I Am Drums

I Am Drums Author Mike Grosso
ISBN-10 9780544707368
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 288
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“This book is the song of my middle-school heart.”—Michelle Schusterman, author of the I Heart Band! series Sam knows she wants to be a drummer. But she doesn’t know how to afford a drum kit, or why budget cuts end her school’s music program, or why her parents argue so much, or even how to explain her dream to other people. But drums sound all the time in Sam’s head, and she’d do just about anything to play them out loud—even lie to her family if she has to. Will the cost of chasing her dream be too high? An exciting new voice in contemporary middle grade, Mike Grosso creates a determined heroine readers will identify with and cheer for.

Drum book

Drum book Author Udo Dahmen
ISBN-10 3927190241
Release 1993
Pages 168
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Drum book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Drum book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Drum book book for free.


B I C Y C L E S  C A N O E S  D R U M S Author Dan Sklar
ISBN-10 9780615244730
Release 2008-08
Pages 192
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I take seriously what Ezra Pound said, "make poetry new." I do not want to write like anyone else, if that's possible. I want to create new forms of poetry. Sure, I have been influenced by many writers who write differently than I do, whether it is in style, theme, or topics, but I respect all forms and styles of poetry. I am experimenting all the time. Each time I write, it is as if it is my first time, like I have not done it before. The poem, and the way it is put together, becomes the object I am writing about as well as the subject. The way the poem is written is part of its meaning. All of it, I feel, comes from a deep and original, and yet common, place. I write to try to understand myself and the world and to question the things we just assume to be true, but mostly I write to remember the brightness of being alive.

I play the drums in a band called okay

I play the drums in a band called okay Author Toby Litt
ISBN-10 9780141919812
Release 2008-03-06
Pages 288
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Okay are a Canadian indie/rock band who sound a little like the Velvet Underground on quarter-speed. This is their story. Narrated by the drummer, Clap, it follows twenty years of life on and off the road with the band: the gigs and groupies, the tunes and tours, the fall outs and fuck ups, the overdoses and the sweet, sweet soul-damage of it all. For anyone who's ever wondered what it's like to be in a rock band, I Play the Drums in a Band Called Okay is a dream of a book that delivers everthing it promises - but it's more than that too, and behind the glitz of celebrity shimmers a mature and nuanced novel about pains and joys as fundamental as those of loving and losing, growing up and moving on . . .

iOpener I am a Drummer

iOpener  I am a Drummer Author Jane Manners
ISBN-10 9781465447944
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 8
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In I Am a Drummer, schoolchildren will read about Sam, a young drummer, and all the different ways he plays the drums. This title features clear photography, bright colors, and contains a lot of noisy words that are fun to read aloud. This 32-word book has discussion questions at the back to encourage reading comprehension. Grade: Kindergarten Subject: Physical Science Genre: Biography/Autobiography Comprehension Skill/Strategy: Make Inferences Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA/EDL): 6 Guided Reading Level: D Lexile Level: 6 DK's iOpeners equip K-6 students with the skills and strategies they need to access and comprehend nonfiction so that they are not only learning to read but reading to learn. The combination of high-interest content and eye-popping photography of iOpeners brings science and social studies topics to life, raises student achievement in reading, and boosts standardized test scores.

War Drums

War Drums Author Don Pendleton
ISBN-10 9781460374665
Release 2014-01-15
Pages 320
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CRITICAL INTERCEPTION Mack Bolan is directed to use any means necessary to defuse a crisis that puts the United States in the hot seat. Iran's hardliners are pushing an extremist agenda, defying U.N. rulings and amassing an arsenal with bio and nuclear capabilities. They've got stolen U.S. technology and unlimited financial backing from China, who's willing to lend muscle in exchange for oil. With Russian black-market weapons dealers eager to profit from international terror, the Stony Man warrior's multi-front mission becomes one of infiltrate and confront. He enlists the aid of Bedouin brothers-in-arms and other unlikely allies across enemy territory in a race to shut down an explosive situation before the deadly fuse is lit….

Long Drums and Canons

Long Drums and Canons Author Bernth Lindfors
ISBN-10 0865434379
Release 1995
Pages 188
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This collection of essays addresses questions pertinent to the teaching of the relatively new discipline surrounding the teaching and researching of African literature. A valuable resource for both researchers, lecturers and students, it examines current practices, considers which material and writers should be studied, and considers how academic programmes can be structured.

The Drums of Fu Manchu

The Drums of Fu Manchu Author Sax Rohmer
ISBN-10 9780857686770
Release 2014-06-06
Pages 320
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“Imagine a person, tall, lean, and feline, high-shouldered, with a brow like Shakespeare and a face like Satan...” FU-MANCHU EUROPE, 1939—the year before World War II and global chaos. A time of shadows, secret societies, and international conflict. Into this world on the brink comes the most fantastic emissary of evil society has ever known... In order to control the Si-Fan, and then the world, Fu-Manchu must assassinate the dictators who have brought Europe to the brink of war. This places Sir Denis Nayland Smith in the impossible position of defending warmongers who may be as evil as the Devil Doctor himself! ALSO IN THIS VOLUME: A LONG-LOST NAYLAND SMITH SHORT STORY! “Fu Manchu is one of the great villains in pop culture history, insidious and brilliant.”—Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling co-author of Baltimore: The Plague Ships AFTERWORD BY LESLIE S. KLINGER (THE ANNOTATED SANDMAN by Neil Gaiman)

I Drum Therefore I Am

I Drum  Therefore I Am Author Gareth Dylan Smith
ISBN-10 9781317119227
Release 2016-05-13
Pages 228
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Despite their central role in many forms of music-making, drummers have been largely neglected in the scholarly literature on music and education. But kit drummers are increasingly difficult to ignore. While exponents of the drum kit are frequently mocked in popular culture, they are also widely acknowledged to be central to the musical success and aesthetic appeal of any musical ensemble in which they are found. Drummers are also making their presence felt in music education, with increasing opportunities to learn their craft in formal contexts. Drawing on data collected from in-depth interviews and questionnaires, Gareth Dylan Smith explores the identities, practices and learning of teenage and adult kit drummers in and around London. As a London-based drummer and teacher of drummers, Smith uses his own identity as participant-researcher to inform and interpret other drummers' accounts of their experiences. Drummers learn in multi-modal ways, usually with a keen awareness of exemplars of their art and craft. The world of kit drumming is highly masculine, which presents opportunities and challenges to drummers of both sexes. Smith proposes a new model of the 'Snowball Self', which incorporates the constructs of identity realization, learning realization, meta-identities and contextual identities. Kit drummers' identities, practices and learning are found to be intertwined, as drummers exist in a web of interdependence. Drummers drum; therefore they are, they do, and they learn - in a rich tapestry of means and contexts.

Sounds of Distant Drums

Sounds of Distant Drums Author Alfred Sandison Hutchison
ISBN-10 1453573291
Release 2010-09-17
Pages 107
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This book of selected poems by the Rhodesian/South African poet ,Alf Hutchison, powerfully illustrated by his youngest daughter Fiona, reflects upon love... passion... hatred... remorse... jubilation... xenophobia...friendship... and man’s inhumanity to man. It is a collection of mainly reflective poetry which will at times reduce the reader to tears ...bring joy to the heart and soul of lovers and friends...bring a sense of patriotism to the lost tribes of Rhodesia and South Africa in the Diaspora...but most of all I hope and pray that it makes you think...

Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie

Drums  Girls  and Dangerous Pie Author Jordan Sonnenblick
ISBN-10 9780545231169
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 304
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From first-time novelist Jordan Sonnenblick, a brave and beautiful story that will make readers laugh and break their hearts at the same time. Thirteen-year-old Steven has a totally normal life: he plays drums in the All-Star Jazz band, has a crush on the hottest girl in the school, and is constantly annoyed by his five-year-old brother, Jeffrey. But when Jeffrey is diagnosed with leukemia, Steven's world is turned upside down. He is forced to deal with his brother's illness and his parents' attempts to keep the family in one piece. Salted with humor and peppered with devastating realities, DRUMS, GIRLS, AND DANGEROUS PIE is a heartwarming journey through a year in the life of a family in crisis.

Night Drums

Night Drums Author Achmed Abdullah
ISBN-10 9781434499653
Release 2008-02-01
Pages 344
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An adventure set in India in the period following the Mutiny, when the country seethed with discontent. Pursued by the authorities, one rebel plots to revenge himself against the British and make himself ruler of the land. Part II of "The Steam House."

The complete drums method

The complete drums  method Author Massimo Aiello
ISBN-10 9788867518197
Release 2012-11-06
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ALL THE FUNDAMENTAL TOPICS FROM THE BASIC ELEMENTS TO JAZZ INDEPENDENCE Treated above all is the basic level leading towards a presentation of an intermediate and advanced level The text is defined as unique in its kind and its target is the orientation in the drums’ world and in the choice of the teacher; how to interact with him better....it has many text pages that explain in detail many steps concerning the exercises, the movements, the gestures, etc. that are not present in any other method of this kind and substance. The first method in Italy (and not only) with text pages containing detailed explanations that are very useful to orientate ones’ self in the drums’ world and in the choice of the teacher, from the comparison of drums to the didactic techniques turned into an authentic and not commercial ethic. With some new effective and very useful concepts also for teachers. It includes the fundamental exercises for jazz independence and a lot more.... It contains more than 100 text pages with explanations on how to tackle and to play the exercises with some new effective concepts; More than 150 pages with hundreds of exercises (rudiments, coordination, jazz independence, hands, rolls, rhythms, applied practice solfeggio, etc.) that can be developed, through the manifold included versions, in a dozen thousand exercises... This is done with the purpose to have a wide range of exercises that you can choose from. I didn’t want to include a cd with the exercises because I thought it is always better to face each problem with your own teacher and to think it over at home....! Some Extratcts: http://www.massimoaiello.com/the%20book.htm Copyright 2006 by Massimo Aiello International Copyright Secured Made in Italy Used by Permission www.massimoaiello.com

The Drums of War

The Drums of War Author H. de Vere Stacpoole
ISBN-10 1434475727
Release 2008-08
Pages 260
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A novel published in 1910 and set in France.

One Bugle No Drums

One Bugle  No Drums Author William Hopkins
ISBN-10 9781616201975
Release 2012-05-21
Pages 288
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Korea, December 1950. The temperature has plunged to 20-degrees below zero. Cold enough to crack rocket-launcher ammo wide open. But not cold enough to stop a massive Communist assault against U.S. forces. As the 8th Army retreats, the Marines dig in at Chosin Reservoir and are quickly cut off and surrounded. This is the riveting account of what happened next. The brilliant Marine attack that was to become a classic in military operations. The personal heroism, private ordeals, bitter fighting, and final victory. Told in the powerful words of a man who was there, it is a story you will never forget.

The Silenced Drums

The Silenced Drums Author K. G. Karmakar
ISBN-10 8172111223
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 364
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Review of tribal economic development with special reference to Orissa and India in general.

Drums in the Forest

Drums in the Forest Author Alfred Procter James
ISBN-10 0822972816
Release 1958
Pages 240
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Originally published to commemorate the bicentennial of Pittsburgh's founding, Drums in the Forest has been reissued to mark the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War. It comprises two parts: the first, by Alfred Proctor James, provides the historical background leading up to the capture of Fort Duquesne by the British; the second, by Charles Morse Stotz, is a description of the five forts built at the forks of the Ohio between 1754 and 1815.