No Cats Allowed

No Cats Allowed Author Lois Simmie
ISBN-10 0811814572
Release 1995
Pages 32
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When a stray cat gets caught in the rain and wanders into a plush hotel, the manager insists that the cat may stay only until the rain stops.

No Cats Allowed

No Cats Allowed Author Miranda James
ISBN-10 9780698181977
Release 2016-02-23
Pages 288
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In the latest mystery in the New York Times bestselling Cat in the Stacks series, librarian Charlie Harris and his Maine Coon cat Diesel must clear a friend when the evidence is stacked against her… Springtime in Mississippi is abloom with beauty, but the library’s employees are too busy worrying to stop and smell the flowers. The new library director, Oscar Reilly, is a brash, unfriendly Yankee who’s on a mission to cut costs—and his first targets are the archive and the rare book collection. As annoying as a long-overdue book, Reilly quickly raises the hackles of everyone on staff, including Charlie’s fiery friend Melba—whom Reilly wants to replace with someone younger. But his biggest offense is declaring all four-legged creatures banned from the stacks. With enemies aplenty, the suspect list is long when Reilly's body is discovered in the library. But things take a turn for the worse when a threatening e-mail throws suspicion on Melba. Charlie is convinced that his friend is no murderer, especially when he catches sight of a menacing stranger lurking around the library. Now he and Diesel will have to read between the lines, before Melba is shelved under “G” for guilty… From the Hardcover edition.

Chicken Soup for the Soul Loving Our Cats

Chicken Soup for the Soul  Loving Our Cats Author Jack Canfield
ISBN-10 9781611591736
Release 2011-03-15
Pages 400
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Chicken Soup for the Soul: Loving Our Cats will delight readers with its heartwarming, amusing, inspirational, and occasionally tearful stories about our best friends and faithful companions -- our cats. We are all crazy about our mysterious cats. Sometimes they are our best friends; sometimes they are aloof. They are fun to watch and often surprise us. These true stories, the best from Chicken Soup for the Soul’s library, will make readers appreciate their own cats and see them with a new eye.

The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats

The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats Author Stephen Vantassel
ISBN-10 9780966858273
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The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats book for free.

Reporting for Duty

Reporting for Duty Author H. K. Gilbert
ISBN-10 9781440156861
Release 2009-07
Pages 50
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Hi there! My name is Barkley. I m a secret service dog for the president of the United States, and I m reporting for duty. Every day, I help guard the White House, which is located in Washington DC. My job is to help keep America s first family safe and to make sure things run smoothly! The White House is a pretty busy place; each and every day, a lot of people visit it. I try to run a tight ship around here and keep track of what s going on. It s a hard job, but someone s got to do it! I m glad you re here today because I have a lot of sniffing around to do! Come on, let s go inside! The White House in Washington DC, is not an ordinary house. It has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 147 windows, and three elevators. In this picture book for children, Barkley, a secret service dog, provides a fun-filled tour through the White House. Barkley shows young readers the State Dining Room that seats 130 guests. He tours the Blue Room that is oval and is decorated with gold furniture. He views the Red Room where all of the furniture is red and he takes young readers to the Oval Office that is famous for its fireside chats. Filled with coloring and drawing activities, Reporting for Duty not only helps children learn important historical information, it provides a fun reading experience with Barkley the dog as your guide.

Taken Over by the Billionaire

Taken Over by the Billionaire Author Miranda Lee
ISBN-10 9781460343500
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 192
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Driven to distraction… Hotshot entrepreneur Benjamin Da Silva is used to being in the driver's seat, but when he finds himself in need of a chauffeur, beautiful, straight-talking Jess Murphy proves that sometimes taking his foot off the pedal can be equally pleasurable! Jess isn't impressed by his wealth, but each glimpse in the rearview mirror has her aching to climb into the backseat and submit to Benjamin's every command. His recent takeover cost her her job, and she knows she should steer clear—so why can't she get off the collision course leading right toward Benjamin?

The Trail of the Screaming Teenager

The Trail of the Screaming Teenager Author Patricia Reilly Giff
ISBN-10 9781453220450
Release 2011-06-28
Pages 76
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A day at the beach turns into another mystery for the Polka Dot Private Eye to solve! Dawn Bosco is excited about her trip to the beach. With her Polka Dot Private Eye box and her grandmother’s Marvelous Metal Finder, it’s going to be a great day! There are teenagers at the beach, too. One of them loses her almost-diamond necklace, and she says it’s been stolen. Can Dawn find the thief, or is the necklace gone forever? This ebook features an illustrated biography of Patricia Reilly Giff including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.

The World According to Murphy

The World According to Murphy Author Peggy Celano
ISBN-10 9780595315796
Release 2004-05
Pages 160
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Murphy Rooster Darlin Dog is a Welsh Corgi with attitude. She reveals her story from her point of view and she discloses everything about the family who raised her from her puppy days through her senior citizen span of years. She reveals her day-to-day adventures and her share of misadventures, but through it all, she loves her life and those who live with her, even if one of them happens to be an overweight cat whose eating habits prevented Murphy from following in that same cat's footsteps. Born in York, Maine, she crossed the Piscataqua River to New Hampshire. Starting out in a house in Durham and moving east to a condo by the water in Portsmouth three years later. Next, she moved to suburban Washington in Chevy Chase, Maryland, to a house with a fenced-in backyard, then on to an apartment in Washington, DC, back to Chevy Chase, to the same house, and back again to Washington, this time in Georgetown. Road trips, the longer the better, are only one of her highlights in life. Murphy keeps nothing back in this no-holds-barred, tell-all memoir. From two trips to a dog jail without tags or collar, to the discovery of a heart murmur at ten years old, Murphy has something to amuse every family member, from puppy through old age, make that from children to senior citizens.

Towns of the Sandia Mountains

Towns of the Sandia Mountains Author Mike Smith
ISBN-10 0738548529
Release 2006
Pages 127
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Despite their seemingly impenetrable western facade, the Sandia Mountains of central New Mexico have been home to humankind for millennia. Ancient cultures ventured into these peaks for the creeks, game, and shelter. The Spanish established protective outposts along the canyons and intermarried with local tribes. Civil War soldiers passed through en route to their infamous battle at Glorieta Pass. Navajos marched around the mountains' southern end after the confinement that ended their Long Walk. Anglo settlers cleared the hilly land and built cabins. And tuberculosis patients moved up into primitive resorts, hoping that the mountains' abundant sunshine and fresh air would help them heal. Today the tiny resorts and traditional hamlets of the Sandias are established villages and communitiesAa-Carnuel, Tijeras, San Antonio, Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, San Antonito, Placitas, and othersAa-and the rough dirt roads that once saw the passing of ox carts are highways and even an interstate. The area's history lives on, however, in crumbling adobe walls, bits of rust, fading memories, and in this photographic retrospective.

Neuter Spectator

Neuter Spectator Author Neil Raffan
ISBN-10 9781291203707
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Neuter Spectator has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Neuter Spectator also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Neuter Spectator book for free.


Witches Author Ednah Walters
ISBN-10 9780991251742
Release 2015-03-17
Pages 360
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Witches continues the story of RAINE and TORIN. The Norns think they’ve won, but it’s hard to control a teenager, let alone a powerful one… Raine Cooper’s life should be perfect. She’s an Immortal Seeress, most likely to be elected Prom Queen, and envied by the girls at Kayville High for dating the dreamy quarterback, Torin St. James. Instead, she’s haunted by the smug facial expressions the Norns’ wore during their last meeting. As a Norn-In-Training, Raine crossed the line long ago when she sided with the Valkyries and Mortal Witches. When the Norns return with demands of their own, Raine feels trapped. Torin tries to convince her that the Norns are manipulating her, but she refuses to listen. At least until the Norns’ demands focus on someone she loves. When Raine refuses to cooperate with them, their punishment is swift and gut-wrenching, turning her pain into fury. Raine plots revenge on a massive scale and makes deals with unsavory allies. Her goal? Total destruction of the entire Norn race. Raine’s only hope of salvation is Torin, but how much will he sacrifice to save her?

The Cats of Mrs Calamari

The Cats of Mrs  Calamari Author John Stadler
ISBN-10 1595722572
Release 2011-02-26
Pages 28
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Mrs. Calamari's new landlord tells her that no cats will be allowed starting Sunday, thus beginning a week of trickery and amusing deception, ending in a happy surprise.


Manx Author
ISBN-10 9781450752466
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Manx has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Manx also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Manx book for free.

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic Author Stephen Cole Kleene
ISBN-10 9780486317076
Release 2013-04-22
Pages 416
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Contents include an elementary but thorough overview of mathematical logic of 1st order; formal number theory; surveys of the work by Church, Turing, and others, including Gödel's completeness theorem, Gentzen's theorem, more.

Picasso s Cat

Picasso s Cat Author Wilyem Clark
Pages 178
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Novel: Intelligent rats are poised to take over the world, and who can stop them? Perhaps the suicidal artist whose eyes see lemon peel skies and candy cane pine trees. He has a special ability: he can communicate with felines. Everything hinges on the recovery of a stolen cat-relic. An ailurodyssey of McGuffiny fluff and fur balls.

Pet cats

Pet cats Author Doris Bryant
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924001183007
Release 1963
Pages 174
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Pet cats has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Pet cats also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Pet cats book for free.

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats Author Carol Himsel Daly
ISBN-10 0764134027
Release 2006
Pages 95
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This large, native American cat is currently one of the most popular breeds in the United States. Here in one volume is virtually everything a pet owner needs to know about the Maine Coon. This heavily illustrated book avoids technical language while offering sound advice and reliable information to current and soon-to-be pet owners. Written by animal specialists, veterinarians, and trainers, the titles in this series focus on pets of all kinds--different dog and cat breeds, birds, fish, reptiles, small animals, yard animals, and even exotic pets. All Pet Owner's Manuals are filled with high-quality photos and instructive line art.