Hacker Moore s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hacker   Moore s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology Author Neville F. Hacker
ISBN-10 9781455775583
Release 2015-11-10
Pages 512
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Preceded by Hacker and Moore's essentials of obstetrics and gynecology / [edited by] Neville F. Hacker, Joseph C. Gambone, Calvin J. Hobel.

Hacker Moore s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hacker   Moore s Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology Author Neville F. Hacker
ISBN-10 9780323388528
Release 2015-10-25
Pages 544
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Hacker & Moore's Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology, by Drs. Neville F. Hacker, Joseph C. Gambone, and Calvin J. Hobel, is the #1 choice of ob/gyn residents and medical students because of its concise focus, comprehensive coverage, and easy-to-use format. This new edition features updated clinical cases and assessments, new Clinical Key boxes, and thoroughly revised text and images that reflect today’s best knowledge on the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of a wide range of ob/gyn disorders. Concise, comprehensive content is well organized, highly accessible, and relevant to today’s practice. High-quality, full-color design for maximum readability. New Clinical Key boxes and judicious use of bolding make it easy to identify the high-yield material you need to know. Content is aligned to APGO/CREOG objectives to ensure coverage of essential, clinically relevant material.

Jaypee s Donald School Video Atlas of Clinical Skills in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Jaypee s Donald School Video Atlas of Clinical Skills in Obstetrics and Gynecology Author Sanja Kupesic
ISBN-10 9789350258033
Release 2012-10-30
Pages 42
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This video atlas consists of two DVDs providing step by step instruction on eleven learning modules for clinical skills in obstetrics and gynaecology. Videos cover the most common clinical presentations and cover topics such as menstrual cycle, menopause, pelvic floor abnormalities and pregnancy loss and complications. Each learning module contains audio visual lectures and videos of interviewing skills illustrate how to perform a focused history and physical examination and write up the findings. The video atlas includes printable flashcards on clinical decision making and therapeutic options, with organised diagnostic and management algorithms to assist learning of important symptoms, laboratory tests, imaging findings and treatment regimes.

St rungen der Ged chtnisfunktion

St  rungen der Ged  chtnisfunktion Author Thorsten Bartsch
ISBN-10 9783662454817
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 66
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Gedächtnisprobleme sind eine der am häufigsten beklagten Beschwerden und haben in den letzten Jahren deutlich zugenommen. Gedächtnisstörungen treten nicht nur in Form von Demenzen, sondern auch im Rahmen von normalen Altersvorgängen auf. Das Essential behandelt in komprimierter Weise die Grundlagen der Gedächtnisfunktion und die häufigsten Gedächtnisstörungen, die im Alltag oder bei neurologischen oder psychiatrischen Erkrankungen auftreten können. Eine schnelle Orientierung für alle Ärzte, die Menschen mit Gedächtnisstörungen sehen, vor allem für Neurologen, Allgemeinmediziner, Psychiater und Psychotherapeuten.

Arbeiter und Arbeitswissenschaft

Arbeiter und Arbeitswissenschaft Author Angelika Ebbinghaus
ISBN-10 9783322885234
Release 2013-03-08
Pages 285
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Arbeiter und Arbeitswissenschaft has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Arbeiter und Arbeitswissenschaft also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Arbeiter und Arbeitswissenschaft book for free.

Maternity Nursing

Maternity Nursing Author Gloria Leifer
ISBN-10 9780323293594
Release 2013-12-27
Pages 536
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From prenatal through postpartum care, Gloria Leifer's Maternity Nursing: An Introductory Text provides an essential foundation for promoting the health and wellness of mothers and newborns. This edition includes the latest advances and practice standards in maternity nursing care, highlighting Healthy People 2020 and the 2011 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Part of the popular LPN Threads series, this text addresses the knowledge, skills, and scope of practice appropriate for LPN/LVN and LPN/LVN-to-ADN ladder programs. Chronological organization of content follows a sequence from family issues, fetal development, pregnancy, labor, birth, and care of the newborn, to postpartum issues with special social, familial, and cultural considerations. Organization of concepts in each chapter by simple to complex and from health to illness makes it easier to locate and understand the material. Complete, concise coverage includes a table of physiologic and psychosocial changes throughout the pregnancy, unique content on CPR for the pregnant patient and infectious diseases acquired during pregnancy, a pictorial story of a vaginal birth, cultural considerations of pregnancy and maternal care, and nursing responses to loss, death, and grief. UNIQUE! A FREE Study Guide in the back of the book reinforces understanding with multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, scenario-based clinical situation questions, and online activities. Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions help in understanding how a care plan is developed, how to evaluate care of a patient, and how to apply your knowledge to clinical scenarios. Health Promotion boxes and content focus on family-centered care, health promotion, illness prevention, and women's health issues. Clinical Pathways use an interdisciplinary, collaborative-care approach in tracking interventions along a timeline from assessment to discharge and follow up. Online resources for further research and study are included at the end of each chapter. UNIQUE! LPN Threads make learning easier, featuring a 10th-grade reading level, key terms with phonetic pronunciations and text page references, chapter objectives, special features boxes, and full-color art, photographs, and design. Coverage of the latest advances in nursing care includes fetal heart rate monitoring during labor and delivery and revised diabetes classifications. Get Ready for the NCLEX® Examination! section at the end of each chapter includes key points, review questions, and critical thinking questions for individual, small group, or classroom review. Safety Alert! boxes highlight 2011 Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals, with special consideration for serious and potentially fatal medication errors. Easily recognizable icons for standard steps are included in each skill (e.g., hand hygiene). UNIQUE! Icons in page margins point to relevant animations and video clips on the companion Evolve website.

Sobotta Tabellen zu Muskeln Gelenken und Nerven

Sobotta Tabellen zu Muskeln  Gelenken und Nerven Author Friedrich Paulsen
ISBN-10 9783437594601
Release 2011-10-24
Pages 80
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Lernen Sie mit dem Sobotta-System Sobotta - Tabellen zu Muskeln, Gelenken und Nerven Anhand von 60 Tabellen vertiefen oder wiederholen Sie schnell und systematisch Ihr Wissen: Alle Muskeln des menschlichen Körpers mit Ursprung, Ansatz, Innervation und Funktion. Passend zum Atlas Band 1 bis 3 finden Sie im Tabellenheft zu jedem beschriebenen Muskel eine kleine schematische Sobotta-Abbildung. Der jeweils beschriebene Muskel ist darin farbig markiert. Äste und Versorgungsgebiete des Plexus cervicalis, brachialis und lumbosacralis Gelenke und Hirnnerven Diese praktische Lernhilfe ist ideal zum Mitnehmen und Lernen unterwegs! Jede Tabelle hat Verweise auf die passenden Bilder im Sobotta-Atlas (Band 1 bis Band 3).

Fast Facts for the ER Nurse

Fast Facts for the ER Nurse Author Jennifer R. Buettner, RN, CEN
ISBN-10 9780826199478
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 312
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Because ER nurses need to think fast and act fast . . . Fast Facts for the ER Nurse is the only orientation guide and reference designed specifically for new ER nurses and the preceptors responsible for their orientation. The chapters provide a brief overview of equipment, treatments, and drugs used to manage common disorders and conditions frequently seen in the ER. The book includes disorder definitions, signs and symptoms, interventions, drugs, and critical thinking questions. Using a bullet-point format, each chapter is conveniently organized alphabetically by disease and disorder within each body system for quick access. The book serves as an organized, reliable, and thorough ER guide, ensuring a structured approach to orientation. The book's "Fast Facts in a Nutshell" feature provides quick summaries of important points, questions, and answers at regular intervals throughout. Other useful features include a skills checklist, coverage of common lab values and medications, and EKG rhythms. Key Topics Include: Cardiovascular Emergencies Disaster Response Emergencies Infectious Disease Emergencies Mental Health Emergencies Shock and Multisystem Trauma Emergencies Substance Abuse and Toxicologic Emergencies New to this Edition: Endocrine Emergencies Environmental Emergencies Dental Emergencies Rapid Sequence Intubation Triage Acute Stroke Management Guidelines Sexual Assault-Intimate Partner Abuse

Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin

Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin Author
ISBN-10 3456819994
Release 1991
Pages 765
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Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Oxford Handbuch der klinischen Medizin book for free.

Sterblich sein

Sterblich sein Author Atul Gawande
ISBN-10 9783104035840
Release 2015-09-24
Pages 336
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Ein Buch über das Sterben, das das Leben lehrt Die Medizin scheint über Krankheit und Tod zu triumphieren, doch sterben wir so trostlos wie nie zuvor. Der Bestsellerautor und renommierte Arzt Atul Gawande schreibt in seinem beeindruckenden Buch über das, was am Ende unseres Lebens wirklich zählt. Ungewöhnlich offen spricht er darüber, was es bedeutet, alt zu werden, wie man mit Gebrechen und Krankheiten umgehen kann und was wir an unserem System ändern müssen, um unser Leben würdevoll zu Ende zu bringen. Ein mutiges und weises Buch eines großartigen Autors, voller Geschichten und eigener Erfahrungen, das uns hilft, die Geschichte unseres Lebens gut zu Ende zu erzählen. »Dieses Buch ist nicht nur weise und sehr bewegend, sondern gerade in unserer Zeit unbedingt notwendig und sehr aufschlussreich.« Oliver Sacks »Die medizinische Betreuung ist mehr auf Heilung ausgelegt als auf das Sterben. Dies ist Atuls Gawandes stärkstes und bewegendstes Buch.« Malcolm Gladwell

COPM 5th Edition

COPM 5th Edition Author Mary Law
ISBN-10 3824809877
Release 2015
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COPM 5th Edition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from COPM 5th Edition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full COPM 5th Edition book for free.

Case Files Obstetrics Gynecology

Case Files Obstetrics   Gynecology Author Eugene Toy
ISBN-10 0071435573
Release 2002-10-29
Pages 488
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The closest you can get to seeing patients without being on the wards! Students need exposure to cases to pass the USMLE Step 2 and the obstetrics and gynecology shelf exam. This book presents 60 clinical cases illustrating essential concepts in obstetrics and gynecology. Perfect for the clerkship and the USMLE Step 2, each case includes an extended discussion, definitions of key terms, clinical pearls, and USMLE-style review questions. This interactive learning system helps you to learn instead of memorize. *60 ob/gyn cases with complete discussions *Clinical pearls highlight key points *USMLE-style comprehension questions with each case *Primer on how to approach the patient *Proven learning system improves shelf exam scores “Superior to other case file books.” --Chang-Kun Choi, Medical Student, Midwestern University School of Medicine “Using clinical scenarios not only makes the reading fun and interesting, but it is far more engaging than sitting down with a bulleted text and reviewing detail after detail. This is a much better way to learn clinical information. I have not read a book like this before, and I certainly have enjoyed it.” -–Eric Hossler, Medical Student, James H. Quillen College of Medicine “I LOVED this book! I would recommend this book to all third-year students... The book uses a clinical approach and does not lose sight of the pathophysiology behind the disease -- GREAT preparation for being on the wards! The subject matter is also deceptively detailed, with much more information than one normally finds in a text of case files. The reader can use this book as either a rigorous self-test or a read-through introduction to the subject. Once again - a GREAT text!” -–Elizabeth Johnston, Medical Student, Emory University

Sa de da Mulher e Enfermagem Obst trica

Sa  de da Mulher e Enfermagem Obst  trica Author Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk
ISBN-10 9788535265309
Release 2011-10-11
Pages 1024
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Em Saúde da Mulher e Enfermagem Obstétrica há a preocupação em contextualizar a enfermagem obstétrica em relação às metas do Milênio, traçadas pela Organização Mundial da Saúde em parceria com as mais destacadas associações profissionais vinculadas à saúde da mulher e do recém-nascido, em níveis mundial e local. A obra aprofunda o conhecimento no aspecto biológico da disciplina, com base nas evidências científicas da assistência à mulher e ao recém-nascido. A abordagem atual e fundamentada das dimensões culturais e familiares da maternidade na contemporaneidade representa um importante diferencial desta obra. Além do conteúdo relacionado à obstetrícia normal e patológica, o livro apresenta capítulos dedicados à violência contra a mulher e temas não obstétricos do ciclo reprodutivo, incluindo a menopausa e o câncer ginecológico. A edição brasileira, cuidadosamente revista e adaptada, mantém a proposta pedagógica original, com alertas para os conteúdos essenciais apoiados em casos clínicos, o que mantém o interesse do leitor e impulsiona o seu aprendizado, a atualização e a fixação dos conteúdos. O livro é ricamente ilustrado, apresentando o passo a passo dos procedimentos com imagens de excelente qualidade. Os conteúdos e ilustrações denotam o cuidado das autoras em estar em consonância com o modelo da assistência humanizada. A adaptação para a edição brasileira inclui a legislação atual e os programas oficiais de saúde da mulher, materna e neonatal. Dessa forma, o texto finalizado proporciona uma visão ampliada da assistência preconizada nos países desenvolvidos, sem perder de vista a realidade brasileira.

Tratado de Enfermagem M dico Cir rgica

Tratado de Enfermagem M  dico Cir  rgica Author Sharon L. Lewis
ISBN-10 9788535268355
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 2096
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Tenha sucesso nas aulas e no ambiente clínico com o conteúdo mais confiável e suas ferramentas pedagógicas interativas! Um bestseller da área, Tratado de Enfermagem Médico-Cirúrgica, 8a edição, discute de modo atualizado e baseado em evidências os últimos avanços clínicos de que você precisa saber para oferecer atendimento excepcional nos ambientes clínicos em rápida mutação em que hoje vivemos. Diversos quadros e tabelas facilitam o encontro de informações essenciais e o estilo simples de escrita faz com que até mesmo os conceitos mais complexos possam ser aprendidos com facilidade. O Tratado de Enfermagem Médico-Cirúrgica é uma obra abrangente e atualizada sobre os temas tratados na assistência de enfermagem ao adulto nas afecções clinicas e cirúrgicas mais comuns da prática da enfermagem. Trata-se de um excelente referencial para o ensino de graduação de enfermagem. Sua revisão e adaptação foram realizadas por enfermeiros e docentes especializados nas diversas áreas de conhecimento. Este trabalho envolveu a adequação à linguagem prática de nossa realidade, bem como aos recursos e condições de atendimento de saúde brasileiros. Determinados aspectos da prática americana foram mantidos a título de conhecimento dos alunos de graduação, porém são apresentados acompanhados de notas de revisão que trazem os esclarecimentos pertinentes à abordagem brasileira. O processo de adaptação foi aprimorado com a padronização dos termos traduzidos e também de siglas e abreviaturas comumente utilizadas em nosso meio. O trabalho da equipe de revisores resultou em uma obra com abordagem compatível com as situações de assistência e ensino de enfermagem em nossa realidade.

Introduction to Maternity Pediatric Nursing

Introduction to Maternity   Pediatric Nursing Author Gloria Leifer
ISBN-10 9780323293570
Release 2013-11-28
Pages 864
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Part of the popular LPN Threads series, Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing provides a solid foundation in obstetrics and pediatric nursing. An easy-to-follow organization by developmental stages, discussion of disorders by body system from simple-to-complex and health-to-illness, and a focus on family health make it a complete guide to caring for maternity and pediatric patients. Written in a clear, concise style by Gloria Leifer, MA, RN, this edition reflects the current NCLEX® test plan with additional material on safety, health promotion, nutrition, and related psychosocial care. Cultural Considerations boxes and a Cultural Assessment Data Collection Tool help in developing individualized plans of care. Updated health promotion content includes Health Promotion boxes focusing on preventive strategies for achieving prenatal wellness, health during pregnancy, postnatal health, and pediatric illness prevention and wellness -- including the complete immunization schedules for all ages. Nursing Tips provide information applying to the clinical setting. Objectives are listed in each chapter opener. Key terms include phonetic pronunciations and text page references at the beginning of each chapter. Nursing Care Plans with critical thinking questions help you understand how a care plan is developed, how to evaluate care of a patient, and how to apply critical thinking skills. A companion Evolve website includes animations, videos, answers to review questions and answer guidelines for critical thinking questions, an English/Spanish audio glossary, critical thinking case studies, and additional review questions for the NCLEX examination. Get Ready for the NCLEX®Examination! sections at the end of each chapter help you prepare for classroom tests and the NCLEX examination. Increased focus on safety helps you prepare for safe nursing practice, with: Safety Alert! boxes based on The Joint Commission's 2009/2010 National Patient Safety Goals Medication Safety Alert! boxes highlighting serious and potentially fatal medication errors in infants and children New information on determining pediatric dosages and a discussion of the Pedislide system New skills include step-by-step instructions for: Bathing the Newborn Assessing the Length and Height of Infants and Children Calculating BMI Removal of a Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Using the Peak Flowmeter Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler Updated, vibrant full-color design highlights key information and enhances your understanding of important concepts. Updated nutrition content compares commercially available infant formulas and discusses organic, natural, and dietetic foods. Nutrition Considerations boxes cover prenatal care, nutritional issues during infancy, and the crisis in childhood obesity. Memory Jogger boxes help you remember important material with mnemonics, tips, and tricks. An updated glossary is available in the textbook, as well as on the companion Evolve website.

Die Macht der kleinen Schritte

Die Macht der kleinen Schritte Author Georg Popp
ISBN-10 3579033328
Release 2000
Pages 108
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Die Macht der kleinen Schritte has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Macht der kleinen Schritte also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Macht der kleinen Schritte book for free.

Nat rliche Familienplanung heute

Nat  rliche Familienplanung heute Author Elisabeth Raith-Paula
ISBN-10 9783642297847
Release 2013-03-19
Pages 252
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Natürliche Familienplanung (NFP) – das sind gesundheitlich unbedenkliche Methoden zur sicheren Empfängnisverhütung und zur gezielten Schwangerschaftsplanung. Auf Basis der neuesten internationalen Literatur bietet der Standardleitfaden umfassende Informationen und viele Anwendungsbeispiele zur NFP. Diskutiert werden auch die Möglichkeiten moderner Medien für die Zyklusüberwachung und -auswertung wie z. B. Softwareprogramme. Der Leitfaden eignet sich zur Vorbereitung und Begleitung von Beratungsgesprächen und als Nachschlagewerk für Anwenderinnen.