Letters Home

Letters Home Author Sylvia Plath
ISBN-10 9780571266340
Release 2011-02-03
Pages 512
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Letters Home represents Sylvia Plath's correspondence from her time at Smith College in the early 1950s, through her meeting with, and subsequent marriage to, the poet Ted Hughes, up to her death in February 1963. The letters are addressed mainly to her mother, with whom she had an extremely close and confiding relationship, but there are also some to her brother Warren and her benefactress Mrs Prouty. Plath's energy, enthusiasm and her passionate tackling of life burst onto these pages, providing us with a vivid and intimate portrait of a woman who has come to be regarded as one of the greatest of twentieth-century poets. In addition to her capacity for domestic and writerly happiness, however, these letters also hint at Plath's potential for deep despair, which reached its crisis when she holed up in a London flat for the terrible winter of 1963.

Dear America

Dear America Author Bernard Edelman
ISBN-10 0393323048
Release 2002
Pages 326
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A collection of letters, poems, and petitions from the front, written mostly by infantrymen to their families and friends, evokes the mingled emotions of an intense longing for home, fear, hope, grief, and anger aroused by the Vietnam War. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.

Letters From Home

Letters From Home Author Kristina Mcmorris
ISBN-10 9780758268075
Release 2011-02-22
Pages 384
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Chicago, 1944. Liz Stephens has little interest in attending a USO club dance with her friends Betty and Julia. She doesn't need a flirtation with a lonely serviceman when she's set to marry her childhood sweetheart. Yet something happens the moment Liz glimpses Morgan McClain. They share only a brief exchange--cut short by the soldier's evident interest in Betty--but Liz can't forget him. Thus, when Betty asks her to ghostwrite a letter to Morgan, stationed overseas, Liz reluctantly agrees. Thousands of miles away, Morgan struggles to adjust to the brutality of war. His letters from "Betty" are a comfort, their soul-baring correspondence a revelation to them both. While Liz is torn by her feelings for a man who doesn't know her true identity, Betty and Julia each become immersed in their own romantic entanglements. And as the war draws to a close, all three will face heart-wrenching choices, painful losses, and the bittersweet joy of new beginnings. Beautifully rendered and deeply moving, Letters from Home is a story of hope and connection, of sacrifices made in love and war--and the chance encounters that change us forever. Kristina McMorris is an award-winning author and graduate of Pepperdine University. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons. Letters from Home is her first novel.

A Southern Soldier s Letters Home

A Southern Soldier s Letters Home Author Samuel Augustus Burney
ISBN-10 0865548161
Release 2002
Pages 304
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"Samuel A. Burney, born in April 1840, was the son of Thomas Jefferson Burney and Julia Shields Burney. He graduated from Mercer University (then at Penfield, Georgia) in 1860. He joined the Panola Guards, an infantry component of Thomas R. R. Cobb's Georgia Legion, in July 1861. For the next four years he served in the Army of Northern Virginia both in Virginia and in Tennessee. Burney was wounded at Chancellorsville in May 1863, and as a result of his wound he was placed on disability in March 1864 and served the remainder of the war on commissary duty in southwest Georgia." "These letters of a college graduate written to his wife - Sarah Elizabeth Shepherd - are lyrical and beautifully written. Burney describes battles, camp life, theology, and the day-to-day dreariness of life in the army. This is an astounding collection of letters for anyone interested in the Civil War or the South."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Letters Home

Letters Home Author Mary Ward
ISBN-10 0976017202
Release 2004-10-01
Pages 160
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A memoir of war from a mother's perspective. From the time her son, PFC Sean Ward of the 3rd Infantry Division (mechanized) enlisted in the Army as an infantryman she knew it was how he chose to express his citizenship after 9/11. She shares his letters from basic training through the war. The letters illustrate the evolution of a teenage boy to the maturity of a young man in less than a years time. At the same time she opens the window to her family's heart and soul while life continues for them bringing other issues they must address.

Letters Home

Letters Home Author Sally Hitchcock Pullman
ISBN-10 1418464945
Release 2004-11-03
Pages 268
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This book is the story of just one newly graduated nurse told in her own words in her letters home saved by her parents and friends. All these collected letters, repressed memories, and commentary, spell out the details and background for Letters Home. It is one of the few stories of nurses in the Pacific area. In the century’s greatest war, one nurse, one boxful of letters, photos, drawings and documents – and a broken leg at the age of 78, came together here in a warm, honest, sometimes graphic description about a time in history that is slipping from our collective memory. Battles are forever documented, troops heroism is scribed and caught on news clips and film, but the role of nurses has not until recently been well recorded. Nurses too are part of “The Greatest Generation” facing unknown places, unknown dangers, extreme physical discomfort and physical exhaustion. They served alongside America’s finest troops, cared for them when they were sick and injured. They mourned for those who could not make it home. Finally recognized by the opening of the Women’s Memorial in Washington DC, October 1997, are women who served and are serving in the uniform of the United States. They are being honored and remembered for their service in the many branches of the Armed Forces. This book gives a glimpse into the Southwest Pacific area in WWII through the eyes of one nurse who saw and recorded how it was.

Letters Home from Stanford 125 Years of Correspondence from Stanford University Students

Letters Home from Stanford  125 Years of Correspondence from Stanford University Students Author Alison Carpenter Davis
ISBN-10 9781681060484
Release 2017-03-15
Pages 352
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Letters Home from Stanford 125 Years of Correspondence from Stanford University Students has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letters Home from Stanford 125 Years of Correspondence from Stanford University Students also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letters Home from Stanford 125 Years of Correspondence from Stanford University Students book for free.

Letters Home

Letters Home Author Rose Leiman Goldemberg
ISBN-10 0573630186
Release 1980
Pages 40
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Drama Characters: 2 female Unit set. Since her tragic death, Sylvia Plath continues to fascinate readers of her poetry and sole (autobiographical) novel The Bell Jar. Letters Home explores the enigma of the great poet's life, dramatizing correspondence between Plath and her mother Aurelia. Every line of this engrossing drama comes from these letters, evoking a gripping and powerful portrait of the woman, artist, daughter and mother. Originally produced in Off-Broadway by the Women's Project at The American Place Theatre. "The life of Sylvia Plath has been dramatized sensitively and powerfully. Goldemberg has succeeded in sustaining dramatic tension in her editing and adaptation of the letters."-Hollywood Reporter

Letters Home to Sarah

Letters Home to Sarah Author Guy C. Taylor
ISBN-10 9780299291235
Release 2012-11-07
Pages 328
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Forgotten for more than a century in an old cardboard box, these are the letters of Guy Carlton Taylor, a farmer who served in the Thirty-Sixth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War. From March 23, 1864, to July 14, 1865, Taylor wrote 165 letters home to his wife Sarah and their son Charley. From the initial mustering and training of his regiment at Camp Randall in Wisconsin, through the siege of Petersburg in Virginia, General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox, and the postwar Grand Review of the Armies parade in Washington, D.C., Taylor conveys in vivid detail his own experiences and emotions and shows himself a keen observer of all that is passing around him. While at war, he contracts measles, pneumonia, and malaria, and he writes about the hospitals, treatments, and sanitary conditions that he and his comrades endured during the war. Amidst the descriptions of soldiering, Taylor’s letters to Sarah are threaded with the concerns of a young married couple separated by war but still coping together with childrearing and financial matters. The letters show, too, Taylor’s transformation from a lonely and somewhat disgruntled infantryman to a thoughtful commentator on the greater ideals of the war. This remarkable trove of letters, which had been left in the attic of Taylor’s former home in Cashton, Wisconsin, was discovered by local historian Kevin Alderson at a household auction. Recognizing them for the treasure they are, Alderson bought the letters and, aided by his wife Patsy, painstakingly transcribed the letters and researched Taylor’s story in Wisconsin and at historical sites of the Civil War. The Aldersons’ preface and notes are augmented by an introduction by Civil War historian Kathryn Shively Meier, and the book includes photographs, maps, and illustrations related to Guy Taylor’s life and letters.

Letters Home

Letters Home Author Mark W. Falzini
ISBN-10 9780595312450
Release 2004
Pages 268
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Letters Home is a unique account of daily life for a military family living in Occupied Germany as they experienced the aftermath of World War II and the dawning of the Cold War. Through extensive letters written home to family left behind in America and supplemented by interviews with the family, the reader will discover insights not seen elsewhere. Few books about the postwar period mention American families living in Germany, yet thousands were relocated and there was an extensive system of high schools-including sports teams, dances, and other everyday aspects of American life. The historically significant letters are part travelogue, part eyewitness account to the War Crimes Trials, part brand new material on the plight of the DPs-the refugees unwelcome in Germany and unable to go back to their homelands for fear of what the Russians would do to them. A marvelous piece of Americana with a touch of Innocents Abroad, Letters Home adds a human angle to the turbulent years of 1946-1949-a human aspect to events not available in any other source on the occupation.

An Arabian Princess Between Two Worlds

An Arabian Princess Between Two Worlds Author Emilie Said-Ruete
ISBN-10 9004096159
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 549
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Presents the reader with an intimate picture of life in Zanzibar between 1850-1865, and with an intelligent observer's reactions to life in Germany in the Bismarck period. Emily Ruete's writings describe her attempts to recover her Zanzibar inheritance and her homesickness.

Letters Home

Letters Home Author Charlotte E. Thompson
ISBN-10 9781412046572
Release 2005
Pages 137
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A warm, loving glimpse into the lives and journeys of a divorced mother and her two children. Letters, poetry and drawings.

Dear Miye

Dear Miye Author Mary Kimoto Tomita
ISBN-10 0804729670
Release 1997-02-01
Pages 416
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These letters tell the story of a young American woman of Japanese descent who was stranded in Japan during World War II. They chronicle her turbulent life from her arrival in Japan through her experiences as a civilian employee of U.S. forces in the first years of the American occupation.


LETTERS TO HOME Author Ooi Kok Hin
ISBN-10 9789670954677
Release 2016-11-18
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LETTERS TO HOME has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from LETTERS TO HOME also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full LETTERS TO HOME book for free.

Letters home

Letters home Author Roy Macfie
ISBN-10 WISC:89066173568
Release 1990
Pages 219
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Letters home has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Letters home also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Letters home book for free.

A Doughboys War Letters Home

A Doughboys War  Letters Home Author Thomas Lindholtz
ISBN-10 9781365918308
Release 2017-04-25
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One hundred years ago on April 28, 1917, 25-year old Thomas D. Lindholtz enlisted in the US Army for service in World War I. The War had begun in Europe in 1914, but America did not enter the conflict until 1917. During his 13 months of service he wrote over 60 letters home to his parents and sister. Those letters, which provide a window back in time to life in America, the Army, and a particular family, are set in the context of what was going on in the world and in American society at the time. Then, as now, when a soldier leaves home his family's life doesn't stop. Now, a GI in the Middle East can Facetime with his family at home to deal with issues or express his love. In WWI the soldier had to use a slow, trans-Atlantic mail system by ship. But it turns out that the experience of a soldier 100 years ago informs our understanding of soldiers today.

Letters Home

Letters Home Author Katherine Chance
ISBN-10 9780595148004
Release 2000-11-01
Pages 260
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“We just filed out and walked in through a door that had a big sign over it which read: "Through these doors pass the future of the United States Army." It gave me goosebumps. Once inside, we lined up in a big room. Thirty or so of us were on the bus. We were told to go single file into the "Amnesty Room" and dump everything we shouldn’t have. It was a long list. It’s almost like we were going to prison.”- from “Letters Home”