How to Buy and Sell Real Estate for Financial Freedom

How to Buy and Sell Real Estate for Financial Freedom Author James Dicks
ISBN-10 0071487166
Release 2006-04-07
Pages 312
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Achieve “bullet-proof” wealth in any real estate market The real key to achieving sustained wealth in real estate is finding just the right investment strategy--and then learning how to adapt it to changing market conditions. For that, you'll need the help of a mentor with a proven track record. A third-generation real estate investor, James Dicks made his first million before the age of thirty and went on to head his own international investment and financial services firm. Now, in How to Buy and Sell Real Estate for Financial Freedom, he teams up with fellow real estate investor and wealth-building expert J.W. Dicks to help you map out a winning strategy for realizing your dream of financial freedom. Regardless of your level of experience or bankroll size, this book will put you in the position to start making serious money in real estate--right away! Step-by-step, you'll learn how to Find and buy the best investment properties Write winning offers and money-making contracts Negotiate deals like a pro Take advantage of traditional and creative financing techniques Master more than 25 proven investment strategies, including buy-hold-sell, rentals, flipping, equity sharing, lease options, and more

Martinis and Mansions

Martinis and Mansions Author Wade Burns
ISBN-10 9780987423603
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 348
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Ever wish you had an experienced mentor to guide you through the purchase of your first home or property investment? One who has your best interests at heart and who knows how to negotiate a deal that will put you on the path to financial freedom? This book is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for. Based on successful Sydney based investor and Conveyancer, Wade Burns’ own journey from a 20-year-old first home owner to a ‘multimillion’ dollar investor, this is the must-have guide to buying and selling property in Australia today. Designed as an easy reference guide, with five takeaway tips at the end of each chapter, this is a book you will turn to time and time again throughout your life as a home owner and investor.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Author Reuben Advani
ISBN-10 9781430245407
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 164
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If you're one of the millions of Americans who is buried in credit card debt, or maybe you're having trouble deciphering the fine print on your 401(K)—that is, if you even have a 401(K)!—don't dismay. You can start taking steps toward closing your financial illiteracy gap right away with the sound, practical personal finance advice offered up in Reuben Advani's Financial Freedom. Designed for young adult professionals but filled with crucial information that will financially empower readers of all ages, Financial Freedom is more than just your standard personal finance book, which offers up plenty of encouragement but very little actionable advice. Instead, this user-friendly guide stands alone thanks to the clear approach it takes to the topic of personal finance. So, no matter whether you are in the market for a new car, are looking to become a first-time homeowner, want to save up for your child's college education, or have decided to try your hand at investing, you'll find engaging, nonjudgmental answers to your most pressing financial questions in this invaluable resource. Jam-packed with financial guidance yet presented in a gentle, humorous manner, Financial Freedom will teach you: The ins and outs of the world of finance, including targeted advice on how to use its tools to create a better financial future for yourself; The difference between good debt and bad debt—as well as tips and hints for avoiding the latter of the two; The low-down on mortgages, auto loans, student loans, and credit cards; Strategies and techniques for investing in stocks, bonds, and real estate; And much more. When it comes to securing your financial future, building a strong foundation of financial knowledge and skills is the smartest thing you can do. Put yourself on the path to long-term financial literacy, independence, and success with Financial Freedom, which provides all the information you need to make sound financial decisions for a lifetime.

The practical guide to Total Financial Freedom Volume 3

The practical guide to Total Financial Freedom  Volume 3 Author
ISBN-10 9781905789252
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The practical guide to Total Financial Freedom Volume 3 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The practical guide to Total Financial Freedom Volume 3 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The practical guide to Total Financial Freedom Volume 3 book for free.

The Real Estate Millionaire Beginners Quick Start Guide to Investing In Properties and Learn How to Achieve Financial Freedom

The Real Estate Millionaire   Beginners Quick Start Guide to Investing In Properties and Learn How to Achieve Financial Freedom Author Alex Nkenchor Uwajeh
Release 2015-10-10
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The Real Estate Millionaire - Beginners Quick Start Guide to Investing In Properties and Learn How to Achieve Financial Freedom ***Please Note: This Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing book is for beginning investors only*** If you look closely at how a number of millionaires made their wealth, you’ll find the vast majority of them used real estate investment. The idea is to find an undervalued home in need of renovation or repair and buy it cheap. There are multiple different strategies you can use to create a million dollar investment property portfolio. The key to creating the right real estate investment plan to suit you lies in knowing which strategy to use and when to use it. Investing in real estate is an exciting way to build wealth. Other Available Books: *The Power of Positive Affirmations: Each Day a New Beginning *Bitcoin and Digital Currency for Beginners: The Basic Little Guide. *Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion - The Ultimate Safe Haven Investments. *The Dividend Millionaire: Investing for Income and Winning in the Stock Market. *Economic Crisis: Surviving Global Currency Collapse - Safeguard Your Financial Future with Silver and Gold. *Passionate about Stock Investing: The Quick Guide to Investing in the Stock Market. *Guide to Investing in the Nigerian Stock Market. *Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks in the Nigerian Stock Market (Dividends - Stocks Secret Weapon). *Precious Metals Investing For Beginners: The Quick Guide to Platinum and Palladium. *Child Millionaire: Stock Market Investing for Beginners - How to Build Wealth the Smart Way for Your Child - The Basic Little Guide. *Taming the Tongue: The Power of Spoken Words


Cashflowpreneur Author Camilo Palacio
ISBN-10 9781772771695
Release 2017-07-12
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If you are looking for a way to become totally financially free in only five years, CASHFLOWPRENEUR is the book that is going to get you there. Packed with solid and proven information and advice on how to make money in real estate, it explains wholesaling, rehabbing, and renting in a way that paves the path to financial success. Written by two of Miami's most successful real estate investors, CASHFLOWPRENEUR is not only a book that guides you through the real estate process, but it also is an invaluable reference tool to be used and referred to over and over again.

Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom

Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom Author Edward T. Pendarvis
ISBN-10 0071466479
Release 2005-01-07
Pages 208
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The low-risk secret to a high-pro fit business--a perfect primer for first-time entrepreneurs More and more people are leaving their jobs and investing in small businesses--today's leading job growth opportunity. But isn't it risky? Not with Ed Pendarvis, whose business brokerage firm was rated #1 by Entrepreneur magazine. Once investors learn how to find and evaluate the right kind of business, the risks can be reduced--and profits dramatically increased. The secret lies in valuing and purchasing an already existing small business or franchise, one with a proven track record and potential for continued success. With this simple motivational guide, even a first-time entrepreneur can learn how to: Locate a business Negotiate a price Complete a sale Protect an investment Finance the future Achieve true financial freedom


THE ART OF WHOLESALING PROPERTIES Author Aram Shah and Alex Virelles
ISBN-10 9781491775684
Release 2015-11-24
Pages 188
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The Art of Wholesaling Properties: How to Buy and Sell Real Estate without Cash or Credit distills the experiences of two of the nation’s largest real estate wholesalers who, all told, have flipped over one thousand homes. Aram Shah and Alex Virelles present a step-by-step guide that explains how others may replicate their proven methods in their own wholesaling ventures. Reading this book will give investors the A-to-Z insights they need for cashing in on the fastest and most profitable ways to flip paper in the real estate market. Moving along a strategic step at a time, The Art of Wholesaling Properties explains how to • make offers that actually get accepted; • find hidden, motivated sellers; • use a real estate agent to find gold mines through the MLS; • build a strong list of cash buyers; • negotiate with sellers using proven and tested scripts; • assign or double close on properties; • master the A-B, B-C transaction; • deploy a team and put the business on autopilot; and • achieve financial freedom without using cash or credit! If you find the prospects of making money exciting, if you get the feeling there is wealth hidden in the real estate market in your community, and if you desire to learn demonstrably successful techniques to apply in your own ventures, then The Art of Wholesaling Properties: How to Buy and Sell Real Estate without Cash or Credit will give you the guidance and education you need to begin wholesaling homes and generating profits without using your own cash or credit.

Finding Financial Freedom

Finding Financial Freedom Author Grant R. Jeffrey
ISBN-10 9780307457455
Release 2009-01-20
Pages 224
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Follow God’s rules for financial freedom. In today’s uncertain times, how can you achieve the goal of financial independence? Success depends on a balanced strategy that is based on timeless biblical wisdom and up-to-date financial guidance. Finding Financial Freedom is your guide to prosperity that lasts. Written by Bible scholar and professional financial planner Grant R. Jeffrey, this book shows how you can: · identify and avoid financial traps · escape the spiritual bondage created by a lifestyle of debt · develop a disciplined savings plan that leads to successful investing · claim God’s promise of giving and receiving · shift your thinking from “more income” to “keeping more of your income” · make decisions today that will protect your family and guarantee an income through your retirement years. Here is biblical financial wisdom that’s as immediate as the bills crowding your mailbox. Get started today on the biblical road to wealth with Finding Financial Freedom. From the Trade Paperback edition.

How to Dominate Property Investing in the UK and Achieve Financial Freedom

How to Dominate Property Investing in the UK and Achieve Financial Freedom Author Richard Alven
ISBN-10 1484075188
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 94
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If you think that making money in property isn't easy, then "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" is definitely the solution for you as it gives you a reliable guide to follow which nobody can go wrong with. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will show you clearly how to buy investment properties significantly below market value (BMV). Most people seem unable to find BMV properties. Even if they do they often pay too much for them. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will provide detailed instructions on how to find BMV properties and how to sensibly negotiate the price down even lower. It will also tell you EXACTLY what type of property to buy to maximise your profit potential. This book contains the following features: -Describes why Property is so much better than other investment vehicles - This section discusses why property is the best way to create and store your wealth in. Other investment vehicles pale in comparison. -Shows you where about in the UK to buy properties - Certain UK towns outperform others in the property market and this book will tell you which ones. The answer is not obvious - not until I explain it. -Tells you what type of properties to buy - One type of property is just so much better than the rest. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will give you the answer -What kind of properties to avoid - Certain properties must be avoided at all costs if you want to get a mortgage. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" tells you exactly which ones to avoid. -How to find Below Market Value properties using the internet including a complete walkthrough of the process - "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will show you how to find BMV properties. This is probably the biggest obstacle investors face. -What websites should you use to maximise your buying power? - The internet is awash with sites that can improve your chances of making a great deal. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will tell you which sites these are and how to use them for maximised effectiveness -How to make an offer - Another major stumbling block for invesors. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will let you know how to avoid paying too much!! -How to realise your profit - Possibly the most important point. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" will show you how to get your money back from your investment without having to sell. "How To Dominate Property Investing In The UK And Achieve Financial Freedom" is a comprehensive guide to investing in the UK property market post credit crunch. This is the information you NEED to know. Can you afford to let this information pass by you? The stock market is a very dangerous place to be right now and even holding money in bank is not without risk. Investing in a property is safe, and is extremely profitable over the long term if you buy wisely. This book will show how to do just that. This is not a "get rich quick" scheme and does not offer shortcuts. If you read and apply the advice though, it is a certain path to riches.

Money Smart

Money Smart Author Ted Hunter
ISBN-10 9780984387731
Release 2010-10-15
Pages 384
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Winner of the Eric Hoffer Book Award, Money Smart delivers a better approach to personal money management with a simple and accessible style. Author Ted Hunter shows readers that they are capable of managing their money better than anyone else, including financial professionals. He first exposes the destructive myths and system-wide incompetence th.

Be a Real Estate Millionaire

Be a Real Estate Millionaire Author Dean Graziosi
ISBN-10 9781593154462
Release 2007
Pages 280
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Teaches the author's strategies for creating wealth in real estate, including seven keys to identify hidden market values, the five types of real estate markets, and how to approach each one.

Wise Women Invest in Real Estate

Wise Women Invest in Real Estate Author Lisa Moren Bromma
ISBN-10 9780071508445
Release 2007-01-08
Pages 340
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Create a Lifetime of Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investment As a woman, you have inherent skills that can make you a savvy and successful real estate investor-even if you have never owned property before. Wise Women Invest in Real Estate helps you to combine the skills you already have with real estate investment know-how from experts in the field, giving you the power to take complete control of your financial future. Whether you're looking to build on the skills you already have, or simply master the nuts and bolts of buying, selling, and investing in real estate, this is the hands-on guide for you. It provides valuable insight into why women naturally make ideal investors, as well as tools to help you successfully Find, negotiate, and finance properties Determine viable and appropriate deals “Buy and hold,” fix and remodel, and sell at the right time Manage money and clients Build confidence and expertise in the real estate market “This is the best book I've seen for women who want to be assured that real estate can make you wealthy. Read this book, get wise, and get wealthy. It is the best way to overcome the earnings gap over a lifetime.”-Rachel Bondi, author of The Wealth Gap

HOLD How to Find Buy and Rent Houses for Wealth

HOLD  How to Find  Buy  and Rent Houses for Wealth Author Steve Chader
ISBN-10 9780071797054
Release 2012-09-25
Pages 400
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USA TODAY BESTSELLER Take HOLD of your financial future! Learn how to obtain financial freedom through real estate. The final book in Gary Keller’s national best-selling Millionaire Real Estate Investor trilogy teaches the proven, reliable real estate investing process to achieve financial wealth: 1. Find – the right property for the right terms and at the right price. 2. Analyze – an offer to make sure the numbers and terms make sense. 3. Buy – an investment property where you make money going in. 4. Manage – a property until it’s paid for or you have a large amount of equity to leverage. 5. Grow – your way to wealth and financial freedom.

Road to Riches Through Real Estate in 7 Easy Steps

Road to Riches Through Real Estate in 7 Easy Steps Author Michael A. Perebzak
ISBN-10 9780595313525
Release 2004-03-01
Pages 112
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Author Michael Perebzak brings over 15 years of experience in the field of real estate. In clear and easy to understand language, the author points out specific ways to invest in real estate. Road to Riches Through Real Estate in 7 Easy Steps covers a diverse field of topics including: building financial wealth learning investment skills assessing real estate values generating profits through buying and selling real estate Road to Riches Through Real Estate in 7 Easy Steps is an invaluable resource for those looking to invest in real estate. The author highlights several investment techniques that are very effective in creating quick and easy profits. These techniques will allow any investor to achieve financial success when buying or selling real estate. It is a must read for those individuals who want to build enormous financial wealth and retire rich.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal Author Brendan Kelly
ISBN-10 9781742469850
Release 2010-12-29
Pages 352
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Tired of working 9 to 5 for someone else, just to make ends meet? Looking for a path to financial freedom so that you can spend your time doing what you want to do? For many savvy Australians, property investing has lead to exactly that. They have found an investing method suited to their own circumstances and turns a property dream into an income stream – and, in some cases, an early retirement! So how can you escape the daily grind and achieve the same results, even if you've never invested in property before? The Real Deal is the only real estate book that: takes you through an array of investment methods – from negative and positive gearing to renovation, subdivision, commercial property and property development, and everything in between shares the experiences of 14 real-life, everyday investors who have created wealth using these methods so you can see how they work in the real world teaches you how to set goals and provides the tools to stay motivated to achieve them helps you access the best investment approach for you in terms of time, money, level of difficulty and effort actually gets you on the road to financial freedom – fast. You'll learn how to make deals for quick profit, deals that you can work on yourself and deals that you can pay others to look after for you. The options are limited only by your own creativity!

Summary Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom

Summary  Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom Author BusinessNews Publishing
ISBN-10 9782511019788
Release 2014-10-28
Pages 15
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The must-read summary of Van Tharp, D. Barton and Steve Sjuggerud's book: "Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom". This complete summary of the ideas from Van Tharp, D. Barton and Steve Sjuggerud's book "Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom" shows that it is possible to become financially free. All you have to do is begin the journey and systematically put sound investment strategies in place. In their book, the authors provide a four-step process that will lead you to becoming financially free. This summary describes this process in detail and gives you the tools to begin your journey to financial freedom. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom" and discover the four-step process that you can use and adapt to finally achieve financial freedom.