Grumpy Cat No It All

Grumpy Cat  No It All Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9781452149912
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 96
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Grumpy Cat is back with a mission: Teach the world to "NO" everything. She's collected all her least favorite things and can't wait to tell everyone what to think about them. Grumpy Cat: No-It-All is packed with feel-good topics just begging for a cranky makeover: kittens, rainbows, smiles, birthday parties, cuddles, and more. Anyone who takes delight in sometimes seeing the glass half empty will love the hilarious new photos and commentary from the official mascot of misery. Where others say "aww!," Grumpy Cat teaches us to say "ugh." Nothing sweet is safe from this famous frown.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9781452131610
Release 2013-07-23
Pages 96
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Internet sensation Grumpy Cat's epic feline frown has inspired legions of devoted fans. Celebrating the grouch in everyone, the Grumpy Cat book teaches the fine art of grumpiness and includes enough bad attitude to cast a dark cloud over the whole world. Featuring brand new as well as classic photos, and including grump-inspiring activities and games, Grumpy Cat delivers unmatched, hilarious grumpiness that puts any bad mood in perspective.

The Grumpy Guide to Life

The Grumpy Guide to Life Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9781452140827
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 112
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In a world filled with inspirational know-it-alls and quotable blowhards, only one figure is indifferent enough to tell the cranky truth: Grumpy Cat. Following the success of her New York Times bestselling debut, everyone's favorite disgruntled feline is back with this demotivational guide to everyday life, love, friendship, and more. Featuring many new photos of Grumpy Cat's famous frown and packed with uninspiring observations, The Grumpy Guide to Life will help anyone get in touch with their inner grouch.

Grumpy Cat Stickers

Grumpy Cat Stickers Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9780486791647
Release 2014-11-19
Pages 4
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Express your cat-titude! Surly star of the Internet and hero of naysayers everywhere, Grumpy Cat has no use for fun and happiness. Tell the world no, nope, and not a chance with 19 colorful stickers that feature Grumpy and sullen sidekick Pokey, in all their glorious gloom.

Grumpy Cat Pokey Grumpus

Grumpy Cat   Pokey  Grumpus Author Ben McCool
ISBN-10 9781524102463
Release 2017-01-11
Pages 96
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The World's Grumpiest Cat -- and the world's most adorable internet sensation -- continues to delight fans of all ages with her comic book misadventures (although she's actually quite disappointed to delight anyone, of course)! Whether she gets drawn into her fun-loving brother Pokey's games of hide-and-seek, spends her afternoon daydreaming of a world without humans, or unleashes a genie from the bottle to answer her every malcontent whim, Grumpy Cat's escapades are guaranteed to make you smile... even if she's scowling!

Grumpy Cat and Pokey

Grumpy Cat  and Pokey  Author Ben McCool
ISBN-10 1524101729
Release 2016
Pages 100
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Dynamite proudly presents the comic book misadventures of Grumpy Cat, featuring The World's Grumpiest Cat and her brother, Pokey! With her ever-present pout and sassy disposition, Grumpy Cat has won the hearts of people everywhere.

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Author Britta Teckentrup
ISBN-10 1907967478
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 26
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Once there was a cat who lived all alone.He ate on his own. He slept on his own.He spent every day alone. Poor Cat! The other kitties never ask him to play. He just seems so... grumpy. Then, one night, in a terrible rainstorm, everything changes: Cat hears a plaintive meow and finds a drenched little kitten taking shelter between his paws. And no matter what Grumpy Cat does, she's determined to stick by him. Endearing art, expressive characters, and gentle storytelling from Britta Teckentrup (Big Smelly Bear) send children the comforting message that there's a special friend for everyone.

Grumpy Cat Coloring Book

Grumpy Cat Coloring Book Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9780486791630
Release 2014-10-22
Pages 64
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Do you like to color? Grumpy Cat doesn't care! Color the surly Internet superstar in a host of hilariously irritating situations, from holidays ("Feliz Navi-don't") to international travel ("French? Non!").

Grumpy Cat s All About Miserable Me

Grumpy Cat s All About Miserable Me Author Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth
ISBN-10 9780486807447
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 64
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Let Grumpy make suggestions for revealing your pet peeves, from drawing the ugliest sweater to making a list of the grossest foods and drawing three people you sorta kinda like.

Grumpy Cat Tattoos

Grumpy Cat Tattoos Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9780486791654
Release 2014-11-19
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There are two things that Grumpy Cat doesn't like: change and the way things are. These eight colorful tattoos will show your solidarity with the Internet superstar and implacable foe of optimism. Easy to apply and remove, they'll tell everyone to take no for an answer.

You Need More Sleep

You Need More Sleep Author Francesco Marciuliano
ISBN-10 9781452146539
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 112
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Our feline friends have spent eons observing, napping, pondering, napping, and taking notes about the human condition. In between naps, they've realized that we humans could use some catlike guidance when it comes to handling the ups and downs of life. In this book they've condescended to share their invaluable wisdom in short advice columns such as "Always Stay at Least 30 Feet from a Loved One" and "Never Let Anyone Dress You." Whether it's coping with romance, surviving a social gathering, or clawing your way to the top of the corporate ladder only to realize you can't get down, the cats in this ebook will have you relaxed and ready to take on the world! Just after one more nap.

Grumpy Cat Flexi Journal With Stickers

Grumpy Cat Flexi Journal With Stickers Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 1452141819
Release 2015-03-17
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Misery loves company, so jot down miserable musings and highlight them with stickers featuring everyone's favorite grump.

Creative Haven Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring

Creative Haven Grumpy Cat Hates Coloring Author Diego Jourdan Pereira
ISBN-10 9780486808130
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 64
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It's the face that launched a thousand quips! Grumpy Cat® fans will prize this tribute coloring book and its portrait gallery, which features 31 intricate full-page designs of the cranky-looking feline.

Star Trek Cats

Star Trek Cats Author Jenny Parks
ISBN-10 9781452158822
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 64
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Captain's log: We have entered a galaxy where beloved illustrator Jenny Parks has conjured an astonishingly vivid homage to the original Star Trek series with an unexpected twist: a cast of cats. Featuring a hilarious new take on iconic characters and scenes—from Kirk in the Captain's chair to Spock offering his Vulcan wisdom—this eye-opening adventure stays true to the tone of the classic TV show. Playful, loving, and from a strange new world, Star Trek Cats is the perfect gift for fans of, well, Star Trek and cats.

Cats on Instagram

Cats on Instagram Author @cats_of_instagram
ISBN-10 9781452152813
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 144
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Cat lovers, rejoice! This irresistible book compiles over 400 photos from the hugely popular Instagram profile @cats_of_instagram into a keepsake treasure. Playful categories including "bowties," "surprise!," and "happy cats" showcase all the charm and delightful quirks of the wide world of cats. This is an ebook that will have feline fans smiling in recognition, surprise, and appreciation.

Grumpy Cat s Knitting Nightmares

Grumpy Cat s Knitting Nightmares Author Grumpy Cat
ISBN-10 9780486816555
Release 2016-10-21
Pages 64
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"We are in love with this title." — Knitting News "Irresistibly cute. There are sixteen patterns for cute and useful items … they are unique and adorable and I expect to make several of them!" — Lorareviews Internet sensation Grumpy Cat reluctantly approves these feline-oriented knitting projects. Clear directions and well-illustrated patterns, accompanied by color photographs, explain how to make a fabulous assortment of sweaters, toys, and accessories for you and your favorite kitties. In addition to being wonderful handmade gifts, these projects are great keepers, too. You can make a hat and scarf for a cat as well as one for a human companion, sweaters for children and adults graced by the cantankerous cat's face, a cat cowl, and a Grumpy plush. For around the house, there's a washcloth, pillow cover, and coffee sleeve. And for your feline friends, there are cute collars, toys, a cushy bed, and more. "Whether you are looking to create feline wearables for yourself or to make toys and accessories for your cats, Grumpy Cat's Knitting Nightmares is a great selection." — Mutt Cafe

Princess Truly in I Am Truly Princess Truly

Princess Truly in I Am Truly  Princess Truly Author Kelly Greenawalt
ISBN-10 9781338184907
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 40
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Princess Truly is strong and confident, beautiful and brave, bright and brilliant. She can do anything she sets her mind to...I can fly to the moonAnd dance on the stars.I can tame wild lions...And race fast cars.Brimming with warmth and color, Princess Truly's rhythmic rhyming adventures are a celebration of individuality, girl power, and diversity. Her heartfelt story is a reminder to young girls everywhere that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it... and dream big!