Degas Impressionism and the Millinery Trade

Degas  Impressionism  and the Millinery Trade Author Simon Kelly
ISBN-10 3791356216
Release 2017-02
Pages 272
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Filled with beautiful works by Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, and other Impressionist painters, this richly illustrated book showcases artistic portrayals of France's millinery trade during the Belle �poque. Filled with beautiful works by Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, and other Impressionist painters, this richly illustrated book showcases artistic portrayals of France's millinery trade during the Belle Époque. Though best known for his depictions of dancers and bathers, Edgar Degas repeatedly returned to the subject of millinery over the course of three decades. In masterpieces such as The Millinery Shop (1879-86) and The Milliners (ca. 1898), he captured scenes of milliners fashioning and women wearing elaborate, colorful hats. Featuring sumptuous paintings, pastels, and preparatory drawings by Degas, Cassatt, Manet, Renoir, and Toulouse-Lautrec, among others, this generously illustrated book surveys the millinery industry of 19th-century Paris. Peppered throughout with photographs, posters, and prints of French hats, this book includes essays that explore Degas's particular interest in the millinery trade; the tension between modern fashion and reverence for history and the grand art-historical tradition; a chronicle of Parisian milliners from Caroline Reboux to Coco Chanel; and examples of how the millinery trade is depicted in literature. Brilliantly linking together the worlds of industry, art, and fashion, this groundbreaking book examines the fundamental role of hats and hat-makers in 19th-century culture.

Degas Impressionism and the Paris Millinery Trade

Degas  Impressionism  and the Paris Millinery Trade Author Simon Kelly
ISBN-10 3791367471
Release 2017-06
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Degas Impressionism and the Paris Millinery Trade has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Degas Impressionism and the Paris Millinery Trade also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Degas Impressionism and the Paris Millinery Trade book for free.


Ceramics Author Kate Singleton
ISBN-10 9781452148151
Release 2016-09-27
Pages 176
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This ebook presents the work of 30 contemporary artists who have turned to clay to shape their most innovative ideas into stunning works of art. From cups shaped like crystals to a tree trunk made of porcelain and stoneware planters painted to look like ladies, popular curator and blogger Kate Singleton collects here whimsical pieces with narrative, graphic, curious, and organic qualities that blur the line between fine art, design, and craft. Ceramics is a vital guide to an evolving medium and for those interested in the future of art and craft.

Read My Pins

Read My Pins Author Madeleine Albright
ISBN-10 0061938491
Release 2009-09-29
Pages 176
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New from New York Times bestselling author and former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, Read My Pins is a story and celebration of how one woman’s jewelry collection was used to make diplomatic history. Exploring the use of the pin or brooch as a means of personal and diplomatic expression and featuring a gallery of fascinating photographs, this unique, intimate, and revealing biography offers a whole new side of Secretary Albright, one of our most beloved public servants.

Impressionism Fashion and Modernity

Impressionism  Fashion and Modernity Author Gloria Lynn Groom
ISBN-10 0300184514
Release 2012
Pages 335
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Explores fashion as a critical aspect of modernity, one that paralleled and many times converged with the development of Impressionism, when fashion attracted the foremost writers and artists of the day.

Summer of Love

Summer of Love Author Colleen Terry
ISBN-10 9780520294820
Release 2017
Pages 272
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Featuring a wide array of iconic rock posters, period photographs, music memorabilia and light shows, "out-of-this-world" clothing, and avant-garde films, this catalogue celebrates San Francisco's rebellious and colorful counterculture that blossomed in the years surrounding the 1967 Summer of Love. This book explores, through essays and a succession of thematic plates, the visual and material cultures of a generation searching for personal fulfillment and social change. Presenting key cultural artifacts of the time, Summer of Love introduces and explores the events and experiences that today define this dynamic era. With essays by Victoria Binder, Dennis McNally, and Joel Selvin. Published in association with the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Exhibition dates: de Young, San Francisco: April 8-August 20, 2017

The Haight

The Haight Author Jim Marshall
ISBN-10 1608873633
Release 2014
Pages 296
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Shares the author's photography of the Haight-Ashbury district in the 1960s, including images of sixties icons Jimi Hendrix, Grace Slick, and Bob Dylan.

American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent

American Watercolor in the Age of Homer and Sargent Author Kathleen A. Foster
ISBN-10 9780300225891
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 496
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The fascinating story of the transformation of American watercolor practice between 1866 and 1925 The formation of the American Watercolor Society in 1866 by a small, dedicated group of painters transformed the perception of what had long been considered a marginal medium. Artists of all ages, styles, and backgrounds took up watercolor in the 1870s, inspiring younger generations of impressionists and modernists. By the 1920s many would claim it as "the American medium." This engaging and comprehensive book tells the definitive story of the metamorphosis of American watercolor practice between 1866 and 1925, identifying the artist constituencies and social forces that drove the new popularity of the medium. The major artists of the movement - Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, William Trost Richards, Thomas Moran, Thomas Eakins, Charles Prendergast, Childe Hassam, Edward Hopper, Charles Demuth, and many others - are represented with lavish color illustrations. The result is a fresh and beautiful look at watercolor's central place in American art and culture.

Painted Love

Painted Love Author Hollis Clayson
ISBN-10 9780892367290
Release 2003-10-30
Pages 224
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In this engrossing book, Hollis Clayson provides the first description and analysis of French artistic interest in women prostitutes, examining how the subject was treated in the art of the 1870s and 1880s by such avant-garde painters as Cézanne, Degas, Manet, and Renoir, as well as by the academic and low-brow painters who were their contemporaries. Clayson not only illuminates the imagery of prostitution-with its contradictory connotations of disgust and fascination-but also tackles the issues and problems relevant to women and men in a patriarchal society. She discusses the conspicuous sexual commerce during this era and the resulting public panic about the deterioration of social life and civilized mores. She describes the system that evolved out of regulating prostitutes and the subsequent rise of clandestine prostitutes who escaped police regulation and who were condemned both for blurring social boundaries and for spreading sexual licentiousness among their moral and social superiors. Clayson argues that the subject of covert prostitution was especially attractive to vanguard painters because it exemplified the commercialization and the ambiguity of modern life.

Danny Lyon

Danny Lyon Author Associate Curator of Photographs Julian Cox
ISBN-10 9780300218831
Release 2016-06-16
Pages 288
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The first comprehensive overview of an influential American photographer and filmmaker whose work is known for its intimacy and social engagement Coming of age in the 1960s, the photographer Danny Lyon (b. 1942) distinguished himself with work that emphasized intimate social engagement. In 1962 Lyon traveled to the segregated South to photograph the civil rights movement. Subsequent projects on biker culture, the demolition and redevelopment of lower Manhattan, and the Texas prison system, and more recently on the Occupy movement and the vanishing culture in China s booming Shanxi Province, share Lyon s signature immersive approach and his commitment to social and political issues that concern those on the margins of society. Lyon s photography is paralleled by his work as a filmmaker and a writer. "Danny Lyon: Message to the Future "is the first in-depth examination of this leading figure in American photography and film, and the first publication to present his influential bodies of work in all media in their full context. Lead essayists Julian Cox and Elisabeth Sussman provide an account of Lyon s five-decade career. Alexander Nemerov writes about Lyon s work in Knoxville, Tennessee; Ed Halter assesses the artist s films; Danica Willard Sachs evaluates his photomontages; and Julian Cox interviews Alan Rinzler about his role in publishing Lyon s earliest works. With extensive back matter and illustrations, this publication will be the most comprehensive account of this influential artist s work."

California s Wild Edge

California s Wild Edge Author Tom Killion
ISBN-10 1597142999
Release 2015-07
Pages 176
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The High Sierra of California and Tamalpais Walking are close to 25,000 in print this volume will draw readers to the wilder shores of our coast and the Pacific Ocean

Jean Michel Basquiat Words Are All We Have

Jean Michel Basquiat  Words Are All We Have Author Dieter Buchhart
ISBN-10 3775741844
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 208
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Language in the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat, from graffiti to word as motif In the wild New York of the 1980s, Jean-Michel Basquiat was the first African-American artist to receive art-world attention. The complexity and trailblazing innovative power of his paintings has been widely discussed, but this book focuses on the treatment of language in Basquiat's ouevre. With its complex structures, spontaneous rhythms and sampled, collage-like manifestations, his work was drawn into the orbit of the Beat Generation poets and the protagonists of the musical avant-garde. The multitalented Basquiat created a shimmering, syncopated fabric of images and text, which the American curator and critic Robert Storr aptly called "eye rap." It was with this unpretentious and spontaneous way of working that Basquiat rewrote art history.

From Generation to Generation

From Generation to Generation Author Pierre-François Galpin
ISBN-10 0991641132
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 148
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This catalog is published on the occasion of the exhibition From Generation to Generation: Inherited Memory and Contemporary Art organized by The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, on view from November 25, 2016 through April 2, 2017. Curated by Lily Siegel and Pierre-François Galpin. Artists: Christian Boltanski, Nao Bustamante, Binh Danh, Silvina Der-Meguerditchian, Bernice Eisenstein, Eric Finzi, Nicholas Galanin, Guy Goldstein, Fotini Gouseti, Ellen Harvey, Aram Jibilian, Loli Kantor, Mike Kelley, Lisa Kokin, Ralph Lemon, Rä di Martino, Yong Soon Min, Fabio Morais, Elizabeth Moran, Vandy Rattana, Anri Sala, Wael Shawky, Hank Willis Thomas, and ChikakoYamashiro.

Australia s Impressionists

Australia s Impressionists Author Tim Bonyhady
ISBN-10 1857096126
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 128
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Australia's Impressionists focuses on the paintings of Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Charles Conder, and John Peter Russell. All were key players in a distinctively Australian art movement that drew on influences ranging from Whistler's subtle Nocturnes to the European tradition of plein air painting, and revealed Russell (who spent his working life in France, embedded in the avant garde) as one of the outstanding colorists of his time. This beautiful book challenges our preconceptions of what is meant by Impressionism, enriches our understanding of Australian art, and reveals the international nature of art-historical movements and exchanges in the 19th century. The story is framed by unmistakably Australian subjects and locations, by a preoccupation with light and color, and in the context of Australian identity and sense of nationhood.


Monet Author George T. M. Shackelford
ISBN-10 0300221851
Release 2016-11-15
Pages 320
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The first comprehensive examination of the painter s formative years, tracing the evolution of Monet s early style and personal ambitions that drove the rest of his career This elegant volume is the first to be devoted to the young genius of Claude Monet (1840 1926). Bringing together the greatest paintings from his early career including his first Salon-exhibited work, the Kimbell Art Museum s "La Pointe de la Heve at Low Tide";" Dejeuner sur l Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass)" and "The Magpie "from the Musee d Orsay; and"The Green Wave"""and "La Grenouillere "from the Metropolitan Museum of Art it features essays by distinguished scholars, focusing on the evolution of Monet s own distinctive mode of painting. Through the 1860s, the young painter absorbed and transformed a variety of influences, from the lessons of the Barbizon school and his mentor Boudin to the challenges posed by his friends Manet, Pissarro, Renoir, and Sisley. Artistic innovation and personal ambition shaped the work of the celebrated impressionist painter from the very start of his long and illustrious career."

What Degas Saw

What Degas Saw Author Samantha Friedman
ISBN-10 163345004X
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 40
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"With evocative color illustrations by Cristina Pieropan and reproductions of seven works by Degas, 'What Degas saw' encourages young readers and artists to carefully observe their own surroundings."--Inside front flap of dust jacket.

Neo Impressionism and Anarchism in Fin de Si e France

Neo Impressionism and Anarchism in Fin de Si e France Author Robyn Roslak
ISBN-10 9781351556545
Release 2017-07-05
Pages 232
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In Neo-Impressionism and Anarchism in Fin-de-Si?e France, Robyn Roslak examines for the first time the close relationship between neo-impressionist landscapes and cityscapes and the anarchist sympathies of the movement's artists. She focuses in particular on paintings produced between 1886 and 1905 by Paul Signac and Maximilien Luce, the neo-impressionists whose fidelity to anarchism, to the art of landscape and to a belief in the social potential of art was strongest. Although the neo-impressionists are best known for their rational and scientific technique, they also heeded the era's call for art surpassing the mundane realities of everyday life. By tempering their modern subjects with a decorative style, they hoped to lead their viewers toward moral and social improvement. Roslak's ground-breaking analysis shows how the anarchist theories of Elis?Reclus, Pierre Kropotkin and Jean Grave both inspired and coincided with these ideals. Anarchism attracted the neo-impressionists because its standards for social justice were grounded, like neo-impressionism itself, in scientific exactitude and aesthetic idealism. Anarchists claimed humanity would reach its highest level of social and moral development only in the presence of a decorative variety of nature, and called upon progressive thinkers to help create and maintain such environments. The neo-impressionists, who primarily painted decorative landscapes, therefore discovered in anarchism a political theory consistent with their belief that decorative harmony should be the basis for socially responsible art.