Essential Nurse Prescribing

Essential Nurse Prescribing Author Molly Courtenay
ISBN-10 1841101087
Release 2002-01-08
Pages 216
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Information including product dosage, contraindications, side effects, drug interactions, and specific nursing points is presented in detail.

Independent and Supplementary Prescribing

Independent and Supplementary Prescribing Author Molly Courtenay
ISBN-10 9781139487894
Release 2010-04-22
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The second edition of Independent and Supplementary Prescribing builds on the success of this classic text by providing a unique resource for prescribing and medicines management for both new and experienced prescribers. This is an essential resource for anyone undertaking the non-medical prescribing programme. The book explores a number of key areas for prescribers, including the ethical and legal issues surrounding prescribing, prescribing within a public health context, evidence-based prescribing, basic pharmacology, medication safety, monitoring skills and drug calculations. Each chapter has been updated for the second edition and an additional chapter 'Minimising the risk of prescribing error' has been added. Written by a group of multi-professional authors working at all stages of the medication management process, this book will be essential reading for all nurses, midwives, pharmacists and allied health professionals qualified to prescribe as independent and/or supplementary prescribers.

The Textbook of Non Medical Prescribing

The Textbook of Non Medical Prescribing Author Dilyse Nuttall
ISBN-10 9781118861868
Release 2015-06-15
Pages 352
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The Textbook of Non-Medical Prescribing is an easy-to-read, comprehensive overview of the essential knowledge, key issues and skills relevant to non-medical prescribing. Now fully updated and linked to the National Prescribing Centre Single Competency Framework for non-medical prescribers, with activities to help you link your continuing professional development within the competences required as a prescriber. This practical title remains an ideal resource for all qualified health professionals to practice safe and effective non-medical prescribing. The section edition is structured around four core themes – public health, social and cultural issues, prescribing principles, and continuing professional development – which are threaded throughout the text. It also includes additional material on the importance on continuing professional development in prescribing, as well as the history and context of non-medical prescribing; ethical, legal and professional issues; effective consultations; essential pharmacology; clinical skills; prescribing for specific groups; and the role of the multidisciplinary team. Key Features: Accessible and study-friendly Each chapter has learning objectives and activities to support a deeper understanding of the theoretical knowledge base and its application to practice Case studies linking the topics to real-life scenarios Companion website at with a range of self-assessment questions, quizzes, numeracy exercises, case studies and weblinks. The Textbook of Non-Medical Prescribing provides support to anyone studying for a prescribing qualification or looking for a refresher on the subject.

Oxford Handbook of Prescribing for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Oxford Handbook of Prescribing for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Author Sue Beckwith
ISBN-10 9780199575817
Release 2011-05-12
Pages 528
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"1st ed. published as Oxford handbook of nurse prescribing, 2006"--t.p. verso.

Nurse Prescribing

Nurse Prescribing Author Jennifer L. Humphries
ISBN-10 0333930924
Release 2002
Pages 186
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This text provides a critical examination of the development and implications of nurse prescribing in relation to patients and clients, to nurses themselves, and to the nursing profession in general. The professional issues relevant to nurse prescribing are discussed and examined within the current framework of community nursing and practical guidelines are given. This new edition addresses the broader range of nurses who will be required to prescribe from 2002, and the increasing variety of products which may be prescribed by them. New chapters consider ethical and legal issues, and provide case studies of nurse prescribing situations.

The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse as a Prescriber

The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse as a Prescriber Author Marie Annette Brown
ISBN-10 9780813805245
Release 2012-02-28
Pages 284
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address gaps in access to quality health care. APRNs must be prepared to practice to the full scope of their education and abilities. As more and more states pass legislation enhancing prescriptive authority and fully autonomous practice for APRNs, a comprehensive resource on prescribing practices is needed. The increasing demands of today's fast-paced health care environment require a new level of prescriber expertise. Knowledge about medication characteristics and effectiveness must be accompanied by an understanding of the context and process of prescribing. "The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse as a Prescriber" provides practicing APRNs and students information necessary to make fully informed, rational and ethical decisions as prescribers. The book opens with an overview of the role of the APRN prescriber and moves on to discussing practical issues such as managing difficult patient situations, special considerations when prescribing controlled substances, the influence of pharmaceutical marketing, state regulation, and legal aspects of prescribing. The book also examines barriers to prescribing, and the concluding chapter underscores key information to build cultural competence when prescribing. An evidence-based resource for all APRNs and APRN students, "The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse as a Prescriber" provides a comprehensive and practical resource essential for APRNs in all advanced practice roles. Key Features: Provides an up-to-date, evidence-based resource for APRNs in a prescribing role Assists with managing the special circumstances surrounding the prescription of controlled substances Offers strategies that build expertise to meet the challenges of difficult patient situations Examines approaches to addressing the barriers APRNs confront when prescribing medications Prepares prescribers to navigate the complex regulatory, legal and ethical issues surrounding prescribing Includes a webliography containing links to further information on prescribing for advanced practice registered nurses:

Current Issues in Nurse Prescribing

Current Issues in Nurse Prescribing Author Molly Courtenay
ISBN-10 1841100633
Release 2001-01-02
Pages 111
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Examines key topical issues for nurse prescribers. Designed specifically for nurses undertaking the prescribing programme and for qualified nurse practitioners.

The New Prescriber

The New Prescriber Author Fiona Bath-Hextall
ISBN-10 9781118278338
Release 2011-11-23
Pages 224
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The New Prescriber is a comprehensive, accessible textbook that provides essential coverage of the three core components for prescribing: the client/patient, the evidence, and the pharmacology. Divided into three sections, this text first looks at the consultation with the patient, and outlines legal, professional and ethical frameworks which guide medical and non-medical prescribing. The second section is devoted to evidence-based practice, highlighting key skills essential to all clinicians. This section encourages the student to identify why evidence-based practice should underpin prescribing decisions. The third and final section is concerned with pharmacology. The student is introduced to basic concepts of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, adverse drug reactions and variability of response. The importance of these pharmacological principles is highlighted throughout the subsequent discussion of drug groups affecting major body systems. Key features: Pulls together all key elements of prescribing using an integrated approach ‘Stop and Think' boxes and practice application activities provided throughout, enabling the reader to link theory to practice Key terms and glossary provided This text is invaluable for all nursing, health and medical students taking courses in prescribing and pharmacology.

Essential Nursing Care

Essential Nursing Care Author Louise Lawson
ISBN-10 9780470513033
Release 2009-06-08
Pages 360
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This text provides a fundamental understanding of the essential core skills that support the development of professional competencies for practice. It explores the principles of patient safety, monitoring and assessment, respiratory care, eating and drinking, elimination, drug administration and first aid.

Nurses Test Yourself in Non Medical Prescribing

Nurses  Test Yourself in Non Medical Prescribing Author Noel Harris
ISBN-10 9780335245000
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 258
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Designed as a revision and study aid for nurses undertaking Non-Medical Prescribing courses and modules, this book is written by two NMP lecturers and maps onto the likely topics for examination and testing.

Passing Your Advanced Nursing OSCE

Passing Your Advanced Nursing OSCE Author Helen Ward
ISBN-10 9781846192340
Release 2009-01
Pages 171
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This book aims to provide an easily accessible quick reference guide for advanced nursing students preparing to undertake practical examinations to assess advanced clinical practice competence, and students preparing for practical examinations in non-medical prescribing assessment. These examinations are commonly known as objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs). The book is a preparation and revision tool, designed to be read in conjunction with any recommended core clinical textbooks: however, along with giving students step-by-step instructions on performing well in OSCE scenarios, it also gives guidance to academic staff on preparing to teach and mark OSCEs. This book uses a case study approach to OSCEs in a coherent, consistent, and easily understandable style. Both authors are clinical academic nurse practitioners who regularly work in clinical practice in conjunction with teaching advanced nurse practitioner and non-medical prescribing students.

Essential Nursing Skills

Essential Nursing Skills Author Maggie Nicol
ISBN-10 9780723437772
Release 2012-08-03
Pages 432
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As a nursing student you will have learnt lots of nursing theory and research – but how do you translate this into practice and apply it to the skills you need? Where do you start? What steps should be carried out and in what order? What should you do afterwards? Essential Nursing Skills answers these questions for over 130 clinical skills. Each one is explained from start to finish, using a step-by-step approach, with clear illustrations and colour photographs to enhance understanding. Small enough to carry with you and specifically designed and written to aid learning, this book is invaluable for nurses across all fields. • Attractive design – easy to use • Skills explained step by step • Comprehensive list of skills covers all that students will encounter in practice • Points for Practice sections encourage readers to reflect and learn • Further reading and references point to the evidence and knowledge base for each skill. Full-colour photographs illustrate many of the procedures Full colour is used throughout to help navigate procedures Section listing normal values of commonly used blood tests Skills to assess deteriorating patients and care for patients undergoing surgery Reflects changes in nursing and professional national guidelines.

Nurse Prescribing in Mental Health

Nurse Prescribing in Mental Health Author Adrian Jones
ISBN-10 1444311611
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 216
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Nurse Prescribing in Mental health is a practical handbook for mental health nurses who are being training, have aspirations to train or who are trained in nurse prescribing. It introduces the reader to the different types of nurse prescribing and how they can be used in practice, now and in the future and reflects on the myriad of issues that are facing novice and experienced nurse prescribers. These include inter-professional relationships, team work, ethical and legal issues, governance and patient safety. The text goes on to explore the different types of medicines commonly prescribed for major disease groups and will help nurse prescribers to understand the practical application of prescribing as seen in clinical practice. Key features: Outlines the principles of prescribing and pharmacology as applied to mental health nursing Running through all of the chapters is a review of relevant nurse prescribing research and evidence that supports general prescribing practice with a direct application to clinical practice in mental health settings. Evidenced based Accessible, with case studies and scenarios in each chapter

Prescriber s Guide

Prescriber s Guide Author Stephen M. Stahl
ISBN-10 9781108228749
Release 2017-03-31
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With the range of psychotropic drugs expanding and the usages of existing medications diversifying, we are pleased to present this very latest edition of what has become the indispensable formulary in psychopharmacology. This new edition features seven new compounds as well as information about several new formulations of existing drugs. In addition, many important new indications are covered for existing drugs, as are updates to the profiles of the entire content and collection, including an expansion of the sections on long-acting injectable formulations of antipsychotics. With its easy-to-use, template-driven navigation system, The Prescriber's Guide combines evidence-based data with clinically informed advice to support everyone who is prescribing in the field of mental health.

The Essential Guide to Becoming a Staff Nurse

The Essential Guide to Becoming a Staff Nurse Author Ian Peate
ISBN-10 9781118812297
Release 2016-03-21
Pages 208
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Written specifically for graduating students and newly registered nurses, this essential handbook will help you navigate the transition from student to registered practitioner. Providing you with the key knowledge to help consolidate your degree course, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Staff Nurse will enable you to become an autonomous and accountable practitioner. Covering everything the newly registered nurse needs to know, this handy book explores: How to get the job you want The role and function of the staff nurse Accountability and delegation Working with patients and their families Becoming a manager Continuing professional and personal development With activities, practical hints and tips throughout, this accessible aide-memoire will provide indispensable support for newly registered nurses in all fields.

Placement Learning in Medical Nursing A guide for students in practice 1

Placement Learning in Medical Nursing A guide for students in practice 1 Author Maggie Maxfield
ISBN-10 9780702043024
Release 2012
Pages 336
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Worried about your placement? Will you fit in? Will you have the right skills? What do you need to learn for practice assessments? This book will help you with all these concerns. It will tell you what to expect from the placement, what you can learn, how to link theory and practice, and how to make the most of your learning opportunities. A logical, step-by-step approach to preparing for a medical placement Helps make the most of learning opportunities Explains how to develop medical competencies, mapping specific cancer and palliative care exercises and activities to the NMC competencies Narratives from other students describe what the placement will really be like Honest discussion of the challenges of a medical placement to help avoid problems Advice on possible approaches to situations that may arise Focus on the essential evidence base of cancer and palliative care nursing, linking theory to practice Series features: A unique guide to getting the most from clinical placements What to expect before a placement What you can expect to learn on placement How to consolidate your experience and learning Clear links and examples with NMC proficiencies Guidance on what to use as evidence for portfolios Short case studies to link theory with practice Key points reminder boxes Worried about your next placement? Will you 'fit in'? Will you have the right skills? What do you need to learn to meet practice assessments? This series will help you with all these concerns. It will tell you what to expect from each placement, what you can learn, how to link theory and practice, and how to make the most of your learning opportunities. This is the only series specifically for student nurses undertaking specific practice placements, and will give you all the information you need in a user-friendly format. Each book in the series covers a specific area of practice for a typical placement on a pre-registration nursing course. Each title provides: A unique guide to getting the most from clinical placements How to prepare for your placement What you can expect to learn during a placement Clear links to, and examples of, achieving NMC competencies Guidance on what to use as evidence for your portfolio Case studies that link theory with practice How to consolidate your experience and learn from the placement Tips, activities, further reading suggestions and useful websites. Titles in the Placement Learning series: Surgical nursing Medical nursing Cancer and palliative care nursing Mental health nursing Community care nursing Older people nursing

Non medical Prescribing in Health Care Practice

Non medical Prescribing in Health Care Practice Author Dawn Brookes
ISBN-10 IND:30000086303967
Release 2007
Pages 278
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This edited work offers students and practitioners a contemporary insight into non-medical prescribing initiatives in everyday situations. With contributors from nursing, medicine and allied health professions, this practical text examines prescribing as it stands, and looks at how it may develop in the future.