Hulk Planet Hulk Omnibus

Hulk  Planet Hulk Omnibus Author
ISBN-10 1302907697
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 656
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The strongest one there is, in his most savage story ever! After a brutal battle between the Hulk and the Fantastic Four, Earth's greatest heroes decide that for the good of all - they must shoot the Hulk into space! But when he lands on the savage world of Sakaar, an epic for the ages begins. This one has it all: Strange alien planet! Oppressed barbarian tribes! Corrupt emperor! Deadly woman warrior! Gladiators and slaves! Battle-axes and hand blasters! Monsters and champions...and the Incredible Hulk! Let the smashing commence! Plus an alternate "What If?" take, a guidebook to Sakaar and the Totally Awesome debut of Amadeus Cho! COLLECTING: FANTASTIC FOUR (1998) 533-535, INCREDIBLE HULK (2000) 88-105, GIANT-SIZE HULK (2006) 1, WHAT IF? PLANET HULK, PLANET HULK: GLADIATOR GUIDEBOOK, MATERIAL FROM NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006), AMAZING FANTASY (2004) 15

Planet Hulk

Planet Hulk Author Greg Pak
ISBN-10 1905239661
Release 2007-02-08
Pages 328
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Banished to another planet by those he called his friends, the Hulk faces his most dangerous challenge to date. Captured, enslaved and forced to fight in the gladiatorial contests of the Great Arena at the whim of the planet's merciless ruler, the Red King, the Hulk faces his ultimate challenge: to rise and free an oppressed people or to give in to the monster within and destroy all. This is a must-read for any Marvel fan as it sets everything up for Marvel's big event of 2007 - World War Hulk!

Hulk World War Hulk Omnibus

Hulk  World War Hulk Omnibus Author
ISBN-10 130290812X
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 1304
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Hulk versus the world, in an epic story of anger unbound! Exiled by his so-called friends, the Hulk has raged, bled and conquered on the alien planet Sakaar. Now, he returns to Earth to wreak terrible vengeance on Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Black Bolt -and anyone else who gets in the way! Madder than ever, stronger than ever, and accompanied by his monstrous Warbound allies, this time the Hulk may just tear this stupid planet in half! COLLECTING: WORLD WAR HULK PROLOGUE: WORLD BREAKER, WORLD WAR HULK 1-5, INCREDIBLE HULK (2000) 106-111, IRON MAN (2005) 19-20, AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE 4-5, IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN 10, WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN 1-3, GHOST RIDER (2006) 12-13, HEROES FOR HIRE (2006) 11-15, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (2007) 12, WORLD WAR HULK: GAMMA CORPS 1-4, WORLD WAR HULK: FRONT LINE 1-6, WORLD WAR HULK: AFTERSMASH ONE-SHOT, WWH AFTERSMASH: DAMAGE CONTROL 1-3, WWH AFTERSMASH: WARBOUND 1-5, PLANET HULK SAGA

Punisher Back to the War Omnibus

Punisher  Back to the War Omnibus Author Marvel Worldwide, Incorporated
ISBN-10 1302908235
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 720
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Frank Castle's war begins! From his debut in Amazing Spider-Man to his first hit miniseries, the opening entries in the Punisher's war journal are collected in this can't-miss Omnibus. A grim figure willing to achieve justice by any means, the Punisher's early adventures shook the black-and-white world of heroes and villains off its foundation. Top creators, from Frank Miller to Mike Zeck, brought striking depth and moral resonance to the Punisher, and each of their character-defining stories is collected here. Featuring a massive trove of original art, sketches, posters and more, this is the definitive edition for every Punisher fan. COLLECTING: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) 129, 134-135, 161-162, 174-175, 201-202, ANNUAL (1964) 15; MARVEL PREVIEW (1975) 2; MARVEL SUPER ACTION (1975) 1; CAPTAIN AMERICA (1968) 241; DAREDEVIL (1964) 182-184; SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN (1976) 81-83; PUNISHER (1986) 1-5

Hulk by Jeph Loeb

Hulk by Jeph Loeb Author
ISBN-10 0785185518
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 440
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Domino might have just discovered the Red Hulk's identity, and he just can't have that. But X-Force is protecting her, so Rulk recruits a little help of his own. Enter Code Red: Punisher! Thundra! Crimson Dynamo! Deadpool! Elektra! But whose side is the mysterious new Red She-Hulk on?! And when Red Hulk and Bruce Banner form an uneasy alliance to defeat a conspiracy bent on taking down the U.S. Government, Hulks will fall! As the Intelligencia make their long-awaited move, the identity of the Red Hulk is revealed! Everything Hulk fans have been waiting for pays off here, but it only whets the appetite for the epic final showdown between red and green Hulks - a cataclysmic battle that will settle who comes out on top once and for all! COLLECTING: Hulk 13-24, Fall of the Hulks: Gamma 1

The Mighty Thor Omnibus

The Mighty Thor Omnibus  Author
ISBN-10 0785167838
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 768
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A masterpiece of immortal action, cosmic scope, and boundless drama, Stan and Jack's Thor collaborations mark a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe - and that's no small accomplishment coming from the imaginations of the most celebrated creators in comics! This second Omnibus edition brings you milestone stories including the first appearances of Ego the Living Planet, Ulik the Troll and the Wrecker; battles with the Absorbing Man, the Destroyer and the Super-Skrull; adventures into Pluto's underworld and atop the High Evolutionary's Wundagore Mountain; the debut of Lady Sif as Thor's love interest; and classic tales featuring Thor and Hercules. Backed up by "Tales of Asgard" and featuring each issue's original letter's page, it's an extravaganza on an Asgardian scale! COLLECTING: Journey Into Mystery (1952) 121-125, Thor (1966) 126-152, Thor Annual (1966) 2, Not Brand Echh (1967) 3


Hulk Author
ISBN-10 0785151001
Release 2011-02-09
Pages 160
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Chronicling the final days of the Green Goliath! Peter David and Dale Keown, creative team on some of the Hulk's most memorable tales, reunite to produce this searing vision of the future in which Bruce Banner, the Incredible Hulk, is the last man on Earth. It's the Hulk's final battle, as "The Last Titan" wrestles his inner-demons in order to discover his place in a dying world - if only he can survive! Plus: The testing of the first Gamma Bomb thrust upon Robert Bruce Banner that which he would come to believe would be his greatest nightmare: his unwilling transformation into the Incredible Hulk. He believed wrong. Now, having been dragged into the future - into a post-holocaust, dystopian world - Bruce Banner discovers that his nightmare has a whole new name: the Maestro. This is a nightmare that only Hulk can end. For he knows that he himself is responsible for the presence of the evil Maestro. COLLECTING: Incredible Hulk: The End; Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1-2

Marvel Masterworks

Marvel Masterworks Author
ISBN-10 0785137149
Release 2009-09-09
Pages 176
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Dr. Robert Bruce Banner is exposed to gamma radiation in a nuclear explosion and now finds that when he is stressed he becomes the Incredible Hulk, a personification of all of his repressed rage and fury.

Marvel Now Omnibus

Marvel Now  Omnibus Author
ISBN-10 0785183809
Release 2013-07-23
Pages 808
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The future is now...MARVEL NOW! Get in on the ground floor as the Marvel Universe is revitalized for a new and exciting era of adventure! COLLECTING: Uncanny Avengers 1, Marvel Now! Point One 1, A+X 1, Deadpool 1, Iron Man 1, All-New X-Men 1, Fantastic Four 1, Thor: GOD OF THUNDER 1, X-Men Legacy 1, Captain America 1, Indestructible Hulk 1, FF 1, Avengers 1, T-Bolts 1, Avengers Arena 1, Cable/X-Force 1, New Avengers 1, Superior Spider-Man 1, Savage Wolverine 1, Young Avengers 1, Uncanny X-Men 1, Secret Avengers 1, Nova 1, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 1, Red She-Hulk 58, Fearless Defenders 1, JOURNEY INTO MYSTER Y 646, Morbius 1, Uncanny X-Force 1, Wolverine 1, X-Men 1, Avengers Assemble 9

Hulk Volume 1

Hulk Volume 1 Author
ISBN-10 0785190619
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 104
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It's an all-new direction for the Hulk! Following the shocking events of the Indestructible Hulk finale, Bruce Banner lies at death's door, shot in the head by an unknown assailant. If he survives, it won't be as the Bruce Banner we've known! Only the Hulk can save Banner...if he even wants to! How will the Hulk wreak vengeance on Banner's attacker? How can he? As a new threat enters the scene, Banner goes to a dark place, and he could drag the Avengers right along with him! To stop the Hulk from destroying the Avengers, a dangerous plan is put into play. What forbidden knowledge will Tony Stark use in an att empt to cure Bruce Banner's brain damage? And even if the cure works, what will it cost? Experience a whole new twist in Hulk history! COLLECTING: Hulk 1-4

Hulk Visionaries

Hulk Visionaries Author
ISBN-10 0785156038
Release 2011-08-24
Pages 256
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Peter David continues his legendary run! The situation in Trans-Sabal may lead to nuclear disaster, and the Hulk, the Pantheon and X-Factor are at war among themselves to stop it! And in Vegas, the Hulk takes on the Punisher! Rick Jones tracks down his mother for the first time, and things don't go well! And the Hulk gets revenge on the Russian spy who caused the Gamma explosion way back in HULK #1! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #390-396 and material from ANNUAL #18, and X-FACTOR (1986) #76.

Indestructible Hulk Volume 1

Indestructible Hulk Volume 1 Author
ISBN-10 0785166475
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 136
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Hulk for hire! The Incredible Hulk is an indestructible force of nature, more weapon than man. Bruce Banner is the Hulk's human alter-ego, and the smartest man alive. Combined they are the most powerful, most intelligent weapon on the planet - and now they're both working for the government as Marvel NOW! makes the Hulk an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.! Taking on deadly threats including the Mad Thinker, the Quintronic Man and Attuma, Hulk goes from walking W.M.D. to world saver. But even when playing the hero, the Green Goliath is going to do what he does best...SMASH! COLLECTING: Indestructible Hulk 1-5

The Muppets Omnibus

The Muppets Omnibus Author
ISBN-10 0785187928
Release 2014-03-25
Pages 600
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It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights! It's time to turn the pages of this Omnibus tonight! The Muppets take Marvel in this zany collecti on of Roger Langridge's award-winning, gag-filled adventures of Kermit and the gang. From Bunsen and Beaker to Piiiigs In Spaaaace, all your favorites are here in a volume as hilarious as it is compendious - one even Statler and Waldorf wouldn't hate! It's ti me to get things started with the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, muppetati onal book of all! COLLECTING: THE MUPPET SHOW (2009) 1-4, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK: THE TREASURE OF PEG-LEG WILSON (2009) 1-4, THE MUPPET SHOW COMIC BOOK (2009) 0-11, THE MUPPETS (2012) 1-4

X Men Legacy Legion Omnibus

X Men Legacy  Legion Omnibus Author
ISBN-10 1302903926
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 528
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Legion is the most powerful and unstable mutant in the world, and prodigal son to Professor Charles Xavier. But in the aftermath of his father's tragic death, David Haller will fi nally attempt to tame his fractured mind, conquer his inner demons and embrace his legacy! But first Legion will have to overcome two new villains -one lurking within his own psyche, and the other hiding among the X-Men! He'll turn down an invitation to join the team, but the young mutant Blindfold will catch his eye! Will their uncanny romance change the fate of mutantkind? COLLECTING: X-MEN LEGACY 1-24

She Hulk by Dan Slott

She Hulk by Dan Slott Author
ISBN-10 078515440X
Release 2014-02-25
Pages 416
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Everyone's favorite Jade Giantess, She-Hulk, has returned for tons of fun, both on and off the field of battle! As a superhuman lawyer, She-Hulk has tried some of the strangest cases on Earth...but now, Shulkie is heading into deep space to practice Universal Law! And upon her return, the emerald enchantress matches muscles with Hercules...but it's going to take brains, not brawn, to get the Prince of Power out of some Herculean legal problems. Plus: No one hates She-Hulk more than Titania! What makes her one of the deadliest threats in the universe? And how is Hawkeye's fate tied to She-Hulk's latest case? Join She-Hulk as she deals with the bizarre legal problems of the Marvel Universe! COLLECTING: SHE-HULK (2004) 1-12, SHE-HULK (2005) 1-5

Star Wars Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen Salvador Larroca Omnibus

Star Wars  Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen   Salvador Larroca Omnibus Author Marvel Worldwide, Incorporated
ISBN-10 1302908219
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 736
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One of the greatest antagonists in all of fi ction rises again! Fresh from a stinging defeat at the hands of the Rebel Alliance, Darth Vader must reassert the Empire's iron grip on the galaxy. But will his personal desire for vengeance against the young Jedi who destroyed the Death Star distract from Vader's duty to the Emperor? As a fateful quest begins, the Dark Lord of the Sith will face fresh threats to his power. And, as other villains old and new play their part - from Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt to diabolical debutante Aphra and the killer droids Triple-Zero and BeeTee - will Vader's Imperial march continue, or will his schemes prove his undoing? COLLECTING: DARTH VADER 1-25 AND ANNUAL, STAR WARS: VADER DOWN 1, STAR WARS 13-14

Essential Hulk

Essential Hulk Author
ISBN-10 0785185119
Release 2013-12-31
Pages 544
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When the villainous Corporation set their sights on the Green Goliath, they send the manipulative Moonstone to turn the Hulk's couch time with Doc Samson into a destructive rampage, imprison him on Alcatraz Island, and manipulate ol' Greenskin into going toe-to-toe with Machine Man! Then, on the run from Gamma Base, the Hulk finds himself used as a gamma-irradiated battery by new foe Goldbug and old nemesis Tyrannus! Plus: the Hulk is enraged to learn that Gamma Base has the remains of his departed love Jarella - and no one, will stop him from giving her a proper burial. COLLECTING: Incredible Hulk 226-248, Annual 7-9; Captain America (1968) 230