Live Bait Tactics

Live Bait Tactics Author Louis V. Bignami
ISBN-10 0914697552
Release 1993-01-01
Pages 250
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Live Bait Tactics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Live Bait Tactics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Live Bait Tactics book for free.

The Pocket Guide to Seasonal Walleye Tactics

The Pocket Guide to Seasonal Walleye Tactics Author Monte Burch
ISBN-10 9781634508186
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 120
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How to catch these sought-after game fish in any season and any condition. If you want to catch a walleye on a consistent basis, you need to know its behavior—what it eats, where it prefers to hold, where it goes when water temperatures change, and more. In The Pocket Guide to Seasonal Walleye Tactics, Monte Burch gives you all the information you’ll need to catch walleyes in any season. Providing time-tested information, Burch explains walleye behavior, the best spots to fish for them, and the best tackle and gear to use. The book is broken into eight seasonal sections, beginning with early spring and the prespawn period and carrying through to the postspawn and finally the winter. Each section includes illustrations demonstrating the best places to find walleye as well as the best fishing techniques to employ once you’ve found them. This updated and expanded edition now features color photographs. A concise guide with a wealth of information, including handy quick reference charts and a chapter on tools, The Pocket Guide to Seasonal Walleye Tactics is a useful tool for every angler. Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for fishermen. Our books for anglers include titles that focus on fly fishing, bait fishing, fly-casting, spin casting, deep sea fishing, and surf fishing. Our books offer both practical advice on tackle, techniques, knots, and more, as well as lyrical prose on fishing for bass, trout, salmon, crappie, baitfish, catfish, and more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

Flounder Fishing Tactics and Techniques

Flounder Fishing Tactics and Techniques Author Keith Kaufman
ISBN-10 9780978727840
Release 2012-04-27
Pages 245
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Want to know how the pros go after flounder-AKA fluke? This is the book for you. Tackle, tactics, and techniques of the masters are exposed in this one-of-a-kind how-to fishing book. Learn how, when, and where you can boost your catch rate. Examine drift fishing, trolling, jigging, and several secret techniques. Explore how and when to choose one type of bait over another, the most effective lures in each fishing situation, and top flounder hotspots. Author Keith Kaufman, as a professional in the sportfishing industry, is respected; on the water, he is feared—by the fish. And one of his favorite species to chase is the tasty, hard-fighting flounder. In this book, he shares all the insight and hard-won knowledge he's accumulated over the years. You want to be a more successful flounder fisherman? Keith will show you the way.

Crappie Tactics

Crappie Tactics Author Larry Larsen
ISBN-10 0936513403
Release 1993
Pages 160
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This book contains detailed information on how, when and where to catch more crappie year round. Divided into three comprehensive sections, Larsen discusses the basics for fun, places for action, and advanced tactics.

Near Shore Saltwater Fishing Trout Redfish Flounder Tips Tactics and Bait

Near Shore Saltwater Fishing Trout Redfish Flounder Tips  Tactics  and Bait Author Jason Howard
ISBN-10 9781468906950
Release 2012-06-17
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Near Shore Saltwater Fishing Trout Redfish Flounder Tips Tactics and Bait has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Near Shore Saltwater Fishing Trout Redfish Flounder Tips Tactics and Bait also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Near Shore Saltwater Fishing Trout Redfish Flounder Tips Tactics and Bait book for free.

The Art of Fishing With Worms and Other Live Bait

The Art of Fishing With Worms and Other Live Bait Author Harold F. Blaisdell
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924000616221
Release 1977
Pages 241
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A complete guide to the often-underappreciated form of fishing describes old-time tactics and personal experiences as well as modern tackle and techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Skills Tactics and Techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Skills  Tactics  and Techniques Author Jay Cassell
ISBN-10 9781620872918
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 800
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With fishing advice from such experts as Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Wade Bourne, Tom Rosenbauer, Kirk Deeter, Charlie Meyer, Conway Bowman, and Lamar Underwood, The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Skills, Tactics, and Techniques profiles all of the major gamefish in both fresh and salt water and reveals pro secrets on how to catch them. Learn how Roland Martin entices largemouths with striking lures. Study Bill Dance’s twenty tricks for consistently catching bass in thick weed beds or clear, open water. Want to know what Kirk Deeter and Charlie Meyer have learned from their years of fly fishing for trout? How about Lamar Underwood’s tools for success? It’s all here, divided into sections on bass, trout, walleyes, pike-pickerel-muskellunge, panfish, salmon, steelhead, catfish, ice fishing, and salt water fishing for easy reference. You’ll also find sections on knot tying, boats and boating, comfort and safety on the water, and even delicious recipes for cooking your fresh caught fish. This volume also includes a classic reading section featuring stories from such fishing literary legends as Nick Lyons, Ted Leeson, John Taintor who remind us what fishing is really all about.

Pro TacticsTM Catfish

Pro TacticsTM  Catfish Author Keith Sutton
ISBN-10 1599217694
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 168
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In the past 20 years, pursuit of catfish, particularly the larger flathead and blue species, has become a technical endeavor. Keith Sutton, one of the most experienced catfishers in America, shows how to locate, target, attract, and catch big, big catfish—and numerous color photos throughout prove this is within every angler's ability. He distills years of catfishing know-how, his own and that of his sources, into a fun and visually enjoyable instructional volume that offers plenty of ideas on how to improve or customize current tactics, and how to catch some seriously big fish. In addition, he offers instruction for the farm-pond and local-river angler looking to nab some bullheads and channel catfish for the grill.

Pro TacticsTM Ice Fishing

Pro TacticsTM  Ice Fishing Author Jason Durham
ISBN-10 9781461749394
Release 2008-12-16
Pages 136
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There are almost as many ways to fish as there are fish and fishermen. But among the countless, varied methods available to the modern angler, ice fishing is without a doubt the one most remarkably different from all the others. And it's not just that the ice fisherman fishes while standing on the water. The methods of ice fishing are unique to the sport. The angler who has learned his craft on summer bass ponds and cool mountain trout streams has to learn it all over again when he takes to the ice. But there's help. In Pro Tactics: Ice Fishing, expert angler Jason Durham provides a complete course in fishing through the ice. He covers tackle, techniques, lures and baits, finding fish—and staying safe, warm, and dry. The aspiring ice fisherman needs no other source of information.

Pro TacticsTM Walleye

Pro TacticsTM  Walleye Author Mark Martin
ISBN-10 1599217686
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 144
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Walleyes may be the most popular game fish in America after bass, and for good reason. Consistently catching this temperamental game fish can be a major challenge, but when you succeed, the reward is a tasty meal of what’s commonly considered the best-tasting freshwater fish. In this expertly written book, pro angler Mark Martin shares never-before-published advice for catching the big ones, including insider tips and techniques by season. See how to trick out your boat and the importance of breaklines in spring. Discover how to adjust for water depth and use live bait in summer. Find out the importance of location, location, location—and learn how to work weed beds in the fall. And try Martin’s gear choices and favorite bait, jigs, and spoons for fishing in winter. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert angler, you will benefit from this complex course on walleye fishing.

The Crappie Fishing Handbook

The Crappie Fishing Handbook Author Keith Sutton
ISBN-10 9781628732955
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 208
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The Crappie Book is a comprehensive guide to crappie fishing with unique insights from an expert. With a logical format and useful and informative tips, this book provides the reader with all the tools for a successful crappie fishing experience. Master fisherman Keith Sutton provides the reader with an introduction to crappie, as well as tackle tips, how to select a lure, how to choose bait, an overview of tactics, how to catch a trophy crappie, how to clean and cook crappie, and much more! Sutton details every end of the crappie spectrum for readers, including step-by-step instructions for guaranteed bountiful fishing. This revised second edition includes new color photographs and updated materials to increase your success. Sutton’s instructions and descriptions are concise and easy to follow, making this the ultimate guide for any fisherman to keep on the bookshelf or in the boat.

The Masters Book of Snook

The Masters Book of Snook Author Frank Sargeant
ISBN-10 9780936513997
Release 1997-05-01
Pages 160
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The Masters Book of Snook reveals the secrets of top professional skippers for finding and catching giant snook year around, throughout their range. You'll learn the latest tactics, and also discover lots of biological data never before printed in the public press. This is the ultimate snook book for the ultimate snook fishermen. Special Features Lunker Snook—where to find them in every season Tactics that take monsters Live bait tricks of the masters Fly-rodding for snook Forcing the fish to bite Mastering the tides Managing for tomorrow

Saltwater Angler s Guide to the Southeast

Saltwater Angler s Guide to the Southeast Author Bob Newman
ISBN-10 1885106394
Release 1999-09-01
Pages 500
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This is the first book in our new Saltwater Angler's Guide Series. Saltwater is the newest frontier for flyfishers, with new techniques for taking fish being created almost daily. These burgeoning fisheries are an untapped source of exciting sport for flyrodders and light tackle enthusiasts both. This guide covers over 50 species of fish in great detail: habits, habitat, seasonal movement, fishing techniques, distribution maps, and more. From the famous waters of the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the southern border of Georgia, there are detailed descriptions of every bay, river, sound, estuary, flat, and how to fish each. Tides, seasonal movements of fish, boating tactics, innovative techniques for taking fish near the surface, access points, accurate maps and map sources, guides, fly shops, accommodations, and much more are covered here for the first time ever in detail. Saltwater angling is the fastest growing segment of the market, and this guide will lead the way.

Fishing with Live Bait

Fishing with Live Bait Author Dick Sternberg
ISBN-10 0865730539
Release 1996
Pages 160
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-- Helps improve skills as a live bait angler and shows how to choose and rig live bait. -- Photos of live bait in their natural environment.

Peacock Bass Addition

Peacock Bass Addition Author Larry Larsen
ISBN-10 9781461708193
Release 1999-07-01
Pages 192
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Book 3 in the Peacock Bass Series, Peacock Bass Addiction focuses on catching America’s greatest gamefish, the peacock bass. It offers tips on where, when and how to catch this exciting fish, including range/seasonal movements, fly fishing tips, battle tips, and top locations in the world. Comprehensive tackle/equipment recommendations and Larry’s secrets to finding the most productive habitats within the most productive lagoons to catch giant peacock bass are presented.

Bass Guide Tips

Bass Guide Tips Author Larry Larsen
ISBN-10 9780936513829
Release 2001-09-01
Pages 160
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Bass Guide Tips focuses on the most productive methods of the top bass fishing guides in the country. This book is loaded with regionally known techniques that will work in waters all around the country. Often such local knowledge remains regional or lake specific, but Bass Guide Tips explains how one productive tactic on a southern lake might be just as productive on waters in the Midwest or the north. the wealth of information within is a gold mine for bass anglers everywhere, regardless of where they live.

Walleye tactics tips tales

Walleye tactics  tips   tales Author Mark Strand
ISBN-10 0914697285
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 314
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Walleye tactics tips tales has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Walleye tactics tips tales also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Walleye tactics tips tales book for free.