Mean Chicks Cliques and Dirty Tricks

Mean Chicks  Cliques  and Dirty Tricks Author Erika V Shearin Karres
ISBN-10 9781440507205
Release 2010-06-18
Pages 224
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"Cyber-bullying can be worse than being picked on in school. Like when a girl tries real hard to make me feel bad about myself. Doesn't she know how much that hurts?" —Tanya, 13 "I don't know any girls that don't hurt other girls in some ways. Why? Because life is tough for girls." —Angela, 14 "Some girls try to intimidate and threaten you on Facebook. It's their way to get attention. I just don't want to play their game." —Jennifer, 15 Cliques. Snobs. Facebook stalkers. Twitter twits. Gossip. MySpace brats. Name-calling and showing off. Let's face it—the girl world is tough! Mean Chicks, Cliques, and Dirty Tricks, 2nd Edition is your ultimate survival guide to backstabbers and bullies both in school and online. Girl guru Dr. Erika talked to more than 1,000 teen girls just like you to help you understand what makes mean chicks tick. She features smart strategies and powerful tools, such as: FYI: The real lowdown on the different types of mean chick behavior—what causes it and what you can do Awesome quizzes: Designed to help you figure out where you stand with the mean chicks and how you can make real changes Fab fixes: Hey, even a cool chick like you can feel down every now and then—these are quick pick-me-ups for any bad day Cool quotes: Wit and wisdom from women who fought their battles years ago—and came out on top Real Answers: Restore kindness and courtesy at your school and online Loaded with helpful advice and true stories from girls who fought back against teasing and cyberbulling, Mean Chicks is the only book you need to feel strong, confident, and triumphant.

How to Survive Your Teenager

How to Survive Your Teenager Author Beth Reingold Gluck
ISBN-10 1933512172
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 256
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How to Survive Your Teenager offers words of wisdom and entertaining stories on teenagers from the real 'pros' — everyday parents across the country who have raised a teenager and survived to tell their story. A fun and quick read for harried parents on the go, the book is jam-packed with hundreds of quick tips and great advice on a variety of subjects, including home life, school, friends and peer pressure, media and entertainment, sex, and drinking and drugs.

Violence Proof Your Kids Now

Violence Proof Your Kids Now Author Erika V. Shearin Karres
ISBN-10 1609254856
Release 2000-09-25
Pages 192
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According to Erika Karres, all it would have taken to prevent the Columbine massacre was one person - one parent, coach, or neighbor who recognized the signs. In this book, Karres distills 30 years' experience working with students as an antiviolence expert into a sensible guide for adults dealing with the current youth crisis. She explains the indicators of potential violence - including weak human connections, emotional difficulties, weapons access, and school alienation - and recommends ways adults can help troubled kids.

The Conscious Parent s Guide to Raising Girls

The Conscious Parent s Guide to Raising Girls Author Erika V Shearin Karres
ISBN-10 9781440599910
Release 2017-01-27
Pages 240
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"Contains material adapted from The Everything Parent's Guide Raising Girls, 2nd Edition by Erika V. Shearin Karres"--Title page verso.

The Bully in the Book and in the Classroom

The Bully in the Book and in the Classroom Author Christie Jo Bott
ISBN-10 0810850486
Release 2004-01
Pages 185
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Offers suggestions to stop bullies in the classroom and outlines a program which uses literature as a starting point for discussion of bullying.

The Courage to Be Yourself

The Courage to Be Yourself Author Al Desetta
ISBN-10 1575428547
Release 2005-09-15
Pages 160
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Cassandra is hassled by her friends for sitting with the “wrong” kids at lunch. Jennifer gets harassed because she’s overweight. Dwan’s own family taunts her for not being “black enough.” Yen is teased for being Chinese; Jamel for not smoking marijuana. Yet all find the strength to face their conflicts and the courage to be themselves. In 26 first-person stories, real teens write about their lives with searing honesty. They will inspire young readers to reflect on their own lives, work through their problems, and learn who they really are.

Dealing with Bullies Cliques and Social Stress

Dealing with Bullies  Cliques  and Social Stress Author Jennifer Landau
ISBN-10 9781448883257
Release 2012-12-15
Pages 64
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Readers learn how to recognize and deal with various types of bullying, which reaches its peak in the middle school years. They get the rundown on cliques, and learn tips for taking care of their mind, body, and spirit when they encounter social pressure. A chapter is devoted to mean girls-who they are, how they got that way, how to handle them, and how to work toward a better way of communicating going forward. Cyberbullying is widespread today and very damaging-this volume also provides strategies on how teens can protect themselves and guard against hurting others. By using the tips and techniques in this handbook, students will thrive during these years.

Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum

Girls Growing Up on the Autism Spectrum Author Shana Nichols
ISBN-10 1846428858
Release 2009-01-15
Pages 352
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'This book is not only reassuring; it is inspiring, and bursting with ideas and achievable strategies. The authors write with authority and conviction, and tackle even the most difficult and delicate of topics. If ever you needed to be convinced that girls with ASD can overcome the difficulties and challenges of puberty and adolescence, have successful friendships and relationships and enjoy a healthy sexuality, then take the time to read this book - it is a must-have for families, teachers and therapists alike.' -Sarah Attwood, author of Making Sense of Sex: A Forthright Guide to Puberty, Sex and Relationships for People with Asperger's Syndrome Growing up isn't easy, and the trials and tribulations of being a teenager can be particularly confusing for girls with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). This book covers all the concerns commonly faced by girls with ASDs and their parents, from periods and puberty to worries over friendships and 'fitting in'. Taking a good look at these adolescent issues, and many more, within the context of specific areas of difficulty for girls with ASDs, the authors provide families with the knowledge and advice they need to help their daughters - and the whole family - through the teenage years. This book addresses core issues such as cognition, communication, behavior, sensory sensitivities, and social difficulties; it gives candid and realistic advice on a wide range of important teenage topics. Providing professional perspectives alongside personal experiences from mothers, daughters and educators, this is a unique and indispensible guide for families and their daughters with ASDs, as well as the teachers and professionals who work with them.

The Drama Years

The Drama Years Author Haley Kilpatrick
ISBN-10 9781451627916
Release 2012-04-03
Pages 276
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The founder of the Girl Talk mentoring program shares the stories of middle-school girls who have struggled with issues ranging from social cliques and body image to parent conflicts and sexuality, offering advice on managing preadolescent stress while maintaining a positive academic record. Original. 100,000 first printing.

Reading Women s Worlds from Christine de Pizan to Doris Lessing

Reading Women s Worlds from Christine de Pizan to Doris Lessing Author S. Jansen
ISBN-10 9780230118812
Release 2011-04-25
Pages 243
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In this work, Jansen explores a recurring theme in writing by women: the dream of finding or creating a private and secluded retreat from the world of men. These imagined "women's worlds" may be very small, a single room, for example, but many women writers are much more ambitious, fantasizing about cities, even entire countries, created for and inhabited exclusively by women.

How to Survive Mean Girls

How to Survive Mean Girls Author Lisa Miles
ISBN-10 9781477707135
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 48
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Dealing with mean girls, cliques, and other obstacles on the social scene is one of the minefields of adolescence for girls. This title provides the advice and support girls need for weathering changing friendships, handling feeling like an outsider, and making new and healthy friendships as they grow. A variety of issues, including bullying and cyberbullying, are sympathetically and practically treated. Diary entries, flowchart quizzes, and hip photos will draw in reluctant readers and many others.

Crushes Flirts And Friends

Crushes  Flirts  And Friends Author Erika V Shearin Karres
ISBN-10 9781440518263
Release 2005-10-31
Pages 160
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Boys - who can figure them out? Do they like you or not? Why are they mean when their friends are around and nice when they're by themselves? What's the deal? If you don't have the slightest idea - you're not alone! But don't fret - Crushes, Flirts, and Friends reveals the honest truth about boys, boyfriends, and relationships. With the low-down on Geeks, Bad Boys, Go-getters, and Princes, you'll learn to navigate Guy World with smarts and style. Inside, you'll find: Boy Watch: the real skinny on which guys to choose and which guys to lose Boy Sizzlers: awesome checklists to help you choose a prince and avoid the toads Oh-Boy Meter: real girls tell-all about their relationships Boy Secrets: private thoughts and confessions, straight from the mouths of real boys And more! Complete with quizzes and real-world advice, Crushes, Flirts, and Friends is the only guide you need to understand the mind-boggling world of boys.

The Everything Parent s Guide to Dealing with Bullies

The Everything Parent s Guide to Dealing with Bullies Author Deborah Carpenter
ISBN-10 9781605507118
Release 2009-06-18
Pages 304
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Mocking. Namecalling. Physical aggression. These experiences are all forms of bullying that can wreak havoc on a childÆs self-esteem, safety, and general happiness. Both parents of bullied children and parents of bullies and are in a difficult situation: They want to protect their children and control their behavior without making the problem worse. Parents need a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to ensure that their childrenÆs education and quality of life are not compromised. This book helps parents learn to: Recognize the signs of bullying Find out where bullying is taking placeùat school, at a friendÆs house, or on the Internet Understand the differences between bullying among boys and girls Teach social skills and assertiveness techniques Communicate with the parents of bullies Get support from teachers, counselors, and other school administrators Handle bullying situations involving children with special needs Written by Deborah Carpenter, a social worker and assistant principal, this guide gives parents all the tools they need to recognize the problem, treat it properly, and prevent it from happening again.


Frenemies Author L.L. Owens
ISBN-10 9781617852022
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 112
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Frenemies features fictional narratives paired with firsthand advice from a licensed psychologist to help preteen and teen girls manage conflicts and recognize the qualities of a good friend. Topics include making new friends, trash talking, gossiping and spreading rumors, jealousy, and questioning feelings for a guy friend. Also covered are family situations such as strict versus loose parents, financial stress, and suspecting a friend is being abused. Throughout the book, Talk About It questions encourage discussion. Additional resources, a glossary, and an index are also included. Frenemies will leave readers feeling confident to make smart, healthy decisions when it comes to friendships and conflict. Strong, Beautiful Girls is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.


Bullying Author Anne Rooney
ISBN-10 9781615356560
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 48
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Bullying offers support and practical advice about dealing with bullies and discusses how we can all help solve the bullying problem together.

The Powder Box Secrets

The Powder Box Secrets Author Carrie Silver-Stock
ISBN-10 9780979778902
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 249
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A teen girl's guide with advice from teens to help girls with their toughtest problems and find success.

Girls in Real Life Situations

Girls in Real Life Situations Author Julia V. Taylor
ISBN-10 0878225404
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 229
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"In this unique group counseling curriculum for working with girls in grade 6-12, authors Julia V. Taylor and Shannon Trice-Black provide over 90 activities divided into twelve group themes: Who am I?, Body image, Choices, Communication, Emotions, Friendships, Relationships, Self-esteem, Stress, Reaching out, Tough times, Who I am! During group lessons, girls are encouraged to share feelings and struggles as they openly discuss important issues in a safe and supportive environment. They are given the opportunity to feel empowered, gain self-awareness, develop coping strategies, improve problem-solving skills, understand that they are not alone, and learn to make healthy decisions. Girls in real life situations is designed for use by educators and mental health professionals in schools and other settings"--[p.4 Cover].