God s Amazing World

God s Amazing World Author Eileen Spinelli
ISBN-10 0824956613
Release 2014
Pages 32
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As Gracie tells her cousin, Bo, how God created the world, they play their way through their own version of each of the story's seven days.

Technology of the Gods

Technology of the Gods Author David Hatcher Childress
ISBN-10 0932813739
Release 2000
Pages 343
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Explores natural and man-made mysteries of the past in the light of the latest technology. Includes the Egyptian pyramids, the dinosaurs, and lost civilizations.

Children s Atlas of God s World

Children s Atlas of God s World Author Craig Froman
ISBN-10 9781614583257
Release 2013-06-15
Pages 96
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A one-of-a-kind atlas that glorifies God, explores His creation, and honors His followers around the world! Discover amazing wonders of God's creation, including longest rivers, tallest mountains, and more. Examine interesting factual details about Christian explorers, missionaries, and history makers. learn about geographic features and how these were formed by the Flood, plate tectonics, and volcanic activity - plus other details of God's amazing design. The atlases that line the shelves of libraries and bookstores are filled with both evolutionary thought and secular worldviews. This atlas is packed with unique insights into Christian history makers and amazing landmarks. One will explore the design of ecosystems and biomes, great civilizations, and discoveries found around the world. The full-color, visually engaging book provides a dual purpose as an elementary curriculum and a valued reference tool. Outline maps and facts regarding the seven continents are provided, as well as detailed maps and data of the featured countries. The comprehensive information provided for each focus country will bring to light their culture and traditions, holidays, exploration, legal system, and economic industries, as well as missionary accounts and other material to help children connect to people from regions around the globe.

The Amazing Expedition Bible

The Amazing Expedition Bible Author Mary Hollingsworth
ISBN-10 080104328X
Release 1997
Pages 300
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A time journey through the Bible, bringing to life its people, faith and world. Based on 60 retold Bible stories arranged chronologically, with descriptions of non-Biblical events that happened at the same time.

God s Amazing Grace

God s Amazing Grace Author Ellen Gould Harmon White
ISBN-10 0828015791
Release 1973
Pages 383
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A compilation of daily readings that explore God's grace as shown to undeserving human beings, including the purpose of grace, the covenant of grace, the cost of grace, and the power of grace.

God s World Me

God s World   Me Author Cindy Kenney
ISBN-10 9780781445443
Release 2007
Pages 235
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He's big. He's green. He's BOZ the Bear and he's loads of fun. Kids love the big book concept lots of activities, games, colouring, stickers, punch-outs, and more, all in one oversized book where everything is big, big, big! Now BOZ has his very own preschool activity book and it's big in content as well as size. Featuring BOZ and friends on every page, kids will practice basic concepts like shapes, colours, and matching while they discover God's amazing world. BOZ welcomes children to each and every gathering as he teaches youngsters about character and faith values. Special leader pages encourage moms, dads and children's leaders to get involved while providing Bible stories, scripture verse, prayers, and teaching tips they'll use to enhance the BOZ message: learning, growing, and foundational faith values, all wrapped up in fun! Age appropriate activities include matching, identification, games, sequencing, mazes, opposites, shapes, colours, cut-outs, stickers and a lot more. Perforated pages make this versatile big book perfect for home or small group use.

The Amazing World of Mummies

The Amazing World of Mummies Author Fiona Macdonald
ISBN-10 184476608X
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 61
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Big Book of God s Amazing Creation

Big Book of God s Amazing Creation Author Gospel Light
ISBN-10 0830738444
Release 2006-02-28
Pages 224
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Activities are related to each day of creation (for instance, on the fifth day, God created birds and fish, so activities are related to birds and fish are grouped together in the Day Five section). Fun and engaging activities are sure to keep kids' attention and help them understand and appreciate the wonders of God's creation! • Includes prayer and praise suggestions for each activity that focuses on thanking and praising God for His love, power and greatness • "Why It Works" explains how activities or experiments work

The Language of the Gods in the World of Men

The Language of the Gods in the World of Men Author Sheldon Pollock
ISBN-10 9780520260030
Release 2009-06
Pages 684
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"The scholarship exhibited here is not only superior; it is in many ways staggering. The author's control of an astonishing range of primary and secondary texts from many languages, eras, and disciplines is awe-inspiring. This is a learned, original, and important work."—Robert Goldman, Sanskrit and India Studies, University of California, Berkeley

God s Amazing Creatures and Me

God s Amazing Creatures and Me Author Helen Haidle
ISBN-10 9781614582038
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 96
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A creation devotional for children ages 6-10, which shows detailed, pen and ink illustrations of animals - mammals, insects, birds - paired with a description of each, then an application for the youthful reader. In exploring God’s awesome nature, it is helpful for children to understand God’s design for them. For example, just as the monarch butterfly emerges from a cocoon to soar to heights above the clouds, so too can we all rest in the knowledge that God has made each of us special, and He has great love and a plan for us.

Their God s

Their God s Author Michael Jean Nystrom-Schut
ISBN-10 9781504961226
Release 2015-11-19
Pages 692
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In the mind of each person on the planet, a set of notions and ideas of God or gods reside. Some of these systems are basic and simple. Others are highly complex and complicated. Some borrow their God/god notions from authority, or from others they know. Others are much more original - eclectically piecing together many separate parts from multiple sources. No two people in the world experience and translate God/gods in the same way. And this is what makes things so interesting! As I have encountered this wonderful life, I have also bumped up against countless people who were in the position to explain exactly who God was and was not. They were quite sure of themselves, and anxious to impart this wisdom to me. But because I had a mind and heart of my own, this put me on the outside looking in, for much of my life. We all come to a place where we realize we must make our minds up as to what we will and will not do, how we will think and who we will be. As I have encountered “them” and their God/gods, I have found my own way through this foggy maze, and discovered a modicum of peace and reconciliation in the process. This is the massive task of all of us, as well as why I needed to lay it out to you, in this lengthy, 2-part book.

God s Amazing Creation

God s Amazing Creation Author Kay Arthur
ISBN-10 9780736935906
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 160
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God’s Amazing Creation takes kids through the first five chapters of Genesis, focusing on the theme of creation in chapters one and two. Young scholars will put on their archaeologist hats to help the book’s main characters—inductive detectives Max and Molly—dig up the truth about how the world began. Kids will discover who the world’s creator is, how the heavens and earth were formed, what exactly happened in the beginning, and how the earth, the sea, people, and animals came into existence. Great fun and wonderful Bible truths for kids with an insatiable appetite for the “whys” of life!

Within His Keeping

Within His Keeping Author Teresa Jones
ISBN-10 9781449794804
Release 2013-05
Pages 122
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Does God care about you? Is He aware of your day-to-day activities, worries, afflictions, and sorrows? God is not a distant, uninterested, uncaring being that created the world then left the inhabitants to fend for themselves. God engages in every aspect of your life. Almighty God loves you with a deep and perfect love. He will call you to be His child, a part of His intimate family. He is aware of each minute of your existence. He knew you before you were born and has a divine purpose for your life. He never leaves you. He never forsakes you. He is always aware and available. He picks you up when you fall. He sets you back on the right path when you stray. He protects and comforts you through trouble when it comes. He forgives you over and over again when you lose sight, make wrong choices, and make mistakes. He isn't distant at all. In fact, God is involved and concerned about everything regarding you, His child. Teresa Jones takes the truths from Psalm 139 and conveys biblical examples of God's intervention while providing an intimate walk through her personal testimony of living within His keeping.

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes Author Dub Jackson
ISBN-10 9781433676901
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 238
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“The prevailing philosophy of foreign missions was to send career missionaries to the nations of the world and let the fellow believers at home support them with their monies and prayers…Then Dub Jackson emerged on the scene…God planted a dream in his heart about reaching thousands…with the gospel of Jesus Christ…This book is about that watershed vision…This is a book about miracles and divine provision…This story must be told… “This book is not a dull history of some business plan and its processes. This book is about the incredible moving of God in the lives of real people, just like you and me. It is about the sacrifice that has brought now hundreds of thousands of people on Partnership Missions and millions into the Kingdom of God through their witness. This book throbs with life and whets the appetite for more. Every born-again Christian ought to read this book. It tells the story that is the closest to the heart of God, the story of redeeming love, compelling sacrifice, and glorious Good News.” —from the foreword

Just Grace

Just Grace Author Grace Jordan Hamrick
ISBN-10 9781490899961
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 120
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Just Grace: The Transforming Power of God’s Amazing Grace in the Life of an Ordinary Woman is Grace Hamrick’s story. A foolish decision made as a teenager had a devastating effect on her and an all-consuming guilt was destroying her, eventually putting her on a self-destructive path. This memoir is a story of grace—God’s incredible, redeeming grace that rescued her. She describes how she came to realize her deep need for God’s grace through some of the heart-wrenching circumstances of her life. We live in a world where there is much pain and suffering, and it is easy to feel like there is no hope, no future, no way of ever changing. But there is hope; and God can and does change people. There is no sin so great He cannot forgive; there is no life so messed up He cannot restore. There is no person so broken that He cannot mend. No one is ever beyond the reach of God’s mercy and grace. Grace Hamrick is living proof it is never too late.

God s Amazing Creation

God s Amazing Creation Author Vicki Redden
ISBN-10 0828018715
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 375
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God s Amazing Creation has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from God s Amazing Creation also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full God s Amazing Creation book for free.

All Gods Battle Amazing George

All Gods Battle Amazing George Author Hilton McCabe
ISBN-10 9781475989502
Release 2013-05-24
Pages 356
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Amazing George lives a life of bad and good religious choices. His conscious life seems confused. Yet, he finds powerful forces guiding him to where he is most uncomfortable. He knows he is flawed with failure, posessed by dangerous ambitions, and confusied by memory shadows. He wanders seemingly without purpose, while moving with the relentless guidance of people and events. You may see your own religious beliefs lived or distorted. Innocently these sneak into George’s living, but they come as if by some design. He finds a variety of people, rejecting and accepting them carelessly. His own life plans give way to horrific events, as well as the most uplifting. Somehow, he keeps on his way without personal direction. He’s clumsy, comical, tragic, and, perhaps, hope filled. He is his own person without suspecting his own destiny, until a burst of clarity renders him amazing. A patient reader will get his or her amazing reward for loyalty.