Mayday Mayday

Mayday  Mayday Author Jeff Wadley
ISBN-10 1572331542
Release 2002
Pages 212
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Mayday! Mayday! Aircraft Crashes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, 1920-2000 Jeff Wadley and Dwight McCarter Since the dawn of aviation, more than fifty aircraft have crashed in the Great Smoky Mountains. This book details all of those known incidents from 1920 to 2000, including those that occurred within the area before the establishment of the National Park in 1934. Jeff Wadley and Dwight McCarter, who have been involved in search-and-rescue missions in the Smokies for decades, have researched official documents and newspaper archives and conducted extensive interviews with survivors, family members, and eyewitnesses to record not only tragedies but also triumphs of survival. The authors tell how the earliest known plane crashes in the Smokies were of the single-engine Curtis "Jenny" biplanes flown by young air aces during the World War I era. In the years since, the Smokies have claimed private planes, military jets, helicopters, and even a hot air balloon. These disasters arose from numerous causes--from fuel depletion and icing to "dare-deviling" or simply flying too low. Wadley and McCarter attest to the difficult duties of search-and-rescue teams in the most remote areas of the park. Of 127 persons involved in crashes, only 56 survived. Readers will be touched by these accounts--such as that of two small children who survived a December 1977 crash that killed their father and older sister. Mayday! Mayday! offers both cautionary tales for pilots who fly above these ridges and seasoned advice to those who search for victims. The Smokies have been called by some another Bermuda Triangle; this book explains why and reminds us that no skies are entirely friendly. The Authors: Jeff Wadley is a lieutenant colonel in the Tennessee Civil Air Patrol who serves as a mission coordinator and trainer in the Smokies. Dwight McCarter served as a backcountry ranger in the park for over twenty years and is the author of Lost! A Ranger's Journal of Search and Rescue in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Mayday Asking for Help in Times of Need Large Print 16pt

Mayday   Asking for Help in Times of Need  Large Print 16pt Author M. Nora Klaver
ISBN-10 9781442955318
Release 2008-12
Pages 304
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Do you know the etymology of the word mayday? It comes from the French m'aidez (pronounced much like the English word mayday). It literally translates to ''help me.'' Whenever we use the word or send out a mayday signal, that's literally what we mean: help me. Mayday is the international call signal for distress used by ships and aircraft that are in the midst of the most severe circumstances. Because of this, the word mayday sometimes denotes hopelessness or desperation. People tend to cry mayday when they've reached their own personal threshold of despair. Why wait until we hit that point of desperation? Why not see the word mayday as an everyday request for help? Why not cry mayday for the small things like help with the laundry or with a report that is due? It is possible. We can view the intimidating act of asking for help as a gesture of hope and optimism and not one of despair and misery. There are a number of valid reasons why we don't ask for the help we need. It's important to know what stops us from doing what we know in our hearts is the right thing to do. So, that's where we'll begin: with why we don't ask for the help we deserve. Within Part One of the book, we'll explore why we don't ask, why we should, and the anchoring principles that make the Mayday! process work. Try This sections throughout the book are practical activities that will breathe life into the concepts and principles of the Mayday! process. You might want to set up a word-processing file where you can write your thoughts and comments on the Try This activities. In Part Two of the book, you will discover the seven-step process that will change the way you see and, equally important, perform the act of asking for help. Designed to strengthen and clarify your requests, the Mayday! process will lead you to more profound friendships, greater intimacy, and a life of simplicity, ease, and flow.


Mayday Author Clive Cussler
ISBN-10 9780748114344
Release 2009-09-17
Pages 320
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Major Dirk Pitt picked up the frantic distress call as he cruised his lumbering amphibious plane over the islands of the Aegean. Brady Air Force base was under fire, its entire force of jets destroyed on the ground . . . by just one First World War bi-plane! A psychotic ex-Nazi, a bloodthirsty Greek strongman and a beautiful double agent set Pitt on the trail of the warped mastermind behind a devastating sabotage plot. And on that trail, danger and death are never far behind . . .


Mayday Author Allan Lohaus
ISBN-10 0975592297
Release 2006-02-01
Pages 113
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[i]Mayday![/i] is a medical-odyssey journal of the thoughts, feelings, humor and spirituality of an American physician during months of hospitalization. Rising on swells of optimism and tugged down by pain, infections, operations and adverse outcomes, he drifts through waters too deep to stand in and too dark for him to see hidden dangers. The illness ends in New Zealand, two years later. This body, mind, and spirit experience of dying and returning to health is a personal and universal journey.


Mayday Author Nelson DeMille
ISBN-10 9780748109456
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 496
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Twelve miles above the Pacific Ocean, a missile strikes the Trans Flight 52, a supersonic passenger jet bound for Japan. The flight crew is crippled or dead. Now, defying both nature and man, three survivors must achieve the impossible. Land the plane. From master story-teller Nelson DeMille and master pilot Thomas Block comes MAYDAY - the classic American bestseller that packs a supersonic shock with every turn of the page, the most terrifyingly realistic air disaster thriller you will ever read.


Mayday Author Grant Parker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015071290400
Release 1980
Pages 251
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Mayday has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mayday also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mayday book for free.


Release 1867
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MAY DAY AND OTHER PIECES has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from MAY DAY AND OTHER PIECES also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full MAY DAY AND OTHER PIECES book for free.


Mayday Author Joachim Schult
ISBN-10 1574090399
Release 1997-01
Pages 186
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Mayday! is a collection of dramatic and instructive true stories culled from around the world.


Mayday Author Karen Harrington
ISBN-10 9780316298001
Release 2016-05-24
Pages 352
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A powerful coming-of-age story about the importance of finding your voice Wayne Kovok lives in a world of After. After his uncle in the army was killed overseas. After Wayne and his mother survived a plane crash while coming back from the funeral. After he lost his voice. Wayne has always used his love of facts to communicate ("Did you know more people die each year from shaking a vending machine than from shark attacks?"). Without his voice, how will he wow the prettiest girl in school? How will he stand up to his drill-sergeant grandfather? And how will he share his hopes with his deadbeat dad? It's not until Wayne loses his voice completely that he realizes how much he doesn't say. Filled with Karen Harrington's signature heart and humor, Mayday tackles an unforgettable journey of family and friendship.

Mayday Mayday The History of Sea Rescue Around Britain s Coastal Waters

Mayday  Mayday   The History of Sea Rescue Around Britain   s Coastal Waters Author Karen Farrington
ISBN-10 9780007443390
Release 2011-11-24
Pages 256
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Lifeboats occupy a particular place in people’s hearts as unpaid volunteers regularly take to their boats often in extremely adverse conditions to rescue others from the sea.


Mayday Author Chris Strange
ISBN-10 9780473285395
Release 2014-05-15
Pages 335
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WE WON THE WAR, BUT CAN WE SURVIVE THE NIGHT? Nineteen years ago, the Maydays attacked. Five colossal monsters rose from the earth and laid waste to cities around the globe, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction. Now those monsters are our slaves, fighting each other for our amusement in brutal matches broadcast across the world, courtesy of the Volkov Media Corporation. A MONSTER LIES DEAD. Maydays have proven themselves indestructible. So when a Mayday is found dead with no cause and no witnesses, Volkov's staff detective Jay Escobar is tasked with uncovering the truth before it can cripple the company. THE MAYDAYS WILL RISE AGAIN. This is the case that will make Escobar's career. But the investigation soon spirals wildly out of control. As he races to solve the case before it's too late, Escobar discovers that the Mayday's death is only the first step in a plot that will see humanity plunged back into an unwinnable war. And he'll be at ground zero when it begins. MAYDAY is a genre-bending mash-up of hardboiled crime fiction and Japanese kaiju (giant monster) cinema. Sam Spade meets Godzilla in a gripping mystery of monstrous proportions.

Mayday I m Fallen

Mayday  I m Fallen Author Ross Chadwick
ISBN-10 9781602478411
Release 2008-01
Pages 312
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Because of the Fall and Original Sin, Christians inevitably face all kinds of spiritual trouble, similar to the life-threatening tragedies that firefighters daily battle. Author and Fire Chief Ross Chadwick names Christianity as extremely hazardous and dangerous, where Christians daily face risky situations that threaten their very spiritual survival and thus begs the question, 'When we get into trouble, how will we survive the raging fires?' Mayday, I'm Fallen offers ten practical tips for spiritual survival modeled after common firefighting safety tactics. Not only do these tips aid the Christian in survival, but they also offer vital information on being a true disciple of Christ. Stop scraping by on your own. When life gets tough yell out, 'Mayday, I'm Fallen, ' to your loving Savior, waiting to bring you back to safe standing.


Mayday Author Jonathan Friesen
ISBN-10 9780698152571
Release 2014-04-10
Pages 320
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Why’d I do it? I suppose it’s the only question that really matters. Seventeen-year-old Crow will stop at nothing to protect her younger sister—even if it costs her her own life. But then she’s given a chance to come back and make things right. There are a few catches, though. First, she won’t come back as herself. And before she can set things straight, she’ll have to figure out what’s what—and things aren’t exactly as clear-cut as she remembered. Powerful and hard-hitting, this is a compelling story about what it means to live your life—for your own sake—from an award-winning author.


Mayday Author
ISBN-10 9782748310795
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Mayday has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mayday also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mayday book for free.

Mayday Mayday

Mayday  Mayday Author John Jackman
ISBN-10 0748728422
Release 1996
Pages 32
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Mayday Author David Darling
ISBN-10 9781780745657
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 216
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The wonder of flight has long captured the human imagination. In this beguiling history — ranging from the first aircraft to astronauts and beyond — David Darling tells the stories of the true-life adventurers whose wonder has translated into bizarre contraptions, magnificent achievements, and, sometimes, startling folly. Readers will discover outrageous attempts to fly like a bird and fall from the edge of space, as well as meet Napoleonic ballooniste Sophie Blanchard and her daredevil husband, the real “X-Men” who flew the supersonic experimental “X-planes” for the U.S. Air Force, stuntman Lincoln Beachey looping-the-loop in a pinstripe suit, and, of course, The Rocket Man himself: Yves Rossy, who in 2006 was the first person to cross the English Channel using a jet-pack. Eccentric and reckless, Darling’s daring cast of dreamers is guaranteed to entertain and inspire.

The Mayday

The Mayday Author Bill Eidson
ISBN-10 9781497605220
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 336
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Bill Eidson scored a hit with THE REPO, the first installment of an acclaimed series featuring ex-DEA Agent Jack Merchant and boat repossession contractor Sarah Ballard. In THE MAYDAY, Eidson continues their intimate, fractious partnership as they search for a man's children, missing on the high seas. No one believes Matt Coulter's story of his foundered sailboat, a life raft adrift at night, and a rescue turned kidnapping-least of all, the police. Jack and Sarah don't either, at first. But they reluctantly take the case, and the further they follow its twists and turns, the more convinced they become that the missing children are still alive. At least for now. "Eidson is a fine adventure writer, with the ability to shift among scenes, sketch in minor characters and create a pair of heroes whose vulnerabilities entice and intrigue us." —Washington Post "Gradually the skeptical Merchant and Ballard come to believe in the existence of a particularly nasty, modern-day pirate. Under Eidson's cool and expert guidance, so will you." —Chicago Tribune