The Lord Never Meant for You to Lose

The Lord Never Meant for You to Lose Author Patsy Lockett
ISBN-10 9781600349218
Release 2007-07
Pages 148
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She is a woman that loves the Lord and is a born again believer and declares her salvation through receiving Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior. Her confession of faith is based on Roman 10: 9-10 and Acts 4: 12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under the heaven given to men by which we must be saved. She has overcome many challenges being raised by foster parents who open their hearts and loved her into the woman she is today. Patsy is best known for sharing God's word with compassion, wisdom and lots of anointed hugs to those she meet. She has the Spirit of a Peacemaker on her job and in her home. Matthew 5: 9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called Sons of God. She is a member of the Jericho City of Praise located in Landover, Maryland under the leadership of Apostle Betty P. Peebles. The Holy Spirit led her to Jericho Christian Training College in 1993 to complete a 4 year Discipleship Curriculum and Ministry- I Class to equip her to rightly divide the word of truth. To God Be All the Glory

Meant for You

Meant for You Author Samantha Chase
ISBN-10 9781492615828
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 352
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Brand new Book #5 in Samantha Chase's popular Montgomery series She dares to dream... Summer Montgomery wants to be taken seriously almost as much as she wants her brother's best friend, Ethan. But with a long resume of seemingly random career choices and a protective brother on watch, those things are nothing more than pipe dreams... Does he dare to try? Ethan Reed would like nothing more than to live by his own rules. Not wanting to disappoint his best friend Zach, or any of the Montgomerys, Ethan's had to push his long-denied feelings for Summer aside. But it only takes one night away from watchful eyes to make impossible dreams come true... Montgomery Brothers Series: Wait for Me (Book 1) Trust in Me (Book 2) Stay with Me (Book 3) Return to You (Book 4) Meant for You (Book 5) I'll Be There (Book 6) What readers say about the Montgomery Brothers series: "The Montgomery brothers are perfect romance! Love it, love it, love it! "Great storyline, strong characters-a great read." "I laughed, cried, felt excitement and sadness, all in a good way." "An adventure in reading. Can't wait to see what is in store for the other Montgomerys."

Meant for Me Now Meant for You

Meant for Me     Now  Meant for You Author
ISBN-10 9781468916126
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Meant for Me Now Meant for You has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Meant for Me Now Meant for You also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Meant for Me Now Meant for You book for free.

The Cowboy Next Door Meant for You

The Cowboy Next Door   Meant for You Author Laurie Paige
ISBN-10 9781459250468
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 256
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THE COWBOY NEXT DOOR No men allowed? Cybil Mathews bought her ranch knowing exactly what she wanted out of life: serenity, purpose—and a world free from men! Just her luck to land sexy Mason Faraday as a neighbor. The infuriating rancher has an ego the size Nevada—and a body born to wear tight-fitting jeans. Cybil is determined to stay footloose and fancy-free, but Mason's incendiary kisses are branding her heart as his own! MEANT FOR YOU Too close for comfort Caitlin Beck and Jed Bishop don't see eye to eye on anything—except their inability to keep their hands off each other. He thinks she's too uptight. She thinks he's too laid-back. All the pair has to do is finish renovating the Victorian house they bought together, sell it and they'll never see each other again. In the meantime she'll stick to her side of the house, and he'll stick to his. So why do they keep meeting in the hallway?

You Were Meant for Me

You Were Meant for Me Author James Michael Thomason
ISBN-10 9780595124565
Release 2000-10-01
Pages 736
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A story of a man's journey through life and the two women he loves.

You Were Meant for Me

You Were Meant for Me Author Elise Title
ISBN-10 0373255551
Release 1993
Pages 216
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You Were Meant for Me has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from You Were Meant for Me also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full You Were Meant for Me book for free.

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be Author LeRoy Eims
ISBN-10 9781434705075
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 208
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Leaders aren’t born, they’re made. Becoming a successful leader is a continual, lifelong process. It’s a journey that requires discipline, intention, and drive. Yet true leadership is not about what we do, it’s about who we are. So how can we become leaders of integrity, passion, and excellence? Be The Leader You Were Meant To Be is a definitive resource for creating leaders who make a difference. Biblically-based, time-tested, and real-world proven, this landmark guide offers powerful, practical insights for personal and professional development. Inside you’ll learn: How to cultivate the traits of an effective leaderWhy some leaders succeed more than othersGod’s standard for authentic leadershipHow to resolve career challenges and difficultiesHow to excel in any profession Discover how you can make an impact in your workplace, on your team, and in your life. And uncover the leader that God intended you to be.

You Were Meant for Me

You Were Meant for Me Author Tony Pay
ISBN-10 9781312162792
Release 2014-05-06
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It's only natural that Kevin would join his parent's family law firm. Kevin preferred to spend time reading or at his parent's office. If Kevin gets a specialized degree, his potential income could double and guarantees his parent's firm expanding. When love hits Kevin for the first time, his world is shaken. Will he find that making the right choice could jeopardize his career path and let his family down? Meanwhile, a pretty young high school student struggles with her grades as her best friend gets boy-crazy. At their bleakest moments, the help that they desperately need comes from the people they didn't expect. Their resolution, determination, and loyalty are tested over the next couple of years, as their paths require them to overcome painstaking hurdles. Follow these students as they learn the hard-knocks of life and lessons that mold them into the adults that they become.

You Were Meant For Me

You Were Meant For Me Author Yona Zeldis McDonough
ISBN-10 9780698156555
Release 2014-10-07
Pages 400
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What do you do when you have to give up the person you love most? Thirty-five-year-old Miranda is not an impulsive person. She’s been at Domestic Goddess magazine for eight years, she has great friends, and she’s finally moving on after a breakup. Having a baby isn’t even on her radar—until the day she discovers an abandoned newborn on the platform of a Brooklyn subway station. Rushing the little girl to the closest police station, Miranda hopes and prays she’ll be all right and that a loving family will step forward to take her. Yet Miranda can’t seem to get the baby off her mind and keeps coming up with excuses to go check on her, until finally a family court judge asks whether she’d like to be the baby’s foster parent—maybe even adopt her. To her own surprise, Miranda jumps at the chance. But nothing could have prepared her for the ecstasy of new-mother love—or the heartbreak she faces when the baby’s father surfaces.... CONVERSATION GUIDE INCLUDED “Well-written characters and fascinating plot twists will appeal to book groups and fans of women’s fiction.”—Library Journal “McDonough does a fabulous job showing that being blind-sided isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, even the best surprises come out of it. Every facet of the book is compelling, but readers might particularly enjoy the dynamics between the heroine and the two male protagonists. The story’s effortless fluidity will have readers questioning how this inspired-by-real-events premise unfolds.”—Romantic Times "With a deft, sure touch, Yona Zeldis McDonough explores the ways families are formed and how love can take you by surprise. An absorbing and soul-stirring novel."—Christina Baker Kline, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train "Abounding with warmth and charm, You Were Meant for Me, is a profoundly moving novel which explores the intensity of love and the fallout of heartbreak. It will capture your attention from the very first page and never let go."—Emily Liebert, author of When We Fall

Meant for You

Meant for You Author Michelle Major
ISBN-10 1503943666
Release 2017-03-28
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Single mom Jenny Castelli has a temper to match her red hair. When the former mean girls of her high school insult her son, Jenny fires off a big lie-that she's engaged to a rich, handsome guy and is bringing him to their ten-year reunion. Now she needs to find the perfect fake fianc� for one night. And only one man fits the bill. Geek turned tech entrepreneur Owen Dalton already had his heart broken by Jenny Castelli. Still, he finds himself agreeing to her proposition-even as he struggles to remember that the chemistry sparking between them isn't real. But when Jenny's ex makes a play for custody and Owen is forced to deal with the family who always treated him as "second best," their arrangement suddenly becomes very personal. And that lie they've been telling everyone? It isn't nearly as big as the one they've been telling themselves.

Meant for You

Meant for You Author Lili Valente
Release 2017-02-14
Pages 310
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What if there was one man—one gorgeous, brilliant, sexy as hell man—who was meant for you? Yeah, well, there isn’t. Love is a hard slog up a snowy mountain infested with rabid cougars, and meant-to-be love is just a lie. I learned that the hard way when all my romantic dreams went up in smoke, and the boy I loved walked away without looking back. Or so I thought… *** Seven years ago Fate ripped me away from the only girl I’ve ever loved. Now Addie and I are snowed in at a romantic mountain lodge, drinking cocoa around the Valentine’s Day tree, and there’s no way I’m going to let her slip away from me again. One way or another, I’ll prove to Adeline that we belong together. She might not believe in love, but I do, and I’m going to use every sexy, wicked weapon at my disposal to convince my girl we’re meant to be. The best part of trying to win the one who got away? I know exactly what makes her laugh, what makes her melt, and what makes her squirm… MEANT FOR YOU is a sexy, swoony, true love conquers all Standalone romantic comedy.

Meant For Each Other

Meant For Each Other Author D.H. Starr
ISBN-10 9781937796730
Release 2010-10-15
Pages 190
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Sometimes your first love is the one that was meant to be. Craig Harper and Jeremy Finn were best friends growing up. They attended the same school, spent all of their time together, and hung out with the same group of people. It wasn't until the day before Jeremy and his family moved across the country that they discovered their attraction to one another. Fifteen years later, they reunite by chance in New York City. Both are in relationships and have established a routine in their lives. But routines and relationships are shaken as they begin to spend time together once again. Old feelings and connections are still strong and the passion that pulls them together is a powerful, soul-searing call neither man can deny. As each deals with the issues in their own relationships, they begin to question whether the comfort of what they know is more powerful than the pull of what they could have been…and what they might become. Struggling to find the answer, only their hearts can reveal if they are meant for each other.

You Were Meant for Me

You Were Meant for Me Author Michelle Martin
ISBN-10 0553581139
Release 2001-04-01
Pages 336
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You Were Meant for Me has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from You Were Meant for Me also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full You Were Meant for Me book for free.

What You re Really Meant to Do

What You re Really Meant to Do Author Robert Steven Kaplan
ISBN-10 9781422189917
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 256
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How do you create your own definition of success—and reach your unique potential? Building a fulfilling life and career can be a daunting challenge. It takes courage and hard work. Too often, we charge down a path leading to “success” as defined by those around us—and ultimately, are left feeling dissatisfied. Each of us is unique and brings distinctive skills and qualities to any situation. So why is it that most of us fail to spend sufficient time learning to understand ourselves and creating our own definition of success? The truth is, it can seem so natural and so much easier to just do what everyone else is doing—for now—leaving it for later to develop our best selves and figure out our own unique path. Is there a road map that will enable you to defy conventional wisdom, resist peer pressure, and carve out a path that fits your unique skills and passions? Harvard Business School’s Robert Steven Kaplan, leadership expert and author of the highly successful book What to Ask the Person in the Mirror, regularly advises executives and students on how to tackle these questions. In this indispensable new book, Kaplan shares a specific and actionable approach to defining your own success and reaching your potential. Drawing on his years of experience, Kaplan proposes an integrated plan for identifying and achieving your goals. He outlines specific steps and exercises to help you understand yourself more deeply, take control of your career, and build your capabilities in a way that fits your passions and aspirations. Are you doing what you’re really meant to do? If you’re ready to face this question, this book can help you change your life.

Don t Settle

Don t Settle Author MD Scott Carroll
ISBN-10 150436810X
Release 2016-11-07
Pages 224
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Do you want to know the real secret to a satisfying and successful marriage? Getting--and staying--happily married is probably one of the hardest things most of us will ever attempt. In fact, marriage is so challenging that you have to marry well to start with to even have a chance of success. Even worse, the advice you've heard all your life is either wrong or at best incomplete. Heartbroken after his second divorce, Dr. Carroll was determined to solve the puzzle of how to have a successful marriage. Drawing on his professional expertise as a psychiatrist and a wealth of field research, he emerged with a powerful yet simple system for finding your perfect match. Using neuroscience, genetics, behavioral science, psychology, and his work with shamans and other spiritual healers, he will teach you how to "marry" science with spirituality to attract the perfect man for you - the man you were meant for - and how to get him to the altar in as little as a year. You'll learn: - why the usual advice doesn't work - why amazing chemistry is a bad sign - what type of man is perfectly suited for you - how to energetically attract him - how to know he's really "the one" - and of course, how to get him to the altar! If you're tired of the singles scene and frustrated by failed attempts at love, Don't Settle is the step-by-step, complete solution you've been looking for.

5 Steps to Living Your Dream

5 Steps to Living Your Dream Author David Bassett
ISBN-10 9781537856506
Release 2017-08-20
Pages 34
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THE SUCCESS PLAN YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! To live your dream, is to achieve what very few people will accomplish. Yet, we all have that deep-seated desire to do something big, something much larger than ourselves, certainly, something more than we have done so far in our life. In this book, you discover that each person has a dream inside of them that is meant for them to live out. To live your dream, you need an action plan that will walk you through the entire process of discovery to action. Within this book, you will find the following subjects: Believe You Can Know Your Dream Surround Yourself with Encouragers Plan Take Action to Live Your Dream If you believe there is more for you in life than what you are experiencing now, then this book can help set you on the course to living your dream and achieving your life’s purpose and discovering the meaning in life that you seek. In 5 basic steps, you can set your life on course to achieve your dream.

Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion Author Arnie Warren
ISBN-10 0965514870
Release 2000
Pages 139
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Why, in a free society, isn't everyone doing what he or she loves to do? It's because they don't know where to begin. "Find Your Passion captures the essence of the career choice process and uses an intriguing and heart-warming story to achieve this end. Must reading for career counselors and yes, for unfilled adults as well." -- Ron White, Dean of Enrollment Emmanuel College. FIND YOUR PASSION is the story of a man, challenged by his fiancee, to find a career he'll be passionate about. "You cannot live - really live - without a passion for your work." In his search, he is told he must first find his gifts before a career match can be made. With the assistance of Dr. Edith Donohue, whose doctoral thesis and lifetime counseling experience focused on this subject, Arnie Warren has put together the steps to find your gift and therefore position yourself in a career meant for you. "I love your characters and I learn and learn and learn." Renae Tolbert. FIND YOUR PASSION is for those seeking the career they were meant to have delivered in a well researched, fast-paced story. To order call Pallium Books toll free: 1-888-671-447.,