Make Art on Purpose

Make Art   on Purpose Author Cartoon Network Books
ISBN-10 9780515157574
Release 2017-06-13
Pages 32
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Based on a concept by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, this offbeat art activity book will help kids discover their inner artist! What could a couple of Gems from outer space know about making art? Well, it depends on how you define "art"! The characters of Steven Universe might not find beauty in the same ways that ordinary humans do, but that's what makes them so great! This activity book is full of out-of-the-box art ideas to inspire kids' creativity and show them a new way to look at the world.

Why We Make Art and why it is Taught

Why We Make Art and why it is Taught Author Richard Hickman
ISBN-10 9781841503783
Release 2010
Pages 195
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What function or purpose does art satisfy in today's society? Section one gives a general overview of the nature of art and its relationship to education. In section two are psychological issues discussed, including the nature of creativity and its associations with art. Section three gives issues in art and learning. The final section considers the notion of creating aesthetic significance as a fundamental human urge. Review in: Cultural trends.21(2012)2(Jun.175-177).

Using Art to Make Art

Using Art to Make Art Author Wendy M. L. Libby
ISBN-10 0766815056
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 250
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Using artwork from 56 of the world's recognized masters, including Cezanne, DaVinci, Degas, Homer, Kandinsky, Klee, Monet, Pollack, Renoir, Wyeth and more, this book includes a well-known example of each artist's work and information regarding the artist's life. Each masterpiece is the foundation of art projects. Using a variety of mediums, the outlined activities help guide children through the process of creating their own "masterpiece" from what they see in each work. It is for the art lover, the creative thinker, the parent or classroom leader who desires to encourage creativity in children as well as an appreciation for the masters.This is a great resource and will provide hours of interesting activity.

Art History For Dummies

Art History For Dummies Author Jesse Bryant Wilder
ISBN-10 9781118051160
Release 2011-02-14
Pages 432
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Art history is more than just a collection of dates and foreign-sounding names, obscure movements and arcane isms. Every age, for the last 50,000 years has left its unique imprint on the world, and from the first cave paintings to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, from the Byzantine mosaics of the Hagia Sophia, to the graffiti-inspired paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat, art history tells the story of our evolving notions of who and what we are and our place in the universe. Whether you’re an art enthusiast who’d like to know more about the history behind your favorite works and artists, or somebody who couldn’t tell a Titian and a De Kooning—but would like to—Art History For Dummies is for you. It takes you on a tour of thirty millennia of artistic expression, covering the artistic movements, major artists, and indispensable masterworks, and the world events and cultural trends that helped spawn them. With the help of stunning black-and-white photos throughout, and a sixteen-page gallery of color images, it covers: The rise and fall of classical art in Greece and Rome The differences between Renaissance art and Mannerism How the industrial revolution spawned Romanticism How and why Post-Impression branched off from Impressionism Constructivism, Dadaism, Surrealism and other 20th century isms What’s up with today’s eclectic art scene Art History For Dummies is an unbeatable reference for anyone who wants to understand art in its historical context.

Education Beyond Education

Education Beyond Education Author John Baldacchino
ISBN-10 1433103567
Release 2009
Pages 167
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Developing a theme in dialogue with Maxine Greene's philosophy, this book introduces the reader to what animates Greene's passionate work: the self and the imaginary. It illuminates how Greene empowers us all as learners of the possible, by identifying learning with the power of the imagination. Greene's work promises hope beyond the impasse that often occurs when learning is reified by educational systems. "Education Beyond Education" illustrates how Greene redefines the notion of the imaginary - and with it, that of the imagination - as that which expands the possibilities of learning beyond the boundaries by which education is often narrowly defined and practiced. Tracing Greene's key arguments, "Education Beyond Education" offers a strikingly original and empowering way to see and re-position education beyond its customary limits.

Using Stories to Make Art

Using Stories to Make Art Author Wendy M. L. Libby
ISBN-10 1401834671
Release 2004
Pages 147
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Perfect for new and seasoned early childhood educators and caregivers! Art is vital to learning experiences, and this book promotes the integration of art and children’s literature. It helps improve student performance in other subject areas as well. It plays an important role in the curriculum .Often times talking with children about their ideas help to get them started on their own creative thought process. The activities in this book are directed which means that the activity is initiated by an adult, the materials are supplied and the topic is proposed. Each art lesson is combined with a children’s book. The activities in this book guide children to a disciplined and discriminating approach to their art. Being exposed to art vocabulary will make it easier to find expression. The wide range of stimuli, materials and techniques presented will permit overall flexibility in a child’s expressiveness. The primary goal is to focus on the process of creating. This book will aid in simplifying instruction and reducing the amount of preparation needed. Not only will it be extremely helpful to a new teacher, but it will also assist experienced teachers that are looking for novel approached to integrate art with other subjects.

The Fine Art of Crochet

The Fine Art of Crochet Author Gwen Blakley Kinsler
ISBN-10 9781481731867
Release 2013-06
Pages 112
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Gwen Blakley Kinsler looks at the art crochet movement from 1915 onward to the Crochet Revolution of the 1960s by profiling twenty of the most innovative practitioners working today. The works featured in this book represent the diverse styles, unusual shapes, and exquisite textures that characterize today's crocheted art.

Culture Democracy and the Right to Make Art

Culture  Democracy and the Right to Make Art Author Alison Jeffers
ISBN-10 9781474258371
Release 2017-06-15
Pages 280
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Based on the words and experiences of the people involved, this book tells the story of the community arts movement in the UK, and, through a series of essays, assesses its influence on present day participatory arts practices. Part I offers the first comprehensive account of the movement, its history, rationale and modes of working in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; Part II brings the work up to the present, through a scholarly assessment of its influence on contemporary practice that considers the role of technologies and networks, training, funding, commissioning and curating socially engaged art today. The community arts movement was a well-known but little understood and largely undocumented creative revolution that began as part of the counter-cultural scene in the late 1960s. A wide range of art forms were developed, including large processions with floats and giant puppets, shadow puppet shows, murals and public art, events on adventure playgrounds and play schemes, outdoor events and fireshows. By the middle of the 1980s community arts had changed and diversified to the point where its fragmentation meant that it could no longer be seen as a coherent movement. Interviews with the early pioneers provide a unique insight into the arts practices of the time. Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art is not simply a history because the legacy and influence of the community arts movement can be seen in a huge range of diverse locations today. Anyone who has ever encountered a community festival or educational project in a gallery or museum or visited a local arts centre could be said to be part of the on-going story of the community arts.

Awakening the Creative Spirit

Awakening the Creative Spirit Author Betsey Beckman
ISBN-10 0819220930
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 256
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The new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for professional spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and Christian formation specialists.

Take and Make Art

Take and Make Art Author Von Glitschka
ISBN-10 9780133989946
Release 2014-11-17
Pages 240
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Inside this book, you will not only find hundreds of unique, custom-designed pieces of royalty-free vector illustrations from the super talented Von Glitschka, you will also find something potentially even more valuable–the hitherto undiscovered cure for designer’s block. You’ve heard of writer’s block. Well, designer’s block is just as bad. Maybe even worse. And inside this book is the cure. Stuck for inspiration? Don’t know what to do for that newsletter, T-shirt, ad, logo…tattoo? With access to this enormous collection of illustrations ranging from the practical to the wonderfully weird, you’re sure to find a design that will kick-start your imagination and get you making again. Buy the book, download the artwork featured inside, and use the illustrations as-is or make them your own. Just take and make. Monstrous goldfish, flying clocks, three-eyed aliens, gaping garbage cans, doves wielding olive branches, tribal totems, and seriously formidable serpents are all yours for the taking. Commercial illustrator Von Glitschka has created illustrations for some of the biggest names in business including Nike, Target, Disney, Major League Baseball, Xerox, and more. Now, through this fun and funky book you can get access to hundreds of his illustrations for use in your own projects.

John Steuart Curry

John Steuart Curry Author Patricia A. Junker
ISBN-10 1555951392
Release 1998
Pages 252
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Looks at paintings by the Kansas artist

Passion with Purpose

Passion with Purpose Author
ISBN-10 9781257787401
Release 2011
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Passion with Purpose has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Passion with Purpose also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Passion with Purpose book for free.

Art s Way Out

Art s Way Out Author John Baldacchino
ISBN-10 9789460917943
Release 2012-03-26
Pages 204
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In taking the critique of inclusion and entry as a first step, Art’s Way Out’s discussion of art, politics and learning aims to delineate what an exit pedagogy would look like: where culture is neither seen as a benign form of inclusion nor as a hegemonic veil by which we are all subscribed to the system via popularized forms of artistic and cultural immediacy. An exit pedagogy—as prefigured in what could be called art’s way out through the implements of negative recognition qua impasse—would not only avoid the all too facile symmetrical dualism between conservative and progressive, liberal and critical pedagogies, but also seek the continuous referral of such symmetries by setting them aside and look for a way out of the confined edifices of education and culture per se. An exit pedagogy seeks its way out by reasserting representation in the comedic, the jocular, and more effectively in the arts’ power of pausing, as that most effective way by which aesthetics comes to effect in its autonomist and radical essence. In this fluent, limpid, and scholarly work, Baldacchino examines, inter alia, the problem of empathy in relation to art as an event (or series of events), drawing upon a wide and rich range of sources to inform what in effect is his manifesto. With a profound understanding of its philosophical basis, Baldacchino unfolds his argument in an internally consistent and elegantly structured way. This is not a book to be ‘dipped into’, to do so would miss the development of Baldacchino’s philosophical position; like an art work itself, Art’s Way Out has coherent structure, and a complex, interrelation between form and content, reflecting an artist’s concern for getting things right. — Richard Hickman, Cambridge University Although art has a limitless capacity to take on myriad responsibilities, according to Baldacchino we also need to consider a ‘way out’ because only then will we understand how art goes beyond the “boundaries of possibility.” As he explains, “our way into reason also comes from an ability to move outside the limits that reasons sets”. This is the ‘exit pedagogy’ that he advocates. And here exit does not mean to leave, but rather to reach beyond, to extend and explore outside the borders we impose on learning, teaching, schooling and most forms of cultural agency. The need to embrace the capacity of art to cycle beyond the contingencies we impose on it also helps to clarify the limits of inclusive arguments for deploying art education for various individual, institutional, and socio-political ends: art as self expression, art as interdisciplinary method, art as culture industry, art as political culture, art as social justice and so on. This image invokes for me part of the legacy of Maxine Greene that Baldacchino revealed in his earlier text, Education Beyond Education (2009), when he explored her thesis of the social imagination, which is best, achieved when teaching becomes ‘reaching.’ What Art’s Way Out gives us is an exit strategy from the deadening tendency to ignore the enduring capacity of art to give life to learning, teaching and the very culture of our being. — Graeme Sullivan, Penn State University This is the sixth book authored by John Baldacchino, the other most recent books being Education Beyond Education. Self and the Imaginary in Maxine Greene’s Philosophy (2009) and Makings of the Sea: Journey, Doubt, and Nostalgia (2010). Currently Associate Dean at the School of Art & Design, University College Falmouth in England, he was full time member of faculty at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York, Gray’s School of Art in Scotland and Warwick University in England. Front cover image: Monument to Marx / we should have spoken more (2009) by Mike Ting

Mensch macht Natur Humans Make Nature

Mensch macht Natur   Humans Make Nature Author Gabriele Mackert
ISBN-10 9783110493306
Release 2016-08-08
Pages 236
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Das Werk diskutiert an den Themen Landschaft, Kunst, und öffentlicher Raum eine Neudefinition des Verhältnisses von Mensch und Natur gemäß der These des Anthropozän, nach der wir unseren Planeten und sein Ökosystem so irreversibel verändert haben, dass wir selbst zu einem geologischen Faktor geworden sind: Wir müssen nicht um unser Überleben in der Natur bangen, sondern auch um sie selbst, weil ja der Mensch die Natur mache.

The Daily Book of Art

The Daily Book of Art Author Colin Gilbert
ISBN-10 9781600581311
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 376
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In today's fast-paced world, creative people are as eager as ever to pursue their artistic passions, but many of them simply don't have enough time. Catering to this modern dilemma, we've concocted the perfect remedy for over-burdened artists. The Daily Book of Art includes a year's worth of brief daily readings and lessons about the visual arts that entertain as they inform. Ten exciting categories of discussion rotate throughout the course of a year, giving readers a well-rounded experience in the art world. From color psychology and aesthetic philosophy to the proverbial argument over whether elephants really can paint, art-starved readers will encounter a broad range of inspiring subjects. The book also features a ribbon bookmark so readers can keep their place throughout the year. The ten categories of discussion include Art 101, Philosophy of Art, Art Through the Ages, Profiles in Art, A Picture’s Worth 200 Words, Art from the Inside Out, Art Around the World, Artistic Oddities, Unexpected Art Forms, and Step-by-Step Exercises.

All Purpose

All Purpose Author Apostoly P. Kouroumalis
ISBN-10 9781514487044
Release 2016-05-04
Pages 364
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Fragments, word salads, comprise the body of “All Purpose,” a collection of short stories and poems by Toly A. K. that sometimes delve into the paranormal, ethereal, and the eccentricities of everyday life. Some stories are drawn from an iconoclast/cartoonish satire side of the author’s drama self. —painter’s perspective

Ayn Rand Answers The Best of Her Q A

Ayn Rand Answers  The Best of Her Q   A Author Robert Mayhew
ISBN-10 9781101143728
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 256
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After the publication of Atlas Shrugged in 1957, Ayn Rand occasionally lectured in order bring her philosophy of Objectivism to a wider audience and apply it to current cultural and political issues. These taped lectures and the question-and-answer sessions that followed not only added an eloquent new dimension to Ayn Rand's ideas and beliefs, but a fresh and spontaneous insight into Ayn Rand herself. Never before available in print, this publishing event is a collection of those enlightening Q & As. This is Ayn Rand on: ethics, Ernest Hemingway, modern art, Vietnam, Libertarians, Jane Fonda, religious conservatives, Hollywood Communists, atheism, Don Quixote, abortion, gun control, love and marriage, Ronald Reagan, pollution, the Middle East, racism and feminism, crime and punishment, capitalism, prostitution, homosexuality, reason and rationality, literature, drug use, freedom of the press, Richard Nixon, New Left militants, HUAC, chess, comedy, suicide, masculinity, Mark Twain, improper questions, and more.