Momma Gone

Momma Gone Author Nina Foxx
ISBN-10 9780991532292
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 200
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Momma set me on the jukebox. So begins the personal story of Denise (Sweetie) Wooten, set between a post-civil rights era New York City and a growing, but stale rural Alabama. We are thrust in the midst of a family longing for normalcy, but instead struggling with illness and all that comes with it; denial, anger and misunderstanding and love. As cultures clash, we see the family through a child s eyes and walk with her as she makes sense of war fought far away, but with effects close to home, and a tragedy that changes her life forever. More truth than not, Momma: Gone is a story of survival, where all the lessons are taught by the child who must eventually lead them through and a classic American story of overcoming life s misfortunes to find the bloom on the other side. -Shortlisted for a Doctorow Award in Innovative Fiction

MOMMA Where Has Grandpa Gone

MOMMA   Where Has Grandpa Gone Author Nancy Northrop
ISBN-10 1462401562
Release 2012-06-15
Pages 28
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In her 7th children’s book, Nancy Northrop once again deals with a delicate subject. The dialogue between family members is informative; the idea of a Prayer Garden, resourceful and the illustrations throughout the book are absolutely delightful...

Love Laughs and Landscapes

Love  Laughs and Landscapes Author Phill J. Doring
ISBN-10 9781465304612
Release 2011-08-25
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Love Laughs and Landscapes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Love Laughs and Landscapes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Love Laughs and Landscapes book for free.

What Momma Left Me

What Momma Left Me Author Renée Watson
ISBN-10 1599905949
Release 2010-07-01
Pages 240
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How is it that unsavory raw ingredients come together to form a delicious cake? What is it about life that when you take all the hard stuff and rough stuff and add in a lot of love, you still just might have a wonderful life? For Serenity, these questions rise up early when her father kills her mother, and leaves her and her brother Danny to live with their kind but strict grandparents. Despite the difficulties of a new school, a new church, and a new neighborhood, Serenity gains strength from the family around her, the new friends she finds, and her own careful optimism. Debut author Renée Watson's talent shines in this powerful and ultimately uplifting novel.

Project America

Project America Author Marshall Elijah Hatch
ISBN-10 9780984797325
Release 2012-05
Pages 228
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PROJECT AMERICA: Memoirs of Faith and Hope to Win the Future, is one of the most impactful and relevant literary works of our time. The author, Dr. Marshall E. Hatch, sheds light on the timeless maxim that "each generation must chart its own course." In looking back to Dr. King's global vision, he conscientiously looks forward to summon the probing question "Where do we go from here?" Project America offers a nostalgic yet visionary memoir that weaves together scenes from the author's personal journey with historical analysis and commentaries to address contemporary public policy issues. In his expansive, thoughtful, and powerful treatise, Dr. Hatch presents us with the challenge to move forward, beyond the sins of America's shameful history of slavery to a "symphony" for winning the future. In this literary treasure-trove, Hatch's four symphonic movements unfold as the pathway to fulfilling the American promise, including a massive investment in education, adapting to the changing complexion of world power, embracing environmental stewardship, and renewing our faith to reengage the social covenant with the American people. Through Project America, we reflect upon Chicago's and the nation's past. While learning from Hatch's insights, we are encouraged to draw from the wellsprings of our faiths and to act purposefully together to achieve "a brand new world." Project America is truly within our grasp; therefore, let us heed Dr. Hatch's clarion call to make a brighter future start happening now.

Broken Cisterns

Broken Cisterns Author Minister Juanita Young
ISBN-10 9781609572259
Release 2010-12
Pages 446
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With Love Continue my journey again with me soon my friends. I am so grateful that God has chosen me to tell them. I do have a voice, a voice that no one can take away from me. Oh how I love Jesus. What he has done with my life is so amazing and he will, help you. He is real, make no mistake about it. Seek him, seek his face with diligence in your heart, he answers us my friends.. I realized Christ was always my friend but I let the worlds issues get in the way and I, pushed him aside. But once I surrendered my everything to him I have learned to watch for him, watch for him like never before. Finding Christ is the best joy I've ever experienced in my life so I'm telling you, pray my friends, pray that he'll come for you and soon you too will rest in HIS peace and if you are in it, stay and wait on him. Wait on him to continue putting your life in order because if it weren't for him, we wouldn't be here. (Thanks for that Daddy.) Isaiah: 41 v 13

Rock Star Momma

Rock Star Momma Author Skye Hoppus
ISBN-10 9781416524977
Release 2007-06-19
Pages 240
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With a foreword by Gwyneth Paltrow With a little help from Hollywood, being pregnant has become the hippest thing for a woman to be. Fashion icons such as Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani, Kate Hudson, and Heidi Klum have made it beautiful to have a bump -- and more important, to show it off. Now, Rock Star Momma is here to help today's fashionistas learn how to hold on to their hipness as they rock-and-roll their way into motherhood. With personal advice from your favorite haute mommas like Gwyneth Paltrow, Elle Macpherson, Britney Spears, Mariska Hargitay, Joely Fisher, Jennie Garth, Kimora Lee Simmons, and many more, Hoppus provides the inside scoop that style-driven pregnant women are looking for. Hoppus also includes must-have tips from industry standouts such as Fit Pregnancy, UrbanBaby, Spanx, Bugaboo, and babystyle! Highlights include: The essential Denim to Die For guide for finding those perfect jeans Baby Shower Babe do's and don'ts, showing how to look and feel your best on this most important day How to go from "gym girl" to "glam girl" in ten minutes flat The Panty Shmanty chapter, helping you navigate the world of maternity bras, panties, and hosiery Well-being, fitness, fashion, and beauty tips for all nine months and beyond A must-have Shopping Bag chapter that provides an arsenal of information and resources for every modern momma-to-be

Digging Up Momma

Digging Up Momma Author Sarah Shankman
ISBN-10 9781476757216
Release 2013-07-16
Pages 352
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In her witty, southern-fried suspense novels, Sarah Shankman delivers nonstop action with a hilarious bite. Now she sends her acclaimed, irreverent heroine -- New Orleans writer Samantha Adams -- to a southwestern New Age hot spot, to unearth a secret past that was supposed to be six feet under. My dearest Sugar. I must see you. It's urgent. I need your help. The letter that arrived from Sam's mother was postmarked Santa Fe, penned in her mother's handwriting, and disclosed details only Johanna Adams could know. There was just one catch: Johanna Adams had been dead for thirty-four years. The mind-blowing missive could have been an entry from Sam's latest book of bizarre anecdotes, American Weird -- or an elaborate hoax. Either way, it instantly rekindled Sam's impossible wish that her mother hadn't really died in a plane crash when Sam was a child. Fueled by her journalistic instincts -- and a daughter's need for closure -- Sam touches down among Santa Fe's tourists and crystal gazers, jewelry shops and fast-food stands. But only when she summons the courage to knock on the door of Room 409 at the La Fonda Hotel does her surreal, mother-seeking adventure take off with no turning back.

Gifted and Gone

Gifted and Gone Author Carol Giles
ISBN-10 9780595383603
Release 2006-04
Pages 124
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Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. (Philo of Alexandria) A friend with AIDS is still a friend. (Written on a school building in South Africa) A real estate agent was showing an elderly woman a house in a bad neighborhood. As they headed up the stairs, there were boys next door yelling "Rocks and Blows! Rocks and Blows!" The elderly woman said, "Ain't the boys nice. They are telling people to lock their doors, lock their doors. This is a nice neighborhood." The real estate agent replied, "Yes maam." (Told to Ralph Reed, a real estate agent, by one of his colleagues) Book Reviews: This collection of quotations sayings, poems, etc. is an insight to the personality of Carol Giles. Like you can't stop eating Jays potato chips, you can't stop reading Carol's quotations. (Marilyn Burk, Assistant Principal) With Streetwise cutting wit, Carol Giles captures not only the sarcastic edge of the West Side of Chicago's North Lawndale neighborhood, but insights into the humanity in us all. (Howard Gold, English Teacher) This is a very intelligent collection of material that utilizes the principles of prose, poetry and verse to convey thought, provocative witticisms that are refreshing and memorable. (William Somerville Jr., M. D.)

Family Graces

Family Graces Author Kathryn Magendie
ISBN-10 9781611941173
Release 2012-04-20
Pages 281
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Virginia Kate's journey of understanding and forgiveness brings her back to the moment that changed her family's fate forever . . . "Grandma Faith calls to me to her ending that she says is her beginning. I must start with her, for she is the beginning of Momma who is the beginning of me who tells the stories--the stories are made real by the telling. The others will follow. 'Round we go. The mommas, the daughters, the children. They all wait for the releasing. The women of the ages. The little girls who lost their way and then were found. The mommas who wanted and those who did not. Where one lost, another recovered. The fulled circle goes 'round and 'round." The final novel of Kathryn Magendie's Graces trilogy completes the saga begun in her acclaimed ebook bestseller TENDER GRACES and its sequel, SECRET GRACES. Kathryn Magendie, a West Virginia/Appalachian native and adoptive daughter of South Louisiana, lives in a little log house with two dogs, a husband she calls "GMR," (Good Man Roger), and a ghost dog, tucked in a cove in Maggie Valley, among western North Carolina Smoky Mountains. She spends her days writing, photographing nature, and as Publishing Editor of The Rose & Thorn, a literary e-zine. Her next novel for Bell Bridge Books will be The Lightning Charmer. Look for all of Kathryn Magendie's novels coming soon in audiobook at, and iTunes. Visit her at

Toolbox Of Life

Toolbox Of Life Author Toshya L Isom
ISBN-10 9781468583649
Release 2012-05-07
Pages 116
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We spend 90% of our adult life getting over our childhood experiences. This book is about my experience in life how I was mislead, bound, controlled, spiritually damaged, mentally broken and physically abused all while trying to find my way through life ripped from the path of righteousness and thrust into the clutches of sin. having a desire to do right in the mist of everything wrong! fighting to be freed from the generational curse of a strange people with know fear of God and know reverence to man a blood line of alcoholism, addictions, perversion, gambling, adultery and seduction I never stopped praying and never stopped believing for I knew God would hear my cries and except for Gods grace and mercy I would have been destroyed and sent to HELL!


Halfbreed Author Maria Campbell
ISBN-10 0803263112
Release 1973
Pages 157
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The author discusses her experiences growing up in a mixed race family in Canada

Hurt So Good

Hurt So Good Author J. D. Baker
ISBN-10 9780595360437
Release 2005-06
Pages 56
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Hurt so good, is a mind blowing and breathtaking emotional rollercoaster that will leave you laughing and crying in the same breath.


Jackie Author Sam Newsome
ISBN-10 9781483403236
Release 2013-10
Pages 264
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Jackie chronicles the life of a young man born to misfortune. As a child he is labeled as mentally challenged. He suffers an abusive home life and the torment of bullies at school. Soon he is judged uneducable and relegated to homeschooling that is no more effective than the classroom. He is left without a formal education. Thirteen years later he is reunited with an old classmate, Jimmie, who is now a recent college graduate. Circumstances reunite the old acquaintances when Jackie's mother becomes ill. Together they discover that Jackie has a secret ability and enormous untapped potential. That ability enables the friends to discover and expose deeply seated local government corruption and create a future for Jackie. Friendship, luck, and Jackie's special talent are the springboard that propels him on a journey to fulfill his destiny.

Ruth s Journey

Ruth s Journey Author Donald McCaig
ISBN-10 9781451643534
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 384
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Authorized by the Margaret Mitchell Estate, the first-ever prequel to one of the best-selling novels of all time, Gone With the Wind, recounts the life of Mammy, one of literature's greatest supporting characters, from her days as a slave girl to the outbreak of the Civil War. By the best-selling author of Rhett Butler's People. 250,000 first printing.


Homecoming Author Cynthia Voigt
ISBN-10 1439132070
Release 2013-01-15
Pages 400
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The iconic start to the timeless, Newbery-winning series from Cynthia Voigt. “It’s still true.” That’s the first thing James Tillerman says to his older sister, Dicey, every morning. It’s still true that their mother has abandoned the four Tillermans in a mall parking lot somewhere in the middle of Connecticut. It’s still true that they have to find their own way to Great-aunt Cilla’s house in Bridgeport. It’s still true that they need to spend as little as possible on food and seek shelter anywhere that is out of view of the authorities. It’s still true that the only way they can hope to all stay together is to just keep moving forward. Deep down, Dicey hopes they can find someone to trust, someone who will take them in and love them. But she’s afraid it’s just too much to hope for....


G A B O S Author Tyler Gore
ISBN-10 9781483640969
Release 2013-05-15
Pages 177
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“Damn, it’s been a long time coming. But it’s finally here,” Pokey said to no one in particular, as the day arrived for him to be released from the prison that held him hostage against his own will for the last eighteen months, day by day, as he walked out the open gates. He was blinded by the bright sun. Reaching up to cover his eyes, he heard a horn blowing. Looking around for the sound of the horn, he spotted his mother’s beat-up Honda. As he watched his mother get out of the car and slowly walk toward him, Pokey had one thing in mind. “Man, I gotta make sum Major Doe,” he was thinking, as his mother reached out and gave him a hug. “Thanks, Mom. Glad I didn’t have to ride that stank-ass bus all the way home,” he told his mother, who just smiled as she turned around and made her way back to the car, with Pokey on her heels. “I don’t know what you coming on this side for,” his mother said, pushing him over to the driver’s side. “You driving,” she said. “I gotta get some beauty sleep,” she said, sliding in the car. On the ride home, it was quiet, with Pokey in his own thoughts. As he was listening to his mother snore lightly, he promised, “Momma, I’mma make shit happen.” Being in prison, Pokey learned a lot, but he also learned that if you want something bad enough, you gotta go get it. With that in mind and the words Old School used to tell him all the time. “Young blood, you gotta be ruthless in the game of life. Sometimes you will be forced to bite the hands that feed you, so always keep in mind game ain’t based on sympathy. If a motherfucker wanna get in your way, don’t hesitate to roll over them, and leave them where they lay.” As he was in deep thought, his mother brought him back to the here and now. “So, boy, now that you free, what you gonna do to stay free?” his mother asked, turning in her seat to face him. “Whatever I gotta do,” Pokey said, keeping it real. “So you gonna get a job?” his mother asked. “Never, Mom. You know me. I ain’t working no nine-to-five for no minimum wage so that working shit is dead,” he said. While driving, as he looked out the corner of his eye, he saw his mother shake her head, as she closed her eyes and stopped talking. But he went back to thinking. “Damn shit crazy, when ya own momma trying to keep you down, she on some ‘get a job’ shit, but I’mma live and die in the streets.” As he pulled up in the projects, where they stayed, he noticed nothing has changed, but changes were about to take place, if he had something to do with it. “My thing is, to be paid and get my game sharper than a motherfucking razor blade.” As he pulled up and parked, he said, “Ma, we here.” Waking up, all his mother did was look at him, then exit the car. As Pokey watched his mother enter the house, he said, “This the shit I’m talking about, a nigga been gone eighteen months, leave with nothing and come home with nothing, so it’s time I make something.” Looking around, shaking his head at all the dirty buildings that held this project together, his last thought was, “Now I gotta get some soldiers on my team and make this picture come to life,” as he looked around one more time before walking into the house. He mumbled, “GABOS, this time around, that’s how it’s gonna be. Niggaz showed no love, they receive none.” With that being said, he walked into the house ready to take a nice long shower before he could formulate his next move, not forgetting his next move better be his best move ’cause GABOS.