God s Amazing World

God s Amazing World Author Eileen Spinelli
ISBN-10 0824956613
Release 2014
Pages 32
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As Gracie tells her cousin, Bo, how God created the world, they play their way through their own version of each of the story's seven days.

Finish the Dream

Finish the Dream Author Sandra Reiersen
ISBN-10 1592985076
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 32
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Why count sheep when you can journey on a cloud to see the wonders of God's creation? With five dream scenarios, Finish the Dream is a bedtime story to end all the pleadings of “just one more,” encouraging children to finish the story in their dreams. Leading children to explore crystal ice caves, the springs of the sea, the galaxy, the ocean, and the sky, Finish the Dream promotes imagination and exalts the world God created. With this book, children will drift off to sleep feeling God's peace and provision, associating God's love with being tucked in at night.

Technology of the Gods

Technology of the Gods Author David Hatcher Childress
ISBN-10 0932813739
Release 2000
Pages 343
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Explores natural and man-made mysteries of the past in the light of the latest technology. Includes the Egyptian pyramids, the dinosaurs, and lost civilizations.

Atlantis the Power System of the Gods

Atlantis   the Power System of the Gods Author David Hatcher Childress
ISBN-10 0932813968
Release 2002
Pages 286
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Fact-filled exploration of the reality of Atlantis and its world-wide energy system, with historical links to the work of Tesla and Edgar Cayce.

The War of the Gods

The War of the Gods Author The Wanderer
ISBN-10 1477210202
Release 2012-05-25
Pages 188
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In the amazing world of The War of the Gods, a little boy, named Calven, has found himself alone and he was wandering the world with a dark past occupying his mind. As Calven wandered he shows purity and gentleness. With that he has made a few friends who would help him out. Mostly, life was pretty normal for him or as normal as it would be, other than having strange dreams every night. His life was nothing special until this boy finds a ninja who was being chased by demons of the underworld and a griffin that was caged beneath an abandoned house. The ninja asks Calven for help escape the demons. Calven also links minds with the griffin, and it tells this wandering boy that he was, “The One.” After that the boy’s life would never be the same. He has realized a life of legend with many exciting adventures involving demons and gods...

Children s Atlas of God s World

Children s Atlas of God s World Author Craig Froman
ISBN-10 9781614583257
Release 2013-06-15
Pages 96
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A one-of-a-kind atlas that glorifies God, explores His creation, and honors His followers around the world! Discover amazing wonders of God's creation, including longest rivers, tallest mountains, and more. Examine interesting factual details about Christian explorers, missionaries, and history makers. learn about geographic features and how these were formed by the Flood, plate tectonics, and volcanic activity - plus other details of God's amazing design. The atlases that line the shelves of libraries and bookstores are filled with both evolutionary thought and secular worldviews. This atlas is packed with unique insights into Christian history makers and amazing landmarks. One will explore the design of ecosystems and biomes, great civilizations, and discoveries found around the world. The full-color, visually engaging book provides a dual purpose as an elementary curriculum and a valued reference tool. Outline maps and facts regarding the seven continents are provided, as well as detailed maps and data of the featured countries. The comprehensive information provided for each focus country will bring to light their culture and traditions, holidays, exploration, legal system, and economic industries, as well as missionary accounts and other material to help children connect to people from regions around the globe.

The Burning Shadow Gods and Warriors Book 2

The Burning Shadow  Gods and Warriors Book 2 Author Michelle Paver
ISBN-10 9780141970424
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 288
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'If an Outsider wields the blade, the House of Koronos burns...' A boy on the run. A deadly prophecy. A race against time. Hylas the Outsider is captured by slavers. Set to work in the terrible underground mines of Thalakrea, he learns to his horror that he's now closer than ever to his murderous enemies, the Crows. He has to escape before they find out he's here. Pirra, the daughter of the High Priestess, is also on the run. When Fate reunites her with Hylas, their survival depends on ancient magic and an orphaned lion cub - unless the Gods have other plans... 'Electrifying' - Independent on Sunday 'The reader's attention is caught from the first line...spellbinding' - Telegraph 'Set to become another children's classic' - Books for Keeps Michelle Paver was born in Malawi in 1960 and moved to England when she was three. After gaining a degree in biochemistry from Oxford, she became a partner in a City law firm, but gave that up to write full-time. To research her stories about animals and the distant past, she has travelled in the Arctic, the Mediterranean and Egypt, swum with dolphins and killer whales, and encountered bears, boars and wolves. She is the author of the internationally bestselling Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, the final book of which won the 2010 Guardian Children's Fiction Prize.

The Crocodile Tomb Gods and Warriors Book 4

The Crocodile Tomb  Gods and Warriors Book 4 Author Michelle Paver
ISBN-10 9780141970448
Release 2015-08-06
Pages 320
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'If an Outsider wields the blade, the House of Koronos burns . . .' A country at the edge of the world. A hidden tomb. A buried secret. Hylas and Pirra have found their way to the mysterious land of Egypt in pursuit of the dagger of Koronos, only to find that the Crows have got there first. Led by Hylas's deadly enemy, Telamon, they are determined to recover the legendary blade, by any means necessary. But the dagger now lies buried beyond the reach of mortals. If Hylas and Pirra want it back, they will have to make the most dangerous journey of all - into the realms of death itself . . . 'Spellbinding' Telegraph The fourth novel in the bestselling Gods and Warriors series by Michelle Paver.

Gods Demons Spirits

Gods  Demons   Spirits Author Dr. Abraham Kovoor
ISBN-10 9788172242169
Release 2000-03-01
Pages 259
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Gods, Demons and Spirits is a worthy successor to the bestseller BEGONE GODMEN. In it, Dr. Abraham Kovoor, the famed rationalist, continues his relentless crusade against charlatans and miraclemen with greater vigour. It is a scathing exposure of the conning methods employed by pseudo-gods, bogus gurus and assorted fakes to entrap their gullible victims.

Even Gods Must Fall Book VI of the Northern Crusade

Even Gods Must Fall  Book VI of the Northern Crusade Author Christian Warren Freed
ISBN-10 9781387087594
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Even Gods Must Fall Book VI of the Northern Crusade has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Even Gods Must Fall Book VI of the Northern Crusade also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Even Gods Must Fall Book VI of the Northern Crusade book for free.

Realm Hunter Trail of the Elder Gods

Realm Hunter  Trail of the Elder Gods Author Bob Greenwade
ISBN-10 9781458301772
Release 2011-08
Pages 244
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In this thrilling conclusion to the tale begun in Realm Hunter: Pursuit of the Silver Dirk, bounty hunter Bear Waters and his friends face new obstacles against an ever-approaching deadline. The group just learned that the Silver Dirk Cult's ritual to summon the Elder Gods is to happen much sooner than they'd thought. Now, after dealing with their Troglodyte captors and fighting unexpected creatures, they travel to World Three to meet Dr. Nick Silver and his team of high-class adventurers. Along the way, Bear and his friends battle ghouls, dinosaurs, enemy soldiers, aliens, and much more, gathering yet more much-needed allies in their quest to stop the Silver Dirk Cult. But will even that be enough to prevent the Elder Gods from returning to the known worlds, destroying civilization and enslaving humanity?

Lost Cities of Atlantis Ancient Europe the Mediterranean

Lost Cities of Atlantis  Ancient Europe   the Mediterranean Author David Hatcher Childress
ISBN-10 0932813259
Release 1996
Pages 488
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Atlantis! The legendary lost continent comes under the close scrutiny of archaeologist David Hatcher Childress. From Ireland to Turkey, Morocco to Eastern Europe, or remote islands of the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Childress takes the reader on an astonishing quest for mankind's past. Ancient technology, cataclysms, megalithic construction, lost civilisations, and devastating wars of the past are all explored in this amazing book. Childress challenges the sceptics and proves that great civilisations not only existed in the past but that the modern world and its problems are reflections of the ancient world of Atlantis.

The Path of the Pole

The Path of the Pole Author Charles H. Hapgood
ISBN-10 0932813712
Release 1999
Pages 413
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Through diligent research of ancient maps and geological records, the author posits that changes in the earth's crust cause the poles to shift.

Their God s

Their God s Author Michael Jean Nystrom-Schut
ISBN-10 9781504961226
Release 2015-11-19
Pages 692
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In the mind of each person on the planet, a set of notions and ideas of God or gods reside. Some of these systems are basic and simple. Others are highly complex and complicated. Some borrow their God/god notions from authority, or from others they know. Others are much more original - eclectically piecing together many separate parts from multiple sources. No two people in the world experience and translate God/gods in the same way. And this is what makes things so interesting! As I have encountered this wonderful life, I have also bumped up against countless people who were in the position to explain exactly who God was and was not. They were quite sure of themselves, and anxious to impart this wisdom to me. But because I had a mind and heart of my own, this put me on the outside looking in, for much of my life. We all come to a place where we realize we must make our minds up as to what we will and will not do, how we will think and who we will be. As I have encountered “them” and their God/gods, I have found my own way through this foggy maze, and discovered a modicum of peace and reconciliation in the process. This is the massive task of all of us, as well as why I needed to lay it out to you, in this lengthy, 2-part book.

Written on Our Hearts

Written on Our Hearts Author Mary Reed Newland
ISBN-10 9780884899914
Release 2009
Pages 310
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The Subcommittee on the Catechism, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has found this catechetical text, copyright 2009, to be in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This in-depth course brings to life the books of the Old Testament, with a full-color student text that covers the most important stories and passages of the Old Testament and guides students as they read the Bible. The one-semester course can be taught to ninth graders but is ideal for tenth- and eleventh-grade students. With emphasis to the context and spiritual meaning of the Old Testament, this text includes an extensive discussion of the Ten Commandments, sidebars featuring prayers in the Old Testament, historical and biblical timelines, review questions, reflective activities, and a full-color design with maps, charts, photos, and artwork help make the Old Testament come alive for students. The third edition features updates to the text that reflect current Scripture scholarship and the cultural experience of today's teens, new illustrations and photos, and a new glossary of biblical terms.

God s World Me

God s World   Me Author Cindy Kenney
ISBN-10 9780781445443
Release 2007
Pages 235
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He's big. He's green. He's BOZ the Bear and he's loads of fun. Kids love the big book concept lots of activities, games, colouring, stickers, punch-outs, and more, all in one oversized book where everything is big, big, big! Now BOZ has his very own preschool activity book and it's big in content as well as size. Featuring BOZ and friends on every page, kids will practice basic concepts like shapes, colours, and matching while they discover God's amazing world. BOZ welcomes children to each and every gathering as he teaches youngsters about character and faith values. Special leader pages encourage moms, dads and children's leaders to get involved while providing Bible stories, scripture verse, prayers, and teaching tips they'll use to enhance the BOZ message: learning, growing, and foundational faith values, all wrapped up in fun! Age appropriate activities include matching, identification, games, sequencing, mazes, opposites, shapes, colours, cut-outs, stickers and a lot more. Perforated pages make this versatile big book perfect for home or small group use.

Philosophers without Gods

Philosophers without Gods Author Louise M. Antony
ISBN-10 9780199839780
Release 2007-08-08
Pages 336
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Atheists are frequently demonized as arrogant intellectuals, antagonistic to religion, devoid of moral sentiments, advocates of an "anything goes" lifestyle. Now, in this revealing volume, nineteen leading philosophers open a window on the inner life of atheism, shattering these common stereotypes as they reveal how they came to turn away from religious belief. These highly engaging personal essays capture the marvelous diversity to be found among atheists, providing a portrait that will surprise most readers. Many of the authors, for example, express great affection for particular religious traditions, even as they explain why they cannot, in good conscience, embrace them. None of the contributors dismiss religious belief as stupid or primitive, and several even express regret that they cannot, or can no longer, believe. Perhaps more important, in these reflective pieces, they offer fresh insight into some of the oldest and most difficult problems facing the human mind and spirit. For instance, if God is dead, is everything permitted? Philosophers without Gods demonstrates convincingly, with arguments that date back to Plato, that morality is independent of the existence of God. Indeed, every writer in this volume adamantly affirms the objectivity of right and wrong. Moreover, they contend that secular life can provide rewards as great and as rich as religious life. A naturalistic understanding of the human condition presents a set of challenges--to pursue our goals without illusions, to act morally without hope of reward--challenges that can impart a lasting value to finite and fragile human lives. 'This Atheists R Us compilation differs markedly in tone from Hitchens and Dawkins. Excellent fare for Christian small groups whose members are genuinely interested in the arguments raised by atheists.'-- Christianity Today 'Rather than the foolishness of Dawkins or Hitchens, these [essays] are compelling and sophisticated arguments that religious people ought to confront....'-- Tikkun 'Taken as a group, these readable, personal, and provocative essays make it clear that there are many kinds of non-believers, and even many different elements that make up a single skeptical outlook. Contrary to the popular image, atheism isn't all rebellious trumpets and defiant drums. That part of the orchestra is essential, but here we have all the varieties of unreligious experience, a full symphony of unbelief.' -- Free Inquiry 'This collection strikes me as an excellent example of how comprehensible philosophical writing can be at its best. By and large, the essays are written in a clear and direct style, free of philosophical jargon. Many who read it will find themselves also engaged at a level that is not merely academic.'--George I. Mavrodes, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews