Live bait and other stories

Live bait and other stories Author Frank Tuohy
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3472570
Release 1978
Pages 181
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Live Bait and Other Stories True and Make believe

Live Bait and Other Stories  True and Make believe Author David Giffels
ISBN-10 OCLC:957776455
Release 1995
Pages 198
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Live Bait and Other Stories True and Make believe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Live Bait and Other Stories True and Make believe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Live Bait and Other Stories True and Make believe book for free.

Sucker Bait

Sucker Bait Author Graham Ingels
ISBN-10 9781606996898
Release 2014-02-15
Pages 217
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Even 60 years after their original release, in an era of explicit horror, EC Comics superstar Graham “Ghastly” Ingels’s grisly pages retain the power to shock. His loving depictions of the endless corruption of flesh and nature made him the go-to guy for stories involving swamps, maniacs, and dismemberment ― and all three combined to best effect in one of the standouts of this collection of his stories: “Horror We? How’s Bayou?” ― considered the single most spectacularly drawn of all of EC’s horror stories, with a climax that would give body-horror king David Cronenberg nightmares. Ingels specialized in depicting the unimaginable. If you ever wondered what the vengeful, decaying corpse of an elephant stomping a woman to death would look like, it’s in here (“Squash...Anyone?”). Or living rats sewn into the bodies of a tyrannical king and queen (“A Grim Fairy Tale”)... or the results of injecting a “poison-pen” letter writer with literal poison and reducing him to, in the words of Al Feldstein’s script, a “foul-smelling, oozing pool of putrescence” (“Notes to You!”). One of the two Ray Bradbury adaptations in the book, “There Was an Old Woman” (about a deceased crone who simply refuses to stay dead) provides the closest thing to a note of sweetness that you’ll find here ― perhaps with the exception of the genuinely romantic “A Little Stranger!” and its loving marriage between a dead vampire and a dead werewolf. Sucker Bait And Other Stories features 25 classic stories from Tales From the Crypt, Shock Suspen-Stories, Vault of Horror, and Ingels and his “Old Witch” character’s special showcase Haunt of Fear ― plus the usual fascinating historical, critical, and biographical material.

Live Bait

Live Bait Author Fabio Genovesi
ISBN-10 9781590516829
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 392
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The story of a small Italian town where fishing, biking, and rock 'n' roll make the news, until tragedy turns everything upside down. Muglione. Nothing grows in this Tuscan backwater except the wild imagination of Fiorenzo, a nineteen-year-old metalhead. He lives for his garage band, horror movies, and fishing in the murky irrigation ditches outside of town. But when his path crosses with Mirko, the teenage cycling phenomenon, and Tiziana, the smart but frustrated head of the local youth center turned refuge for the town's hard-drinking seniors, his world will never be the same. From the brink of despair they fight their way back through honesty, resilience, and laughter, their fates interweaving in a story that is at once achingly funny, bitter, and full of poetic fervor. Told with the tenderness of a Fellini film, this contemporary novel continues the great tradition of Italian literature and cinema.

The Witch and Other Stories

The Witch and Other Stories Author Anton Chekhov
ISBN-10 9781300174448
Release 2017-01-09
Pages 177
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THE WITCH IT was approaching nightfall. The sexton, Savely Gykin, was lying in his huge bed in the hut adjoining the church. He was not asleep, though it was his habit to go to sleep at the same time as the hens. His coarse red hair peeped from under one end of the greasy patchwork quilt, made up of coloured rags, while his big unwashed feet stuck out from the other. He was listening. His hut adjoined the wall that encircled the church and the solitary window in it looked out upon the open country. And out there a regular battle was going on. It was hard to say who was being wiped off the face of the earth, and for the sake of whose destruction nature was being churned up into such a ferment; but, judging from the unceasing malignant roar, someone was getting it very hot. A victorious force was in full chase over the fields, storming in the forest and on the church roof, battering spitefully with its fists upon the windows, raging and tearing, while something vanquished was howling and wailing.... A plaintive lament sobbed at the window, on the roof, or in the stove. It sounded not like a call for help, but like a cry of misery, a consciousness that it was too late, that there was no salvation. The snowdrifts were covered with a thin coating of ice; tears quivered on them and on the trees; a dark slush of mud and melting snow flowed along the roads and paths. In short, it was thawing, but through the dark night the heavens failed to see it, and flung flakes of fresh snow upon the melting earth at a terrific rate. And the wind staggered like a drunkard. It would not let the snow settle on the ground, and whirled it round in the darkness at random. Savely listened to all this din and frowned. The fact was that he knew, or at any rate suspected, what all this racket outside the window was tending to and whose handiwork it was. "I know!" he muttered, shaking his finger menacingly under the bedclothes; "I know all about it." On a stool by the window sat the sexton's wife, Raissa Nilovna. A tin lamp standing on another stool, as though timid and distrustful of its powers, shed a dim and flickering light on her broad shoulders, on the handsome, tempting-looking contours of her person, and on her thick plait, which reached to the floor. She was making sacks out of coarse hempen stuff. Her hands moved nimbly, while her whole body, her eyes, her eyebrows, her full lips, her white neck were as still as though they were asleep, absorbed in the monotonous, mechanical toil. Only from time to time she raised her head to rest her weary neck, glanced for a moment towards the window, beyond which the snowstorm was raging, and bent again over her sacking. No desire, no joy, no grief, nothing was expressed by her handsome face with its turned-up nose and its dimples. So a beautiful fountain expresses nothing when it is not playing. But at last she had finished a sack. She flung it aside, and, stretching luxuriously, rested her motionless, lack-lustre eyes on the window. The panes were swimming with drops like tears, and white with short-lived snowflakes which fell on the window, glanced at Raissa, and melted.... "Come to bed!" growled the sexton. Raissa remained mute. But suddenly her eyelashes flickered and there was a gleam of attention in her eye. Savely, all the time watching her expression from under the quilt, put out his head and asked: "What is it?" "Nothing.... I fancy someone's coming," she answered quietly. The sexton flung the quilt off with his arms and legs, knelt up in bed, and looked blankly at his wife. The timid light of the lamp illuminated his hirsute, pock-marked countenance and glided over his rough matted hair. "Do you hear?" asked his wife. Through the monotonous roar of the storm he caught a scarcely audible thin and jingling monotone like the shrill note of a gnat when it wants to settle on one's cheek and is angry at being prevented. "It's the post," muttered Savely, squatting on his heels.

Chemistry and Other Stories

Chemistry and Other Stories Author Ron Rash
ISBN-10 9781466828063
Release 2007-04-17
Pages 240
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Chemistry and Other Stories, A Picador Paperback Original From the pre-eminent chronicler of this forgotten territory, stories that range over one hundred years in the troubled, violent emergence of the New South. In Ron Rash's stories, spanning the entire twentieth century in Appalachia, rural communities struggle with the arrival of a new era. Three old men stalk the shadow of a giant fish no one else believes is there. A man takes up scuba diving in the town reservoir to fight off a killing depression. A grieving mother leads a surveyor into the woods to name once and for all the county where her son was murdered by thieves. In the Appalachia of Ron Rash's stories, the collision of the old and new south, of antique and modern, resonate with the depth and power of ancient myths.

A Night in the Cemetery And Other Stories of Crime and Suspense

A Night in the Cemetery  And Other Stories of Crime and Suspense Author Anton Chekhov
ISBN-10 9781605986616
Release 2009-09-29
Pages 320
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Anton Chekhov’s only collection of crime and mystery stories. Considered one of the greatest dramatists of all time, Anton Chekhov began his literary career as a crime and mystery writer. Scattered throughout periodicals and literary journals from 1880-1890, these early psychological suspense stories provide a fresh look into Chekhov’s literary heritage and his formative years as a writer. In stories like "A Night in the Cemetery," "Night of Horror," and "Murder," not only will Chekhov’s dark humor and twisted crimes satisfy even the most hardboiled of mystery fans, readers will again appreciate the penetrating, absurdist insight into the human condition that only Chekhov can bring. Whether it is the death of a young amateur playwright at the hands of an editor who hates bad writing, or a drunken civil servant who ends up trapped in a graveyard, these stories overflow with the unforgettable characters and unique sensibility that continue to make Chekhov one of the most fascinating figures in literature.

The bait and other stories

The bait and other stories Author Renzo Rosso
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3767256
Release 1962
Pages 174
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The bait and other stories has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The bait and other stories also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The bait and other stories book for free.

The Bait Store

The Bait Store Author Ron Furst
ISBN-10 1938394194
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 120
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The Bait Store and Other Stories is a collection of humorous short stories based on true events from the time the author opened and ran a bait store at the gateway to Cape Cod during the social changes of the late 1960's. The title story is about the many people he met and worked with along the roadside. He is determined to succeed, while an array of obstacles and challenges lie in his way. The stories present issues of the coming of age process and trials of a young spiritual seeker. Responding to the guidance of his developing intuition and personal destiny, he eventually creates his dream career as a children's overnight summer camp director and owner in Raymond, Maine. He shares his insights and experiences creating and operating Camp Hawthorne for twenty-five summers.

Calamity and Other Stories

Calamity and Other Stories Author Daphne Kalotay
ISBN-10 9780307425140
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 208
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Twelve luminous stories alive with friendship and secrets introduce a remarkable writer. Daphne Kalotay’s characters confront regrets and unrealized hopes in tales tinged with gentle humor. A newly independent woman finds herself in bed with an ex-husband of long ago. A little girl gets a surprising glimpse into adulthood when she catches her mother in a moment of uninhibited pleasure. A thirteen-year-old boy contends with the unwanted attentions of a younger girl. And for two older women, a tie formed in their youth sustains them through varied twists of fate. These are dazzling intertwined tales of love, failure, and the comedy of human relationships. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Live Bait

Live Bait Author P. J. Tracy
ISBN-10 9781101642573
Release 2005-04-05
Pages 400
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Minneapolis detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are bored - ever since they solved the Monkeewrench case, the Twin Cities have been in a murder-free dry spell, as people no longer seem interested in killing one another. But with two brutal homicides taking place in one awful night, the crime drought ends - not with a trickle, but with an eventual torrent. Who would kill Morey Gilbert, a man without an enemy, a man who might as well have been a saint? His tiny, cranky little wife, Lily, is no help, and may even be a suspect; his estranged son, Jack, an infamous ambulance-chasing lawyer, has his own enemies; and his son-in-law, former cop Marty Pullman, is so depressed over his wife's death a year ago that he's ready to kill himself, but not Morey. The number of victims - all elderly - grows, and the city is fearful once again." The detectives' investigation threatens to uncover a series of horrendous secrets, some buried within the heart of the police department itself, blurring the lines between heroes and villains. Grace MacBride's cold-case-solving software may find the missing link - but at a terrible price.

The Tobacco Cutters and Other Stories of Northeastern Kentucky

The Tobacco Cutters and Other Stories of Northeastern Kentucky Author Sam L. Bevard
ISBN-10 9781450220880
Release 2010-03
Pages 256
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Readers who are themselves authors have said of Sam Bevard’s previous books: “Beginning Again is a fine first collection of stories from a passionate countryman, gathered as he roamed the countryside embraced by the family farm in his beloved northeastern Kentucky” —Ron Ellis, author of Cogan’s Woods, editor of Of Woods and Waters. “The greatest compliment I can pay a writer of fiction is that the fiction reads true, real people in a real world, and Sam Bevard is that writer in Through the Back Gate.... —Garry Barker, author of Kentucky Waltz (winner of 2007 Kentucky Literary Award for Fiction), Publisher of Flemingsburg Gazette. In this third collection of stories ranging from humorous to tragic to the supernatural, Sam Bevard presents an assortment of characters old and new including: Colonel Dale in his last and greatest conflict, intrepid WW II veteran Eli Mattson, determined to live on his own terms, and Peck Rackham, who in a dog finds the inspiration to reclaim a lost part of his life.

Knife In the Dark and Other Stories

Knife In the Dark and Other Stories Author Robert Leslie Bellem
ISBN-10 9781257237708
Release 2014-09-08
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Thirteen stories by Robert Leslie Bellem from a variety of magazines such as Gay Parisienne, Snappy, Spicy Detective, and more. This collection includes "Blood for the Vampire Dead", "Shanghai Jester", "The Cock Crows Murder", the title story "Knife in the Dark", "Fatal Allure", "Paulette Poses", "Grappling Trilby", "Badgering Bickford", "Never Say Dice!", "The Fall of Frisco Eddie", "Night Scene", "Too Many Diamonds", and "Live Bait".

Ball Other Funny Stories About Cancer

Ball   Other Funny Stories About Cancer Author Brian Lobel
ISBN-10 9781849433266
Release 2012-06-18
Pages 64
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Unexpected, quirky and provocative, BALL & Other Funny Stories About Cancer is a unique collection of performances about illness and the changing body over time. Documenting a trilogy of Brian Lobel’s monologue performances from 2001-2011, this collection challenges the inspirational stories of survivors and martyrs that have come before, infusing the ‘cancer story’ with an urgency and humour which is sometimes inappropriate, often salacious and always, above all else, honest and open. Published together for the first time, this collection of performances goes beyond the chemotherapy to include reflections on politics, sexuality and gender, providing cancer – and cancer narratives – with a much-deserved kick in the ball(s).

Cyclopedia of World Authors II

Cyclopedia of World Authors II Author Frank Northen Magill
ISBN-10 0893565164
Release 1989
Pages 1640
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Cyclopedia of World Authors II has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cyclopedia of World Authors II also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cyclopedia of World Authors II book for free.

The Broken Bridge

The Broken Bridge Author Suzanne Kamata
ISBN-10 9781880656310
Release 1998-07-01
Pages 360
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Absorbing fiction from Outsiders in a land that does not absorb foreigners easily.

The Maharajah and Other Stories

The Maharajah and Other Stories Author T. H. White
ISBN-10 042505862X
Release 1983-03-01
Pages 224
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White presents a collection of unusual fantasy tales--ranging in time from the fourteenth century to the present--about magic and sorcerers, werewolves, cannibal trolls, mythical creatures, and more