-discovery and awareness of self and others. By adopting a coaching approach, you are more likely to achieve high levels of both employee engagement and customer satisfaction. You can even use the practical techniques on your family, friends and yourself!

Heart s Work

Heart s Work Author April Johnson
ISBN-10 9781257205134
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Heart s Work has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Heart s Work also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Heart s Work book for free.

Advising in Language Learning

Advising in Language Learning Author Jo Mynard
ISBN-10 9781317860693
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 328
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Advising in Language Learning (ALL) brings together examples of advising practice and research from various international contexts in a fast-developing field. A theoretical model based on constructivism and sociocultural theory (the “Dialogue, Tools and Context Model”) is proposed and supported thoughout the book, as each of the contributions focuses on one or more areas of the model. In this volume the editors set out the general aims and understandings of the field, illustrating the innovative manner in which advisors around the world are working with learners and researching the practice of ALL.

Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits

Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits Author Peg Dawson
ISBN-10 9781462503759
Release 2012
Pages 240
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This practical manual presents an evidence-based coaching model for helping students whose academic performance is suffering due to deficits in executive skills, including time and task management, planning, organization, impulse control, and emotional regulation. In just a few minutes a day, coaches can provide crucial support and instruction tailored to individual students' needs. From leading experts, the book provides detailed guidelines for incorporating coaching into a response-to-intervention framework, identifying students who can benefit, conducting each session, and monitoring progress. Special topics include how to implement a classwide peer coaching program. More than three dozen reproducible assessment tools, forms, and handouts are featured; the large-size format and lay-flat binding facilitate photocopying. Purchasers also get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials. This book is in The Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools Series.