The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking

The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking Author Gaku Homma
ISBN-10 1556430981
Release 1991
Pages 276
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Those who love Japanese food know there is more to it than sukiyaki, tempura, and sushi. A variety of miso-based soups, one-pot cooking (nabemono), and vegetable side dishes with sweet vinegar dressing (sunomono) are just a few of the traditional dishes that are attracting many interested in Asian cooking. Homma presents an intriguing mixture of Japanese country cooking, folk tradition, and memories of growing up in Japan. Cooking methods include techniques for chopping vegetables, making udon and soba noodles, making tofu and using various tofu products, and making rich soup stocks. This is a book to use and treasure for its traditional Japanese cooking methods.

The Country Cooking of Ireland

The Country Cooking of Ireland Author Colman Andrews
ISBN-10 9781452124056
Release 2012-12-21
Pages 392
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In The Country Cooking of Ireland, internationally acclaimed food and travel writer Colman Andrews brings to life the people, countryside, and delicious food of Ireland. Fast emerging as one of the world's hottest culinary destinations, Ireland is a country of artisanal bakers, farmers, cheese makers, and butteries, where farm-to-table dining has been practiced for centuries. Meticulously researched and reported, this sumptuous cookbook includes 250 recipes and more than 100 photographs of the pubs, the people, and the emerald Irish countryside taken by award-winning photographer Christopher Hirsheimer. Rich with stories of the food and people who make Ireland a wonderful place to eat, and laced with charming snippets of song, folklore, and poetry, The Country Cooking of Ireland ushers in a new understanding of Irish food.

Country Cooking of Italy

Country Cooking of Italy Author Colman Andrews
ISBN-10 9781452123929
Release 2012-12-14
Pages 392
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Following the success of their 2010 James Beard Foundation Best Cookbook of the Year, The Country Cooking of Ireland, Colman Andrews and Christopher Hirsheimer achieve the formidable feat of illuminating the world's most beloved cuisine in an entirely new light. Drawing on more than 40 years of experience traveling and eating in Italy, Andrews explores every region, from Piedmont to Puglia, and provides the fascinating origins of dishes both familiar and unexpected. This gloriously photographed keepsake depicts an ingredient-focused culture deeply rooted in rural traditions, in which even the most sophisticated dishes derive from more basic fare. With 230 sumptuous recipes highlighting the abundant flavors of the land, all set against the backdrop of Andrews' vivid storytelling and Hirsheimer's evocative images, this luxe book is sure to delight home chefs and lovers of Italian food alike.

The Country Cooking of France

The Country Cooking of France Author Anne Willan
ISBN-10 9781452107677
Release 2012-03-23
Pages 392
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Renowned for her cooking school in France and her many best-selling cookbooks, Anne Willan combines years of hands-on experience with extensive research to create a brand new classic. More than 250 recipes range from the time-honored La Truffade, with its crispy potatoes and melted cheese, to the Languedoc specialty Cassoulet de Toulouse, a bean casserole of duck confit, sausage, and lamb. And the desserts! Crêpes au Caramel et Beurre Sal (crêpes with a luscious caramel filling) and Galette Landaise (a rustic apple tart) are magnifique. Sprinkled with intriguing historical tidbits and filled with more than 270 enchanting photos of food markets, villages, harbors, fields, and country kitchens, this cookbook is an irresistible celebration of French culinary culture.

French Country Cooking

French Country Cooking Author Mimi Thorisson
ISBN-10 9780553459593
Release 2016-10-25
Pages 336
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A captivating journey to off-the-beaten-path French wine country with 100 simple yet exquisite recipes, 150 sumptuous photographs, and stories inspired by life in a small village “Francophiles, this book is pure Gallic food porn.” —The Wall Street Journal Readers everywhere fell in love with Mimi Thorisson, her family, and their band of smooth fox terriers through her blog, Manger, and debut cookbook, A Kitchen in France. In French Country Cooking, the family moves to an abandoned old château in Médoc. While shopping for local ingredients, cooking, and renovating the house, Mimi meets the farmers and artisans who populate the village and learns about the former owner of the house, an accomplished local cook. Here are recipes inspired by this eccentric cast of characters, including White Asparagus Soufflé, Wine Harvest Pot au Feu, Endives with Ham, and Salted Butter Chocolate Cake. Featuring evocative photographs taken by Mimi’s husband, Oddur Thorisson, and illustrated endpapers, this cookbook is a charming jaunt to an untouched corner of France that has thus far eluded the spotlight. — Los Angeles Times: Best Cookbooks of Fall 2016

Country Cooking

Country Cooking Author Helen Hale
ISBN-10 UVA:X001055530
Release 1985
Pages 112
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Having spent a lifetime living & working in rural West Virginia, Helen Hale is an authority on down-home cooking. Country Cooking contains her original recipes for fixing conventional meats & vegetables sprinkled with sensible methods for preparing wild plants & game. Her special dishes like venison pepper steak are one of the highlights of Nature Wonder Weekend held each year at North Bend State Park in West Virginia.

The Taste of Country Cooking

The Taste of Country Cooking Author Edna Lewis
ISBN-10 9780307761828
Release 2012-06-27
Pages 304
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In recipes and reminiscences equally delicious, Edna Lewis celebrates the uniquely American country cooking she grew up with some fifty years ago in a small Virginia Piedmont farming community that had been settled by freed slaves. With menus for the four seasons, she shares the ways her family prepared and enjoyed food, savoring the delights of each special time of year: • The fresh taste of spring—the first shad, wild mushrooms, garden strawberries, field greens and salads . . . honey from woodland bees . . . a ring mold of chicken with wild mushroom sauce . . . the treat of braised mutton after sheepshearing. • The feasts of summer—garden-ripe vegetables and fruits relished at the peak of flavor . . . pan-fried chicken, sage-flavored pork tenderloin, spicy baked tomatoes, corn pudding, fresh blackberry cobbler, and more, for hungry neighbors on Wheat-Threshing Day . . . Sunday Revival, the event of the year, when Edna’s mother would pack up as many as fifteen dishes (what with her pickles and breads and pies) to be spread out on linen-covered picnic tables under the church’s shady oaks . . . hot afternoons cooled with a bowl of crushed peaches or hand-cranked custard ice cream. • The harvest of fall—a fine dinner of baked country ham, roasted newly dug sweet potatoes, and warm apple pie after a day of corn-shucking . . . the hunting season, with the deliciously “different” taste of game fattened on hickory nuts and persimmons . . . hog-butchering time and the making of sausages and liver pudding . . . and Emancipation Day with its rich and generous thanksgiving dinner. • The hearty fare of winter—holiday time, the sideboard laden with all the special foods of Christmas for company dropping by . . . the cold months warmed by stews, soups, and baked beans cooked in a hearth oven to be eaten with hot crusty bread before the fire. The scores of recipes for these marvelous dishes are set down in loving detail. We come to understand the values that formed the remarkable woman—her love of nature, the pleasure of living with the seasons, the sense of community, the satisfactory feeling that hard work was always rewarded by her mother’s good food. Having made us yearn for all the good meals she describes in her memories of a lost time in America, Edna Lewis shows us precisely how to recover, in our own country or city or suburban kitchens, the taste of the fresh, good, natural country cooking that was so happy a part of her girlhood in Freetown, Virginia.

Irish Country Cooking

Irish Country Cooking Author Ethel Minogue
ISBN-10 0785805044
Release 1995-06-01
Pages 48
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Irish Country Cooking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Irish Country Cooking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Irish Country Cooking book for free.

Country Cooking

Country Cooking Author Essentials Cook's
ISBN-10 1842150065
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 64
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Packed with over 30 recipes, these guides have clear and easy-to-follow instructions, complemented by over 100 colour step-by-step photographs. These books will appeal to cooks everywhere, from novice to expert.

Dori Sanders Country Cooking

Dori Sanders  Country Cooking Author Dori Sanders
ISBN-10 9781565127265
Release 2003-04-11
Pages 240
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Here is a book as delightful to read as it is to cook from. Dori Sanders' recipes include not only new interpretations of old-time favorites such as Spoon Bread, Chicken and Dumplings, Corn Bread, and Buttermilk Biscuits, but also her "Cooking for Northerners"--original dishes such as Winter Greens Parmesan, Roasted Mild Peppers, Fresh Vegetable Stew--and, of course, great recipes for peaches. A Literary Guild and a Rodale Press Book Club selection.

French Country Cooking

French Country Cooking Author Elizabeth David
ISBN-10 9781405917353
Release 2013-12-06
Pages 208
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French Country Cooking - first published in 1951 - is filled with Elizabeth David's authentic recipes drawn from across the regions of France. 'Her books are stunningly well written ... full of history and anecdote' Observer Showing how each area has a particular and unique flavour for its foods, derived as they are from local ingredients, Elizabeth David explores the astonishing diversity of French cuisine. Her recipes range from the primitive pheasant soup of the Basque country to the refined Burgundian dish of hare with cream sauce and chestnut puree. French Country Cooking is Elizabeth David's rich and enticing cookbook that will delight and inspire cooks everywhere. Elizabeth David (1913-1992) is the woman who changed the face of British cooking. Having travelled widely during the Second World War, she introduced post-war Britain to the sun-drenched delights of the Mediterranean and her recipes brought new flavours and aromas into kitchens across Britain. After her classic first book Mediterranean Food followed more bestsellers, including French Country Cooking, Summer Cooking, French Provincial Cooking, Italian Food, Elizabeth David's Christmas and At Elizabeth David's Table.

Country cooking

Country cooking Author Jacki Pan-Passmore
ISBN-10 086411155X
Release 1990-08-01
Pages 64
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Country cooking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Country cooking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Country cooking book for free.

Country Cooking

Country Cooking Author Donald G. Lewis
ISBN-10 9781626367777
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 192
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Donald G. Lewis’s love of food began with his roots. He remembers picking berries for his mother to prepare special cobbler, and his grandmother churning butter while he sat on her porch swing. His love of those tastes led him to a career creating gourmet creations for customers locally in Texas and nationwide. His recipes re?ect a sensibility that is time-tested, a love of fresh ingredients, and a creative spirit that allows him to add modern taste to traditional down-home ?avor. Featuring recipes for every course of the meal, with an emphasis on spectacular desserts, Country Cooking brings the tastes of country to your table and will have your loved ones asking for them again and again.

Perfect Italian Country Cooking

Perfect Italian Country Cooking Author Anne Willan
ISBN-10 0789419998
Release 1997
Pages 127
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Step-by-step instructions and photographs, preparation tips, and illustrated lists of ingredients and equipment accompany a collection of regional Italian recipes

East Texas Country Cooking

East Texas Country Cooking Author Winfred Williams
ISBN-10 9781543414004
Release 2017-04-17
Pages 202
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The East Texas cooking started as I know as early as in the early 1960s when people had cafés and juke joints, as they called them back then, and people made chicken and fried pork chop sandwiches and you could smell them cooking from as far as a mile away when you were in the country. There was nothing like that kind of cooking. I remember when Madear used to cook and sell food and people would drive miles just to get her cooking. I would just watch them as they were eating. It’s seems to have brought a joy to the spirit. Them telling her how great the food was is what made me find joy in cooking, knowing that if you put your heart and soul into cooking, people will love it. Maybe that’s why they call it soul food because you put your heart and soul into it. People everywhere heard about Little Mary’s fried chicken, and as she was cooking singing her spiritual songs in her own way, I guess she blessed it as she cooked it. Now I find that same joy in cooking.

Southern Country Cooking from the Loveless Cafe

Southern Country Cooking from the Loveless Cafe Author Michael Stern
ISBN-10 9781418557928
Release 2005-04-02
Pages 224
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Beginning as a party house in the forties, the then private home had one of the largest hardwood living room floors around, perfect for dancing the night away. In the fifties it was known as the Harpeth Valley Tea Room owned by Lon and Annie Loveless. In 1951 it became the Loveless Cafe and in the seventies and eighties "the modest roadside eatery that once had been Nashille's secret went national. Discovered by food writers . . . the Loveless found itself recognized as a precious cultural institution." As fast food gained popularity travelers were looing for old-fashioned country cookin'. The Loveless Cafe is like stepping back in time, where the biscuits and jams are made from scratch and the pork is cooked until the meat falls off the bone. It's an institution in Nashville and a favorite destination of celebrities and locals alike. The Loveless offers an authentic experience that reminds people of their childhood and of great southern traditions. "One of the five 'Best Places in America for Breakfast.'" ?CBS This Morning "If you want to taste the best country cooking anywhere, you just need to go to my favorite restaurant, The Loveless Cafe. Everything they serve is great. I guarantee it! Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit." ?George Jones "Loveless Restaurant, the real McCoy of Southern cooking." ?USA Today

Country cooking

Country cooking Author Pillsbury Company
ISBN-10 0824100476
Release 1994
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Country cooking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Country cooking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Country cooking book for free.