Cuba s Baseball Defectors

Cuba s Baseball Defectors Author Peter C. Bjarkman
ISBN-10 9781442247994
Release 2016-05-12
Pages 386
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The stellar play and fascinating backstories of exiled Cuban sluggers and hurlers in Major League Baseball (MLB) has become one of the biggest headlines in America's national pastime. On-field exploits by colorful Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, American League rookie-of-the-year José Abreu, home run derby champion Yoenis Céspedes, radar-gun busting Cincinnati fast-baller Aroldis Chapman, and a handful of others have been further enhanced by feel-good tales of desperate Cuban superstars risking their lives to escape Fidel Castro’s communist realm and chase a celebrated American Dream of financial and athletic success. But a truly ugly underbelly to this story has also slowly emerged, one that involves human smuggling operations financed by Miami crime syndicates, operated by Mexican drug cartels, and conveniently ignored by big league ball clubs endlessly searching for fresh waves of international talent. In Cuba’s Baseball Defectors: The Inside Story, Cuban baseball expert Peter C. Bjarkman reveals the complete truth behind the wave of Cuban big league talent coming to MLB. Given rare access to Cuba and its ballplayers, Bjarkman has spent over twenty years traveling to all corners of the island getting to know the top Cuban stars and witnessing their baseball struggles and triumphs. In this book, Bjarkman places recent events—including the apparent thaw in US-Cuba relations—in the context of Cuban baseball history and tradition before delving into the stories of the major Cuban stars who have left the island. He reveals the personal histories of these players, explains the events that led them to eventually choose defection from their homeland, and details their harrowing journeys to reach US shores and achieve baseball stardom. Players whose big league dreams failed are also discussed, as are Cuba’s recent efforts to stem the defection tide through working agreements with the Japanese and Mexican leagues. Unique in its balanced perspective of Cuban baseball and its star players, Cuba’s Baseball Defectors not only shares the author’s first-hand account of many previously misreported events, it also provides a view of the illegal smuggling of ballplayers from the perspective of Cuban baseball officials whose voices have often not been heard. With a conclusion outlining a likely scenario for future relations between Major League Baseball and the Cuban League, this book will fascinate baseball fans, those interested in the history of US-Cuba relations, and those wanting to learn more about the unsavory story of human trafficking in the name of baseball glory.

Full Count

Full Count Author Milton H. Jamail
ISBN-10 0809323109
Release 2000
Pages 182
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In his comprehensive and vibrant picture of baseball in Cuba, Milton H. Jamail explores the sport’s relationship to U.S. baseball. Jamail, whose personal love of the game matches that of the Cubans, examines the roots and traditions of baseball on the island and explains why Cubans play such excellent baseball. His analysis of the development of Cuban baseball after the 1959 takeover by Fidel Castro includes a detailed description of the formation of the Cuban amateur baseball system that has dominated international competitions for more than three decades. Before 1961, when the U.S. government severed diplomatic relations with Cuba and Castro abolished professional baseball, Cuba provided the bulk of the foreign players in the major leagues (more than one hundred since the color barrier was lifted in 1947). Major league interest in Cuban baseball remains high, Jamail notes, as he examines the changes necessary, both in the United States and Cuba, to return Cuban ballplayers to professional baseball in the United States. He discusses Cuban defectors, including Liván Hernández, and describes the intrigue surrounding agent Joe Cubas’s courting of Cuban players and his attempts to spirit them away when the Cuban national team plays outside the country. An academic trained in Latin American politics, Jamail has spent twelve years as a Spanish-speaking journalist writing about Latinos and baseball. To write this book, he conducted extensive interviews with baseball officials, journalists, players, and fans in Cuba, as well as Cuban players who have defected. He also talked to scouts and front office people from U.S. baseball organizations.

The Duke of Havana

The Duke of Havana Author Steve Fainaru
ISBN-10 9780375506697
Release 2001-06-01
Pages 368
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In 1998, a mysterious right-handed pitcher emerged from the ashes of the Cold War and helped lead the New York Yankees to a World Championship. His origins and even his age were uncertain. His name was Orlando El Duque Hernandez. He was a fallen hero of Fidel Castro's socialist revolution. The chronicle of El Duque's triumph is at once a window into the slow death of Cuban socialism and one of the most remarkable sports stories of all time. Once hailed as a paragon of Castro's revolution, the finest pitcher in modern Cuban history was banned from baseball for life for allegedly plotting to defect. Instead of accepting his punishment, he fearlessly fought back, defying the Communist party authorities, vowing to pitch again, and ultimately fleeing his country in the bowels of a thirty-foot fishing boat. Here, for the first time and in astonishing detail, the secrets behind El Duque's persecution and escape are revealed. Moving from the crumbling streets of post Cold War Havana to the polarized world of exile Miami, from the deadly Florida Straits to the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium, it is a story of cloak-and-dagger adventure, audacious secret plots, the pull of big money, and the historic collision of ideologies. Present throughout are the larger-than-life characters who converged at this bizarre intersection of baseball and politics: El Duque himself, Fidel Castro, the Miami sports agent Joe Cubas, the late John Cardinal O'Connor along with scouts, smugglers, and the Cuban ballplayers who gave up their lives as tools of socialism to test the free market and chase their major-league dreams. Reported in the United States and Cuba by two award-winning journalists who became part of the story they were covering, The Duke of Havana is a riveting saga of sports, politics, liberation, and greed.

The Empire Strikes Out

The Empire Strikes Out Author Robert Elias
ISBN-10 9781595585288
Release 2010-01-19
Pages 448
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Is the face of American baseball throughout the world that of goodwill ambassador or ugly American? Has baseball crafted its own image or instead been at the mercy of broader forces shaping our society and the globe? The Empire Strikes Out gives us the sweeping story of how baseball and America are intertwined in the export of “the American way.” From the Civil War to George W. Bush and the Iraq War, we see baseball’s role in developing the American empire, first at home and then beyond our shores. And from Albert Spalding and baseball’s first World Tour to Bud Selig and the World Baseball Classic, we witness the globalization of America’s national pastime and baseball’s role in spreading the American dream. Besides describing baseball’s frequent and often surprising connections to America’s presence around the world, Elias assesses the effects of this relationship both on our foreign policies and on the sport itself and asks whether baseball can play a positive role or rather only reinforce America’s dominance around the globe. Like Franklin Foer in How Soccer Explains the World, Elias is driven by compelling stories, unusual events, and unique individuals. His seamless integration of original research and compelling analysis makes this a baseball book that’s about more than just sports.

International and comparative law review

International and comparative law review Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:B5128389
Release 1999
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International and comparative law review has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from International and comparative law review also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full International and comparative law review book for free.

Information Services Latin America

Information Services Latin America Author
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173030924717
Release 2006-11
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Information Services Latin America has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Information Services Latin America also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Information Services Latin America book for free.


ISLA Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106015463752
Release 1999
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Clippings of Latin American political, social and economic news from various English language newspapers.

Time summer 1996

Time summer 1996 Author
Release 1996
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Time summer 1996 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Time summer 1996 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Time summer 1996 book for free.

The Pride of Havana

The Pride of Havana Author Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria
ISBN-10 0195349172
Release 2001-05-24
Pages 512
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From the first amateur leagues of the 1860s to the exploits of Livan and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez, here is the definitive history of baseball in Cuba. Roberto Gonzalez Echevarria expertly traces the arc of the game, intertwining its heroes and their stories with the politics, music, dance, and literature of the Cuban people. What emerges is more than a story of balls and strikes, but a richly detailed history of Cuba told from the unique cultural perch of the baseball diamond. Filling a void created by Cuba's rejection of bullfighting and Spanish hegemony, baseball quickly became a crucial stitch in the complex social fabric of the island. By the early 1940s Cuba had become major conduit in spreading the game throughout Latin America, and a proving ground for some of the greatest talent in all of baseball, where white major leaguers and Negro League players from the U.S. all competed on the same fields with the cream of Latin talent. Indeed, readers will be introduced to several black ballplayers of Afro-Cuban descent who played in the Major Leagues before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier once and for all. Often dramatic, and always culturally resonant, Gonzalez Echevarria's narrative expertly lays open the paradox of fierce Cuban independence from the U.S. with Cuba's love for our national pastime. It shows how Fidel Castro cannily associated himself with the sport for patriotic p.r.--and reveals that his supposed baseball talent is purely mythical. Based on extensive primary research and a wealth of interviews, the colorful, often dramatic anecdotes and stories in this distinguished book comprise the most comprehensive history of Cuban baseball yet published and ultimately adds a vital lost chapter to the history of baseball in the U.S.


Time Author Briton Hadden
ISBN-10 IND:30000046889782
Release 1999
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Time has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Time also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Time book for free.


CubaINFO Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105028424096
Release 1999
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Pitching Around Fidel

Pitching Around Fidel Author S.L. Price
ISBN-10 9780060934927
Release 2002-02-05
Pages 288
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Examines the sports practices and athletes of today's Cuba, noting how the nation's famed sports machine, under the weight of a depression, is self-destructing, as identified through the case stories of such figures as Orlando Hernandez, Rey Ordo±ex, and Teofilo Stevenson. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

Cuba s Primer Castro s Earring Economy

Cuba s Primer   Castro s Earring Economy Author Gonzalo Fernández
ISBN-10 0557065739
Release 2009-11-01
Pages 168
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A well-written account of the Castro dictatorship and of the social and political conditions that made it possible. Gonzalo Fernandez writes with the conviction and knowledge of a personal witness.

Baseball and American culture

Baseball and American culture Author Edward J. Rielly
ISBN-10 078901484X
Release 2003-08-27
Pages 289
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Here is a thoughtful look at baseball's impact on American society through the eyes of the game's foremost scholars, historians, and commentators. Edited by Dr. Edward J. Rielly, author of Baseball: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, the book examines how baseball and society intersect and interact, and how the quintessential American game reflects and affects American culture. Enlightening and entertaining, Baseball and American Culture explores baseball's involvement in virtually every important social development in the United States-past and present! Baseball and American Culture is an essential read for baseball fans and historians, academics involved in sports literature and popular culture, and students of American society. The book features 23 essays on this fascinating subject, including: "On Fenway, Faith, and Fandom: A Red Sox Fan Reflects," "Baseball and Blacks: A Loss of Affinity, A Loss of Community," "The Hall of Fame and the American Mythology," "Writing Their Way Home: American Writers and Baseball," and "God and the Diamond: The Born-Again Baseball Autobiography." American Book Review says, "Edward Reilly has edited a new treatise on . . . the grip of baseball on our society . . . following his impressive Baseball: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture."

Cubainfo Newsletter

Cubainfo Newsletter Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015074330450
Release 1998
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Cuba Update

Cuba Update Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106010058821
Release 1987
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Hispanic Link Weekly Report

Hispanic Link Weekly Report Author
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106011261515
Release 2002
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