Once Upon a Car

Once Upon a Car Author Bill Vlasic
ISBN-10 9780062042224
Release 2011-10-04
Pages 416
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Once Upon a Car is the fascinating epic story of the rise, fall, and rebirth of the Big Three U.S. automakers, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Written by Bill Vlasic, the Detroit bureau chief for the New York Times and acclaimed author of Taken for a Ride, this eye-opening, richly anecdotal work is more than a riveting and insightful business history. It offers a clear-eyed view of the present day automobile industry and of Detroit, the city that spawned it, going far beyond the corporate and federal maneuverings to explore the impact the car companies’ failures have had on the overall economy, and more importantly what they have done to people’s lives. Relevant and thought-provoking, Once Upon a Car is an unforgettable journey deep inside this quintessentially American industry.

Once Upon a Car LP

Once Upon a Car LP Author Bill Vlasic
ISBN-10 9780062088604
Release 2011-10-04
Pages 624
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Once Upon a Car is the brilliantly reported story of Detroit’s fight for survival, chronicling how the country’s Big Three auto companies—General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler—teetered on the brink of collapse during the 2008 financial crisis. Bill Vlasic takes readers behind closed doors and into the executive offices, assembly plants, and union halls to introduce a cast of memorable characters, many of whom speak out for the first time, including the executives who struggled to save their companies but in the end had to seek a controversial, last-gasp rescue from the American government. The story moves from the gleaming corporate skyscrapers and massive auto plants to the U.S. Congress and into the Oval Office, where President Obama and his aides wrestled with how to keep General Motors and Chrysler from going out of business. Vlasic shows why the bailout worked, and how Detroit can succeed under new leadership and build automobiles equal to any in the world.

Winterzauber wider Willen

Winterzauber wider Willen Author Sarah Morgan
ISBN-10 9783956493713
Release 2014-11-10
Pages 384
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Dezember - und Kayla Green hat nur einen Weihnachtswunsch: dass das "Fest der Liebe" möglichst schnell vorbeigeht! Schlitten, Rentiere und dieser bärtige alte Mann im roten Mantel sind ihr ungefähr so angenehm wie Zahnschmerzen. Da kommt der PR-Expertin der Auftrag von Jackson O’Neil sehr gelegen. Als der Hotelier sie bittet, die Feiertage im malerischen Snow Crystal zu verbringen und dort eine Kampagne für das Skiresort seiner Familie zu entwickeln, kann Kayla nicht Nein sagen. Immerhin ist Jackson ihr Auftraggeber und dazu äußerst attraktiv! Und die luxuriöse Blockhütte, in der er sie einquartiert, entpuppt sich zum Glück als lamettafreie Zone. Doch schon das erste Treffen mit Jacksons Familie bringt die Weihnachtshasserin ganz schön in Bedrängnis ...

Once Upon A High Rise

Once Upon A High Rise Author J. Allan Woodard
ISBN-10 9781491741320
Release 2014-09-05
Pages 290
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Captain Mark Winslow, NYPD, a former sheriff in Montana, moves to Manhattan after the horrific death of his wife and son in a car accident. Celibate for six years, he meets and falls in love with Attorney Kristen Miller, who lives in a Park Avenue high-rise apartment. Captain Winslow's efforts to capture two psychopaths - rapists of the worst kind - intermingle with his love life, family, friends and his six year old daughter, Pamela, who twists him like a pretzel with her logic. The rapists hold Kristen Miller captive and Captain Winslow, never one to go strictly by the rules, uses any means to rescue her.

Once Upon A Dream

Once Upon A Dream Author PhanÐira
ISBN-10 9781496988706
Release 2014-08-08
Pages 306
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There was once a dream, though it wasn't mine but I had it all the same, and I still have it. It is neither a religious vision of doom or blessings, nor a political speech on promises or propaganda; for it is only a dream. You and I are here, and hereafter in this dream, you and I shall be called 'we', as it would be on planet earth and yes, we are in a dream, a dream-dream, for that is all it is. We or our dreams, at times one cannot tell which is vaguer. The picture of things is not yet clear but we have been made to understand that today is the first of January, in the year F.G. 300. As we must have guessed, the B.C. came and went, so too did the Anno Domini and the new calendar system is already three hundred years old. Yes, we are that far off our present consciousness. The F.G. is an abbreviation for Finem Gratiae, a lost language's way of saying 'the end of grace'. We feel this language isn't lost because we are still here, dreaming a dream.

Once Upon a Time Amongst Blocks and Car Cases

Once Upon a Time  Amongst Blocks and Car Cases Author Anne Meade
ISBN-10 0908567448
Release 1985
Pages 30
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Once Upon a Time Amongst Blocks and Car Cases has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Once Upon a Time Amongst Blocks and Car Cases also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Once Upon a Time Amongst Blocks and Car Cases book for free.

Once Upon A Future

Once Upon A Future Author Angela Young-Richie
ISBN-10 1469763788
Release 2002-09-27
Pages 108
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L.O.C.U.S.T.S. unveils the life and consequences of Dr. Loretta Rogers, a self-made woman in the year 2035. She has not time for men, marriage, or family. Her research is all the relationship she needs. She's very close to making the world a perfect and safe place. To Loretta, that seemed more important than any ordinary existence. She was empowered by her own accomplishments in the scientific world of bio-mechanics. But a power higher than Loretta had different plans for her invention. Debtor's Lament highlights the experiences of Carther and Annie, two intelligent, hard working senior adults living in the New World Council of 2019. However, the rising cost of living made it increasingly difficult for them to maintain their middle class life. Like so many others, they resulted to credit cards and loans to make ends meet. The New World Council instituted unprecedented penalties for debtors of the 21st century—just a few years away! Turnabout presents a paradox of 22nd century time travel masterminds who seek to explore the methodologies of slavery in colonial America. Their intent is to reconstruct a social system to repress an unsuspecting population. Dr. Tyrone Curry, a major time travel physicist learns that turnabout is not fair play.

Once Upon a Horse

Once Upon a Horse Author Joan Zurell
ISBN-10 9781608608065
Release 2009-11
Pages 270
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As the daughter of a famous actress and a U.S. Senator, Kelly Hamilton lives her life in the shadow of others. She yearns to break into her own spotlight more than anything in the world. Kelly's true passion in life is her horse, Sky Dandy, so she decides to enter the Olympic three-day triathlon. On Kelly's Sky Meadow Farm, the duo prepares for the difficult but rewarding competition. However, Kelly's wealth and her parents' notoriety begin to put her in mortal peril. She discovers she has a dangerous stalker who is determined to kill her. With her husband Darren working so often on his important research, she finds that being alone in her cozy home is not as safe as it once was. Will Kelly escape from the clutches of this evil stalker and show the world that she is more than just the daughter of famous parents? Author Joan Zurell has enjoyed writing since her childhood in Connecticut. She has spent her business life working with the written word, first as a how-to writer for computer users and then as a typesetter for a small publishing company. Now she enjoys her retirement in South Salem, New York where she spends much of her time writing and working in her garden. Her love of both mysteries and horses inspired her to combine them into Once Upon a Horse; a sequel is currently underway. Publisher's website: http: //www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/OnceUponAHorse.htm

What Did Jesus Drive

What Did Jesus Drive Author Jason H. Vines
ISBN-10 9781631731099
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 400
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Ever wonder what it would be like to work Public Relations for Ford, or General Motors? Imagine a thousand cameras flashing in your eyes through a forest of microphones, everyone millions of dollars and world-wide headlines riding on your every word as you try to navigate your company through crisis, time and time again. It’s not for the faint of heart… But it does make for one entertaining memoir! Welcome to the life of Jason Vines, the man who preserved the good name of Ford/Firestone, Jeep, General Motors, Nissan, Chevy, and other mega-companies throughout one catastrophe after the next. In Vines’ candid first book, “What Did Jesus Drive”, you’ll hear about all the trials, tribulations, hilarity, and heartbreak of being a master PR consultant – straight from the man with the silver tongue himself! Outrageous as it is insightful, shocking as it is refreshing; “What Did Jesus Drive” will have you laughing yourself hoarse all the while teaching you how to keep your cool with IT hits the fan! This isn’t the PR class you took in Business School! And relax; this is not a book about Jesus. (Although he does appear in two chapters: first as a Hispanic grandfather from Waterford, Michigan, and later as the real Prince of Peace.) No, this book is about a life in the public relations blast furnace of the automotive industry; being the only man on the front line. If you’re a company owner, CEO, PR professional, the lessons and stories in this book are INVALUABLE for you and everyone in your PR department! Even if you’re just somebody who enjoys a look into the wild ride in the world of corporate America, this book is for you. Get your copy of “What Did Jesus Drive” now, and let the games begin! **Reviews** "Jason's story telling is his honest account of time well spent in a career documenting numerous pivotal events we all want to hear about." – Lee Iacocca "Get me Jason Vines! How I wish as the candidates I worked for screamed, screwed, or gaffed their way into crisis, I had called on Jason Vines. This is more than a corporate PR book - it's a masters' class, no holds barred, white knuckle ride of insights and wisdom for anyone whose job it is to communicate for a living.” – ?????? “Jason Vines in raw and real story telling of his own journey explains to every politician, celebrity, corporate communications professional and government agency that has ever faced trouble (yes I am talking about you NFL - read this one Goodell!) why we have such a hard time telling the truth, why that's the whole frickin' problem and what we can do about it." – Joe Trippi, Democratic Campaign and Media Consultant. "Jason Vines lived The Hurt Locker, defusing one public relations I.E.D. after another. To think some of the largest corporations we can name have been this close to pure PR disaster, and yet were saved by the insight Jason earned from decades of corporate cage fights, is truly amazing." – Dutch Mandel, AutoWeek Publisher "I always knew I could count on Jason for an unbiased and honest opinion." – Dr. Ricardo Martinez, MD, FACEP and former NHTSA Administrator

Once Upon a Time in Baghdad

Once Upon a Time in Baghdad Author Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781456853761
Release 2011-01-19
Pages 307
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Once Upon a Time is creative non-fiction written in the form of a memoir which focuses on the fact that another Baghdad existed not too long ago when people of different nationalities and religions lived and worked together peacefully. The central point of the book is life in Baghdad during the 1940s and 1950s, a period remembered as the golden age of Iraq. The stories told are as seen through the eyes of a young girl and woman, the author, who was born and raised in a Christian multicultural middle class family in Baghdad of the time. The book spans the first twenty years of her life spent in the Middle East. Intertwined with her personal story, the author tells of the lives of others, family, relatives and friends, as she knew them in the Baghdad of her youth. Iraq was a nation of multicultural and diverse people of all backgrounds and beliefs, with a heritage that goes back thousand of years. Iraqis and non-Iraqis, Moslems and non-Moslems, Christians and Jews lived, worked and mingled together in harmony, each aware of their particular cultural boundaries and respectful of others. As the author narrates her personal story she reveals many insights into her life, customs and cultures of Christian and Moslem families, both Iraqis and non-Iraqis who lived and thrived in Baghdad. Interwoven with the personal stories are historical chapters and facts that enable the reader to gain in-depth knowledge of the complexities of the religions, cultural and socio-economic background of Iraq and its people. References to present day conditions in Iraq act like a magnifying glass, making the potential for the country¡¦s possibly hopeful future, if it can find a connection to its more happy past, all the more vivid. The story is not told chronologically. The author weaves back and forth making time and space, condense and merge. There is a co-presence of different eras and events giving the book an unusual richness. Flashbacks and leaps into the present co-exist simultaneously creating a weave not unlike the arabesque intertwining of Arabic ornaments.

Once Upon a Time There Was a War

Once Upon a Time There Was a War Author Les Kaluza
ISBN-10 9781576384152
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Once Upon a Time There Was a War has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Once Upon a Time There Was a War also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Once Upon a Time There Was a War book for free.

Once Upon a Wartime

Once Upon a Wartime Author Edward Gordon
ISBN-10 1843862360
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 358
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Once Upon a Wartime has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Once Upon a Wartime also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Once Upon a Wartime book for free.

Once Upon a Time in Russia and the United States

Once Upon a Time in Russia and the United States Author Serguei Blinov
ISBN-10 9781491714966
Release 2013-11-27
Pages 836
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Author Serguei Blinov grew up in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as the son of an engineer and a high school history teacher. Early on in life, he set his sights on becoming a medical doctor. He also met the love of his life, Lioudmila Vertiasheva. She graduated before him as a pediatric medical doctor before getting a job at a maternity hospital. Soon thereafter, Blinov also found himself working in medicine. In this, his memoir, Blinov recalls the hard work it took for him to succeed, the good times, and the bad—as well as what led him and his family to the United States of America. His honest assessment of life in both the Soviet Union and the United States showcases cultural differences and the positives and negatives of communism and capitalism. If you’re interested in learning more about the former Soviet Union and what life there was really like, this personal narrative offers firsthand accounts of villages, agriculture, the educational system, and everyday life. What’s more, Blinov relives his experiences from his first memory to the present, recounting in great detail each event that shaped him into the man he is today.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Author Steven D. Jackson
ISBN-10 9781479787036
Release 2013-02-13
Pages 53
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Once Upon a Time With each exciting adventure inside this book, you would be on the edge of your seats on what will happen next. From love to depression, all the way to the solution of a dangerous situation, this thrilling story is often compared to a roller coaster, with every twist and turn throughout the book. A ghost tries to take over Kent Lee's life, creeping up behind him; torturing Kent. He sees a repeated throughout his life, which appears homeless. Similar to the ghost, (ghost equals homeless man) they each would have an effect on Kent's life... mysterious huh?

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Author Al Compton
ISBN-10 9780595246496
Release 2002-10-01
Pages 332
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After a young stranger walks up to Elizabeth Kenney on campus, and announces that he's her brother, she drops out of school to begin a startling and surprising search of a family she's never taken the time to know. She learns of a wanderlust grandfather, bomber pilot and hero of WWII and Korea, then of her own surgeon father and his idyllic and unbreakable bond with his father. This nostalgic and sometimes spiritual story takes the reader through America's Depression, the wars, and postwar California and Mid-America, where safe tranquility unsuspectingly teeters on the threshold of today's helter-skelter world. Elizabeth becomes torn between the wishes of her affluent, matriarchal grandmother and her own creative needs. So, caught up in the editing of her father's stored journals, Elizabeth creates a modern fairytale that tenderly invites every reader with love, laughter and tears.


Pinocchio Author Carlo Collodi
ISBN-10 9783958702028
Release 2016-01-07
Pages 224
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Carlo Collodi, eigentlich Carlo Lorenzini (1826-1890) war ein italienischer Schriftsteller und Journalist. Meister Seppel, der Marionettenschnitzer, kommt aus dem Staunen nicht mehr heraus: die Puppe, die er gerade geschnitzt hat, ist lebendig! Er tauft sie Pinocchio und schnell zeigt sich: Pinocchio ist eigensinnig und rücksichtslos. Um ihm ein Schulbuch besorgen zu können, verkauft Meister Seppel seine einzige Jacke. Auf dem Weg zur Schule fühlt sich Pinocchio aber magisch von einem Puppentheater angezogen. Das ist der Anfang eines bewegten Abenteuers, in dem sich Pinocchio durch seinen Eigensinn immer wieder in große Probleme bringt. Trotzdem erfüllt sich am Ende Pinocchios großer Wunsch - ein richtiger Junge aus Fleisch und Blut zu werden.

Once Upon a Spine

Once Upon a Spine Author Kate Carlisle
ISBN-10 9780698411111
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 288
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In this Bibliophile Mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Books of a Feather, San Francisco bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright stumbles through the looking glass in a tale of murder, rare books, and a quest for the perfect pie… Brooklyn's oh-so-proper future in-laws are traveling from England to meet her, and if that's not enough to set her on edge, rumors abound that the charming Courtyard shops across the street may be replaced by high-rise apartments. Their trendy neighborhood will be ruined unless Brooklyn and her fiancé, Derek Stone, can persuade the shopkeepers not to sell. But with a rare edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland causing bad blood at the Brothers Bookshop and a string of petty vandalism making everyone nervous, Brooklyn and Derek feel like they're attempting six impossible things before breakfast. Then the owner of the Rabbit Hole juice bar is felled by his own heavy shelves, and the local cobbler lies dead beside him. An accident . . . or something more sinister? Things get curiouser and curiouser when a second priceless copy of Alice is discovered. Will it stir up more trouble within the close-knit community? As the Brits descend, Brooklyn learns they're not so stuffy after all. Derek's dad is won over with chocolate cream pie, and his psychic mum would kill to help Brooklyn solve this murder—before another victim takes a tumble.