Legacy of the Cat

Legacy of the Cat Author Gloria Stephens
ISBN-10 0811829103
Release 2001-06-01
Pages 192
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Traces the history of the domestic cat, and shows and describes in detail a wide variety of new and traditional breeds, from American Curls to Turkish Angoras, discussing their origins, unique characteristics, behavior and temperament, care, and more. Reprint.

Dewey s Nine Lives

Dewey s Nine Lives Author Vicki Myron
ISBN-10 9781101545362
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 320
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Vicki Myron follows up her #1 New York Times bestseller Dewey with stories of cats who inspire their owners- includes two brand-new Dewey stories! Dewey is back with more heartwarming moments and life lessons to share, all told from the perspective of Dewey's "mom," retired librarian Vicki Myron. From a divorced mother in Alaska who saved a drowning kitten on Christmas Eve to a troubled Vietnam veteran whose heart opened to a rescued cat-to two new stories featuring Dewey himself- these stories demonstrate the power animals have to touch and alter the course of our lives. This edition will also include a new, real-life story from a fan that highlights how a cat has touched his or her life.

Legacy of the Dog

Legacy of the Dog Author Toyoharu Kojima
ISBN-10 0811851133
Release 2005-08-04
Pages 344
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The most engaging and informative photographic encyclopedia of dogs ever published, this revised and updated edition of Legacy of the Dog features over 200 dog breeds in more than 900 magnificent photographs. Authoritative and detailed, the text covers each breed's history, characteristics, care and training. The photographs-including some of rare breeds not found in other dog guides-were created specifically for this book, and most feature prize-winning dogs that are perfect examples of or come closest to the American Kennel Club standards. From the exotic Chinese Crested Dog to the beautiful Weimaraner, Legacy of the Dog is a splendid celebration of the dog.

Legacy of the Dog

Legacy of the Dog Author Tetsu Yamazaki
ISBN-10 0811810690
Release 1995-08-01
Pages 344
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Legacy of the Dog is the finest, most comprehensive photographic guide to dog breeds ever published. The beauty and majesty of over 200 breeds are dramatically presented in more than 900 full-color images by acclaimed photographer Tetsu Yamazaki, whose superb work also appeared in Chronicle Books' best-selling volume, Legacy of the Cat. Page after page features prize-winning dogs of every shape, size, and color, including all 134 breeds currently recognized by the American Kennel Club, as well as a fascinating selection of breeds rarely seen in other dog guides. A glossary and an index round out this invaluable treasury for pet enthusiasts and professional dog breeders alike.


Dewey Author Vicki Myron
ISBN-10 9781848942820
Release 2009-12-15
Pages 300
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How many lives can one abandoned kitten touch? This is the heart-warming and unforgettable story of a truly idiosyncratic cat with a strong sense of loyalty and love, and a taste for fast-food. When he was just a few weeks old, Dewey Readmore Books was shoved through the book returns slot of his local library in a sleepy town. Starving, terrified and bruised after being battered by falling books, Dewey curled up into the arms of the library director Vicky. Vicky was a single mother who had escaped a violent husband and was struggling to bring up her little girl Jodi alone. Vicky fell in love with the little bundle of fur in her arms and campaigned to allow Dewey to stay and become the library cat. She didnt know what she was letting herself in for. Deweys arrival transformed Vicky and Jodis lives, as well as the staff at the library and eventually the fortunes of an entire town. Dewey was an instant hit with the library regulars and had an amazing instinct to cuddle up close to visitors that were going through a tough time. Vicky tells the incredible story of one severely disabled, wheelchair bound girl that Dewey took a shine to and how he would climb inside her jacket as she giggled hysterically and her eyes, usually almost catatonic, burst into life. He supervised childrens reading groups and ensured no child felt left out by snuggling into the laps of any outsiders. He was a ball of mischievous energy and relished in turning the hitherto quiet and predictable routines of the library upside down. Dewey became the towns number one attraction and he began regularly appearing in the national and international media. Fans from all over the world visited the small town to pay homage to the world's most beloved cat.

The Philosophical Legacy of Behaviorism

The Philosophical Legacy of Behaviorism Author Bruce Thyer
ISBN-10 9789401592475
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 261
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This series will include monographs and collections of studies devoted to the investigation and exploration of knowledge, infonnation, and data-processing systems of all kinds, no matter whether human, (other) animal, or machine. Its scope is intended to span the full range of interests from classical problems in the philosophy of mind and philosophical psychology through issues in cognitive psychology and sociobiology (concerning the mental capabilities of other species) to ideas related to artificial intelligence and computer science. While primary emphasis will be placed upon theoretical, conceptual, and epistemological aspects of these problems and domains, empirical, experi mental, and methodological studies will also appear from time to time. In the present volume, Bruce Thyer has brought together an impressive collection of original studies concerning philosophical aspects of behaviorism, which continues to exert considerable influence even in the era of the Cognitive Revolution. From its early origins and basic principles to its analysis of verbal behavior, consciousness, and free-will, determinism, and self-control, this work offers something of value for everyone with a serious interest in understanding scientific method in application to human behavior. Indeed, as the editor remarks, behaviorism is as much a philosophy as it is an approach to the study of behavior. The breadth and depth of this approach receives proper representation in this work devoted to its rich and varied philosophical legacy. J.H.F. v BA. Thyer (ed.). The Philosophical Legacy of Behaviorism, v.

Rozen Chronicles Legacy of the Djinn The Onyx Ring

Rozen Chronicles  Legacy of the Djinn   The Onyx Ring Author Joshua Armstrong
ISBN-10 9781312939417
Release 2015-04-15
Pages 392
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Xellous ""Zell"" Rozen is a paranormal anthropologist. He spends his nights studying the strange and unusual things that go bump in the night. With his new assistant, Calanyx at the ready, Zell finds himself escaping hellhounds, destroying life-stealing thought forms, and working with a temperamental Djinni whose quest is to find others of his tribe. All the while dealing with what has become a love quadrangle. But it's all in a day's work for Zell. Not literally, of course. This was over a course of a few days. Ah'Mahn and his clan of Djinn fled their realm and entered into the world of humans to escape persecution and start a new life. But when slavers captured the clan and bound each one to an item so that they would be forced to serve their masters, the tribe was again in danger, even more so than before. After centuries of imprisonment, Ah'Mahn has vowed to recover his brethren that have been scattered across the globe and break the bonds placed upon them. Or at least, he'll destroy himself trying.

The Legacy of Lehr

The Legacy of Lehr Author Katherine Kurtz
ISBN-10 9781504037594
Release 2016-07-05
Pages 235
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Best known for her beloved Deryni series, Katherine Kurtz rockets into new territory in this breathtaking science fiction murder mystery. The interstellar cruiser Valkyrie has been ordered to take an unexpected detour from its normal route to pick up a strange and valuable cargo. Capt. George Lutobo cannot disobey the commands of his emperor, but the idea of bringing four huge, blue-furred lionlike creatures onboard a luxury vessel makes the captain uneasy. Nor does he trust the big cats’ escorts, husband and wife scientists Mather Seton and Wallis Hamilton. Though these magnificent felines possess remarkable psychic abilities and are worshipped as deities on their home planet—and, for that reason, are essential components of the diplomatic negotiations between worlds—they are nevertheless frighteningly dangerous beasts, powerfully built, with razor-sharp claws and teeth. Soon after the creatures’ arrival, the discovery of a dead passenger, ripped to pieces and clutching a clump of blue fur, seems to justify Captain Lutobo’s fears. The killings continue, each as savage as the last, though Seton and Hamilton insist that the great felines could never have escaped from their cages. But the dark mystery only deepens when one of the imprisoned cats is murdered—the manner of its death impossible to fathom—and one terrible truth becomes frighteningly clear: No one and no thing is safe any longer aboard the Valkyrie. Thrilling, surprising, and marvelously inventive, Katherine Kurtz’s The Legacy of Lehr is an exciting science fiction adventure that displays a daringly different side of the acclaimed fantasist best known for her popular Deryni and Knights Templar fantasy series.

Millions of Cats

Millions of Cats Author Wanda Gag
ISBN-10 9789887739418
Release 1971
Pages 32
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Millions of Cats is a picture book which won the Newbery Honor award in 1929. It is about an old man and an old woman who were very lonely. They decided to get a cat, but when the old man went out searching, he found not one cat, but millions and billions and trillions of cats! How the old couple came to have just one cat to call their own is a classic tale that has been loved for generations.

Legacy of the Skull Master

Legacy of the Skull Master Author S M Rodgers
ISBN-10 9781329443464
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Legacy of the Skull Master has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Legacy of the Skull Master also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Legacy of the Skull Master book for free.

The Legacy of Heroes A Fantasy Role Playing Game Game Master s Guide

The Legacy of Heroes  A Fantasy Role Playing Game  Game Master s Guide Author Vincent Venturella
ISBN-10 9781105300882
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The Legacy of Heroes A Fantasy Role Playing Game Game Master s Guide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Legacy of Heroes A Fantasy Role Playing Game Game Master s Guide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Legacy of Heroes A Fantasy Role Playing Game Game Master s Guide book for free.

The Legacy of Carpocrates

The Legacy of Carpocrates Author Osman Khareef
ISBN-10 9781411652828
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 328
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In the style of Indiana Jones, Dan Brown's 'DaVinci Code' and Eco's 'Name of the Rose', this is a novel of a thrilling hunt for esoteric mysterious artifacts of immeasureable value against a backdrop of the age of Terrorism and European and American politics. Carpocrates was an Alexandrian philosopher who lived in the first century (c.AD130-150). He founded, along with his son Epiphanes, a notoriously licentious Christian Hellenistic sect related to Gnosticism. The Legacy? What is it and where is it? Through the centuries there have been rumours that the Carpocratians had 'something' of fabulous value which has been used as a guarantor of survival in times of intense persecution.

The Legacy of the Florida Pioneer Cow Hunters

The Legacy of the Florida Pioneer  Cow Hunters Author Nancy Dale
ISBN-10 1450287913
Release 2011-04-26
Pages 196
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The Florida pioneer “cow hunters” gave birth to the cattle industry. Florida, discovered by Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon in the 1500s, left behind cattle that roamed the peninsula hundreds of years. In the 1800s, new settlers gathered-up the “scrub cattle” and bred them with their herds. As cracker whips snapped, “cow hunters” rounded-up their herds and drove them by the thousands to coastal markets on the old “cracker trails.” It was a dangerous passage. The legendary “cow hunters” are today’s ranchers. This book is about the past and the future of ranching in Florida as a new generation takes over the reins with some heirs choosing another profession and selling the family ranch. I hope the reader will reflect upon the valuable lessons these ranchers reveal about history and survival.

Professor Trenton and the Legacy of Zeus

Professor Trenton and the Legacy of Zeus Author Terence A. Green
ISBN-10 9781481794558
Release 2013-05-22
Pages 260
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The fate of mankind and the fate of the gods are entwined in this fast moving thriller. Ethan, Beth and Nora were just three lonely teenagers looking to better themselves. When Pandora’s ‘box’ is opened to reveal a terrifying secret, the future of everything hangs in the balance. The three teenagers must develop superhuman abilities to battle the four horsemen of the apocalypse in Professor Trenton and the Legacy of Zeus. Can the dream of paradise on Earth be saved or will the wrangling of the gods destroy the world?

The Legacy of Zellig Harris

The Legacy of Zellig Harris Author Bruce E. Nevin
ISBN-10 9027247366
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 368
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The contributions to this volume relect the influence that Zellig Harris has had in syntax, semantics, mathematical linguistics, discourse analysis, informatics, philosophy, phonology and poetics.

The Legacy of Genghis Khan

The Legacy of Genghis Khan Author Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)
ISBN-10 9781588390714
Release 2002
Pages 322
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Local Persian artistic traditions were themselves transformed by Mongol preferences and by contracts with the arts of Europe and especially China, as wares and craftsmen from China and Iran traveled back forth across the empire." "More than two hundred outstanding objects exemplifying all these branches of the arts are illustrated in color and fully described in this catalogue. Eight distinguished scholars in the field present the historical and political background of the Ilkhanid era and address such subjects as manuscript illustration, religious art, and the transmission of design motifs across Asia. Also included are two technical studies, maps, a genealogical chart, and a complete bibliography."--Jacket.

The Ecumenical Legacy of the Cappadocians

The Ecumenical Legacy of the Cappadocians Author Nicu Dumitra?cu
ISBN-10 9781137502698
Release 2016-04-29
Pages 297
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This book brings the Cappadocian Fathers to life and explores their contributions to subsequent Christian thought. Melding together a thematic and individualized approach, the book examines Cappadocian thought in relation to Greek philosophy and the musings of other Christian thinkers of the time. The volume is unique in that it details the Cappadocian legacy upon the three central divisions of Christianity, rather than focusing on one confession. Providing a multifaceted assessment of the spirituality and beliefs of the fourth-century Church, contributors interweave historical studies into their philosophical and theological discussions. The volume draws together an international team of scholars from a variety of academic backgrounds including philosophy, theology, and Classics. The contributors bring their unique perspectives to bear on their analysis of the Cappadocians’ theological contributions. Special attention is given to the Cappadocians’ influence on pneumatology, Christology, and ethics. The Ecumenical Legacy of the Cappadocians sets the Cappodocians’ theoretical views in relief against the political and historical background of their day, enlivening and vivifying the analysis with engaging biographical sketches.