God Author Josh Barkin
ISBN-10 1934527084
Release 2008
Pages 104
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Rabbinical students, young Jewish teachers and other young Jews give their personal answers to difficult questions about God.

God and Philosophy

God and Philosophy Author Etienne Gilson
ISBN-10 0300092997
Release 2002
Pages 147
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In this work, the Catholic philosopher Etienne Gilson deals with one of the most important and perplexing metaphysical problems: the relation between our notion of God and demonstrations of his existence.

The Character of God in the Book of Genesis

The Character of God in the Book of Genesis Author
ISBN-10 0664223605
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 284
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By using recent developments in literary theory, W. Lee Humphreys uses Genesis to show how God functions as a character in the Genesis narrative. Very creatively, Humphreys explores the coherence and consistency of God as a character, the way in which God's character changes and develops throughout the narrative, and how giving attention to the character of God enriches our experience of reading Genesis.

God of the Oppressed

God of the Oppressed Author James H. Cone
ISBN-10 9781570751585
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 257
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In his reflections on God, Jesus, suffering, and liberation, James H. Cone relates the gospel message to the experience of the black community. But a wider theme of the book is the role that social and historical context plays in framing the questions we address to God as well as the mode of the answers provided.

God the Economist

God the Economist Author M. Douglas Meeks
ISBN-10 145141336X
Pages 257
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God does not appear in the modern market. For most economists this is as it should be. It is in no way necessary, according to modern economic theory, to consider God when thinking about economy. Indeed, the absence of God in economic matters is viewed as necessary to the great advances in modern economy. The difficulty with modern market economies, however, is that human livelihood is also left out of the theory and practice of the market economy. ?"I propose to bring the church's teaching about God, the doctrine of the Trinity, to bear on the masked connections between God and economy. I will treat the Trinity as the way of understanding what the Bible calls the 'economy of God.'?

The Humanity of God

The Humanity of God Author Karl Barth
ISBN-10 0804206120
Release 1960
Pages 96
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These three essays show how Karl Barth's later work moved beyond his revolt against the theology dominant in the first decades of this century.

Let s Talk about God

Let s Talk about God Author Dorothy Karp Kripke
ISBN-10 1881283348
Release 2003
Pages 32
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An introduction to the nature, characteristics, and actions of God, as well as God's relationship with people.

God and Necessity

God and Necessity Author Brian Leftow
ISBN-10 9780199263356
Release 2012-09-06
Pages 575
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Brian Leftow offers a theist theory of necessity and possibility, and a new sort of argument for God's existence. He argues that necessities of logic and mathematics are determined by God's nature, but that it is events in God's mind - His imagination and choice - that account for necessary truths about concrete creatures.

Ablaze for God

Ablaze for God Author Wesley L. Duewel
ISBN-10 0310361818
Release 1989
Pages 327
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Describes the spiritual dynamics of leadership, how one can be more fully a Spirit-filled leader, aflame for God. Written by one of the world's leading missionary statesmen.

The Social God and the Relational Self

The Social God and the Relational Self Author Stanley J. Grenz
ISBN-10 066422203X
Release 2001
Pages 345
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In this, the first of a six-volume contribution to systematic theology, Grenz creatively extends the insights of contemporary Trinitarian thought to theological anthropology. "The Social God and the Relational Self" is an example of theological construction as an ongoing conversation involving biblical texts, the theological heritage of the Christian tradition, and the contemporary historical-social context.

God and Nature

God and Nature Author David C. Lindberg
ISBN-10 0520056922
Release 1986
Pages 516
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Since the publication in 1896 of Andrew Dickson White's classic History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, no comprehensive history of the subject has appeared in the English language. Although many twentieth-century historians have written on the relationship between Christianity and science, and in the process have called into question many of White's conclusions, the image of warfare lingers in the public mind. To provide an up-to-date alternative, based on the best available scholarship and written in nontechnical language, the editors of this volume have assembled an international group of distinguished historians. In eighteen essays prepared especially for this book, these authors cover the period from the early Christian church to the twentieth century, offering fresh appraisals of such encounters as the trial of Galileo, the formulation of the Newtonian worldview, the coming of Darwinism, and the ongoing controversies over "scientific creationism.” They explore not only the impact of religion on science, but also the influence of science and religion. This landmark volume promises not only to silence the persistent rumors of war between Christianity and science, but also serve as the point of departure for new explorations of their relationship, Scholars and general readers alike will find it provocative and readable.

God Granted Me

God Granted Me   Author Denae
ISBN-10 9781607916338
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 120
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So many times we all take our life for granted and forget the fact that the only reason we are here is because of the Grace of God. He brought us here to fulfill a purpose in life which he set for us. But because we get so caught up in the "World" we forget where we came from and how we actually got here. For those who think they were brought here by mistake, I want to let them know that there are no mistakes when it comes to Gods work. The Bible says "He knew us before we were formed in the womb"; which means he placed us here at that particular time and place for a reason, we have to walk in his path to find out why. I want to share my testimony of how "God Granted Me...." with you. How God was always in my life even though I tried to push him to the side numerous of times, he still had me in the palm of his hands. This is just a little story that I only pray will inspire or help someone else to recognize that God is and will always be there for you if you just accept him and allow him to enter into your heart. Denae is a single parent of an amazing 8 year old young man, the guardian of her 17 year old handsome, intelligent cousin and the most important role in her life at this present time is making sure her grandmother receives the best care as she continues in her youthful years. She is the daughter of Bruce A. Wilson and the late Wanda J. Brunner and the younger of two older brothers, both whom are married.

God and the Goddesses

God and the Goddesses Author Barbara Newman
ISBN-10 0812202910
Release 2005-02-15
Pages 464
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Contrary to popular belief, the medieval religious imagination did not restrict itself to masculine images of God but envisaged the divine in multiple forms. In fact, the God of medieval Christendom was the Father of only one Son but many daughters—including Lady Philosophy, Lady Love, Dame Nature, and Eternal Wisdom. God and the Goddesses is a study in medieval imaginative theology, examining the numerous daughters of God who appear in allegorical poems, theological fictions, and the visions of holy women. We have tended to understand these deities as mere personifications and poetic figures, but that, Barbara Newman contends, is a mistake. These goddesses are neither pagan survivals nor versions of the Great Goddess constructed in archetypal psychology, but distinctive creations of the Christian imagination. As emanations of the Divine, mediators between God and the cosmos, embodied universals, and ravishing objects of identification and desire, medieval goddesses transformed and deepened Christendom's concept of God, introducing religious possibilities beyond the ambit of scholastic theology and bringing them to vibrant imaginative life. Building a bridge between secular and religious conceptions of allegorized female power, Newman advances such questions as whether medieval writers believed in their goddesses and, if so, in what manner. She investigates whether the personifications encountered in poetic fictions can be distinguished from those that appear in religious visions and questions how medieval writers reconcile their statements about the multiple daughters of God with orthodox devotion to the Son of God. Furthermore, she examines why forms of feminine God-talk that strike many Christians today as subversive or heretical did not threaten medieval churchmen. Weaving together such disparate texts as the writings of Latin and vernacular poets, medieval schoolmen, liturgists, and male and female mystics and visionaries, God and the Goddesses is a direct challenge to modern theologians to reconsider the role of goddesses in the Christian tradition.


Ganesh Author Robert L. Brown
ISBN-10 0791406563
Release 1991
Pages 358
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Essentially a collection of full plot summaries organized under country of origin and preceeded by brief historical introduction. Covers Britain, France, US, Austria-Germany-Hungary, and Spain. Indexed by author/composer/lyricist, and by song title. Includes a discography. Ganesk, the Indian, elephant-headed god worshipped by some Hindus as the principle god, and by many as a subsidiary god, gets a full measure of devotion from western scholars in 11 essays concerned primarily with his origins, rise to divinity, and spreading popularity. The topics include his protohistory, myth, metaphor; his wives; and his place in Sanscrit literature, Jainism, southeast Asia, Tibet, China, and Japan. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

God the Problem

God the Problem Author Gordon D. Kaufman
ISBN-10 0674355261
Release 1972-01
Pages 276
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The most discussed and most significant issue on the religious scene today is whether it is possible, or even desirable, to believe in God. Mr. Kaufman's valuable study does not offer a doctrine of God, but instead explores why God is a problem for many moderns, the dimensions of that problem, and the inner logic of the notion of God as it has developed in Western culture. His object is to determine the function or significance of talk about God: how the concept of God is generated in human experience; the special problems in turn generated by this concept (for example, the intelligibility of the idea of transcendence, the problem of theodicy) and how they are met; and under what circumstances the idea of God is credible or important or even indispensable. He does not try to prove God's existence or nonexistence, but elucidates what the concept of God means and the important human needs it fulfills. Four of the eleven essays have been previously published, at least in part; seven are completely new.

Questions about God

Questions about God Author P. J. Clarke
ISBN-10 0748765549
Release 2001
Pages 197
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This easy-to-read text is divided into four main areas of importance for student understanding: The existence and nature of God, God and science, God and experience, and God and language.


God Author Stephen Hayward
ISBN-10 1852422599
Release 1992
Pages 248
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?Contemplative and funny.??The Independent on Sunday (UK) Short stories from authors with religious backgrounds ranging from Zoroastrian to Jewish, Roman Catholicism to Moslem, the tales in this witty and refreshing collection explore the theme of religion.