Lost Kingdoms of the Maya

Lost Kingdoms of the Maya Author Gene S. Stuart
ISBN-10 UTEXAS:059173020674271
Release 1993
Pages 248
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This new National Geographic book spans the 4,000-year-old history of the Maya, who developed one of the most remarakable civilizations in pre-Colombian America.The authors detail the painstaking work of reconstructing and deciphering the intricate hieroglyphs left behind by Mayan scribes--records that have led to wondrous discoveries.

The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom

The Conquest of the Last Maya Kingdom Author Grant D. Jones
ISBN-10 0804735220
Release 1998
Pages 568
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On March 13, 1697, Spanish troops from Yucatán attacked and occupied Nojpeten, the capital of the Maya people known as Itzas, the inhabitants of the last unconquered native New World kingdom. This political and ritual center--located on a small island in a lake in the tropical forests of northern Guatemala--was densely covered with temples, royal palaces, and thatched houses, and its capture represented a decisive moment in the final chapter of the Spanish conquest of the Mayas. The capture of Nojpeten climaxed more than two years of preparation by the Spaniards, after efforts by the military forces and Franciscan missionaries to negotiate a peaceful surrender with the Itzas had been rejected by the Itza ruling council and its ruler Ajaw Kan Ek’. The conquest, far from being final, initiated years of continued struggle between Yucatecan and Guatemalan Spaniards and native Maya groups for control over the surrounding forests. Despite protracted resistance from the native inhabitants, thousands of them were forced to move into mission towns, though in 1704 the Mayas staged an abortive and bloody rebellion that threatened to recapture Nojpeten from the Spaniards. The first complete account of the conquest of the Itzas to appear since 1701, this book details the layers of political intrigue and action that characterized every aspect of the conquest and its aftermath. The author critically reexamines the extensive documentation left by the Spaniards, presenting much new information on Maya political and social organization and Spanish military and diplomatic strategy. This is not only one of the most detailed studies of any Spanish conquest in the Americas but also one of the most comprehensive reconstructions of an independent Maya kingdom in the history of Maya studies. In presenting the story of the Itzas, the author also reveals much about neighboring lowland Maya groups with whom the Itzas interacted, often violently.

Mayans Aztecs and Incas

Mayans  Aztecs and Incas Author Linda J. Larsen
ISBN-10 9781557345950
Release 1996-04-01
Pages 80
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This unit, designed for use with intermediate and junior high school students, centers on the Mayan, Aztec and Incan civilizations in Central and South America and contains literature selections, poetry, writing ideas, curriculum connections to other subjects, group projects and more. The literary works included are: The corn grows ripe / by Dorothy Rhoads -- Aztecs: the fall of the Aztec capital / by Richard Platt -- Secret of the Andes / Ann Nolan Clark.


Switch Author Karen Prince
ISBN-10 1491255099
Release 2013-09-23
Pages 318
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The first novel in the Kingdoms of Karibu series, set in a world that quite literally defies belief, where magic seeps into the drinking water for anyone to use or abuse, and the terrain is impossible to navigate without help from extremely risky sources.

Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America

Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America Author Frank Joseph
ISBN-10 9781591431077
Release 2009-12-21
Pages 310
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Frank Joseph reveals that modern civilization in North America was preceded by four advanced cultures that rose and fell over the past three thousand years. How they achieved greatness and why they vanished so completely are explored in this unconventional prehistory.

The Ancient Maya

The Ancient Maya Author Jennifer Fretland VanVoorst
ISBN-10 9780756545642
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 48
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Describes the Ancient Mayan civilization, including their religious views, intellectual achievements, and everyday life.

The Decipherment of Ancient Maya Writing

The Decipherment of Ancient Maya Writing Author Stephen D. Houston
ISBN-10 0806132043
Release 2001
Pages 551
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The Decipherment of Ancient Maya Writing is an important story of intellectual discovery and a tale of code breaking comparable to the interpreting of Egyptian hieroglyphs and the decoding of cuneiform. This book provides a history of the interpretation of Maya hieroglyphs. Introductory essays offer the historical context and describe the personalities and theories of the many authors who contributed to the understanding of these ancient glyphs.

Ancient Maya

Ancient Maya Author Arthur Demarest
ISBN-10 0521533902
Release 2004-12-09
Pages 373
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Ancient Maya comes to life in this new holistic and theoretical study.

The New Archaeology and the Ancient Maya

The New Archaeology and the Ancient Maya Author Jeremy A. Sabloff
ISBN-10 9781466814448
Release 1994-08-15
Pages 193
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Nowadays, archaeological investigators don't just dig up the past They use high-tech equipment, chemical analyses, sampling strategies, and other modern means to gain a better understanding of why and how cultures change. Using the study of the Maya as a test case, Jeremy Sabloff shows how the exciting transformation of archaeology is shedding new light on past civilizations.

Ancient Americas DBA

Ancient Americas DBA Author Social Studies School Service
ISBN-10 9781560041566
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 53
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Ancient Americas DBA has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ancient Americas DBA also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ancient Americas DBA book for free.

Empires of the Maya

Empires of the Maya Author Jill Rubalcaba
ISBN-10 9781438129525
Release 2009
Pages 161
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Long before European boats reached the shores of the Americas, sophisticated civilizations had already developed throughout the continents. The empire of the Maya, located in modern Mexico and Central America, influenced civilization there for centuries. The ancient Maya had fully developed the idea of the calendar, detailed a writing system, pioneered new ideas in agriculture, and built towering palaces and temples that still stand today. Empire of the Ancient Maya gives a brief summary of the history of the empire, placing it within the context of its time period and geographical location, and then explores the evolution of Maya civilization from its origin through the classic period to the Spanish conquest. Delving into daily life, the book includes Maya achievements in mathematics, astronomy, technology, political organization, commerce, architecture, and the arts.

The Ancient Maya

The Ancient Maya Author Robert J. Sharer
ISBN-10 0804748179
Release 2006
Pages 931
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The rich findings of recent exploration and research are incorporated in this completely revised and greatly expanded sixth edition of this standard work on the Maya people. New field discoveries, new technical advances, new successes in the decipherment of Maya writing, and new theoretical perspectives on the Maya past have made this new edition necessary.

The Ancient Maya

The Ancient Maya Author Heather Irene McKillop
ISBN-10 9781576076965
Release 2004
Pages 453
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Thanks to powerful innovations in archaeology and other types of historical research, we now have a picture of everyday life in the Mayan empire that turns the long-accepted conventional wisdom on its head. * Includes numerous illustrations and drawings plus depictions of important artifacts such as the murals of Bonampak and the hieroglyphic stairway of Copan * Provides detailed maps of major Maya cities as well as other research sites

Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens

Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens Author Simon Martin
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106019910212
Release 2008
Pages 240
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Deep in the dense rainforests of Central America lie the turbulent stories of the Maya monarchy, stories brought vividly to life in Chronicles of the Maya Kings and Queens, which is newly available in paperback. Describing many of their own discoveries, two of the worlds leading experts in Maya hieroglyphs take the reader into a once-hidden history, setting out the latest thinking on the nature of Maya divine kingship, statehood and political authority, and describing all the most recent readings and archaeological finds. Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens combines groundbreaking research with a highly readable history, offering the reader a front-row seat in one of the most exciting and fast-developing areas of world archaeology.

Btripp Books 2004 6

Btripp Books   2004 6 Author Brendan Tripp
ISBN-10 1573534064
Release 2016-12-20
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Book reviews written in 2004-6 by Brendan Tripp. Titles covered in this volume are: Zen Physics David J. Darling The Tao of Pooh Benjamin Hoff The Te of Piglet Benjamin Hoff Treason Ann Coulter Slander Ann Coulter Breaking the Maya Code Michael D. Coe The Light at the Edge of the Universe Michael D. Lemonick All The Trouble In The World P.J. O'Rourke God Is Red Vine Deloria, Jr. Neuromancer William Gibson Parliament of Whores P.J. O'Rourke The Edges of Science Richard Morris Cosmic Coincidences John Gribbin & Martin Rees Songs of the Doomed Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Why the Reckless Survive Melvin Konner Fork It Over Alan Richman The Lost Ship of Noah Charles Berlitz The Essential Kabbalah Daniel C. Matt Universes John Leslie Bible Code II Michael Drosnin The Mythology of North America John Bierhorst The Mythology of South America John Bierhorst The Mythology of Mexico and Central America John Bierhorst Weird Illinois Troy Taylor Voices Of The First Day Robert Lawlor You Are the World J. Krishnamurti When The Sun Moves Northward Mabel Collins Creative Visualization Shakti Gawain The Dervishes Of Turkey Lucy M.J. Garnett Voices Of Our Ancestors Dhyani Ywahoo Eduardo El Curandero Douglas Sharon The Dead Sea Scrolls: After Forty Years Hershel Shanks Unfit For Command John E. O'Neill & Jerome R. Corsi Get In The Van Henry Rollins A Preliminary Edition Of The Unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls Ben Zion Wacholder At the Heart of the Web George A. Seielstad Jesus & the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls Barbara Thiering Reading the Mind of God James Trefil Stones, Bones, and Ancient Cities Lawrence H. Robbins The Pagan Book of Days Nigel Pennick Sufi Thought and Action Idries Shah Urban Legends and the Japanese Tale David Schaefer A Global Ethic Hans Kung & Karl-Josef Kuschel The Art of Napping William A. Anthony Mount Analogue Rene Daumal Cultural Encounters Robert Cecil & David Wade, eds. Archaeological Mexico Marcia Castro Leal Lost Kingdoms of the Maya Gene S. Stuart & George E. Stuart Sacred Architecture A.T. Mann The Secret Language of Symbols David Fontana Magick, Shamanism & Taoism Richard Herne Kingdoms of Gold, Kingdoms of Jade Brian M. Fagan The New Archaeology and the Ancient Maya Jeremy A. Sabloff A Book of Angels Sophy Burnham Angel Letters Sophy Burnham The Gospel of Thomas Marvin Meyer Native American History Judith Nies Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Petroglyphs Elizabeth C. Welsh Easy Field Guide to Indian Art & Legends of the Southwest James R. Cunkle Easy Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Southwest Rick Harris Children of Kali Kevin Rushby Meister Eckhart Raymond B. Blakney The Constitution of the United States Harold J. Spaeth Pagan Celtic Ireland Barry Raftery Crazy Clouds Perle Besserman & Manfred Steger (oops - not enough room here - see the full list at EschatonBooks.com)

The First Maya Civilization

The First Maya Civilization Author Francisco Estrada-Belli
ISBN-10 9781136882494
Release 2010-11-08
Pages 192
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When the Maya kings of Tikal dedicated their first carved monuments in the third century A.D., inaugurating the Classic period of Maya history that lasted for six centuries and saw the rise of such famous cities as Palenque, Copan and Yaxchilan, Maya civilization was already nearly a millennium old. Its first cities, such as Nakbe and El Mirador, had some of the largest temples ever raised in Prehispanic America, while others such as Cival showed even earlier evidence of complex rituals. The reality of this Preclassic Maya civilization has been documented by scholars over the past three decades: what had been seen as an age of simple village farming, belatedly responding to the stimulus of more advanced peoples in highland Mesoamerica, is now know to have been the period when the Maya made themselves into one of the New World's most innovative societies. This book discusses the most recent advances in our knowledge of the Preclassic Maya and the emergence of their rainforest civilization, with new data on settlement, political organization, architecture, iconography and epigraphy supporting a contemporary theoretical perspective that challenges prior assumptions.

The Maya End Times A Spiritual Adventure to the Heart of the Maya Prophecies for 2012

The Maya End Times  A Spiritual Adventure to the Heart of the Maya Prophecies for 2012 Author Patricia Mercier
ISBN-10 9781780283357
Release 2011-12-19
Pages 288
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According to the Maya Prophecies, the 5,000-year Fourth Age will come to it end in 2012. In a remarkable adventure which takes her all over Central South America and involves strange ceremonies at sacred pyramids, scaling an active volcano and chases with drug runners, Patricia Mercier attempts to discover whether 2012 will be the end of the world as know it or the dawning of a new golden age. When Patricia Mercier embarked on her personal quest to discover what the Maya people think may happen in 2012 she had no idea what to expect, and was surprised to be given a special mission; an old woman entrusted her with a life-size quartz crystal skull, telling her to carry it to the End of Time . To understand and prepare for her part in the rite, Patricia studied with Maya teachers and shamans; was blessed, tested, raised up and cast down. She was chased by drug-runners, saved by a mysterious guardian, inspired by visions and tested by Maya calendar-keepers. Her search led her to mystic ceremonies at Mayan pyramids; to the top of a lava-spewing volcano; into deep, dark underground passages; to the tombs of ancient kings - and to encounters with otherworldly beings. Patricia s experiences in the magical world of the Mayas, gives us a glimpse of what these ancient people really think and feel about life, how different their concept of time is and explains that the world has a choice between crisis and breakthrough in the build-up to 2012. The Maya End Times is a potent mix of serious investigation, travel adventure and inner experience compelling and unforgettable at the same time. We cannot afford to ignore the prophecies for the End Times, and we must rediscover the ancient wisdom that can help us change our world.