Einstein s God

Einstein s God Author Krista Tippett
ISBN-10 1101195835
Release 2010-02-23
Pages 304
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A New York Times bestseller "An exhilirating exploration of the meaning of it all." --Robert Wright, author of The Evolution of God Drawn from Krista Tippett's Peabody Award-winning public radio program, the conversations in this profoundly illuminating book reach for a place too rarely explored in our ongoing exchange of ideas--the nexus of science and spirituality. In fascinating interviews with such luminaries as Freeman Dyson, Janna Levin, Parker Palmer, and John Polkinghorne, Krista Tippett draws out the connections between the two realms, showing how even those most wedded to hard truths find spiritual enlightenment in the life of experiment and, in turn, raise questions that are richly, theologically evocative. Whether she is speaking with celebrated surgeon and author Sherwin Nuland about the biology of the human spirit or questioning Drawin biographer James Moore about his subject's religious beliefs, Tippett offers a rare look at the way our best minds grapple with the questions for which we all seek answers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Einstein s God

Einstein s God Author Robert N. Goldman
ISBN-10 UOM:39015046334697
Release 1997
Pages 166
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Albert Einstein's Quest as a Scientist and as a Jew to Replace a Forsaken God.

Finding God in Physics

Finding God in Physics Author Roy Masters
ISBN-10 9780933900196
Release 1997
Pages 177
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Finding God in Physics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Finding God in Physics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Finding God in Physics book for free.

Putting God Into Einstein s Equations Energy of the Soul

Putting God Into Einstein s Equations  Energy of the Soul Author Jerry And Marcia Pollock
ISBN-10 9780972386661
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 200
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Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul is the direct outcome of an unusual and unique collaboration by soul mates Marcia and Jerry Pollock spanning the spiritual and physical worlds. Marcia is deceased, and her contributions come from the powerful intelligent energy of her Divine soul, which is without her physical body in the spirit world. Jerry is alive with his Divine soul, which is constrained within his physical body on planet Earth. Communicating through thought-energy telepathy or channeling, the authors have written this exquisitely, simply explained book in their humble attempt of gratitude to bring new knowledge to the understanding of God's Essence and our world. The Creator Himself has endorsed our book, "TRUTH, LOVE AND WISDOM LIE WITHIN THESE PAGES." Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul is a provocative book that will stay with you long after you finish reading it. Have you ever wondered about how a psychic contacts a spirit or where God comes from? The book answers questions about God, the big bang, Einstein's Relativity Equations and how they fit in with God's energy, soul mates and love, the spirit world of souls, past lives, telepathic thought-energy communication, channeling, removing negative body-soul energy, intelligence of the soul, independent and combined functions of the soul versus the human brain, acquiring spirituality, miracles, resurrection and reincarnation, the Devil, good and evil, science and spirituality, Creation and Evolution, and how a new soul that God will give us in the future Messsianic Age at the End of Days will allow us to live for the eternity according to Einstein's Equations. God is energy and so is our Divine soul. Each of us receives a tiny "piece" of God's virtually infinite energy, and the difference between our energy and that of God is simply the enormous difference in order of magnitude when comparing God's energy to ours. The behavior of this energy mirrors the equations brilliantly originated and described by Albert Einstein with two exceptions -- the mass, m referenced in Einstein's famous equation, E=mc2, is a special Mass, M, originating in God's energy particles, and God's and our soul energy travels at one million times the speed of light, c, or 186 billion miles per second. In fact, this Mass is the source of the independent intelligence and sensory properties found in the soul of all human brains. Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul is a provocative and compelling book that weaves together empirical, scientific observation, academic research, and theoretical and theological considerations, bolstered by revelatory, first-hand testimony bearing witness to the existence of the Divine soul in both the physical and spirit worlds. Contained in the pages of Putting God Into Einstein's Equations are moving, personal reflections on the authors' life experiences, from the thrill of discovering one's true soul mate to both traumatic and joyous events like a descent into bipolar depression, Divine miracles, and the pain and loss associated with the death of a loved one. Equally explored and discussed are practical first hand experiential techniques for hypnotic-spiritual world regression and directing spiritual energy and using light to alleviate negative forces. Above all else, Putting God Into Einstein's Equations seeks to advance an awareness and comprehension of God, drawing upon points of reference as diverse as Qigong and yoga to the word of rabbinical scholars.

Einstein und die Religion

Einstein und die Religion Author Markus Mühling
ISBN-10 9783647569895
Release 2011-07-20
Pages 392
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Einsteins religiös-weltanschauliche Überzeugungen haben seine naturwissenschaftliche Arbeit maßgeblich mitbestimmt und erst ermöglicht. Markus Mühling untersucht das Wechselverhältnis zwischen religiös-weltanschaulichen Gehalten und naturwissenschaftlicher Theoriebildung Albert Einsteins erstmals in umfassender, historisch-kritischer Darstellungsweise. Die religiös-weltanschaulichen Überzeugungen Einsteins lassen sich so in ihrer Entwicklung in einem neuen Licht erkennen.Besonderes Augenmerk kommt philosophisch-theologischen Einflüssen Einsteins von seiner Jugendzeit bis zum Abschluss der Allgemeinen Relativitätstheorie zu. Die historisch-kritische Darstellung dieses Wechselverhältnisses wird ergänzt durch eine systematische Darstellung des Wirklichkeitsverständnisses Einsteins sowie um Überlegungen der funktionalen Bestimmung zwischen religiös-weltanschaulichen Überzeugungen und naturwissenschaftlicher Arbeit. Es zeigt sich, dass bisher angenommene weltanschauliche Einflüsse auf Einsteins Arbeit neu bewertet werden müssen. Beispielsweise wurde die Rolle Spinozas weit überschätzt, die Humes und Schopenhauers wurde umgekehrt weit unterschätzt. Mühling nimmt auch eine Neubewertung der Sichtweise der Quantentheorie in Einsteins Denken vor.Für Theologen, Physiker und Philosophen, die am interdisziplinären Dialog interessiert sind, leistet dieses Buch einen unumgänglichen Beitrag, indem es die Erforschung des Wirklichkeitsverständnisses Einsteins auf ein neues Niveau stellt und Voraussetzungen für einen zukünftigen Dialog zwischen Theologie und Naturwissenschaft öffnet.

The Scientific the Divine

The Scientific   the Divine Author James A. Arieti
ISBN-10 0742513971
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 334
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Examines the perennial issues that keep science and religion at arm's length, clarifies those issues, and fits them into an historical framework--from Plato, to Aquinas, to today's thinkers. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Einstein s Dreams

Einstein s Dreams Author Alan Lightman
ISBN-10 9783426424810
Release 2013-12-02
Pages 208
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Albert Einstein träumt. Von der Zeit, wovon sonst? Dreißig Mal nickt er ein, und jedes Mal erscheint vor seinem geistigen Auge eine neue Vision jenes sonderbaren Phänomens, in das unsere Existenz gebettet ist. Alan Lightman ist mit seinem Roman ein Faszinosum gelungen: Mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit begleiten wir das Jahrhundertgenie Einstein auf wundersam erhellenden Traumreisen durch die Zeit. »Dreißig kleine, federleichte Gedankenspiele ... ein wunderschöner, anrührender und saukomischer Erstling.« (Stern)

Einstein s Design

Einstein s Design Author David Jackson
ISBN-10 1425103456
Release 2006-11
Pages 302
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Einstein’s Design transports the reader via the world of physics, religion, psychology and romance on a journey of mystery, murder, intrigue and surprise that answers the eternal God question. Too soon after the horrifying BTK fiasco of twenty five years in Wichita, Kansas, another and more terrifying threat faces the people in that city. Not one citizen of Wichita would have anticipated that the Ku Klux Klan, allied with the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christian Right, would bring violence and fear once again to their city. A depraved partnership between the Klan and the radical fundamentalist Christian right is formed in an effort to condemn and destroy the secret cosmos theory developed by Albert Einstein and Bahartiya Bharti; a theory of pre-Big Bang existence and the truth about the idea of God! The evil begins when Kamala Bharti, a young Physics Professor at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas and grand-daughter of Dr. Bahartiya Bharti, is brutally assaulted because of her outspoken position regarding certain Christian religious beliefs.

Did Einstein Believe in God

Did Einstein Believe in God Author Creation Liberty Evangelism
Release 2014-09-02
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The heated debate: Was Einstein a believer in God? Who's right, the Christian, or the atheist? The answer: Neither!


Einstein Author Walter Isaacson
ISBN-10 9781501171383
Release 2017-04-11
Pages 704
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From Isaacson, the bestselling author of "Benjamin Franklin," comes the first full biography of Albert Einstein since all his papers have become available--a fully realized portrait of a premier icon of his era.

Einstein s Mistakes The Human Failings of Genius

Einstein s Mistakes  The Human Failings of Genius Author Hans C. Ohanian
ISBN-10 9780393337686
Release 2009-11-09
Pages 416
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Evaluates the contributions and achievements of Einstein from an alternative perspective of his mistakes and reliance on his predecessors, offering insight into how the discoveries of such figures as Galileo, Newton, and Copernicus shaped Einstein's career and how failures in his personal and professional arenas influenced his iconic character.

Einstein for the 21st Century

Einstein for the 21st Century Author Peter Galison
ISBN-10 0691135207
Release 2008
Pages 363
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"A stellar array of twenty historians and philosophers, artists and scientists, and writers and critics has contributed to this fascinating examination of Albert Einstein's legacy and its relevance for our times. We are presented with a multifaceted, interpretive effort to understand in novel terms Einstein's science, music, and politics, his relationship to God and aesthetics, and his unusual position at the divide between a now-vanished world and a future that will surely retain deep traces of his unique contributions and personality."--Diana K. Buchwald, Einstein Papers Project, Caltech "Whether serendipitously or by design, many of us have found ourselves involved in some aspect of Einstein's multifaceted legacy. This far-reaching volume of personal essays clarifies why Einstein's persona has been so seductive and so meaningful to us all."--Alice Calaprice, editor of The New Quotable Einstein "Here is the complete Einstein: the physicist, whose many insights and achievements persist at the forefront of modern science; the man, who remained idealistic, philosophically minded, and politically engaged throughout his life; and the iconic visionary, who continues to inspire individual creativity. This is a generous book, rich with detail."--Tony Robbin, author of Shadows of Reality: The Fourth Dimension in Relativity, Cubism, and Modern Thought "Einstein for the 21st Century is accessible to a broad readership and attractive because its distinguished authors, all experts in their disciplines, cover a very large intellectual space. There are so many fine and interesting contributions that there is something for nearly every potential reader."--Helge Kragh, University of Aarhus, Denmark

God Does Not Play Dice

God Does Not Play Dice Author David A. Shiang
ISBN-10 9780980237344
Release 2008-09-01
Pages 144
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In this revolutionary and provocative work, David A. Shiang claims to offer final answers to many of humankind's most enduring mysteries. He argues that Einstein was right in rejecting the randomness of quantum theory, and he shows that Stephen Hawking (A Brief History of Time) and Brian Greene (The Fabric of the Cosmos) are mistaken in saying that evidence shows nature to be probabilistic. He takes on Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion) and Daniel Dennett (Breaking the Spell), contending that Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is neither scientific nor correct. He also maintains that worry and regret can be overcome, following in the footsteps of T.S. Eliot and other pioneers of the mind. Odds are high that the logical and elegant solutions Shiang presents to our deepest riddles will cause you to rethink your most fundamental beliefs. "Very provocative, erudite, and solidly based on intelligent and logical thinking! Congratulations on making an excellent contribution to understanding the role of a higher intelligence in organizing the affairs of the universe!" - Pat McGovern, IDG Founder and Chairman, Co-founder of The McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT "His lucidity and logic are breathtakingly devastating. He is not afraid to defend the mind of God, either.... I cannot overstate the importance of Shiang's work and its deep influence." - Len Klikunas, Cultural Anthropologist

E Mc2 the God in Einstein and Zen

E Mc2 the God in Einstein and Zen Author N.M. Reyes
ISBN-10 9781426956669
Release 2010-12-21
Pages 196
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Why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? Why does a loving, all-knowing and all-powerful God allow it? How can we find purpose, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment amidst despair? In The God in Einstein and Zen, author N.M. Reyes blends Albert Einstein’s famed equation (E = mc2) with Zen thought to provide a profound and satisfying answer to the human condition and human purpose. A thought-provoking, grand sweep of history, philosophy, science, religion, and mysticism, The God in Einstein and Zen shows how Einstein’s profound insights into the mystery of the universe and creation resonates in Zen’s view of reality and human existence. Reyes attempts to bridge the gap between science and mysticism through an unexplored path. Presented in simple, non-technical language, The God in Einstein and Zen takes a candid and fearless journey into the human condition. It provides the key to understanding life’s great mysteries such as the existence of God, human suffering, personal salvation, happiness, and human destiny.

Mein Weltbild

Mein Weltbild Author Albert Einstein
ISBN-10 3856655107
Release 2005
Pages 294
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Mein Weltbild has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mein Weltbild also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mein Weltbild book for free.

Der Gotteswahn

Der Gotteswahn Author Richard Dawkins
ISBN-10 9783843701747
Release 2011-08-12
Pages 592
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»Religion ist irrational, fortschrittsfeindlich und zerstörerisch.« Richard Dawkins, einer der einflussreichsten Intellektuellen der Gegenwart, zeigt, warum der Glaube an Gott einer vernünftigen Betrachtung nicht standhalten kann. Ein wichtiges Buch, das zu einem brennend aktuellen Thema eindeutig und überzeugend Position bezieht – brillant und bei aller Schärfe humorvoll. Entdecken Sie auch das Hörbuch zu diesem Titel!

Einstein and Religion

Einstein and Religion Author Max Jammer
ISBN-10 9781400840878
Release 2011-09-05
Pages 288
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The philosophy of religion and the quest for spiritual truth preoccupied Albert Einstein--so much that it has been said "one might suspect he was a disguised theologian." Nevertheless, the literature on the life and work of Einstein, extensive as it is, does not provide an adequate account of his religious conception and sentiments. Only fragmentarily known, Einstein's ideas about religion have been often distorted both by atheists and by religious groups eager to claim him as one of their own. But what exactly was Einstein's religious credo? In this fascinating book, the distinguished physicist and philosopher Max Jammer offers an unbiased and well-documented answer to this question. The book begins with a discussion of Einstein's childhood religious education and the religious atmosphere--or its absence--among his family and friends. It then reconstructs, step by step, the intellectual development that led Einstein to the conceptions of a cosmic religion and an impersonal God, akin to "the God of Spinoza." Jammer explores Einstein's writings and lectures on religion and its role in society, and how far they have been accepted by the general public and by professional theologians like Paul Tillich or Frederick Ferré. He also analyzes the precise meaning of Einstein's famous dictum "Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind," and why this statement can serve as an epitome of Einstein's philosophy of religion. The last chapter deals with the controversial question of whether Einstein's scientific work, and in particular his theory of relativity, has theologically significant implications, a problem important for those who are interested in the relation between science and religion. Both thought-provoking and engaging, this book aims to introduce readers, without proselytizing, to Einstein's religion.