My God Box

My God Box Author Margaret Iuculano
ISBN-10 9780980141504
Release 2007-12
Pages 220
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God and The Lost Child. For the parents of Margaret Iuculano, God was only for adults, and it seemed no power on earth could prevent her from heading toward an early grave as her life went from bad to worse. Mrs. Iuculano suffered through a horror-movie-like childhood that included abuse and time spent in a home for battered children, a juvenile hall, numerous foster homes, and a mental health facility. Before long, she was just running wild in the streets. My God Box is the revelation of how Margaret shattered a mindset that made her more of a victim than the devastating circumstances of her past. It's the inspiring story of the power of faith in God, and how opening her mind and heart to His message ultimately changed her future.

The God Box Sharing My Mother s Gift of Faith Love and Letting Go

The God Box  Sharing My Mother s Gift of Faith  Love and Letting Go Author Mary Lou Quinlan
ISBN-10 9781617951855
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 128
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After Mary Lou’s mother passed away, she went searching for the God Box. But rather than one box, Quinlan found 10 containers stuffed with hundreds of origami-like folded papers. Covering the last 20 years of her mother’s life, the notes contained a treasure of brief prayers for family, friends and people she had never even met. Note by note, Quinlan discovered the greatest lesson her mother could impart: the importance of letting go in order to live. Poignantly written and beautifully designed, The God Box is a gift for every parent, every son or daughter, every person who trusts in the permanence of love and the power of prayer.

The God Exchange

The God Exchange Author Criss Cross
ISBN-10 9781480820531
Release 2015-10-28
Pages 80
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It is time to evaluate your current value system. How do you make decisions? Do you base them on cultural references you find on TV or in movies? Do you ask your friends—and even strangers—what they recommend? Do some wrong ideas become so implanted in your mind that you need a bulldozer to clear them out? Can the relationship between a pet dog and its owner tell us anything about our relationship to God? Author Criss Cross’ The God Exchange uses everyday examples to look at how God created human beings and how it impacts our decisions. We make decisions every day. Some are big, like buying a car or major appliance, changing jobs, or getting married. Others are smaller, such as those involving what we’re going to wear and eat. Every decision is made based on what we like and what we perceive as having good value. Cross shows how the things we value—and the people whose opinions we value—influence our decisions, and not always in good ways. Many of us leave God completely out of the decision-making process. When that happens, there are eternal consequences. As you’ll read in The God Exchange, some wrong decisions can be really funny and amusing; others are not. They are all part of life and how God designed us as humans. Once you’re aware of what influences your decisions, you can be on your way to making better ones.

Blowing the Lid Off the God Box

Blowing the Lid Off the God Box Author Anne Robertson
ISBN-10 9780819226273
Release 2005-04-01
Pages 112
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What’s in your God-box? Each of us, says author Anne Robertson, builds our own way of understanding God—our “God-box”-- and fills it up with bits of scripture, wisdom, and our experiences of God at work in our lives. It’s a perfectly good way to puzzle out what God means to us. Encountering God through our human limitations, we learn something about the meaning of Incarnation. But to say that our experience of God is the only valid one is to put a lid on the box and create an idol. This book is about examining our God-boxes and bursting them wide open. Blowing the Lid Off the God-Box starts with the ministry of Jesus – who blew the lid off everyone’s God-box by constantly challenging his followers with the unexpected. Subsequent chapters examine the God-boxes we create with scripture, worship, and political and social agendas. In a world marked by extremism on both the right and left, the author calls readers to spiritual balance as they learn to integrate others’ experiences of God, rather than insisting on their own. Anne Robertson is a United Methodist minister who leads a parish in Dover, New Hampshire. Active in the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church, she is a regular columnist for Zion’s Herald, a national publication.

Living Long Living Passionately

Living Long  Living Passionately Author Karen Casey
ISBN-10 9781573246545
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 288
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Replete with personal stories and quotes and imbued with Casey’s own understanding of peaceful living as guided by her 12-step practice, A Course in Miracles, and a daily practice of meditation and prayer, these 75 essays help us make room for everything in our peaceful, vibrant, well-lived life. Each brief nugget invites contemplation and action as she helps us explore fear and love, resistance and acceptance, willpower and discernment. Savor each of the 75 essays and practices and choose the ones that speak to you. Living Long, Living Passionately brings peace into daily life and is a book to return to often. It will appeal to Casey’s legion of readers who are approaching the time to live “everythingness,” the doorway to the unfolding of a life already well lived. The rest, as they say, is gravy.

Food The Good Girl s Drug

Food  The Good Girl s Drug Author Sunny Sea Gold
ISBN-10 1101478969
Release 2011-04-05
Pages 256
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Sunny Sea Gold started fighting a binge eating disorder in her teens. But most books on the topic were aimed at older women, women she had a hard time relating to. Calling on top psychiatrists, nutritionists, and fitness experts, Sunny offers real advice to a new generation fighting an age-old war. With humor and compassion from someone who's seen it all, Food: The Good Girl's Drug is about experiences shared by many women-whether they've been struggling with compulsive overeating their whole lives, or have just admitted to themselves, that yes, it's more than just a bad habit.

The God Box

The God Box Author Alex Sanchez
ISBN-10 1442428872
Release 2010-12-14
Pages 272
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Paul, a religious teen living in a small conservative town, finds his world turned upside down when he meets Manuel—a young man who says he’s both Christian and gay, two things that Paul didn’t think could coexist in one person. Doesn’t the Bible forbid homosexuality? As Paul struggles with Manuel’s interpretation of the Bible, thoughts that Paul has long tried to bury begin to surface, and he finds himself re-examining his whole life. This is an unforgettable book on an extremely timely topic that strives to open minds on both ends of the spectrum.

God in a Box

God in a Box Author Darren Smith
ISBN-10 9781469746739
Release 2012-02
Pages 312
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"A darkly comedic novel that rings true again and again with a pitch perfect commentary on the Hollywood fame game." -Michael Cuomo, Star/Producer of the award-winning feature film, Happy New Year In 1982 Max Hammond was thrust into the spotlight, a star of the teen movies written and directed by his mentor Robert Cowley. Thirty years later and Max is a nobody, a has-been waiting tables in a West Village bistro. But when Cowley dies, and his funeral fast be-comes the A-list Hollywood event of the year, Max is given the option to stay in the shadows or to walk back into the limelight once more.

God Wars Box Set Edition

God Wars Box Set Edition Author Mark Eller
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God Wars Box Set Edition - A dark fantasy trilogy Dark Gods tire of hell. Within a tavern, where the veil is thin, treachery reaches out from the madness and into our world. Of heroes and virtuous gods there are few. From the depths crawls a lowly spawn devoid of conscience. Knowing only hate and fear, he will do anything to stay out of hell. God Wars - A dark fantasy trilogy Dark Gods Rising Abomination Revolution

The God Box

The God Box Author Mary Lou Quinlan
ISBN-10 9781608323616
Release 2012-04-17
Pages 128
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When Mary Lou Quinlan’s beloved mother, Mary Finlayson, dies, her family is bereft—until Mary Lou searches for her mother’s “God Box,” her private cache of notes to God on behalf of family, friends and strangers. To Mary Lou’s amazement, she finds not one but ten boxes stuffed with hundreds of tiny petitions that spanned the last twenty years of her mother’s life. Note by note, Mary Lou unearths a treasure of her mother’s wishes and worries and insight. Mary asked God for everything from the right flooring for her daughter’s home to a cure for her own blood cancer. Her requests, penned on scraps of paper, were presented without expectation—the ultimate expression of letting go. Follow Mary Lou’s emotional journey as she uncovers her mother’s innermost thoughts—nostalgic, surprising and even a bit shocking. As she recalls life with the woman who was her best friend, Mary Lou also discovers her own more empathetic, engaged self—the woman her mother had believed in all along. Poignantly written and beautifully designed, The God Box is a gift for every mother, every daughter, every person who, regardless of beliefs, trusts in the permanence of love and the power of family.

Experiencing God Outside the Box

Experiencing God Outside the Box Author Paul Meier
ISBN-10 9781630473877
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 236
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The greatest calling we can have during our brief journey here on Planet Earth is to earnestly yearn and search, without prejudice, for an intimate relationship with the one and only true Creator God, outside the box. The vast masses of humans never get this deep and blindly believe whatever they have been taught about God, often out of fear of rejection by family or peers. Others see God as a Heavenly Version of their earthly fathers. Paul Meier, MD, is a psychiatrist and theologian whose books have been read by over seven million people in over thirty languages all around the world, and he describes the many prejudicial mountains that must be climbed to become intimate with the real God. Dr. Meier also gives many positive ways to assist you to make that earnest search for "Experiencing God Outside the Box".

Step Out of The Box

Step Out of The Box Author Patricia Christopher
ISBN-10 1477214828
Release 2012-03-09
Pages 96
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This book is a collection of words, and poems given to me through the holy spirit. Some of them are personal and some of them are words from God. I always knew that I would be a writer but I never contemplated how the Lord would use me to get his words across. This book is designed for everyone who needs a word from the lord not only those who believe in him but anyone who is lost. I pray that who ever reads this finds the peace that they need in there life and I give all the glory to God for he is the true author of this book.

The God Game

The God Game Author Leo Booth
ISBN-10 0962328286
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 200
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The God Game has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The God Game also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The God Game book for free.

Integrity in a Box of Chocolates

Integrity in a Box of Chocolates Author Joan Koonce
ISBN-10 9781607997818
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 208
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In the words of Forrest Gump, 'Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.' Joan Koonce's box had more varieties than most. Integrity in a Box of Chocolates is a collection of stories that portray the tragic life experiences faced by a black woman growing up in rural North Carolina. It uncovers deep, lifelong scars left by poverty, sexual molestation, discrimination, incest, alcohol and drug addiction, and sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Despite these obstacles, Joan attended college and received her bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees. Working her way through her box, chocolate by chocolate, gave Joan the grit and will to survive, even in the face of extreme adversity. Through her life and the life of her son, Joan Koonce learned that despite the hardships, a box of chocolates can still be sweet. Joan's story is one of hope, determination, and faith and is an inspiration to all who read it. Experience with Joan the one true way to maintain Integrity in a Box of Chocolates. Author Joan Koonce is an associate professor and financial planning specialist at the University of Georgia, where she teaches others through seminars, trainings, and published research and educational materials. She is a member of Cornerstone Church of God, where she actively participates in the ladies' ministry, angel food ministry, and redemption lift ministry. She currently lives in Athens, Georgia, and regularly visits and provides moral support to her only child, Carlus Koonce, a son who is serving a life sentence in prison.

Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates Author Nicole Smith
ISBN-10 9781425926243
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 604
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Some days, we wake up in the morning and feel like we are on top of the world. However, by the end of the day, we feel like the world has turned against us because we have gone through a trial, or a series of trials, in one day. By the end of the day, our head hurts, our stress level has increased, and we seek an outlet. For many, that outlet is food, drinking, smoking, or drugs. We find out that "Life is like a Box of Chocolates" and based upon other contributing factors, we do not know what to expect or more importantly what to do. We feel like our trial is unique and no one could possibly relate. We feel isolated and defeated because we do not know what to do when we face trials. Box of Chocolates is designed to walk you through scenarios that are based on real-life events. The book enables readers to realize their problems are not unique. Readers will begin to realize their trials are similar to other people and they are not alone. The book consists of 365 scenarios that are categorized by WORK - FAMILY - LIFE issues for each day of the year. The book contains a five-step application process to reveal the provisions God has made for our every need. The scenarios included in the books can happen to anyone, so the reader is encouraged to depend on God and promises He has made to us through the Holy Bible. Step two of the five-step process can be facilitated in a group or alone. The facilitated session enables participants to think about the "what if" and gives them an opportunity to proactively respond to issues they may face or someone they know may face. During the session, participants have the opportunity to respond to scenarios and share his/her life experiences.

How Writing Can Get You through Tough Times No Experience Necessary

How Writing Can Get You through Tough Times  No Experience Necessary Author MJ Hanley-Goff
ISBN-10 9781452591810
Release 2014-02-27
Pages 112
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“One of the most successful treatments for PTSD has been writing.” —Andrew Komonchak, executive director, Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Inc., NY What if: • There was a place available 24/7 where you could figure out some of life’s biggest challenges? • You could work through grief, anger, fear, and anxiety without judgment? • This place was as accessible as the top drawer of your favorite desk? There is such a place, and it’s one of the best self-help tools available: it’s known as journal-writing. In this book, you’ll gain encouragement and enlightenment about the power of journal-writing from two beloved authors, and from those around the country and around the globe who’ve generously shared their journal-writing experiences. You can also start your own journal-writing practice right here in the pages of this book!

God Out of Control Out of the Box Out of Time

God  Out of Control  Out of the Box  Out of Time Author Don Nori
ISBN-10 9780768489798
Release 2011-07-19
Pages 224
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God Out of Control shouts the fact that God’s Presence is not constrained by time, manmade walls around Him, or self-limiting and God-constraining mindsets. Statistics abound about the large numbers of people leaving organized religion and the general disenchantment with all things spiritual as presented by Western religions. Secularists, politicians, political correctness police, public education, government, and law enforcement have all stepped up unwarranted persecution of religion in general and Christianity in particular. These anti-Christ systems are encouraged to continue by the obvious lack of push-back by the religious machines in the United States. Genuine believers, the grassroots movement of quiet anarchy, are quickly dismissed as fringe groups with no real power or organization. Little do the masters of deception understand the inner workings of the Holy Spirit that are reminiscent of the times of the apostles and the early church founders. These early believers knew and understood that He who was in them was greater than who was in the world (1 John 4:4). They could not be bullied, silenced, or ignored. They escaped from legalistic traditions and the mind-numbing status