Game Plan

Game Plan Author
ISBN-10 1404813446
Release 2005-07-01
Pages 48
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When Sarah and Luke need to invent their own toy they meet their toy-inventor idol, Mr. Flukelar, and he shares some tricks of the trade.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Kristen Callihan
ISBN-10 9780990715788
Release 2015-11-01
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A beard-related dare and one hot-as-hell kiss changes everything. NFL center Ethan Dexter’s focus has always been on playing football and little else. Except when it comes to one particular woman. The lovely Fiona Mackenzie might not care about his fame, but she’s also never looked at him as anything more than one of her brother-in-law’s best friends. That ends now. Fi doesn’t know what to make of Dex. The bearded, tattooed, mountain of man-muscle looks more like a biker than a football player. Rumor has it he’s a virgin, but she finds that hard to believe. Because from the moment he decides to turn his quiet intensity on her she’s left weak at the knees and aching to see his famous control fully unleashed. Fi ought to guard her heart and walk away; they live vastly different lives in separate cities. And Dex is looking for a forever girl. But Dex has upped his game and is using all his considerable charm to convince Fi he’s her forever man.

Game Plan

Game Plan Author Kevin Freeman
ISBN-10 9781621572008
Release 2014-01-06
Pages 300
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An expert in economic warfare and financial terrorism describes how investors at all levels must be ready to strategically adjust to events and emerging risks and offers a game plan of offensive strategies and attacks to prepare for the unpredictable. 30,000 first printing.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Vic Carucci
ISBN-10 9781623688950
Release 2014-10-01
Pages 288
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As one of the most successful general managers and team presidents in NFL history, few people understand how to create the blueprint for a winning football team like Bill Polian. After building the Buffalo Bills team that went to four consecutive Super Bowls and taking the expansion Carolina Panthers to the NFC Championship just two years after the team's creation, he was responsible for the Indianapolis Colts drafting Peyton Manning with the first overall pick in 1998 and oversaw the team's victory in Super Bowl XLI. Now, Polian shares his blueprint for building a successful football team in The Game Plan. He details the decisions both a team needs to make in the regular season and the offseason to bring teams to the postseason and the NFL's ultimate test of a well-built team: the Super Bowl.

Game Plan for Life

Game Plan for Life Author Joe Gibbs
ISBN-10 1414341008
Release 2011-11-04
Pages 336
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Shows readers how to live a balanced, God-centered, purpose-filled life, using examples of Coach Gibbs's own storied championship careers as a backdrop.

Game Plan

Game Plan Author Thomas J. Dygard
ISBN-10 0140369708
Release 1995-08-01
Pages 220
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When the hospitalization of Barton High's head football coach forces skinny student manager Beano Hatton to step in, he must deal with a rebellious quarterback and his own lack of confidence.

Your Gameplan

Your Gameplan Author Sarah Harnisch
ISBN-10 098481843X
Release 2017-02-14
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Young Living Platinum Sarah Harnisch tells her story from starter kit to Silver

Your MBA Game Plan

Your MBA Game Plan Author Omari Bouknight
ISBN-10 9781564149688
Release 2007
Pages 285
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The co-founders of a leading admissions service guides students through the demanding application processes of 30 top schools, providing coverage of such topics as acing the GMAT, crafting stand-out essays and resumes and performing flawlessly during admissions interviews.

The Game Plan

The Game Plan Author Joe Dallas
ISBN-10 9781418515232
Release 2005-07-17
Pages 256
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Men everywhere are under attack-your neighbor, your coworker, your pastor, even your husband. And, even in Christian homes, 40% of men have fallen to this foe that can destroy marriages and ruin lives. Who is this devastating adversary? Pornography. It floods our airwaves and PCs, assaulting the senses, and luring its prey to return again and again. Drawing from seventeen years of counseling practice, and using material that he's taught for more than ten years, Joe Dallas is helping readers face this enemy. Equipping those who have been caught up in pornography or other forms of sexual sin with the ability to abandon that behavior and never return. Using the acronym ROUTE-Repentance, Order, Understanding, Training, and Endurance-Dallas walks readers through the steps necessary to attain-and maintain-sexual integrity. "No one understands this subject better than Joe Dallas. And nowhere is there a more biblical and user-friendly 'game plan' for Christian men committed to reclaiming moral purity. A resource no man should be without!" --Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast "Joe Dallas has written a practical handbook for men who want to get serious about their purity. The Game Plan is the tool that answers one of the most troubling problems in the church today, and it does so with compassion, clarity, and a sound biblical base."--D. James Kennedy, Ph.D. "You may beat your demon the first time through The Game Plan or you may need it through a long season, but it's a worthy companion. Joe's advice is sound and his format is friendly."--Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family "I can tell you without hesitation that The Game Plan is one of the best books I've ever read on this important topic."--Robert Adrescok, Editor, New Man Magazine

Game Plan

Game Plan Author Charles Wilson
ISBN-10 9781250126948
Release 2016-06-21
Pages 304
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National bestselling author Charles Wilson delivers a cutting-edge thriller based on real-life experiments at improving human intelligence currently underway in both government and private circles. Imagine a computer chip no bigger than the tip of a pencil. This chip, if implanted in a human brain, could give someone encyclopedic knowledge, lightning-fast reflexes and superior learning skills. In a remote military hospital in Montana, an experiment is being performed: implant the chip into the brains of five volunteers. These volunteers, four men and one woman, are all serving life sentences in prison. The experiment works...but the five criminals escape. One young doctor is pulled into the intrigue by the baffling murder of his medical school mentor. Can this one doctor stop the conspiracy of five powerful opponents...whose driving desire is absolute and total control?

Winning Library Grants

Winning Library Grants Author Herbert B. Landau
ISBN-10 9780838910474
Release 2011
Pages 176
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Here's a practical and comprehensive manual that guides you through grant fundamentals. The author's game plan will help you find relevant funders by analyzing eligibility criteria, write and prepare grant applications, and increase your chances for success by using additional tactics, such as pre- and post-submission marketing to "sell" your institution to a funder.--[book cover]

Game the Plan

Game the Plan Author Chris Cabrera
ISBN-10 9781938416545
Release 2014-02-03
Pages 224
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CREATE AN INCENTIVE COMPENSATION PLAN KNOWING IT WILL BE GAMED Tired of the reality that within five minutes of announcing an incentive plan someone on your sales team starts to find ways to game the plan? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT By gaming, sales reps are trying to achieve the goals you set out. Too many companies walk away from incentives thinking they create a scenario in which every win by a team member means a loss for the company. The only thing a "loss" means, though, is that you, the corporate leader, wrote a bad plan. Instead of fighting the gamers on your staff, build your incentive plan knowing that your sales reps will take every possible means to earn their badges, bonuses, checks, extra PTO days, or whatever other bait you dangle in front of them. "Game the Plan's" revolutionary, three-pronged approach takes the guesswork out of creating the right plan by reviewing a combination of academic, experiential, and empirical data. And the self-assessment exercises will help you diagnose and fine-tune your company's incentive strategy effectiveness. Christopher Cabrera offers you a way to intelligently harness the unique motivational composition of your workforce and systematically spike company-wide collaboration and profitability across every job function and department. This is your key to drive your employees to the right behavior by crafting a dialed-in incentive plan that motivates them to be more productive and loyal. ""Game the Plan" is a must-read. Chris shows how to use real-life data to create killer incentive compensation strategies that will transform your enterprise." -Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, "The ideas here resonate for me as a business executive and a former pro-football player. The right incentives are powerful motivators, and "Game the Plan" explains these ideas brilliantly." -Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Fame (2000 Inductee) "Chris and his team have designed a tool that creates more engaged employees, drives the right behavior, and helps organizations meet their goals. I've seen his principles work first hand." -Steve Cakebread, former CFO, "Chris gives real-world tips, relevant research, and great examples to better reward our sales producers. Start here to 'game the plan' well " -David J. Cichelli, Sr. Vice President, The Alexander Group, Inc. "If you've thumbed your nose at incentives because you think they create win/lose scenarios, Chris will quickly change your mind." -Keith Krach, Chairman and CEO, DocuSign "Chris has written a fantastic book that helps bridge the 'sales & finance' chasm. If you deal with compensation, especially sales compensation, read this book." -Aaron Ross, bestselling author of "Predictable Revenue" ""Game The Plan" should be on every sales manager's and CFO's must-read list." -Barry Rhein, founder of Selling Through Curiosity ""Game The Plan" is the perfect example of why you should go with the tide instead of against it. There's brilliance in the simplicity of taking the natural tendencies of human behavior and rewarding those who achieve financial results." -Rodahl Leong-Lyons, VP of Sales-Americas, Hyatt Hotels Corporation "This is an easy, fast, and insightful read that delivers far more than the even title promises. Chris] unveils the many powerful links between human motivation and business performance." -Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder and CEO, Selling Power "Chris stands out with his vision, experience, and access to hard data. It takes this unusual combination to inspire this unconventional insight." -Alan Benson, PhD candidate, MIT Sloan "Compensation plans can make or break employee morale and customer satisfaction. For the first time, Chris] shows how to build those plans." -Paul Greenberg, author of "CRM at the Speed of Light," 4th Edition.

Game Plan

Game Plan Author Bob P. Buford
ISBN-10 9780310830801
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 176
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Thousands of readers have found an exciting new vision for the second half of life in the best-selling book, Halftime. Bob Buford showed us that we aren’t experiencing a midlife crisis that’s winding us down to our retirement years, but a break in the game that can prepare us for the most exciting half of life. In Game Plan, Buford gives you a practical way to move from success to significance and create an individual strategy that can get you where you want to be five . . . ten . . . twenty . . . thirty . . . or more years from now. If you sense it’s time for a positive change in your life, Game Plan gives you the tools to uncover your best self, aim for your highest dreams, and make your career and personal life more meaningful and fulfilling than ever.

Game Plan

Game Plan Author Ciara Pressler
ISBN-10 0988513528
Release 2014-12-18
Pages 128
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Game Plan is the ultimate goal-setting workbook designed to clarify your vision and accelerate your success. An essential addition to your personal and professional library, its unique format introduces the latest success principles and a specific framework to help you discover your true goals, develop a specific action plan, and overcome your obstacles. Distilling practical wisdom gained from over a decade working with entrepreneurs and creative professionals, Ciara Pressler walks you through a specific and comprehensive goal process. In a refreshing departure from mainstream "Dream it and do it " goal-setting sentiments, Game Plan goes beyond inspiration and introduces a practical approach to goal achievement, including: SOLUTIONS: Why most New Year's resolutions fail and what to do about it GOALS: Shunning cultural "shoulds" to identify what you really want right now ACTION: Identifying potential obstacles and a personal strategy to overcome getting stuck MOMENTUM: Maximizing your time, energy, resources, and work with coaches or consultants MOTIVATION: Why chasing happiness undermines goal fulfillment - and a fulfilling life Game Plan is formatted for quick reference as well as in-depth goal planning and analysis, including Goal Strategy micro-chapters and separate sections for Personal, Career, and Project/Business goals.

The Mental Game Plan

The Mental Game Plan Author Stephen John Bull
ISBN-10 0951954326
Release 1996
Pages 206
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Do you want to acquire that winning edge in sport? Technical ability and physical fitness alone are not enough. You must also be mentally tough and totally focused during critical moments. This compelling book is the ultimate in the practical application of sport psychology offering a program of mental training that will help you maintain performance consistency by concentrating on the key psychological principles of success.

A Game Plan for Life

A Game Plan for Life Author Don Yaeger
ISBN-10 9781608192687
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 208
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The UCLA Bruins coach pays tribute to the individuals who helped foster the values that shaped his career, and shares interviews with people he mentored throughout the years, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton.

A Game Plan for Effective Leadership

A Game Plan for Effective Leadership Author Robert Palestini
ISBN-10 9781578868834
Release 2008-07-17
Pages 242
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The conventional wisdom is that leaders are born, not made. Author Robert Palestini argues that his experience and scholarly research indicate that leadership skills can be learned. The first chapter of this book speaks to the so-called 'science' of administration and leadership, while the second chapter deals with the 'art' of leadership. One needs to learn how to lead with both mind (science) and heart (art) to be truly effective. The effective building blocks of quality leadership are the skills of communication motivation, organizational development, management and creativity. Mastering the theory and practice in these areas of study will produce high quality leadership ability and, in turn, produce successful leaders. This book uses the case study approach in order to facilitate placing theory into effective practice. Each chapter contains an extensive study on one of ten of the most successful basketball coaches of our times including, Phil Jackson, Bobby Knight, Mike Krzyzewski, Pat Riley, Pat Summitt, and Dean Smith. The book looks to see how these coaches were able to place leadership theory into effective practice. The lessons learned will prove invaluable to leaders and aspiring leaders, whether they be a parent, teacher, school principal, athletic director, coach or CEO.