In the Barrio

In the Barrio Author Alma Flor Ada
ISBN-10 0590275690
Release 2004-12-01
Pages 16
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Many interesting and colorful things happen each day in the neighborhood.

Patriots from the Barrio

Patriots from the Barrio Author Dave Gutierrez
ISBN-10 9781499054941
Release 2014-08-29
Pages 306
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Patriots from the Barrio is the true story of a US Army combat unit during WWII. Author Dave Gutierrez started to research the biography of relative Ramon G. Gutierrez, who served in the Thirty-Sixth Division, 141st Regiment, Second Battalion, Company E. The unit was comprised entirely of Mexican Americans from the barrios of south Texas. Gutierrez spent four years on the research and compiled several individual stories to tell one incredible story of the US Army battles in Italy during WWII. Gutierrez records the sensitive subjects of discrimination, segregation of schools, and the illegal deportation of Mexican Americans during the Great Depression. Relative Ramon Gutierrez from Del Rio Texas was awarded the Silver Star and three Purple Hearts by the US Army. Captured by the enemy twice, he was able to escape and make it back across to Allied lines. He would also become one of only a handful of Americans to be decorated for valor on the battlefield by the Soviet Union during WWII. His true story and the men that served in the US Army’s unique and historical all Mexican American combat unit is chronicled in Patriots from the Barrio.

The Church in the Barrio

The Church in the Barrio Author Roberto R. Treviño
ISBN-10 080787731X
Release 2006-12-08
Pages 328
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In a story that spans from the founding of immigrant parishes in the early twentieth century to the rise of the Chicano civil rights movement in the early 1970s, Roberto R. Trevino discusses how an intertwining of ethnic identity and Catholic faith equipped Mexican Americans in Houston to overcome adversity and find a place for themselves in the Bayou City. Houston's native-born and immigrant Mexicans alike found solidarity and sustenance in their Catholicism, a distinctive style that evolved from the blending of the religious sensibilities and practices of Spanish Christians and New World indigenous peoples. Employing church records, newspapers, family letters, mementos, and oral histories, Trevino reconstructs the history of several predominately Mexican American parishes in Houston. He explores Mexican American Catholic life from the most private and mundane, such as home altar worship and everyday speech and behavior, to the most public and dramatic, such as neighborhood processions and civil rights marches. He demonstrates how Mexican Americans' religious faith helped to mold and preserve their identity, structured family and community relationships as well as institutions, provided both spiritual and material sustenance, and girded their long quest for social justice.

Outcry in the Barrio

Outcry in the Barrio Author Freddie García
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173004449762
Release 1988
Pages 224
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Outcry in the Barrio has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Outcry in the Barrio also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Outcry in the Barrio book for free.

Hostages in the Barrio

Hostages in the Barrio Author José Luis Alonso de Santos
ISBN-10 UOM:39015041168462
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 44
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Hostages in the Barrio has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hostages in the Barrio also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hostages in the Barrio book for free.

Working in the Dark

Working in the Dark Author Jimmy Baca
ISBN-10 9780890135938
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 182
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Baca passionately explores the troubled years of his youth, from which he emerged with heightened awareness of his ethnic identify as a Chicano, his role as a witness for the misunderstood tribal life of the barrio, and his redemptive vocation as a poet.

From the Barrio to the Board Room

From the Barrio to the Board Room Author Robert Renteria
ISBN-10 1610660110
Release 2011
Pages 103
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With a new foreword, a new epilogue, and illustrations from the Mi Barrio comic book version, this new release of From the Barrio to the Board Room shares Robert Renteria's journey from East L.A. and gang and drug life to becoming VP of a publicly traded company, owner of his own businesses and now his work as a civic leader, empowering our nation's youth to stay in school, out of gangs and off drugs.

From the Barrio to Washington

From the Barrio to Washington Author Armando Rodriguez
ISBN-10 0826343813
Release 2007
Pages 196
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What would be the odds of a poor Mexican boy who migrated with his family to southern California in the 1920s rising through the ranks of the American education system to become the first Hispanic principal of a junior and senior high school in San Diego, the second Hispanic to be a college president in California, and to serve in the administrations of four U.S. presidents? Armando Rodriguez spoke no English when he first set foot in the United States and was just old enough to start school in a district with few Spanish-speaking teachers. But with parents who emphasized the importance of education and who taught him the value of hard work, Armando Rodriguez became fluent in English, received a doctorate in bilingual education, and was instrumental in developing the field of bilingual education while serving as Assistant Commissioner of Education for the nation. Rodriguez recalls his inspirational journey from a short child who was so dark he was nicknamed "Shadow" to being influential in shaping education on district, state, and national levels. Some still call him Shadow, though it is now spoken with respect and admiration for an immigrant who overcame many obstacles to become an instrument of change for his country. "Armando Rodriguez offers the gift of his fascinating life in this timely and candid autobiography of a poor immigrant child who arrived speaking no English and climbed the entire staircase of the American dream to power in Washington."--Eleanor Holmes Norton

A Stranger in the Barrio

A Stranger in the Barrio Author Frank Urso
ISBN-10 9780595335374
Release 2005-03
Pages 274
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A raw and unvarnished memoir set in the cigar-making barrio of Tampa's Ybor City when it was the cigar capital of the world. The diaspora of immigrants in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century brought Spaniards, Cubans and Sicilians to Tampa's Ybor City, then the cigar capital of the world.

Champion of the Barrio

Champion of the Barrio Author R. Gaines Baty
ISBN-10 9781623492670
Release 2015-03-15
Pages 288
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Buryl Baty (1924–1954) was a winning athlete, coach, builder of men, and an early pioneer in the fight against bigotry. In 1950, Baty became head football coach at Bowie High School in El Paso and quickly inspired his athletes, all Mexican Americans from the Segundo Barrio, with his winning ways and his personal stand against the era’s extreme, deep-seated bigotry—to which they were subjected. However, just as the team was in a position to win a third district title in 1954, they were jolted by an unthinkable tragedy that turned their world upside down. Later, as mature adults, these players realized that Coach Baty had helped mold them into honorable and successful men, and forty-four years after the coach’s death, they dedicated their high school stadium in his name. In 2013, Baty was inducted posthumously into the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame. In this poignant memoir, R. Gaines Baty also describes his own journey to get to know his father. Coach Baty’s life story is portrayed from the perspectives of nearly one hundred individuals who knew him, in addition to many documented facts and news reports.

Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco

Look Both Ways in the Barrio Blanco Author Judith Robbins Rose
ISBN-10 9780763676940
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 352
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When Jacinta Juarez is paired with a rich, famous mentor, she is swept away from the diapers and dishes of her own daily life into a world of new experiences. But crossing la linea into Miss’s world is scary. Half of Jacinta aches for the comfort of Mamá and the familiar safety of the barrio, while the other half longs to embrace a future that offers more than cleaning stuff for white people. When her family is torn apart, Jacinta needs to bring the two halves of herself together to win back everything she's lost. Can she channel the power she’s gained from her mentor and the strength she’s inherited from Mamá to save her shattered home life?

Stories from the Barrio and Other Hoods

Stories from the Barrio and Other  Hoods Author Margarita Velez
ISBN-10 1469734087
Release 2001-06-19
Pages 164
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STORIES FROM THE BARRIO AND OTHER 'HOODS began as a collection of stories for Margarita Velez' children. She moved around the country with her husband and feared the children would miss the family hearth she experienced as a child. She wrote a permanent record of the people, customs and traditions that were integral in her life. Margarita Velez weaves her recollections of Abuelita, Mama, Papa and his exploits in the war and an assortment of relatives and other people who influenced her life. There's the man who sold bananas and painted his philosophy on cardboard signs nailed to the horsedrawn wagon. In charming, poignant stories, Velez tells about growing up in El Paso, Texas where the international flavor of the desert city blends like a good salsa, with enough spice to whet anybody's appetite. Readers will enjoy Margarita's stories because they are told in a way that makes everyone relate to them.


Barrio Author George Ancona
ISBN-10 0152010483
Release 1998
Pages 48
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A young first-generation American celebrates the festive, intimate spirit of his community. Welcome to Jose's neighborhood. In his barrio, people speak an easy mix of Spanish and English and sometimes even Chinese. The masked revelry of Halloween leads into the festive remembrances of the Day of the Dead. And murals on the walls and buildings sing out the stories of the people who live here. As familiar as any neighborhood yet as strange as a foreign country, Jose's barrio isn't in Mexico or Argentina - it's in San Francisco. Award-winning author and photographer George Ancona follows Jose through a season in the barrio, and in the process gives readers a glimpse of a community as rich and varied as America itself.

Birthday in the Barrio

Birthday in the Barrio Author Mayra L. Dole
ISBN-10 0892391944
Release 2004
Pages 31
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When Lazarita's unemployed father cannot afford a party for her "quinces," the birthday celebration that marks a fifteen-year-old girl's entrance into womanhood, her friends in her Miami Cuban-American community enlist the mayor's help to plan a surpriseblock party.

Radicals in the Barrio

Radicals in the Barrio Author Justin Akers Chacon
ISBN-10 1608467759
Release 2017-06-13
Pages 500
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A ground-breaking history of the radical political movements that developed within the Mexican and Chicano working-class in the United States.

Barrio Rising

Barrio Rising Author Alejandro Velasco
ISBN-10 9780520283312
Release 2015-07-24
Pages 344
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"In the mid-1950s, in an effort to modernize Venezuela, the military government razed dozens of slums in the heart of the capital Caracas, replacing them with massive buildings to house the city's working poor. The project remained unfinished when the dictatorship fell on January 23, 1958, and in a matter of days city residents illegally occupied thousands of apartments, squatted on green spaces, and renamed the neighborhood to honor the emerging democracy: the 23 de Enero (January 23). Over the next thirty years, through eviction efforts, guerrilla conflict, state violence, internal strife, and official neglect, inhabitants of the barrio learned to use their strategic location and symbolic tie to the promise of democracy in order to demand a better life. Granting legitimacy to the state through the vote but protesting its failings with violent street actions when necessary, they laid the foundation for an expansive understanding of democracy--both radical and electoral--whose features still resonate today"--Provided by publisher.

Phonetic simplification processes in the English of the barrio

Phonetic simplification processes in the English of the barrio Author Otto Santa Ana A.
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105043326979
Release 1991
Pages 246
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Phonetic simplification processes in the English of the barrio has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Phonetic simplification processes in the English of the barrio also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Phonetic simplification processes in the English of the barrio book for free.