Dead Air 1

Dead Air  1 Author Michelle Schusterman
ISBN-10 9780399540011
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 248
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Kat didn’t believe in ghosts—until she became a teenage ghostbuster. . . When Kat Sinclair’s dad tells her his new job hosting the ghost-hunting TV show Passport to Paranormal means they’ll be living on the road and visiting the world’s most haunted places, Kat packs her bags without a second thought. But her new life as a ghostbuster isn’t as cool as Kat expected. The cast and crew don’t always get along, the producer’s annoying nephew has unexpectedly shown up, and Kat thinks the show—and her dad—might be cursed. Kat decides to start writing a blog with “a behind the scenes look at the creepiest show on TV.” But she soon discovers that going behind the scenes may just reveal more than she really wants to know. From the Hardcover edition.

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Bob Larson
ISBN-10 1404185739
Release 2005-04-05
Pages 379
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Small time radio personality Wes Bryant 's life is going nowhere, so he lives through his popular call-in talk show. When he gets a call from 9 year old Jennifer, he can hear the fear in her voice. Compleled by convictions he had nearly forgotten, he must find out who is abusing this child, and why, before it is too late.

Dead Air Collection 1

Dead Air Collection 1 Author Amy Romine
ISBN-10 1487403119
Release 2015-05-05
Pages 258
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Worlds Apart Is their love enough? Jack Tucker's life as a morning radio host is uncomplicated, attachment free, and without regret. Until Kate Weiss entered his life, that is... She knows all of the ways to annoy him and yet takes his breath away with just a look. Special Agent Kate Weiss is hiding from a kidnapping she doesn't remember. Morning Radio Host Jack Tucker serves as a nice distraction, but she knows the flirtation could never be anything more. When tragedy descends, grief pulls them together, forcing them to trust each other and face the undeniable connection between them. In an effort to make the pair walk away from a conspiracy greater than they can imagine, a target is put on their heads. This does little to deter Kate or Jack from wanting to find the truth. Chasing shadows, the answers are closer than they realize. Forced into isolation, can Jack and Kate uncover the buried secret that is getting people killed? Or will one misstep destroy all of their hopes for the future?

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Mary Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781101163252
Release 2010-01-05
Pages 320
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More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA

Tales of the Brass Griffin Dead Air

Tales of the Brass Griffin  Dead Air Author C. B. Ash
ISBN-10 9780557370870
Release 2010-04-28
Pages 258
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A hasty message from an old acquaintance will send Captain Anthony Hunter and the crew of the Brass Griffin racing to the High Fens of Belgium. There they face a twisted mastermind and his horrific minions in a murderous confrontation over an ancient statue of fantastic power!

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Iain Banks
ISBN-10 9780748109890
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 448
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Iain Banks' daring new novel opens in a loft apartment in the East End, in a former factory due to be knocked down in a few days. Ken Nott is a devoutly contrarian vaguely left wing radio shock-jock living in London. After a wedding breakfast people start dropping fruits from a balcony on to a deserted carpark ten storeys below, then they start dropping other things; an old TV that doesn't work, a blown loudspeaker, beanbags, other unwanted furniture...Then they get carried away and start dropping things that are still working, while wrecking the rest of the apartment. But mobile phones start ringing and they're told to turn on a TV, because a plane has just crashed into the World Trade Centre... At ease with the volatility of modernity, Iain Banks is also our most accomplished literary writer of narrative-driven adventure stories that never ignore the injustices and moral conundrums of the real world. His new novel, displays his trademark dark wit, buoyancy and momentum.

There s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air

There s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air Author Bob "The Blade" Robinson
ISBN-10 9781468573855
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 298
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You'll love how Bob "the Blade" Robinson stuck it to the man. You'll learn how schizophrenia isn't all that bad. What is the GREATEST guitar solo in rock? Who is the real King of Rock N Roll? How can you live on 8k a year? You can't. But you can feed your head for that much. The new tell-all from a rock radio vet of 30 years. The first real read about the sheer lunacy of the rock business. There was no other business is like it.


Remote Author Colin Mitchell
ISBN-10 0997289945
Release 2016-09-28
Pages 144
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As ghouls surround her station, KBRF Radio ace DJ Samantha stays on the air all night. Will Rock & Roll save her soul? Double Take is launching a new comic book universe. We have assembled ten teams of talented writers and artists and asked them to start their stories in the world established by Night of the Living Dead. Then we let our imaginations, and our zombies, run wild. Mostly, these are new stories star new characters. But if you love the classic film, you won t be disappointed. You can follow your favorite film characters from their first appearances, to their dying breaths, to their first baby zombie steps."

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Kerri Lee Miller
ISBN-10 0878391886
Release 2002
Pages 220
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A debut murder mystery written by KARE-11 TV (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) political reporter, Kerri Miller. When outspoken Governor and former lumberjack Edward "Bunyan" Hamm states in a "Patriot magazine" interview that women should not serve in the military during, his comments stirs up a controversy in his home state of Minnesota. The controversy attracts national journalist and feminist author Millicent Pine to St. Paul, much to the chagrin of Governor Hamm's Press Secretary, Liz "The Barracuda" Barracosta. When Millicent Pine mysteriously disappears, intrepid local broadcast journalist Cate McCoy begins a search to find the missing journalist. Cate's journey to the mystery's surprising conclusion takes her all the way from Minnesota's snowy capital city of St. Paul to steamy Mexican locales. Dead air delivers an intriguing mix of politics and murder, with an insider's glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of television journalism.

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Charles Jaco
ISBN-10 0345421841
Release 1999-05-01
Pages 292
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TV reporter Peter Dees becomes the target of an international conspiracy when he attempts to expose the buildup of Iraq's military arsenal

How Not to Write a Novel

How Not to Write a Novel Author David Armstrong
ISBN-10 9780749011352
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 256
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Every week, agents and publishers in this country receive hundreds of manuscripts from would-be authors. Of these, fewer than one per cent will make it into print. David Armstrong was one of the one per-centers, his first crime novel plucked from the slush pile at a major publisher and published to acclaim So far, so good. But it rapidly became clear to Armstrong that being a published novelist is not always as glamorous as it seems from the outside. There are the depressing, ill-attended readings, the bitchy writers' conventions, the bookshops who have never heard of you and don't stock your book. All of these will be familiar to any writer who, like Armstrong, falls into to the category euphemistically known in publishing as 'midlist'. The reality is that for every JK Rowling, there are 1,000 David Armstrongs; for every writer who is put up in a five-star hotel and flies first class courtesy of their publisher, there are 1,000 who sleep on friend's floors during book tours and dine at motorway service stations... Witty, acerbic and wise, How Not to Write a Novel lifts the lid on publishing. From agents to editors, publicists to sales reps, it explains the publishing process - and how to survive it - from the point of view of a non-bestselling writer. A unique book, it is essential reading for anyone who dreams of getting their novel published - and for anyone curious about the inside workings of the publishing game.

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Greg Moody
ISBN-10 1931382034
Release 2002
Pages 319
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While being pursued by a manipulative sports reporter, cyclist Will Ross struggles to recover from tragedy and faces off against a revenge-driven killer.

Dead Air Mills Boon Love Inspired

Dead Air  Mills   Boon Love Inspired Author Robin Caroll
ISBN-10 9781472023452
Release 2013-08-28
Pages 224
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When she finds her coworker's body in front of the station doors, nighttime DJ Gabby Rogillio knows it was murder. But how can the police suspect the station's owner, a man who's been like a father to Gabby? She's determined to clear her friend's name, and will recruit anyone she can find to help.

Blood Skies Omnibus Vol 1

Blood Skies Omnibus Vol  1 Author Steven Montano
Pages 823
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Vampires. Magic. War. Welcome to the world After the Black. This collected edition includes the first three novels of the Blood Skies saga — BLOOD SKIES, BLACK SCARS and SOULRAZOR — plus the all-new short story CRUCIFIX POINT. Completely re-edited and featuring exciting new cover art by Barry Currey, the BLOOD SKIES OMNIBUS is a must-have for any Dark Fantasy or Military Sci-Fi collection! BLOOD SKIES Southern Claw warlock Eric Cross is a member of Viper Squad, ordered to pursue the renegade witch called Red across a war-torn wasteland before she can betray vital secrets to the Ebon Cities. BLACK SCARS Cross and a band of unlikely allies find themselves on the trail of a recently released evil as it stalks the land in search of its ancient enemy, leaving a trail of madness and destruction in its wake. CRUCIFIX POINT Sent to investigate a series of mysterious vanishings in the wastelands, Cross and his newly-formed mercenary team learn the true fate of those killed during the massacre at Crucifix Point. SOULRAZOR Cross and his team are tasked with halting enemy activity near the remote city-state of Fane, where vampire agents have teamed up with a former Revenger to locate a deadly weapon called Soulrazor.

Dead Air

Dead Air Author Sonia Tortora
ISBN-10 9788867753420
Release 2014-05-20
Pages 27
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RACCONTO LUNGO (27 pagine) - ZOMBIE - La situazione è ormai al collasso. Cold Zero assoluto. I Nomads proseguono verso la Stazione terminale credendo che l'unico nemico da affrontare siano le locuste, ma si sbagliano di grosso... Dopo "Cold Zero" (parte 1 e 2) di Alan D. Altieri, "Ghost in the machine" di Danilo Arona, "Katakombs" di Massimo Rainer e "Shockwave" di Andrea Novelli e Gianpaolo Zarini, ecco il sesto capitolo di The Tube Nomads, la serie horror più tosta del momento. I Nomads proseguono nella loro terrificante discesa verso la Stazione 28 accompagnati da vento acido e pioggia al veleno. Dopo avere superato la torre ponte-radio infestata, il monastero dei non-morti e avere sostenuto altri scontri in un canyon impervio, decidono di sostare nella stazione di controllo di una diga, attirati anche dalla possibilità di poter ripristinare una comunicazione radio con l'esterno. Capiranno a loro spese che il nemico non sempre viene da fuori, ma a volte è subdolo, silenzioso, e lavora dall'interno. Sonia Tortora, dottoressa in economia, è consulente del lavoro e docente di informatica, diritto, marketing, formazione imprenditoriale e organizzazione aziendale in una scuola professionale. La notte scrive racconti di ogni genere, poesie e haiku, e fino a oggi ha conseguito molti riconoscimenti letterari nazionali e internazionali e vinto diversi premi. Le sue opere compaiono sulle riviste Writer Magazine Italia e Robot, nonché in antologie edite da Delos Books e da altri editori.

King Henry IV part 2 Henry V King Henry VI part 1 King Henry VI part 2 King Henry VI part 3

King Henry IV  part 2  Henry V  King Henry VI  part 1  King Henry VI  part 2  King Henry VI  part 3 Author William Shakespeare
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101064071473
Release 1837
Pages 35
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King Henry IV part 2 Henry V King Henry VI part 1 King Henry VI part 2 King Henry VI part 3 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from King Henry IV part 2 Henry V King Henry VI part 1 King Henry VI part 2 King Henry VI part 3 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full King Henry IV part 2 Henry V King Henry VI part 1 King Henry VI part 2 King Henry VI part 3 book for free.

Theology of the New Testament

Theology of the New Testament Author Frank S. Thielman
ISBN-10 9780310864332
Release 2011-03-22
Pages 800
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Studying the theology of the New Testament can be a daunting task, even to the knowledgeable Bible student or pastor. Each of the twenty-seven books, written by various authors, has its own theological emphasis and nuances. How do we elicit a coherent message from such theological diversity, especially given that some of the theological statements in the New Testament seem to be at odds with one another? Is such an endeavor achievable or even valid? Theology of the New Testament takes a balanced approach in response to these challenges. Frank Thielman presents a theology of the New Testament that is careful to take into account the cultural and historical circumstances surrounding each book and the New Testament as a whole. He not only examines each book’s theological content individually, but also in relation to the rest of the New Testament, particularly within each of the three theological units that comprise the New Testament: the gospels and Acts, the Pauline epistles, and the general epistles and Revelation. This canonical and synthetic approach honors both the theological diversity of the various books and the theological connections between the books. In the end, Thielman finds a unified theological vision of the New Testament, anchored in the centrality of Jesus Christ. Frank Thielman’s Theology of the New Testament is an outstanding achievement. The book is marked by scholarly depth, exegetical rigor, and theological profundity. Both students and professors will profit immensely from this lucid treatment of the theology contained in the New Testament documents. Thomas R. Schreiner Professor of New Testament, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary An accessible presentation of the key theological points of the New Testament books by an accomplished New Testament scholar and teacher. Its clear style, lucid organization, and sound theological insight make it a prime resource for serious students in both the academy and the church. Karen H. Jobes, PhD Associate Professor of New Testament, Westmont College