Make Room for What You Love Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying

Make Room for What You Love  Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying Author Melissa Michaels
ISBN-10 9780736963176
Release 2016-05-01
Pages 224
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You can trust Melissa Michaels, creator of the highly respected and popular blog The Inspired Room and a reformed stuff-keeper. In these pages you will find a friend who empathizes with you and offers insightful ideas for altering your habits while efficiently decluttering and organizing your home so that you can really enjoy living there.

Hayati Sadelestirmek Icin Derle Topla Rahatla

Hayati Sadelestirmek Icin Derle  Topla  Rahatla Author Marie Kondo
ISBN-10 9944829862
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 232
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Hayati Sadelestirmek Icin Derle Topla Rahatla has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hayati Sadelestirmek Icin Derle Topla Rahatla also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hayati Sadelestirmek Icin Derle Topla Rahatla book for free.

Equally Shared Parenting

Equally Shared Parenting Author Marc Vachon
ISBN-10 9781101171295
Release 2010-01-05
Pages 304
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This Is Parenting on Your Own Terms Chances are, you'd rather not forfeit your happy, rested life the moment you become a parent. As a mom, you may want to keep your career, but aren't sure how to balance it with housework and childcare. As a dad, you probably want to witness your child's milestones, but a demanding job may get in the way. And what about time for yourself (never mind your sex life)? Marc and Amy Vachon were determined to beat this scenario when their first child was born. They vowed to sidestep the world's expectations of new parents and create a parenthood model that worked for them. Their strategy was to share everything-the good and the bad. They became peers in each area of parenthood: childcare, housework, and breadwinning. They also made time for themselves, and for each other. They shared the burdens so nobody was overwhelmed, and the joys so neither missed out on the fun. Drawing on Marc and Amy's experiences, as well as those of dozens of ESP couples, Equally Shared Parenting shows you how to create a balanced life that is rarely experienced by today's parents. It's not just about who vacuums and who does the dishes, or who brings in the paycheck and who tends to the kids. You'll learn how to look at every aspect of parenthood, money, careers, and your individual needs, so you can build a life that works for you both.

Be Loved for Who You Really Are

Be Loved for Who You Really Are Author Judith Sherven
ISBN-10 9781466883420
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 288
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Based on their 14 years together as relationship trainers working with over 100,000 singles and couples, Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski have developed a truly new and original way to approach relationships. Be Loved for Who You Really Are describes how differences between partners can be a source of understanding and intimacy, enhancing rather than destroying a relationship. Readers learn to recognize the process of understanding differences, and what is necessary to keep lovemaking and romance alive for a lifetime. Be Loved for Who You Really Are outlines a natural and predictable path that love requires, called the arc of love. Within this arc are four inevitable passages that enable the reader to better understand the challenges and pitfalls they will encounter, and to not confuse conflicts and tough times with disaster or failure. The idea of a "passage" is used because as love evolves between two people it requires that they face into and grow through a number of challenges. Those challenges are necessary for them to mature in the wisdom of their love and intimacy and in the day-to-day relationship they are co-creating. The four passages are: *A Glimpse of What Is Possible, the wonderful time of falling in love when you actually see the perfection of your partner. *The Clash of Differences, when your love is tested through the inevitable conflicts that emerge from your differences. *The Magic of Differences, when those very same differences allow you to be respected and loved for the person you truly are. *And The Grace of Deep Intimacy, when the passionate wonder of the beginning is now yours, through and through, and your love touches everyone you encounter. Unlike most relationship books, which are written primarily for women, Be Loved for Who You Really Are speaks to women and men equally. Judith & Jim underscore the fact that men are just as hungry for this kind of life-changing information. Throughout Be Loved for Who You Really Are, Judith and Jim provide inspiring examples that show how love lives between people, and that differences can actually be the key to the deepest connection being together has to offer.

Moving On

Moving On Author Russell Friedman
ISBN-10 1590771842
Release 2006-10-25
Pages 232
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In this groundbreaking book, authors Russell Friedman and John W. James show readers how to move on from their unsuccessful past relationships and finally find the love of their lives. Demonstrating revolutionary ideas that have worked for thousands of their clients at the Grief Recovery Institute, Friedman and James give readers the strategies they need to effectively mourn the loss of the relationship, while opening themselves up to love in the future. With compassionate guidance, Friedman and James help readers to close a chapter of their romantic past so that they can be ready to begin again.

Getting Thin and Loving Food

Getting Thin and Loving Food Author Kathleen Daelemans
ISBN-10 9780547347363
Release 2004-03-25
Pages 352
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Her inspiring story is familiar to millions of TV viewers. A decade ago, Kathleen Daelemans was unexpectedly drafted to be the head chef of a spa café frequented by movie stars, rock stars, and sports superstars. One problem - a big one: Chef Kathleen weighed 205 pounds and was a size 22. Refusing to sacrifice her love of food to lose weight, she invented a cuisine that earned raves from Esquire, the New York Times, Bon Appétit, and the Los Angeles Times. Kathleen herself lost more than 75 pounds, and her show on the Food Network, the station's first and only diet show, became a smash hit. In Getting Thin and Loving Food!, Kathleen returns, with more than 200 super-simple recipes that put flavor first, plus hundreds of culinary and motivational secrets to help you achieve your healthiest weight while keeping you "Henry-the-Eighth happy and satisfied." From pleasurable power breakfasts like Oatmeal-Orange Raisin Bars, to meals like Cashew Chicken, Skirt Steak Fajitas, Thai Shrimp, and Stir-Fried Ginger Pork, to sumptuous desserts like Dark Chocolate Soufflé Cake and Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse, Kathleen's food combines down-to-earth practicality with vibrant flavors. Crammed with candid advice, task-oriented tips, and success stories from Kathleen’s many fans, Getting Thin and Loving Food! gives you everything you need to jumpstart your new lifestyle and keep you motivated - and laughing - along the way.

Change Your Home Change Your Life

Change Your Home  Change Your Life Author Moll Anderson
ISBN-10 1591862612
Release 2006
Pages 224
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Presents tips and suggestions on decorating one's home to fully express one's needs and personality, with projects and workbook-style explorations.

The Battle Of The Conquerors

The Battle Of The Conquerors Author Dipo Toby Alakija
ISBN-10 9789784987479
Release 2015-12-30
Pages 126
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Wickedness takes over the land of Bondage from First Couple and subjects everybody into slavery without giving anybody the chance to be free. Love brings The Redeemer from Eternity and offers the slaves the chance to escape. Wickedness soon declares war and engages everyone in the battle. The Redeemer makes the redeemed people Conquerors by giving them the armour of war and Comforter but Wickedness cannot be undone. He has several thousands of years of experience in the war. So he is quick to recognize the weakness of the redeemed people who are ignorant of their strengths and advantages. Although the Conquerors fight like immutable giants, rescuing victims of war, many people suffer heavy casualties. Since King Wickedness knows that a redeemed person is strong enough to chase one thousand of his warriors at a time, and two would put ten thousand into flight, he enlists as one of his warriors the people's deadliest enemy called Disunity. Wickedness is able to strike the people by making them to fight with one another, turning what is supposed to be their best moments in the battle into tales of woes.

The truth of Christianity demonstrated with a dissertation concerning private judgment and authority To which is prefixed a vindication of the short method with the deists

The truth of Christianity demonstrated  with a dissertation concerning private judgment and authority   To which is prefixed a vindication of  the short method with the deists Author Charles Leslie
ISBN-10 BML:37001101619240
Release 1711
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The truth of Christianity demonstrated with a dissertation concerning private judgment and authority To which is prefixed a vindication of the short method with the deists has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The truth of Christianity demonstrated with a dissertation concerning private judgment and authority To which is prefixed a vindication of the short method with the deists also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The truth of Christianity demonstrated with a dissertation concerning private judgment and authority To which is prefixed a vindication of the short method with the deists book for free.

Big Easy Style

Big  Easy Style Author Bryan Batt
ISBN-10 9780307591906
Release 2011
Pages 208
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A New Orleans designer explains how to transform a room into a bold and elegant living space, in a book with more than 250 full-color photos.


SACRED SUNDAYS Author Dionne Q. Blackwell Aka Empress Kali
ISBN-10 9781465378811
Release 2011-11-16
Pages 81
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Sacred Sundays is a self-help guide book to help the thousands of women who are care takers and nurturers of others before they take care of and nurture themselves. As women, we often times give the entire essences of who we are to others, not honoring our own self-worth nor understanding how to balance the life we have created or been given. Sacred Sundays was written to help the powerful and powerless super women living on the edge of burnout and breakdown fi nd ways to press pause and take time out of their busy schedules to restore and rejuvenate their mind and bodies, as well as how to fi nd spiritual transformation through personal and sacred intimacy. Isn’t it time for you to care for yourself the same way you care for others?

Secrets in Love

Secrets in Love Author Latonya D. Young
ISBN-10 9781312426627
Release 2014-08-10
Pages 238
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When Chloe Kaufman meets Lyndon she has no time for love. Her father's illness drives her to strive for success in an attempt to make life easier for her mother. That drive leaves very little space for falling in love. But when love is staring her in the face refusing to walk away she is tempted to jump in head first, caution to the wind. She soon finds that love is exactly what she was expecting it to be. Time consuming, draining and downright hard. Love isn't supposed to hurt. But for Chloe and Lyndon it seems to be one thing after another. The secrets that he hides from her threaten to tear apart their relationship. When ex-wives and babies jump from Lyndon's closet, Chloe is faced with decisions that could place her family in a difficult financial situation. When Chloe receives news from her doctor about her test status it makes loving Lyndon even harder. Dealing with a life threatening illness turns Chloe's life upside down, making her want to give up not only on Lyndon but life as well.

Make Room for Mommy

Make Room for Mommy Author Suzanne McMinn
ISBN-10 9781459280243
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 192
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MAGGIE WELLS WAS A "GREAT GAL." So how come she couldn't get a date? She was getting really tired of spending her weekends in front of the television. So she decided to volunteer at the community center. That's when she met little Brandy. BRANDY CONNER WAS A GREAT KID. She loved her new grown-up friend, Maggie. And Brandy thought Maggie would make an even neater friend for her dad, Ryan. RYAN CONNER WAS A GREAT…HUNK. Life as a single dad was no bed of roses, but he wasn't interested in finding a new wife—no way, no how. Not even one as beguiling as Maggie Wells…. Could they convince him to make room for Maggie?

Cevrimici Kiz

Cevrimici Kiz Author Zoe Sugg
ISBN-10 6053435805
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 360
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Cevrimici Kiz has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cevrimici Kiz also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cevrimici Kiz book for free.

The Cowboy Next Door Jenna s Cowboy Hero

The Cowboy Next Door   Jenna s Cowboy Hero Author Brenda Minton
ISBN-10 9781460383438
Release 2015-02-16
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Two beloved novels of family, love and cowboys by bestselling author Brenda Minton The Cowboy Next Door Jay Blackhorse is determined not to be won over by city girl Lacey Gould and her niece. Still, they clearly need his help. Lacey's clueless about caring for the infant her sister abandoned. Jay has a talent for stopping the baby's tears. But when a dark secret from Lacey's past blows into town, will Jay's help be enough? Jenna's Cowboy Hero Former football player Adam Mackenzie hopes to fix up a camp for underprivileged kids. But the city slicker doesn't know horse tack from a touchdown. The pretty rancher next door seems to be the answer to his prayers. Army vet Jenna wants only to raise her twin boys and run her ranch—not fall in love. But can the gorgeous and kind Adam make her open her heart to love?

Radiant Body Restful Mind

Radiant Body  Restful Mind Author Shubhra Krishan
ISBN-10 1608680010
Release 2011-02-08
Pages 240
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Shubhra Krishan firmly believes that a pampered body is a healthy body. In Radiant Body, Restful Mind, she divides the elements of a woman’s life into such subjects as home, cooking, bath, relaxation, bedroom, beauty, relationships, and retreats, offering special indulgences for each. Designed to enliven and enrich one’s life, the book includes tips on clearing clutter, expressing creativity, preparing facials and scrubs, enjoying the natural world, nurturing relationships with friends and spouses, and creating personal, sacred space in one’s home and life.

Making Room for George

Making Room for George Author D. Ellis Phelps
ISBN-10 9781452577784
Release 2013-08
Pages 272
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...This beautifully inviting, intriguing, and very accessible story... gently shows us the way toward a more deeply honest and ultimately more satisfying life. The characters and dialogue... are artfully complex and refreshingly human.... [The story] moves us toward finding our own voices and power to love. -- Janet Davis author of My Own Worst Enemy (Bethany House, 2012) Bet has had it. Twenty-five years of marriage to her husband, Steve; raising three kids; and denying her own needs have left her with the extreme conviction that it is finally her turn to fly. Enter George, Steve's incorrigible father who's in trouble. Something has to be done, so George moves in with Bet and Steve. In between infidelity, resentment, and making room for George, Bet realizes what she's really been denying--and this changes everything. "We all benefit whenever another woman can poetically put into words the wordless places of a woman finding her voice and creating space amidst any type of limitation ... I believe women can breathe a collective sigh into the space [this book] has created for us." --Tina Karagulian, author of the memoir It Is Time and the poetry collection New Skin