Fort Momma

Fort Momma Author Al Gowan
ISBN-10 9781462073863
Release 2003-08-17
Pages 150
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Praise for stories in FORT MOMMA: "Surprise and delight lurk in every paragraph of DEFROSTING HOWARD, a well-crafted story written in a clear, strong voice." -Vicki Hendricks fiction editor of QUIXOTE QUARTERLY, and author of five novels including MIAMI PURITY, IGUANA LOVE and SKY BLUES "REAL TIME is an humorous insight into the computer anxiety of the early eighties." -Dan Wakefield guest editor of PLOUGHSHARES and author of sixteen books including best selling novels STARTING OVER and GOING ALL THE WAY, and non-fiction books NEW YORK IN THE 1950'S and RETURNING. With deepest gratitude to the editors who published my stories: Dan Wakefield, PLOUGHSHARES, 1981 (REAL TIME) Michael Ishii, PAINTED HILLS REVIEW, 1993 (THE DEPRESSION) J.H.E. Paine, TENNESSEE QUARTERLY, 1993 (CURLEY'S PICTURE) Vicki Hendricks, QUIXOTE QUARTERLY, 1994 (DEFROSTING HOWARD) Reviews on Al Gowan's last novel ZAMORA'S TATTOO "Marks the debut of a new American novelist of insight, intelligence, style and sensitivity. Al Gowan is a writer with something to say that's fresh and provocative and he says it in a voice that is utterly, uniquely his own." -Gerald Gross, EDITORS ON EDITING "A dangerous and startling novel full of wit and grace. Al Gowan is a writer who takes delight in revealing the struggles of his people" -Melanie Rae Thon, SWEET HEARTS, IONA MOON, GIRLS IN THE GRASS, METEORS IN AUGUST and FIRST, BODY.

Senate Documents

Senate Documents Author United States Senate
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB11037187
Release 1860
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Senate Documents has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Senate Documents also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Senate Documents book for free.

The Works of Alexander Hamilton

The Works of Alexander Hamilton Author Alexander Hamilton
ISBN-10 PSU:000017944274
Release 1851
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The Works of Alexander Hamilton has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Works of Alexander Hamilton also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Works of Alexander Hamilton book for free.

Your momma s a werewolf

Your momma s a werewolf Author M. D. Spenser
ISBN-10 1576570959
Release 1996
Pages 125
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While on a camping trip with his mother, ten-year-old Iggy has to try to get her back to normal after she is bitten by a lone wolf and turns into a werewolf.

My Miracle

My Miracle Author Evelyn Fort Stewart
ISBN-10 9780595408795
Release 2006-09
Pages 364
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"I, too, was a victim of abuse I thought I had to endure the suffering Bless your good works and your caring heart." Francine, internationally acclaimed poet ("This isn't the same ol'-same ol' story of a woman raised with incest in her background and an alcoholic parent to contend with. It's the story of a woman born into a loving family who suffered at the hands of a man who lured into his web, then spent the next thirty years of their life attempting to destroy her. He only made her stronger. It's the story of our culture, with a rich texture of the 40s, 50s and 60s woven into the fabric of the author's astounding words. Spellbinding, with a hint of John Steinbeck on every page." Marjorie Cox, public speaker"I live every day of my life grateful to have survived what so many young women haven't survived. Maybe I had to tough it out in order to pass along some of my history to those who feel that they, and they alone, are in such abusive situations that no one will ever understand. My message to them is to believe in miracles. And to believe in yourself. With God, all things are possible. I'm living proof of the truth of that statement." Evelyn Fort Stewart

For Momma s Sake

For Momma s Sake Author Bonnie Gardner
ISBN-10 9781459226661
Release 2012-04-01
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So when general's daughter Darcy Stanton abruptly balked at marrying a macho military man, she shamelessly fled her wedding and hit the road running. But fickle fate delivered Darcy into the arms of irresistible air force sergeant Billy Hays, whose Southern charm and gentle embrace nearly hijacked her heart. Fortunately, this sergeant was a confirmed bachelor. Unfortunately, his beloved, ailing Alabama momma dearly wished to see him wed. So in a twinkling Darcy was back at the altar—conveniently pretending to be Billy's bride. Trouble was, his sweet kiss and tenderness made Darcy secretly long for a real happily-ever-after…as Sergeant Billy's wife!

Rosarote Nachrichten

Rosarote Nachrichten Author Cathy Lamb
ISBN-10 9783104012971
Release 2012-06-21
Pages 512
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Deine Familie kannst du dir nicht backen Die Schwestern Isabelle, Cecilia und Janie sind es seit ihrer Kindheit gewohnt, dass ihre Mutter ihnen wichtige Mitteilungen auf rosarotem Papier zukommen lässt. Auch diesmal ist ihre Nachricht dringend: Sie muss am Herzen operiert werden, und Isabelle und ihre Schwestern werden zu Hause gebraucht, um die Bäckerei mit Café der Familie Bommarito am Laufen zu halten und sich um ihren behinderten Bruder Henry und ihre demente Großmutter zu kümmern. Die Heimkehr lässt Geheimnisse und Verletzungen aus der Vergangenheit zu Tage treten, doch die Notlage bringt die drei Frauen dazu, neue Wege zu finden, Wunden zu heilen. Ein warmherziger, humorvoller Roman über unerwartet starke familiäre Bande und die Kraft zur Versöhnung.

But Mama She s My Sister

But  Mama  She s My Sister Author Susan B. Keophila
ISBN-10 9781452032160
Release 2010-12
Pages 36
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Kelly Kitten is so excited that her mother is expecting a new kitten! She just knows the new kitten will be a little sister. Then one day Mama Cat tells Kelly that she wants more for the new kitten, more than Momma Cat can give her. Momma Cat loves the kitten and wants her to have everything she needs. Mama Cat wants to place the new kitten for adoption. "But Mama! She's my sister!" Kelly cries. What is this thing called adoption? What does it mean for Kelly? Kelly doesn't understand.

Faces in the Moon

Faces in the Moon Author Betty Louise Bell
ISBN-10 0806127740
Release 1995-09-01
Pages 193
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Faces in the Moon is the story of three generations of Cherokee women, as viewed by the youngest, Lucie, a woman who has been able to use education and her imagination to escape the confines of her rootless, impoverished upbringing. When her mother’s illness summons her back to Oklahoma, Lucie finds herself confronted with the legacy of a childhood she has worked hard to separate from her adult self. Her mother, Gracie, and her maternal aunt, Auney, are members of the Cherokees’ "lost generation," women who rejected the traditional rural ways in search of a more glamorous life as autonomous working women.

Saints Sinners New Fiction From The Festival 2015

Saints   Sinners  New Fiction From The Festival 2015 Author Paul Willis
ISBN-10 9781626393912
Release 2015-03-16
Pages 240
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An anthology of short fiction featuring the finalist selections from the 2015 Saints + Sinners Literary Festival.

A Booke Called the Treasure for Traueilers

A Booke Called the Treasure for Traueilers Author William Bourne
ISBN-10 MINN:319510007943987
Release 1578
Pages 224
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A Booke Called the Treasure for Traueilers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Booke Called the Treasure for Traueilers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Booke Called the Treasure for Traueilers book for free.

Das Versprechen

Das Versprechen Author David Baldacci
ISBN-10 9783838717135
Release 2012-02-17
Pages 366
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Ein Roman mit einem großen Herz und viel Gefühl Amerika 1940: Ein einziger schrecklicher Moment ändert das Leben der zwölfjährigen Lou von Grund auf. Bei einem Autounfall kommt ihr Vater ums Leben, und ihre Mutter fällt ins Koma. Die einzige Verwandte, die sich um Lou und ihren kleinen Bruder Oz kümmern kann, ist ihre Urgroßmutter Louisa Mae, die auf einer Farm in Virginia wohnt. Doch das Leben in den Bergen ist hart, und die Kinder müssen schwer mitarbeiten. Nur allmählich erschließt sich ihnen die Schönheit der Welt, die sie umgibt. Erst als eine Bergbaugesellschaft die Hände nach dem Besitz ausstreckt, wird Lou klar, wie viel ihr das Land, das ihr Vater so liebte, bedeutet, und dass es sich dafür zu kämpfen lohnt ... Mit "Das Versprechen" hat Bestsellerautor David Baldacci einen fesselnden Roman geschrieben, der den Leser in das ländliche Amerika der 40er Jahre versetzt.

Flavor of the Month

Flavor of the Month Author Olivia Goldsmith
ISBN-10 9781626814370
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 870
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From the New York Times bestselling author of THE FIRST WIVES CLUB. Mary Jane Moran was an ambitious New York stage actress who lost the role of a lifetime and the one man she loved—all because Hollywood thought she was too plain and too old to star in the movies. But M.J. knew what she had inside—she just needed a little help bringing it out. Two years, forty pounds, sixty-seven thousand dollars, and a full round of nips, tucks, lipos, and implants later, the Broadway gypsy moth emerged a gorgeous butterfly with a new name and a new body: Jahne Moore was svelte, sexy, and ripe for the big time. Now Jahne and her two co-starlets-in-arms—ruthless L.A. native Lila Kyle and sweet Texas belle Sharleen Smith—are making their move on the West Coast. Television's top creator wants them in the season's white-hot new series. But as the starlets climb furiously to the top, they struggle to hide the secrets of their pasts. And Jahne Moore gives her most convincing performance when the same man who once broke her heart begs her to star—both in his show and his life.

Gr ne Tomaten

Gr  ne Tomaten Author Fannie Flagg
ISBN-10 9783838723051
Release 2012-10-12
Pages 430
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Dies ist die Geschichte von Ruth Jamison und Idgie Threadgoode und ihrem Café in Whistle Stop, Alabama. Hier braucht niemand zu bezahlen, die Schwarzen werden trotz des KuKluxKlans bedient, und wenn es sein muß, halten die Menschen zusammen wie Pech und Schwefel. Ninnie Threadgoode erzählt der dicken, unscheinbaren Evelyn ihre Erinnerungen an diese wunderbare Zeit. Allmählich entwickelt sich eine Freundschaft zwischen den beiden Frauen, die Evelyn neuen Lebensmut gibt. Was Ninnie sie lehrt ist, daß Wärme und Humor reicher machen als alles Geld der Welt.

Southern Gods

Southern Gods Author John Hornor Jacobs
ISBN-10 9781597803533
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 300
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Recent World War II veteran Bull Ingram is working as muscle when a Memphis DJ hires him to find Ramblin' John Hastur. The mysterious blues man's dark, driving music—broadcast at ever-shifting frequencies by a phantom radio station—is said to make living men insane and dead men rise. Disturbed and enraged by the bootleg recording the DJ plays for him, Ingram follows Hastur's trail into the strange, uncivilized backwoods of Arkansas, where he hears rumors the musician has sold his soul to the Devil. But as Ingram closes in on Hastur and those who have crossed his path, he'll learn there are forces much more malevolent than the Devil and reckonings more painful than Hell... In a masterful debut of Lovecraftian horror and Southern gothic menace, John Hornor Jacobs reveals the fragility of free will, the dangerous power of sacrifice, and the insidious strength of blood.

Beauty of the Broken

Beauty of the Broken Author Tawni Waters
ISBN-10 9781481407106
Release 2014-09-30
Pages 368
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In this lyrical, heartwrenching story about a forbidden first love, a teen seeks the courage to care for another girl despite her small town’s bigotry and her father’s violent threats. Growing up in conservative small-town New Mexico, fifteen-year-old Mara was never given the choice to be different. Her parents—an abusive, close-minded father and a detached alcoholic mother—raised Mara to be like all the other girls in Barnaby: God-fearing, churchgoing, and straight. Mara wants nothing to do with any of it. She feels most at home with her best friend and older brother, Iggy, but Iggy hasn’t been the same since their father beat him and put him in the hospital with a concussion. As Mara’s mother feeds her denial with bourbon and Iggy struggles with his own demons, Mara finds an escape with her classmate Xylia. A San Francisco transplant, Xylia is everything Mara dreams of being: free-spirited, open, wild. The closer Mara and Xylia become, the more Mara feels for her—even though their growing relationship is very much forbidden in Barnaby. Just as Mara begins to live a life she’s only imagined, the girls’ secret is threatened with exposure and Mara’s world is thrown into chaos. Mara knows she can't live without Xylia, but can she live with an entire town who believes she is an abomination worse than the gravest sin?

Build the Fort Today

Build the Fort    Today Author Jim Kern
ISBN-10 096220904X
Release 1990
Pages 185
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Build the Fort Today has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Build the Fort Today also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Build the Fort Today book for free.