Critique of Black Reason

Critique of Black Reason Author Achille Mbembe
ISBN-10 0822363321
Release 2017-03-10
Pages 240
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Eminent critic Achille Mbembe reevaluates history and racism, offering a capacious genealogy of the category of Blackness from the Atlantic slave trade to the present to show how the conjoining of the biological fiction of race with definitions of Blackness have been and continue to be used to uphold oppression."

Critique of Black Reason

Critique of Black Reason Author Achille Mbembe
ISBN-10 9780822373230
Release 2017-02-17
Pages 240
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In Critique of Black Reason eminent critic Achille Mbembe offers a capacious genealogy of the category of Blackness—from the Atlantic slave trade to the present—to critically reevaluate history, racism, and the future of humanity. Mbembe teases out the intellectual consequences of the reality that Europe is no longer the world's center of gravity while mapping the relations among colonialism, slavery, and contemporary financial and extractive capital. Tracing the conjunction of Blackness with the biological fiction of race, he theorizes Black reason as the collection of discourses and practices that equated Blackness with the nonhuman in order to uphold forms of oppression. Mbembe powerfully argues that this equation of Blackness with the nonhuman will serve as the template for all new forms of exclusion. With Critique of Black Reason, Mbembe offers nothing less than a map of the world as it has been constituted through colonialism and racial thinking while providing the first glimpses of a more just future.

Critique of Black Reason

Critique of Black Reason Author Achille Mbembe
ISBN-10 0822363437
Release 2017-03-10
Pages 240
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Eminent critic Achille Mbembe reevaluates history and racism, offering a capacious genealogy of the category of Blackness from the Atlantic slave trade to the present to show how the conjoining of the biological fiction of race with definitions of Blackness have been and continue to be used to uphold oppression."

A Critique of Postcolonial Reason

A Critique of Postcolonial Reason Author Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
ISBN-10 9780674504172
Release 1999-06-28
Pages 463
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Are the "culture wars" over? When did they begin? What is their relationship to gender struggle and the dynamics of class? In her first full treatment of postcolonial studies, a field that she helped define, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, one of the world's foremost literary theorists, poses these questions from within the postcolonial enclave.

The Arguments of Kant s Critique of Pure Reason

The Arguments of Kant s Critique of Pure Reason Author Bryan Hall
ISBN-10 9780739141670
Release 2010-12-27
Pages 242
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The importance of Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason in the history of philosophy is matched only by its difficulty. In particular, readers are often frustrated by how difficult it is to extract Kant's arguments from his dense prose. This book reconstructs, using the tools of propositional logic, the central arguments of the Critique. In all, the book reconstructs thirty-six of Kant's arguments spanning the Transcendental Aesthetic, Transcendental Analytic, and Transcendental Dialectic. For each argument, they begin with a quote from Kant's text followed by a synopsis that explains the argument informally. Finally, each synopsis is followed by a formal reconstruction of the argument. The synopses offer examples, metaphors, historical background, and objections/responses to aid the reader in appreciating Kant's arguments. Even though many readers who approach Kant for the first time have a good philosophical vocabulary, few will understand Kant's unique lexicon. In addition to formally reconstructing Kant's arguments, the book also includes a glossary that defines the technical terms that Kant uses in his arguments. Finally, since this book is directed largely at students, Bryan Hall enlisted two of his own students to ensure that the book is maximally student friendly. In contrast to most pedagogical philosophical literature, the content of this book has been tailored by students for students.

Black Rights White Wrongs

Black Rights White Wrongs Author Charles W. Mills
ISBN-10 9780190245429
Release 2017-03-29
Pages 304
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Liberalism is the political philosophy of equal persons - yet liberalism has denied equality to those it saw as sub-persons. Liberalism is the creed of fairness - yet liberalism has been complicit with European imperialism and African slavery. Liberalism is the classic ideology of Enlightenment and political transparency - yet liberalism has cast a dark veil over its actual racist past and present. In sum, liberalism's promise of equal rights has historically been denied to blacks and other people of color. In Black Rights/White Wrongs: The Critique of Racial Liberalism, political philosopher Charles Mills challenges mainstream accounts that ignore this history and its current legacy in self-conceivedly liberal polities today. Mills argues that rather than bracket as an anomaly the role of racism in the development of liberal theory, we should see it as shaping that theory in fundamental ways. As feminists have urged us to see the dominant form of liberalism as a patriarchal liberalism, so too Mills suggests we should see it as a racialized liberalism. It is unsurprising, then, if contemporary liberalism has yet to deliver on the recognition of black rights and the correction of white wrongs. These essays look at racial liberalism, past and present: "white ignorance" as a guilty ignoring of social reality that facilitates white racial domination; Immanuel Kant's role as the most important liberal theorist of both personhood and sub-personhood; the centrality of racial exploitation in the United States; and the evasion of white supremacy in John Rawls's "ideal theory" framing of social justice and in the work of most other contemporary white political philosophers. Nonetheless, Mills still believes that a deracialized liberalism is both possible and desirable. He concludes by calling on progressives to "Occupy liberalism!" and develop accordingly a radical liberalism aimed at achieving racial justice.

Critique of Instrumental Reason

Critique of Instrumental Reason Author Max Horkheimer
ISBN-10 9781781680353
Release 2014-09-24
Pages 180
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These essays, written between 1949 and 1967, focus on a single theme: the triumph in the twentieth century of the state-bureaucratic apparatus and ‘instrumental reason’ and the concomitant liquidation of the individual and the basic social institutions and relationships associated with the individual. From the Trade Paperback edition.

On the Postcolony

On the Postcolony Author J.-A. Mbembé
ISBN-10 0520204352
Release 2001
Pages 274
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Refreshing a stale debate about power in the postcolonial state, this book addresses a topic debated across the humanities and social sciences: how to define, discuss, and address power and the subjective experience of ordinary people in the face of power?

Foucault s Futures

Foucault s Futures Author Penelope Deutscher
ISBN-10 9780231544559
Release 2017-03-14
Pages 304
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Kant s Critique of Pure Reason

Kant s  Critique of Pure Reason Author James Luchte
ISBN-10 9780826493217
Release 2007-07-24
Pages 192
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An essential addition to the Reader's Guides series, Luchte offers the ideal companion to study this most influential of texts.

Plato s Critique of Impure Reason

Plato s Critique of Impure Reason Author D. C. Schindler
ISBN-10 9780813215341
Release 2008
Pages 358
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Plato's Critique of Impure Reason offers a dramatic interpretation of the Republic, at the center of which lies a novel reading of the historical person of Socrates as the "real image" of the good

Critique of Dialectical Reason Theory of practical ensembles

Critique of Dialectical Reason  Theory of practical ensembles Author Jean-Paul Sartre
ISBN-10 1859844855
Release 2004
Pages 835
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Volume One of Sartre's intellectual masterpiece, introduced by Fredric Jameson.

Blackpentecostal Breath

Blackpentecostal Breath Author Ashon T. Crawley
ISBN-10 9780823274543
Release 2016-10-03
Pages 272
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In this profoundly innovative book, Ashon T. Crawley engages a wide range of critical paradigms from black studies, queer theory, and sound studies to theology, continental philosophy, and performance studies to theorize the ways in which alternative or GÇ£otherwiseGÇ¥ modes of existence can serve as disruptions against the marginalization of and violence against minoritarian lifeworlds and possibilities for flourishing.Examining the whooping, shouting, noise-making, and speaking in tongues of Black PentecostalismGÇöa multi-racial, multi-class, multi-national Christian sect with one strand of its modern genesis in 1906 Los AngelesGÇöBlackpentecostal Breath reveals how these aesthetic practices allow for the emergence of alternative modes of social organization. As Crawley deftly reveals, these choreographic, sonic, and visual practices and the sensual experiences they create are not only important for imagining what Crawley identifies as GÇ£otherwise worlds of possibility,GÇ¥ they also yield a general hermeneutics, a methodology for reading culture in an era when such expressions are increasingly under siege.

A Commentary to Kant s Critique of the pure reason

A Commentary to Kant s  Critique of the pure reason Author Norman Kemp Smith
ISBN-10 9781465583147
Release 1979
Pages 651
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A Commentary to Kant s Critique of the pure reason has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Commentary to Kant s Critique of the pure reason also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Commentary to Kant s Critique of the pure reason book for free.

Scenes of Subjection

Scenes of Subjection Author Saidiya V. Hartman
ISBN-10 0195089839
Release 1997
Pages 281
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In the tradition of Eric Lott's award-winning Love and Theft, Hartman's new book shows how the violence of captivity and enslavement was embodied in many of the performance practices that grew from, and about, slave culture in antebellum America. Using tools from anthropology and history as well as literary criticism, she examines a wealth of material, including songs, dance, stories, diaries, narratives, and journals to provide new insights into a range of issues. She looks particularlyat the presentations of slavery and blackness in minstrelsy, melodrama, and the sentimental novel; the disparity between actual slave culture and "managed" plantation amusements; the construction of slave culture in nineteenth-century ethnographic writing; the rhetorical performance of slave law and slave narratives; the dimension of slave performance practice; and the political consciousness of folklore. Particularly provocative is her analysis of the slave pen and auction block, which transmogrified terror into theatre, and her reading of the rhetoric of seduction in slavery law and legal cases concerning rape. Persuasively showing that the exercise of power is inseparable from its display, Scenes of Subjection will interest readers involved in a wide range of historical, literary, and cultural studies.

Black Like Me

Black Like Me Author John Howard Griffin
ISBN-10 9780930324728
Release 2004
Pages 239
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Publisher's description: Studs Terkel tells us in his Foreword to the definitive Griffin Estate Edition of Black Like Me: "This is a contemporary book, you bet." Indeed, Black Like Me remains required reading in thousands of high schools and colleges forthis very reason. Regardless of how much progress has been made in eliminating outright racism from American life, Black Like Me endures as a great human--and humanitarian--document. In our era, when "international" terrorism is most often defined in terms of a single ethnic designation and a single religion, we need to be reminded that America has been blinded by fear and racial intolerance before. As John Lennon wrote, "Living is easy with eyes closed." Black Like Me is the story of a man who opened his eyes, and helped an entire nation to do likewise.

Critique of Cynical Reason

Critique of Cynical Reason Author Peter Sloterdijk
ISBN-10 0816615861
Release 1987
Pages 558
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Upon its publication in Germany in 1983, this author's book stirred both critical acclaim and consternation, attracting a wide readership. He finds cynicism the dominant mode in contemporary culture, in personal and institutional settings; his book is both a history of the impulse and an investigation of its role today, among those whose earlier hopes for social change have crumbled and faded away.