Momma Momma Brown Toes

Momma  Momma Brown Toes Author Richard William Field
ISBN-10 9781420888911
Release 2005-10-01
Pages 48
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Momma, momma, brown toes, is a playful and carefree look into the word as seen through the eyes of a growing young girl, somewhere between the ages of four and seven. This book follows Amanda and her mom as they encounter some of the important and some of the just plain silly things that become the focus of this young girl's life. Poetic vignettes include topics like: her dog Hugo, her love of cookies, macaroni and cheese, and her mom. Another short poem focuses on a story Jessica told to Amanda as a little girl which is tied to the culture and people of her New Mexican family. Readers will find Momma, momma, brown toes to be a joyous celebration of childhood.

The Eagle Stays on Top

The Eagle Stays on Top Author Janice Brown-Roberts
ISBN-10 9781477295960
Release 2012-12-23
Pages 272
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Faced with losing her mother at the tender age of twelve, being subjected to interminable abuse from an unloving stepmother and migrating between homes, Janice’s mother knew too well what suffering was. Despite the severe lack, deprivation and desolation that Janice’s mom was experiencing in later years—and not having a stable home in which to leave her children—she preferred to stay in Jamaica and struggle to personally care for them than to take up an offer to join her cousin Olivianna in England. Janice knew the decision that her mom had made could not have been easy but was made out of pure love. From that day, young Janice purposed in her heart that she would use all the physical and mental energy she could muster to pull her mother out of a life of poverty. After leaving high school, she knew it was time for a strong action, so she ventured into unfamiliar territory to accomplish her goal. The Eagle Stays on Top illustrates the bitter and heartrending challenges faced by Janice and her family. By the time her mom was taken away from her life in 2008, she had gotten the wish she had asked God for—to make her Mama proud. This book will show you: How you can triumph over difficult odds and brush yourself off after you have been tossed about by life’s challenges, and How you can fight to re-grow your wings and soar like an eagle

What a Friend

What a Friend Author Betty H. Marshall
ISBN-10 9781496917676
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 248
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The young woman watched me like a cat watches a rat he is going to catch for his dinner. As I walked up the stairs to let myself in the building she jumped in front of me. She pressed her face close to my ear. I could feel and smell her hot stinking breath as she whispered menacingly into my ear, “Open this goddamned door quick bitch. You better not scream or I will run this knife right through your side.” I fumbled in my purse for my key. I tried to keep as still as possible because I could feel the knife pricking my skin every time I moved. I finally found the key and my hand was trembling so badly that I could barely turn the lock. “You better hurry up bitch if you don’t want to die.” Once I got the door opened the woman pushed me to the floor. She went straight to the cabinets and rambled through the vaccine bottles and other medicines that had been set aside for the research project. “You better not try anything.” she yelled, while she rambled through the cabinets, She cursed and threw bottles on the floor as she pillaged through every cabinet in the office. She finally found what she was looking for. She headed towards the door, turned back, came to where I was lying on the floor, leaned close to me and yelled in my face, “You better not call the sheriff bitch, or I will come back, find you, and kill your fuckin ass.”

Tell the Truth Shame the Devil

Tell the Truth   Shame the Devil Author Lezley McSpadden
ISBN-10 9781942872931
Release 2016-05-10
Pages 272
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The revelatory memoir of Lezley McSpadden—the mother of Michael Brown, the African-American teenager killed by the police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9, 2014—sheds light on one of the landmark events in recent history. “I wasn’t there when Mike Mike was shot. I didn’t see him fall or take his last breath, but as his mother, I do know one thing better than anyone, and that’s how to tell my son’s story, and the journey we shared together as mother and son." —Lezley McSpadden When Michael Orlandus Darrion Brown was born, he was adored and doted on by his aunts, uncles, grandparents, his father, and most of all by his sixteen-year-old mother, who nicknamed him Mike Mike. McSpadden never imagined that her son’s name would inspire the resounding chants of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, and ignite the global conversation about the disparities in the American policing system. In Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil, McSpadden picks up the pieces of the tragedy that shook her life and the country to their core and reveals the unforgettable story of her life, her son, and their truth. Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil is a riveting family memoir about the journey of a young woman, triumphing over insurmountable obstacles, and learning to become a good mother. With brutal honesty, McSpadden brings us inside her experiences being raised by a hardworking, single mother; her pregnancy at age fifteen and the painful subsequent decision to drop out of school to support her son; how she survived domestic abuse; and her unwavering commitment to raising four strong and healthy children, even if it meant doing so on her own. McSpadden writes passionately about the hours, days, and months after her son was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson, recounting her time on the ground with peaceful protestors, how she was treated by police and city officials, and how she felt in the gut-wrenching moment when the grand jury announced it would not indict the man who had killed her son. After the system failed to deliver justice to Michael Brown, McSpadden and thousands of others across America took it upon themselves to carry on his legacy in the fight against injustice and racism. Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil is a portrait of our time, an urgent call to action, and a moving testament to the undying bond between mothers and sons.

Brown Leather Shoes

Brown Leather Shoes Author Doris Caswell Patterson
ISBN-10 9781493189526
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 164
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Brown Leather Shoes is a heartwarming tale that follows a woman through her life which begins during the depression and spans almost eight decades of American history. It begins from the point-of-view of a small child who was born during the depression and struggles to understand this thing called "war" that takes her beloved older brothers away from home. She comes of age during the 50's and attends college in the 60's, becoming friends with the first African American woman to attend Southwestern State University in Oklahoma. The book is intriguing as you grow with Darcy and share her struggles with the moral conflicts and historical events that influenced her life in rural Oklahoma and shaped a Nation.

The Disobedience of Water

The Disobedience of Water Author Sena Jeter Naslund
ISBN-10 1567920713
Release 1999
Pages 212
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Eight stories about love & forgiveness.

Mama Lola

Mama Lola Author Karen McCarthy Brown
ISBN-10 9780520268104
Release 2011-04-05
Pages 429
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"Brown weaves together fictional, biographical, and ethnological narratives into a moving account of the life of a Vodou community and its leader, Mama Lola. This book belies the stereotypes that still distort the image of this ancient religion in the academic as well as the popular mind."—Albert J. Raboteau, Princeton University "An eloquent contribution to the emerging feminist paradigm of scholarship as engaged, embodied, and life-affirming."—Carol P. Christ, author of Laughter of Aphrodite "A riveting narrative, rich in detail. Karen Brown brings a rare, well-informed regard to her interpretation of Haitian religious life."—Lawrence E. Sullivan, author of Icanchu's Drum: An Orientation to the Meaning of South American Religions

Knee Deep in Wonder

Knee Deep in Wonder Author April Reynolds
ISBN-10 9781466866492
Release 2014-03-18
Pages 320
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A dazzling first novel about four generations of fear and longing in the deep South "Who're your people, girl?" It's the song of the South, the big question, persistent and unforgiving. Helene Strickland, daughter of Lafayette County, Arkansas, and lately of the Northeast, doesn't have an answer. Instead, she has memories riddled with half-truths, stories heard in fits and starts, a family history from a family that doesn't know its own past. In the steamy August of 1976, Helene returns home for her aunt's funeral determined to learn the truth, but her probing yields more questions than answers: Why did her grandmother, Liberty, a cotton picker turned saloon owner, have no name until she was fourteen? Why does Queen Ester, Helene's mother, dress like a child, talk to no one, and refuse to see her own daughter? And who was Chess, a man with a terror of water, a man like a honey trap who drew the women and then destroyed them? In a mesmerizing narrative, April Reynolds seamlessly weaves past and present, intricate flashbacks and interlaced stories to produce an epic novel of one family maimed by the deepest wounds of history. Rich with legend, poetry, and historic events, Knee-Deep in Wonder captures the complex humanity of black Southern life.

Warts and All

Warts and All Author Afton Lovell (Pettegrew) Wilkins
ISBN-10 9781450099134
Release 2010-05-01
Pages 147
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Warts and All is a collection of short stories from the childhood experiences of Afton Lovell, a small-town girl with a big imagination. The youngest of eight children growing up during the Great Depression, Afton found a rich collection of early life experiences through friends, family, and the wide open spaces of central Utah. She later went onto marry and raise a family of her own in the suburbs of Salt Lake City but she never forgot those special memories from her childhood and now shares her favorite ones with you! Stories that will both warm the heart and tickle the soul. Stories of a simpler time and place that we all long for in a busy world.

Two Tin Lizzies

Two Tin Lizzies Author D. R. Daniels
ISBN-10 9781591601111
Release 2002-05-01
Pages 324
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Two Tin Lizzies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Two Tin Lizzies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Two Tin Lizzies book for free.


Nietzsche Author David Farrell Krell
ISBN-10 9781438409702
Pages 364
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This historical-biographical novel fleshes out the facts of Nietzsche's life with fictional treatment. Using untraditional narrative techniques and interweaving medical reports, actual letters, and original new text, the novel takes the last years of Nietzsche's life, the years of insanity, as a frame for the entire life.

See Rock City

See Rock City Author Donald Davis
ISBN-10 0874834481
Release 1996
Pages 247
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Describes the experiences of a young boy growing up in western North Carolina from 1948 when he entered kindergarten

Alfie and Papa s Other Boys

Alfie and Papa   s Other Boys Author Henry A. Buchanan
ISBN-10 1467098027
Release 2011-12-19
Pages 268
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The book, Alfie and Papa’s Other Boys, is the fourth in a series which began with ‘Alfie’s Story, Little Boy Growing Up.’ After that the exciting story of ‘Alfie and the Moonshiners.’ Next came ‘And the Rest of Alfie’s Story.’ I really thought that was the rest of the story. It wasn’t. Now we have these tales, beginning with Papa’s Missing Toe, and ending with ‘Tis a Mark of Distinction. There is not a dull moment in between these two fascinating pictures of Papa’s role in the lives of his four boys. Willie is the oldest, the “ring leader” in all their mischief, and the embodiment of primogeniture because Margaret died. There is Cliff. Gran’ma characterized him when she said “Give that boy a wheel and he will roll it off the edge of the world.” And Junior is Alfie’s nemesis; he is just enough bigger than Alfie to taunt him, and not bigger enough to control him. Lastly, there is Alfie, the Baby, impulsive, irrepressible and curious beyond belief. But always the Baby until the arrival of Jody, ten years late for this book of Alfie tales.

We Walk By Faith

We Walk By Faith Author Churnet Winborne
ISBN-10 9781493172047
Release 2014-03-03
Pages 234
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We Walk by Faith, is a continuation of the story Pastor Angie. This story tells of how Angie is still recovering from her stroke but, still with the love of her family, friends ,and congregation and her stead fast faith in the Lord she is still able to gradually recover and realize her true value and worth to the kingdom of God. This story shows that one can get through anything if they just have a little bit of faith.

Sophie Flakes Out

Sophie Flakes Out Author Nancy N. Rue
ISBN-10 9780310568292
Release 2009-08-30
Pages 128
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Sophie just wants a little bit of privacy. Willoughby’s got plenty of it—but she’s hanging out with a fast new crowd. And when her dad finds out, his harsh punishment shocks Sophie and her friends. What should they do? Whose rules are right?

Believing Jesus

Believing Jesus Author Lisa Harper
ISBN-10 9780718011208
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 240
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Are you truly willing to risk everything? In Believing Jesus, Bible teacher and author Lisa Harper retraces the steps of the apostles in the book of Acts, while throwing in a few of her own crazy adventures along the way. The disciples didn’t have much of a road map after Jesus ascended to heaven, but God’s grace and spirit filled in the gaps as they moved forward. It required their willingness to risk everything to establish a new community that would change the future world. As a regular speaker on the Women of Faith® tour, Lisa has earned a reputation as a true theological scholar and hilarious storyteller—not necessarily in that order! Best-selling author and pastor Max Lucado calls Lisa one of the “best Bible tour guides around.” Believing Jesus will highlight both of Lisa’s strengths as she tackles every chapter of the Book of Acts with biblical wisdom and modern wit. Lisa keeps it real, telling stories on herself and pointing readers back to Jesus, the only one who can truly lead.

One Texas Night A Romantic Suspense Novel

One Texas Night  A Romantic Suspense Novel Author Sylvie Kurtz
ISBN-10 9781614170549
Release 2011-04-22
Pages 264
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Everything's more intense in the heat of a Texas night. Lieutenant Grady Slone wants answers about a murder. Melinda Amery has none, except that nothing good will come from remembering. But Grady is the kind of cop who won't let go. Then Melinda's memories begin to return, revealing more than either of them wanted to know. AWARDS: A Romantic Times nominee OTHER ROMANTIC SUSPENSE by Sylvie Kurtz Hidden Legacy One Texas Night Personal Enemy OTHER TITLES by Sylvie Kurtz Broken Wings Silver Shadows A Little Christmas Magic