Essential Book of Martial Arts Kicks

Essential Book of Martial Arts Kicks Author Marc De Bremaeker
ISBN-10 9781462905584
Release 2012-04-17
Pages 256
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A well placed kick can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a fight! This illustrated guide to martial arts kicks provides the reader with a wealth of information on 89 different types of kicks from various styles. This martial arts book features kicks from Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Kempo, Capoeira, Jeet Kune Do, and more. In a self defense situation there is no room for defeat. Readers will learn how to unleash a devastating barrage of kicks to throw their opponents off guard and leave every match in victory. The Essential Book of Martial Arts Kicks has one purpose: to help readers hone their kicking proficiency so that they can readily deploy the most powerful tool in the fighter's repertoire. It contains contains thousands of photos and diagrams to show readers exactly how to perform all of the 89 kicks inside this book. Packed with full color photos, detailed diagrams and a companion DVD featuring 50 of the most powerful kicks, this book is required reading for every martial artist who wants to sharpen and expand their kicking skills. You'll learn all about: Front Kicks Side Kicks Roundhouse Kicks Back Kicks Hook Kicks Crescent Kicks And many more!

Low Kicks Advanced Martial Arts Kicks for Attacking the Lower Gates

Low Kicks  Advanced Martial Arts Kicks for Attacking the Lower Gates Author Marc De Bremaeker
ISBN-10 0956990770
Release 2013-08-18
Pages 164
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Revised, re-edited and expanded third Edition! Low Kicks are powerful, fast, and effective exactly what you need to defend yourself in a real life confrontation. And because they are seldom used in sport fighting, they can be a surprising and valuable addition to your free fighting arsenal. While they may seem easy to execute, not all low kicks are simply low versions of the basic kicks. There are specific attributes and principles that make low kicks work. Marc de Bremaeker has collected the most effective low kicking techniques from Martial Arts like Krav Maga, Karatedo, Capoeira, Wing-Chun Kung-Fu, MMA, and Muay Thai. In this book, he analyzes each kick in depth, explaining the proper execution and outlining applications and variations from self-defense, sport fighting and traditional practice. Hundreds of examples illustrated by one thousand photographs and illustrations will help you master the important skill of low kicking and become a better and more well-rounded fighter regardless of style. The first Edition of the book was reviewed and rated 4.5 stars by Amazon customers. A representative review went: "Excellent resource. by Loren W. Christensen. I like martial arts books that present a fighting concept in package form, and that is exactly what Marc De Bremaeker has done with Low Kicks. The many photos illustrate clearly the various kicks and targets that can easily be used by all martial arts systems, such as karate, krav maga, muay Thai, TKD, kung fu, and so on. The exception being styles with a sport slant. One particular aspect I like is how the book is sprinkled with quality drawings of techniques. Some techniques show up best on the page when drawn. That is the case here. Low Kicks discusses and illustrates in photos and drawings single techniques, combinations, and against hand-held bags. As a guy who has been teaching and training in the martial arts since 1965, I highly recommend Low Kicks. "

The Mixed Martial Arts Handbook

The Mixed Martial Arts Handbook Author John Ritschel
ISBN-10 9781626366299
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 192
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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full-contact combat sport in which a variety of fighting techniques are used, including striking techniques (kicks, knees, and punches) and grappling techniques (clinch holds, submission holds, sweeps, takedowns, and throws). MMA is exploding in popularity. Packed with more than 300 full-color photographs, this book takes you through all the moves, step-by-step, demonstrating the various techniques required to master this martial arts phenomenon. It’s an essential hand-book for anyone considering entering the ring.

Home Based Fitness Training

Home Based Fitness Training Author Idai Makaya
ISBN-10 9781467018241
Release 2006-06-23
Pages 92
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This exercise manual focusses on the most efficient home based martial arts fitness routines available. Anyone seeking general fitness will find it indispensible. The routines are a culmination of years of scientific research and practical experience and are supported by modern exercise science. Time-saving is key to the exercises in this book and the reasoning behind all the training advice is clearly stated. General fitness training should help develop strength, stamina, coordination and flexibility. All the information you need to know is provided in simple, easy-to-follow language with photo illustrations as well. By using this manual you can maximise your athleticism and learn the splits and other advanced exercises within a short period of time.

Competitive Karate

Competitive Karate Author Adam Gibson
ISBN-10 0736044922
Release 2004-01
Pages 183
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For the first time in print, Adam Gibson and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace present the system that made Wallace a martial arts legend. Gibson and Wallace begin by teaching the seven primary techniques of the Superfoot System. They then present the best attacks and countermaneuvers for you to apply in a variety of fight situations. Drawing and luring techniques show you how to set up opponents, opening them to your attacks. Evasive maneuvers and blocking techniques help you fend off their best attacks. Specific strategies highlight your personal strengths and exploit your opponents' weaknesses. Training and sparring programs will build the speed, power, flexibility, stamina, and mental toughness that are essential for success in competition.

Die Rembrandt Aff re

Die Rembrandt Aff  re Author Daniel Silva
ISBN-10 3492302920
Release 2013
Pages 480
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Geheimagent Gabriel Allon sucht nach einem blutigen Raubmord ein verschwundenes Rembrandt-Gemälde. Die Spur führt nach Amsterdam. Er erfährt, dass im Inneren des Bildes geheime Informationen verwahrt sind. Auch sein Leben ist jetzt in Gefahr!

Essential Karate Book

Essential Karate Book Author Graeme Lund
ISBN-10 9781462905591
Release 2015-12-29
Pages 192
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The Essential Karate Book is an illustrated, informative guide to the techniques, philosophy and practice of karate With 20 chapters covering practically every aspect of karate, this in-depth reference will assist students and instructors as they plot their course through karate instruction, benefiting those at all levels. The Essential Karate Book contains 200 diagrams mapping out moves, 300 color photographs, and downloadable video, making it a comprehensive general karate reference for Western audiences. Readers of this karate guide will learn about: The origins and history of karate Required behavior, clothing and etiquette, as well as the fundamentals of karate and the different styles that share them Stances, blocks, strikes and kicks Preparing your body through warm ups, stretching, and conditioning through karate-specific exercises Kata grading and fighting (kumite) techniques and competition rules Martial arts weapons (kobudo), and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) applications The Essential Karate Book is a must-have for any martial arts enthusiast, from beginners to black belts!

Karate for Kids and for Mom and Dad Too

Karate for Kids and for Mom and Dad  Too Author Vincent A. Cruz
ISBN-10 9781475958829
Release 2013-02-13
Pages 172
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Karate is a growing phenomenon in the United States and internationally, and adults as well as children of all ages have discovered this Japanese martial art. In Karate for Kids, author Vincent A. Cruz presents a discussion of the essential physical and philosophical elements of traditional karate and provides clear and purposeful instruction for the young practitioner. Cruz, an experienced teacher of karate, offers an introduction to traditional karate and shows that is an exciting, healthful, physical art that develops the body and mind and is an effective form of self-defense. In this guide, he defines the concept of karate; discusses the history of the martial art; explains its physical, mental, and spiritual principles and philosophies; and describes and illustrates essential punching, blocking, and kicking techniques. Geared toward young adults as well as parents, Karate for Kids offers a complete guide to traditional karate using easy-to-follow instructions, caricatures, and diagrams. Cruz communicates how young people can develop a sense of worth through traditional karate and how karate can help youth to master life with an inner respectability.

The Martial Artist s Book of Yoga

The Martial Artist s Book of Yoga Author Lily Chou
ISBN-10 9781569757659
Release 2009-05-01
Pages 128
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The Martial Artist s Book of Yoga has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Martial Artist s Book of Yoga also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Martial Artist s Book of Yoga book for free.

Essential Shorinjiryu Karatedo

Essential Shorinjiryu Karatedo Author Masayuki Kukan Hisataka
ISBN-10 9781462902347
Release 2011-12-20
Pages 224
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In Essential Shorinjiryu Karatedo, Masayuki Kukan Hisataka, ninth Dan Black Belt Karate master, introduces the highly innovative and effective Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo system. An integral system of Okinawan karate practiced for centuries, Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo is an evolving scientific martial art that incorporates elements from kung fu, Kudakajima Shishiryu bo jutsu, and Western and Asian medicine. In this detailed martial arts guide, Master Hisataka demonstrates the karate techniques, fighting combinations, and kata (preset forms) that have made him a leading international master of both karate and judo. It describes in detail basic karate strikes, kicks, and blocks, as well as the philosophy of yin-yang and the five elements and how that philosophy relates to fighting strategy and attitude. The history and development of karate from ancient times are covered in detail, with a focus on the Okinawan masters who brought karate to Japan. This book's 430 photographs show karate fighting techniques in action, illustrating a variety of effective striking combinations, counters, and three classical karate kata. This is also the first book in English to show the use of Supersafe protective equipment in martial arts training.

Karate Kicks

Karate Kicks Author Stuart Schwartz
ISBN-10 0736800093
Release 1998
Pages 48
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A general description of karate, including its origins and development, warm-up exercises, basic and advanced kicks, and safety aspects.

Advanced Taekwondo

Advanced Taekwondo Author Scott Shaw
ISBN-10 9781462904365
Release 2012-01-17
Pages 216
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Taekwondo is defined as a hard-style system of the martial arts— with penetrating kicks and punches, and forceful linear attacks. Dedicated practitioners know that advanced training means not only striving to master techniques, but also developing a deeper understanding of the history, philosophy, and concepts at the core of this martial art. In Advanced Taekwondo, Scott Shaw presents an in-depth look at the complete art of Taekwondo—from the underlying philosophies that drive the techniques and strategies to advice on mastering basic and advanced techniques fundamental to the art. Chapters include: An in-depth look at the origins and philosophies of Taekwondo Discussion and tips on mastering essential techniques Illustrated poomse sequences, including the Taeguek forms and Black Belt forms With over 400 illustrations and detailed instruction from a leading teacher in the field, even the most experienced black belts can benefit from the lessons in this book. Scott Shaw is one of the world's most prolific proponents of the Korean martial arts. He began training in hapkido and taekwondo as a young boy and today holds master instructor certification in both. He is a frequently published contributor to martial arts magazines and has authored a number of books, including Hapkido: Korean Art of Self–Defense.


Taekwondo Author Charles Stepan
ISBN-10 184773152X
Release 2008-04-01
Pages 96
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This book provides comprehensive information on thehistory, philosophy, practice and purpose in modern-daysociety of the Korean martial art taekwondo. Beginners willfind details on how to find the correct teacher, as well asexplanations of etiquette, terminology and the long-termbenefits of this ancient martial art. The book emphasizes the positive transformational influences of taekwondo - it makes people into better human beings by uniting body and mind, and helps taekwondo students attain confidence as well as a state of physical and mental well-being.

Fundamental Karate

Fundamental Karate Author Aidan Trimble
ISBN-10 9781448118809
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 80
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This easy-to-follow guide is an essential reference for practitioners of all ages and abilities of this most popular martial art. Beginning with a chapter on breathing technique, this practical and detailed book goes on to reveal how to develop your energy-shout, the basic stances of Karate and how to accomplish the art of punching, blocking, kicking and striking, including all the must-know moves from the Knife-hand Block to the Roundhouse Kick. Each stance and movement is complimented with clear step-by-step photographs and includes a section on 'points to avoid' when practising each one. By demonstrating the key aspects of the basic technique and emphasising the need for a careful, classical approach to the practice of Karate, you will have all you need to know to practise the sport in safety. Coming from two of the UK's most respected and experienced competitors and teachers, this is the perfect guide for both new and improving students of Karate.


Hapkido Author Scott Shaw
ISBN-10 9781462903443
Release 2011-12-20
Pages 96
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Hapkido, "The Way of Coordination and Internal Power," is one of the three major Korean martial arts. Founded in 1963 by Master Choi Young-Sul, it is a complete system of self-defense, encompassing striking, kicking, and grappling techniques. Conceptually, Hapkido techniques more closely parallel those of Aikido than Taekwondo. In fact, as the author describes, there is a parental link between the arts. In Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense, Scott Shaw presents a precise description of the techniques, concepts, and applications of this Korean martial art of self-defense. Profusely illustrated with 220 clear photographs, this instructional hapkido book describes and depicts self-defense techniques against a variety of punches, holds, and kicks. Hapkido has been utilized by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide, but until now little has been written on it. This hapkido guide is one of the few in English to present the essential techniques of this fascinating Korean martial art. Chapters include: The History and Development of Korean Martial Arts The Evolution of Hapkido Danjon: The Center of Ki Hapkido Fundamentals Hapkido Self-Defense Techniques

Aiki Jujutsu

Aiki Jujutsu Author Cary Nemeroff
ISBN-10 9781847975706
Release 2013-06-30
Pages 192
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Aiki-Jujutsu: Mixed Martial Art of the Samurai is essential reading for practitioners and instructors of mixed martial arts, the traditional Asian martial arts and those who seek to learn more about the techniques, philosophy and history of the fighting arts of the Samurai. Using easy to follow, step-by-step photography and text, 10th Dan Cary Nemeroff demonstrates how to perform the throws, hand strikes, grappling/groundwork manoeuvres, blocks, break-falls, kicks and sword-disarming techniques of the complete Aiki-Jujutsu system, including Kempo-Jutsu, Aiki-Jutsu and Ju-Jutsu. It also provides a concise history of the concepts and systems surrounding Aiki-Jujutsu's development, such as Budo and Bujutsu, enabling the practitioner to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the art. Essential reading for all practitioners and instructors of mixed martial arts. Covers the hand strikes, throws, kicks and sword-disarming techniques of the complete Aiki-Jujutsu system and provides a concise history of the concepts surrounding Aiki-Jujutsu's development, such as Budo and Bujutsu. Superbly illustrated with around 830 step-by-step photographs. Cary Nemeroff is a 10th Dan in Aiki-Jujutsu (Jujutsu) with thirty-five years of training to his credit.

Martial Arts Instructor s Desk Reference

Martial Arts Instructor s Desk Reference Author Sang H. Kim
ISBN-10 1880336715
Release 2002
Pages 317
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The Martial Arts Instructors Desk Reference is a complete guide to advanced teaching concepts and martial arts school administration. Author and veteran martial arts instructor Dr. Sang H. Kim covers a wide range of essential topics for the professional martial arts instructor including: Teaching children with ADD, behavioral problems and learning disabilities Creating lesson plans and teaching specifi c curriculum elements Combating boredom through hundreds of drills and training ideas Marketing, advertising, publicity, staffi ng and customer service Instructor training and evaluation Tournament management Branch school and outreach program development Based on years of Dr. Kim's research and experience, this book brings together a wide range of essential topics for martial arts instructors of all levels."